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(188.28 KB 800x450 WF2020W.jpg)
(72.26 KB 799x799 toyfair-2020.jpg)
Wonfes winter and NYToyFair 2020 Soldier 02/09/2020 (Sun) 13:48:28 No. 321
It's that time of the year again! What toys are you looking forward to? What toys disappointed you? Did any of your wish list come to life?
(121.98 KB 730x900 wholesome Ninja adventurer.jpg)
Hope BO doesnt get mad at this
I'm sure you're fine. I'm pretty sure NSFW figures are allowed as long as you're not doing anything obscene to them.
this twitter account had some info on new stuff at wonfest

It's a toy so I'm fine with it here, its what the board is for. I'd prefer it if any lewds are spoilered, but the only thing not allowed is hotglue.
Got a smile out of me
(113.21 KB 800x700 Desktop army-1.jpg)
(94.10 KB 800x600 desktop army-2.jpg)
(117.86 KB 800x800 desktop army-3.jpg)
>Desktop army keeps going into 2020
>Hagen no Zista is still dead
(504.12 KB 558x708 mfw.png)
(175.85 KB 1108x1478 ABOMINATION.jpg)
(197.95 KB 1108x1478 Chibidoll_4.jpg)
(312.32 KB 1108x1478 B2.FIVE_Mospeada_.jpg)
(191.51 KB 800x533 Robot Build.jpg)
Overall (Winter) Wonfes this year was very disappointing for me. Maybe the Summer one will be better but I highly doubt.

Azone had nothing interesting to show.

I hoped Obitsu would finally tackle the renewal of 1/6 male bodies after they pretty much finished with the females, but alas. Not even showing the new 40cm body they working on.

Busou Shinki is coming back as flimsy model kit. It got delayed due to redesigning the base body; one the one hand they made the joints look like original BS which is uglier, but then the body proportions are more curvy and full rather than slander as the original design, so I really don't see what's the point behind that.

Kaworu finally got an action figure, but it's monkey pawed. It's in stylized look, in which they gave him female hips and turned him from bishounen into a trap, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I bet they will do the same with Shinji, but I'm ok with making him a girl to ship with Kaworu.

I do have some highlights; main one is this new chibi doll (ongoing trend lately), what's unique about this one is that it have inset eyes and I guess/hope for wig instead of molded hair. However I'm not a fan of the molded shoes and socks.

B2FIVE got Mospeada license, as expected they look very toyetic and fun.

And last, but not least, is an original modular robot action figure line by Wave called Robot Build.

I use Dengeki Hobby and Figsoku as my main sources for Wonfes, but AmiAmi isn't bad either.

>>Hagen no Zista is still dead
I never knew about this line before, the modular play value looks neat and they even made mecha centuar which is rare (he didn't had any articulation in the legs, but it's still very appreciated).

>Desktop army keeps going into 2020
Waifu faggotry is more popular than mecha faggotry and add to that licenseshit. In other words, it has the upper hand.

I'm sorry for having one of your favorite toylines dead soldier, maybe the new Robot Build line would be for your liking.
(78.61 KB 800x800 EQTxb9LU4AAq1MJ.jfif)
(71.38 KB 800x800 EQTxtEMU8AECAY6.jfif)
(108.73 KB 800x800 EQUa6GbUEAUWlDu.jfif)
(150.75 KB 800x800 EQUCnVzUYAEQAC-.jfif)
(137.11 KB 440x660 EQUhluOVUAUld1e.jfif)
Wonfes is always a bittersweet time for me because I don't have the money for anything, but that doesn't stop me from looking through all the cool toys on offer. These are some of the ones I've seen and thought were interesting.

