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(1.26 MB 2576x1456 IMG_0079.JPG)
(976.32 KB 2056x1268 IMG_0069.JPG)
Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 22:27:55 No. 2
Posting toys in the toy board, i guess
What good, inexpensive robot toys are out there /toy/? Asking for a friend.
>t- /robowaifu/
sorry anon, anything that "looks good" and wont fall apart in seconds is probably expensive.
Hm, fair enough. You never know if you don't ask. Maybe someday that situation will improve do you think?
It's nice to see another member of /robowaifu/ here.
I will consider posting some of my Halo action figures if those would be considered "toys". I have to dig them out of my closet. Also I take it this board is SFW? I didn't see a rules page beside one telling me that I need to follow the rules. Is the image i posted Too Lewd for /toy/? If is, I apologize.
Nice second photo, mind if it becomes a banner when 8chan comes back?

Yeah, action figures are toys. Post those bad boys. Rules back on 8/toy/ were, in a nutshell:

>Only toy related disucssion allowed
>No sextoys
>No nutting on toys or any other sex acts with toys (/sof/ was dedicated for that stuff)
>NSFW toy content allowed (e.g. topless anime statue, hentai figures etc) provided it doesn't clash with the above rule
What do you have in mind? cheapest robots in toystores knowadays are either Transformer stuff or chinese 3 dollar knockoffs.
If you want Robot-girls, you have to look for japnese/hong knog toys. Those go for $40 to $100 depending on brand an type
posting link just for example.
(1.05 MB 2576x1704 IMG_0068.JPG)
(116.52 KB 1200x1200 Desktoy-01.jpg)
(66.77 KB 600x405 Eva stikfas proto.jpg)
3rd picture is from an unrealesed prototypes
(133.67 KB 550x800 Pixie.jpg)
I managed to get pic related at a convention recently for 73 canuckbucks, it's quite lovely. It's a shame that it was the only SMT figure I could find there. Does anyone here know where to find more?

Where can I get those DQ figs? They look fantastic!
>What do you have in mind?
Something kind of similar to what the anon in /robowaifu/ always says about "we don't need to wait for the future for robowaifus, we can have them today", roughly speaking. I think his idea is basically that we can strap a fleshlight into a furby and be good to go. I'm not poking fun at him, simply looking around to see if his idea might be a good one after all. /toy/ seems like the place to ask.
the fuck?
But really, i recall some super expensive Ball joint dolls.
There were some "modded" for that kind of purpose...
>the fuck?
kek ikr. but after all, we on /robowaifu/ are a special breed of autists who dream that one day we can actually live together with life-sized 'toys' that can walk & talk & fugg.
I've been thinking of manufacturing my own figurines with 3D printing since the technology has matured greatly. IIRC people are already printing shit like WH40K figurines to bypass GW's kikery and printing their own Lego parts, so it's probably not much of a leap to start manufacturing waifu statuettes. If it's viable, I think we should start a repo of 3D models that we can all print and modify. It would boost activity on the board and serve the community well. Has anyone here already experimented with this tech?
I have a normal hot-end 3D printer, which I've used for PLA plastic printing. Depending on your needs, the newer resin-based printers are amazing though a bit hazardous and tricky to use. BTW, there are great sites like hackaday and others that already have large repositories of 3D printer models freely available. Some might fit your need. And ofc, Blender is always an option if you decide you want to create your own anon.
Only ever recall seeing this "modibot " stuff by some guy that was involved in the Xevoz production

pretty cool, thanks anon.
(70.87 KB 498x500 DQ Kasanete slime.jpg)
those DQ figs were part of the DQ Kasanete slime! line.
Soem sort of stacking toys minifigure thing from couple of years ago, check on Ebay, they are almost sold out on Rakuten
(336.37 KB 1184x1128 skull army.jpg)
(311.58 KB 1182x1128 skull vehicle.jpg)
(285.71 KB 1186x1126 skull furniture.jpg)
some of those EPOCH gacha stuff
You can buy Assemble Borg Nexus 024 I.O Integra or 025 I.O Intaniya, they come with a shit load of stuff and cost around 40$~45$.

It's so weird to think it's made by the same company that makes Sylvanian Families.
Shit looks so good, but i own stuff from teh oretoku line and the figurine body parts are made with soft plastic.
>Skellys riding skull mechs
Such a fun design, I like it.

