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(40.69 KB 480x640 1258920427417.jpg)
Waifu thread Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 15:33:25 No. 18
Keep all the waifu shit in this thread. No one cares if you're into FAGs, flesh is weak.
(420.97 KB 1209x1763 1561873389972.jpg)
Is this thread /clang/ only or can we have human waifus?
It's a human containment thread.
(156.62 KB 918x1200 1564691111409.jpg)
(259.24 KB 850x1128 1564717969722.jpg)
(203.74 KB 991x1400 1564855120814.jpg)
(123.98 KB 925x606 1564855277283.jpg)
(673.43 KB 1072x1200 1564913167672.jpg)
In that case, postan cute girls in pilot suits.
Spandex shorts isn't a pilot suit no matter how big your camel toe is.
(340.09 KB 888x952 1440303507904.png)
(290.94 KB 736x896 1440303569469.png)
(224.84 KB 632x880 1440303630717.png)
(165.11 KB 640x990 Shizuru.jpg)
(288.22 KB 1550x2200 1362280142559.jpg)
(796.18 KB 1200x1600 1316928867824.jpg)
(207.90 KB 663x1000 yande.re 77437 sample.jpg)
(302.91 KB 1500x1500 hina.jpg)
I'll get my picks out of the way
>No one cares if you're into FAGs
Frame Arms Girls?
(357.59 KB 1280x1024 1579188548754-2.jpg)
(153.35 KB 631x894 FAGU.jpg)
Nah, Full Armor Gundams.


no cookies?