>3rd pic
Loving the one on the left with the axe and the one on the right too

Yeah the guy in the 2nd pic looks just like a flat chested female lol. Its also odd that chibi doll has molded socks and shoes.
(99.93 KB 800x800 EQURANEU8AE7RL-.jfif)
(82.15 KB 800x800 EQUYTpBUUAEcqt2.jfif)
I was also surprised by the amount of titty monster statues - are they growing in demand or something?
(103.01 KB 500x500 Robot concerto wave 1.jpg)
(129.11 KB 720x540 animagear.jpg)
(45.60 KB 560x560 more animagear.jpg)
There are 2 bandai lines that try to replace Hagen no Zista
- Robot Concerto (so far only 1 wave with 2 repaints, 2nd wave coming soon) feels very gunpla-ish
- Anima Gear (dont really know how to explain those, like a skeleton you snap pieces on, but have "modes" ) they seem more popular and run out faster
(307.17 KB 1478x1108 skelly.jpg)
(192.34 KB 1108x1478 Pardolls.jpg)
(214.19 KB 533x800 statue.jpg)
(175.57 KB 1108x1478 Tokyo_Cartoony.jpg)
(154.92 KB 1108x1478 Toonize.jpg)
A few more neat things I saw at Wonfes;
Hopefully, a new skelly line to replace Pose Skeleton RIP
There's another new doll line (Pardolls), but they have molded hair which sucks.
I also started to appreciate statutes, I guess I'm getting old, sigh.

BTW, there's 6 days left until ToyFair, I don't have high hopes for it either; it will be mostly licenseshit like Wonfes, but with the addition of gimmicky blind bag crap.

Realistic expectations: Moose Toys and Panda Mony will have a nice display, also more great looking Fortnite figures by McFarlane,
Less realistic expectations: Moose toys will come with Mighty Max-like line as they did with Shopkins Lil' Secrets.
Delusional expectations: New fashion doll toyline by different company besides MGA, Mattel and Hasbro, and new toy companies in general.

>Wonfes is always a bittersweet time for me because I don't have the money for anything
I hope you will have soldier! Also remember toys shown at wonfes get released much later (like in summer and such) so you may have chance to at least get one thing you really want.

>These are some of the ones I've seen and thought were interesting
The diorama set looks cool

>one on the right too
Same, though I'm bothered by the lack of wrist swivel

>Its also odd that chibi doll has molded socks and shoes
Yeah, I hope it's just prototype/first release.

>they seem more popular and run out faster
Make sense, they have more play value and are more unique looking.

>like a skeleton you snap pieces on, but have "modes"
Shame, I thought these were actually transforming, but it's more reasonable for a cheap Shokugan.
I'm undecided on my opinion of the Pardolls' molded hair - they look fantastic in terms of the doll itself and the clothing, but the hair does detract from it and add to it at the same time. Weird.

>it will be mostly licenseshit
An unfortunate problem that badly affects the toy industry but its to be expected now.
(306.49 KB 558x835 558835.png)
(72.31 KB 800x800 Obitsu28 next to Obitsu26.jpg)
(75.18 KB 800x800 upcoming 1.3 Obitsu stuff.jpg)
<I hoped Obitsu would finally tackle the renewal of 1/6 male bodies
Turns out I was wrong! Obitsu did show up a prototype for 28cm male body and a teaser for new 1/3 products.
As usual as in last years, Obitsu blog is worthless garbage and I found about these through AmiAmi news, thanks you so much soldier for this >>325 .

The 28cm renewal leaves a lot to be desired; the torso is too damn long and the legs are quite short, not to mention the four part torso looks ugly. Looks like Obitsu was heavily inspired by 1000toys Synthetic Human and SHF Body-kun. I found it very odd that they decided to go with a completely different approach for the boys, both in terms of general look and joints. It would be huge bummer and utterly stupid if they will only have realistic male bodies alongside anime girl bodies. I remember that in the original Obitsu body line up had both realistic and more anime/stylized male bodies so I hope it would be the same case for the new one and hopefully they would also make realistic girls bodies too which would be amazing and allow for full choice.

As for the new 1/3 items; new 45cm body, renewal of 50cm body, new doll head (I'm guessing it's for the 45cm body) and an accessory which allows to move the eyes.

>they look fantastic in terms of the doll itself and the clothing
>but the hair does detract from it and add to it at the same time
If they will do more fancy anime hair that cannot be replicated to a wig/rooted hair, the molded hair wouldn't be so bad.