>made by the same company that makes Sylvanian Families
I would never have guessed that, holy shit. Talk about chalk and cheese.
(148.66 KB 600x612 chibi warhammer.jpg)
oi, somebody call /tg/
This is hapening
SOB and Grey Knight looks alright, but not too big on the others. Shame that they're still pushing the Primaris shit, because I'd buy a chibi Dark Angel with a small watcher in the dark. Ironic that this is the closest we will get to a feminine SOB model.
(46.41 KB 1000x710 nxedge-1.jpg)
(59.60 KB 901x750 nxedge-2.jpg)
(33.64 KB 639x750 nxedge-3.jpg)
Anyone has expireince with that Bandai NXedge line?
i have seen some around and was wondering about buying em.
Never bought one, but I heard good things about the line plus the pricing seems very reasonable.
(67.24 KB 525x700 Act mode mio-1.jpg)
(70.08 KB 700x367 Act mode mio-2.jpg)
(89.60 KB 700x700 Act mode mio-3.jpg)
(68.11 KB 700x588 Act mode mio-4.jpg)
(95.95 KB 700x700 Act mode mio-5.jpg)
Act Mode Mio by Good Smile
Funny thing, i only like the Robo-shark/dolphin
(303.48 KB 1288x627 Gacha stuff -01.JPG)
(314.19 KB 1116x812 Gacha stuff-02.JPG)
(273.99 KB 1261x577 Gacha stuff -03.JPG)
(290.30 KB 1235x640 Gacha greens.JPG)
(248.91 KB 611x941 more gacha.JPG)
Used to be heavy into the Gacha collecting thing couple of years ago. Always ended up buying strange pieces like plastic plants or those "Legendary treasure chest" line.
(105.11 KB 600x646 sword mascot.jpg)
(147.23 KB 600x566 epoch boxes.jpg)
Gacha toys can be very addicting, and sometimes you will get shit you dont really need, or in scales you dont even collect.
Look at this fucking die cast 15 cm swords, look at em!
(389.89 KB 1288x728 jagun-1.JPG)
(378.16 KB 1288x715 jagun-2.JPG)
(402.47 KB 1085x821 dices n stuff.JPG)
i dont even like /tg/ stuff, i just like dices
Nice pics soldier!
What's the name of the Japanese cubes? They look neat.
i think those were part of the "Jagun fighters" line.
They were designed by some japanese artist known for mecha design, the name escapes right now.
>Gacha toys can be very addicting, and sometimes you will get shit you dont really need, or in scales you dont even collect.
Asides from that, would you recommend them? I don't know whether to go down the rabbit hole, ut there's some neat stuff out there.

Very cool dice - I don't really have fancy ones like you but they're oddly collectible.
i had a pack of beetles like the one in >>9
the horn unions and other interchangeable bits broke down after couple of months ( but they were very cheap to begin with)
I had lots of fun with stuff like the DQ stacking toys >>19
( they are still functional after 2 years in my collection)
Gacha stuff can be very hit or miss
Thinks like "Hagen no Zista" some soldier used to post was of good quality.
But others like Hone Hone (skeleton dinos with interchanging pieces) are very meh (and they had monster Hunter and Evangelion sets, but still their articulations come off easily)

Also, most of the time you will end up buying on Raku, HLJ or AmiAmi for these, and the shipping cost can be high.
(315.90 KB 1288x660 cars-1.JPG)
(362.66 KB 1288x661 cars-2.JPG)
(350.26 KB 1132x819 LBX.JPG)
What brand/make are the cars?
dont really know, but it says made in china below the car (smaller than hotwheels)
>"Jagun fighters" line
I checked and that's the name, thanks soldier.

Those cars reminds me of old kinder, but they have a lot of paint so it can't be.
(148.64 KB 600x528 oriental treasure.jpg)
(115.67 KB 600x600 boombox gacha.jpg)
>Gacha stuff can be very hit or miss
I bought picture 1 cause i bought other treasure chest set in teh past.
The old ones were painted and sculpted, the oriental treasure chest is just a Blackbox...and you have to APPLY DECALS (i hate decals)
Also, some gachas can get sold out in just hours, this boombox gacha got sold out just couple of hours after i saw it on Raku.
Decals are a pain in the ass
Please be reminded that many Gacha toys are made in China...be careful
(366.87 KB 1184x783 boxes.JPG)
Probably too many toys get made in china these days, maybe we all are infected
Maybe we're immune and when the world goes under we shall rule
(829.01 KB 2448x2448 IMG_1029.jpg)
(460.31 KB 2448x2448 IMG_1030.jpg)
(937.24 KB 2448x2448 IMG_1037.jpg)
I've heard the virus can only survive about a day outside a host, so I doubt you'll get infected.
Anyone here know how to customize figures, especially with apoxie sculpt? Also, how do you prepare a figure? I've been planning to customize pic-related.
Never messed with customizing a figure but haing looked into it it seems similar to green stuff/milliput so cleaning the area with warm soapy water would help maximize adhesion. What are you trying to do?
>but haing looked
*but having looked
(98.56 KB 402x500 Mantis_0.jpg)
I'm not trying to change too much. I'm mainly gonna add on to the sculpt.
My goal is something similar to pic-related.
t. /monster/
Good luck with that, it looks pretty fiddly. I think the antenna will have to be made with wire as a base before being drilled into the head and the apoxie sculpt being molded around that. You'll probably have to do the same for her claws too. The figure you have is a good base though because you'll only need to add onto her, rather than remove anything.
Now that I think about it, why don't I try to sculpt the parts, then mold and cast them?
(905.23 KB 1782x1659 gorgon vitruvian hacks-1.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2027x2013 gorgon vitruvian hacks-2.jpg)
you are right monsterist, theres a shortage of qt monstergirls in the toy market.
Closer you can get are those Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S and those are not qt3.14 at all...
(145.34 KB 600x566 epoch skeleton head 2.jpg)
they made more
Such a bizarre but amusing concept
(409.47 KB 1104x1153 swords.JPG)
Got the swords. they are kinda big (from 15 to 18 cm)
The Big sword and the 2 spears once put together stay that way (the spears pieces work like screws) but the other 2 swords fall apart with little effort.
Damn they look way better in real life than what they look like in >>272 . How heavy are they, being die-cast?
they are not that heavy, of course the black sword is the heaviest
Strangely enough they look quite heavy. Black one would be great for the Guts Figma.
Robot Concerto wave 2 came out recently

But most japanese sites are not shipping abroad due to the virus lockdown


no cookies?