>An unfortunate problem that badly affects the toy industry but its to be expected now
For sure, it's been like that since the late 2000's, sadly...
(161.49 KB 2048x1364 beatsbox sabertooth.jpg)
(178.07 KB 2048x1364 beastbox crabs.jpg)
(167.19 KB 2048x1364 beastbox dino.jpg)
(180.91 KB 2048x1364 beastbox dino 2.jpg)
i dont get whats the big deal with Beastbox.
I mean those are cool animal bots, but they turn into....a freaking box
>I mean those are cool animal bots, but they turn into....a freaking box
Think about it as carrying unit which is kinda cool and works the best with the police ver Dio
At least they don't turn into..rocks 'member Rock Lords?
>Not realising cubes allow for efficient transport and storage
>Not realising that a cube shape is hard to push over, meaning turning into a massive cube in a firefight would come in handy
>Not realising they could easily build large structures out of themselves, such as skyscrapers or walls
You may not like it, but this is peak performance
(199.03 KB 1440x1080 Mutaters Monster Toys.jpg)
(226.31 KB 1440x1080 Mutaters Monster Toys_.jpg)
(242.93 KB 1024x768 Snap Ships.JPG)
(221.67 KB 1024x768 Snap Ships_The Forge.JPG)
(485.65 KB 598x514 Star Dusk.png)
2020 Toyfair finally ended last week. It was nice, not amazing, not horrible just nice. Still, it was definitely better than last year Toyfair and last Wonfes.

Lots of old toy brands got rebooted this year, so I'll start with that:
Micro Machines- the vehicles chosen are so boring, it's clear they relied too much on the micro gimmick and the "brand recognition".
Care Bears- I feel ambivalent about the new designs; on the one hand I like how cratoony they are, having different expressions and more symmetrical/well made faces in plush form. On the other hand, their design is a bit too calarts and they don't have embroidered symbols though that's been the case for years ever since the original ones. The new style is prefect for flocked figures, sadly non were shown, instead they had stupid electronic ones that sang Care Bear themed "We Will Rock You" and it's annoying and cringey as you can imagine.
MOTU- I'm so sick of the same original MOTU designs, Mattel ran them into the ground with the Classics line and the Repros. The new Origins line is so uncreative and lazy, for playline that supposedly meant to kids, it's main appealing is for hardcore fans who will buy the same shit forever and ever. The more I see them, the more I hate them. Meanwhile, She-Ra Classic action doll line is dead because Mattel can't into international adult collectors market Fuck this gay earth
Polly Pocket- It baffles my mind and saddens me how NuPolly Pocket still runs while Shopkins Lil' Secrets dies a silent death I have to admit the new sets have improved greatly and some of them are bretty good minifigs are still shit though

Now for the honorary mention of the few rare non-licenseshit lines seen on Toy fair:
Mutaters- very 90's and somewhat Street Sharks-like toyline. The inside brains and spaceship are great gimmicks, however the articulation is poor (though it could be changed as this not the final prototype), majority of weapons are lame, useless and unnecessary slime gimmick as well as electronic light&sound effect gimmick for the spaceship which would jack of the prices and reduce even more the small chances of this non-licenseshit line to succeeded, I highly doubt this toyline would last.
Snap Ships- modular line of Sci-Fi vehicles which comes along with a minifigs of either The Forge (good guys) or The Komplex (bad guys) accordingly. This line gives me a lot of 2000's vibes from the toys themselves to the packaging and I love it! If it turns out the minifigs can sit inside the vehicles, then this line is prefect. It has so much potential and I can see them making Mecha suits eventually.
Star Dusk- Hipster adult collector line with the background story of "Uncle Ted was right-the Sci-Fi novel" - https://foxforgetoys.com/ . The designs are cool, but these are going to be 6" with 5 PoA made of resin. Who wants this shit?! IT'S 6" WITH 5 POA! WHO WANTS THAT?!

As for my expectations >>344 the first one didn't fulfilled and the third one sorta did.
Moose Toys booth was very underwhelming , they went back to their cheap blind bag crap bad habit now Garret Sander is wasted there as much as he was under Mattel. The new Goo Jit Zoo waves are nowhere near as creative and varied as the first one **no new Wolfpain REEEEEEEE* and in addition they will have licenseshit Marvel. It's extra shame because the new waves have better quality with the separate molded clothes instead of painted ones. Treasure X Aliens which was the only great one is soon coming to an end and now they moved into deep Sea theme, not great, not terrible.
Panda Money did show up, but there was nothing new. They probably tried to pitch their toyline to retailers, hopefully they succeeded.
Non of the new McFarlane Fortnite figures were to my liking.
Snapships sounds kinda nice, found a twitter, but it looks very un-updated

The Mutaters would be cooler if the brain-guy was more of a mini-pilot figure/character and not a generic mono-part squishy grenn thing

Last year i saw this thing: Pocket Titans


(some people said they were made with bootleg parts of those Rihio-MultyAbyss mini mecha sets)
Havent heard from em in a while
(168.71 KB 1920x1282 McFarlane_ Warhammer 40k.jpg)
(462.21 KB 2048x1536 Halo 4 inch alien_2.jpg)
(1.04 MB 1535x2048 Halo 6 inch Spartan Kat.jpg)
(194.19 KB 2048x1367 Mr. Incredible.jpg)
>found a twitter, but it looks very un-updated
Snap Ships is no longer an independent project. They're going to be produced by a small toy company called PlayMonster which is mostly known for "My Singing Monsters" toyline.

>The Mutaters would be cooler if the brain-guy was more of a mini-pilot figure/character and not a generic mono-part squishy grenn thing
I'm kind of agreeing; smaller figure with more detailed interior inside the bigger figure would be better, but giving up completely on the squishy brain gimmick is too much and takes the fun of it.

>Pocket Titans
From what I've checked; they have youtube channel with 5 videos that have been updated 3 months ago https://invidio.us/channel/UCgru5UPlusdZ2an6bvreaOg?dark_mode=true&thin_mode=false and I also found a stop motion video from January https://invidio.us/watch?v=XZmCFXFuWPk&autoplay=0&continue=0&dark_mode=true&listen=0&local=1&loop=0&nojs=0&player_style=youtube&quality=dash&thin_mode=false
Perhaps, this toyline would launch later this year.
TBH, I'm not really impressed by it; very bare bone generic plastic model line.

As for other things from Toy Fair I'm excited for and are licenseshit :
My top two are the McFarlane Warhammer figure and Jazwares/Wicked Cool Toys Halo line two franchises I know jackshit about.
I can't wait to get my hands on 3.75" purple spaceships with faun-legged aliens! So my plan is to get mainly aliens and some few humans, maybe even one humans vehicle. The 6" line isn't half bad either, I want the Iconic Master Chief and that blue armored female, but I'm concerned there are no aliens planned for this scale not that I want to collect a lot from this scale. Speaking of, while the display was quite impressive, it was dominated by Master Chief and other human soldiers and sadly barely any aliens ever since the end of the 90's, villains action figures get the short end of the stick .

Mattel new' Pixar adult collector line, Spotlight series, look promising. I'd like to get Mr. Incredible, but if they aren't going to make the entire family, then it's pointless. And if they do more side charterers from The Incredibles it would be terrific!

Chronicle collectibles 1/12 JP Velociraptor looks amazing. However, considering the 1/6 one cost 450$, I fear this one would be too expensive as well.
>Mattel new' Pixar adult collector line
About time because I'm sick of Disney store shit. Hope we get more pics soon as Buzz looks interesting. What are the chances they make a Hentai Woody?

The Alien Remix line looks daft but in a good way - hopefully they continue with more series. Buzz's Galaxy Explorer reminds me of the loads of Buzz toys they made back in the late 90s and early 2000s and it's nice to see a decently articulated Buzz that isn't aimed at the collector's market.


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