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東方 toho touhou 2hu Anonymous 01/09/2020 (Thu) 05:15:24 No. 2188
New thread because the old one is too damn big. Can we get a spinny wheel janny-kun?

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series

>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games.
SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/
(4.26 MB 2560x1440 Touhou.full.1899030.jpg)
>Only for pure secondary niggers
10.5 and 12.3 aren't secondary or fangames because they're numbered
(215.13 KB 850x704 1571593537952.jpg)
I can't believe the sokuniggers are fucking dead.
What was ZUN thinking when he wrote these panels?
(1.22 MB 1010x1453 x33.png)
They are obviously talking about Unzan's balls.
Any soku games up?
But you can't hold clouds by the balls.
[code] tes tes test [code]
code] tes tes test [/code]
Nice test nerd now reply for host.
I forgot
Can host for a (you) or join for an ip.
server up

Stop whiffing combos
Go faster in general
Learn Remi's setups, setups are how she pressures
Learn how to ground 66 into j.2a efficiently, it ground cancels perfectly and denies a pretty large portion of space
Learn enemy blockstrings from practice and experience to figure out windows where Border Escaping hurts enemy pressure the most
Get more experience fighting other fags when anons aren't on on Lunarcast or #hisouten on Rizon
Apply experience to figure out what's what, grind wiki and lurk youtube channels for what's not immediately obvious
Git gud

Remilia mains glow in the dark, you just broomride them over.
GG, I've been trying some stuff but it seems most of it doesn't work or I miss input it (mainly 623). Going faster is not something possible for me since I do more miss input the faster I try to go. Best example is when you do Witch Leyline, I've tried to do 623 and it ended up registering 2B or just nothing. I'll keep note for the other points but I doubt I'll do IRC.
>I've been trying some stuff but it seems most of it doesn't work or I miss input it
Practice mode drill it. After some time in there, misinputting simply stops. It could be anywhere from a couple of minutes to several days.
>Going faster is not something possible for me since I do more miss input the faster I try to go.
See above, only movement requires practice too since doing those rapid-fire hj9 into well-timed j.2a/j.6a/j.5c's is something that's possible if everything else is done on auto.
>I'll keep note for the other points but I doubt I'll do IRC.
Just keep playing somewhere, it will give more of an idea of exactly what it is that needs to be done for better defense and for better offense. Losing is fine, but know the moveset of enemy characters and how it's gonna be applied against you. That way, it's possible to evade a lot of attacks simply by understanding the intent behind them - that is, if nothing else requires concentration, which is why practice mode is a really good idea.
I've returned home and am ready. Feel free to host knowing that I will be here to jump inside at a moments notice.
Nice anon's back from war
(140.25 KB 319x433 mmlem.png)
I think 3 missinputs in a row is as good of a place to stop as any.
Is the game still up?
no but mine is
I'll host in 4 hours.
(2.37 MB 1392x1045 23-02-16_-_1.png)
Good games Alice, I'll be back in about 30 minutes.
>there's another Alice
I kinda figured there was "another" of every girl at this point.
(1.53 MB 1074x554 therapy_bat.gif)
Right, I'm done for now, I can't escape corners anymore.
Thanks for playing, Remifag. Consider putting more offensive spells in your deck, Millenium Vampire wasn't helping you much.
I said I would so I did
Give me 5 minutes and I'll play
>getting this mad for ass 'n bomb
Stop doing the same flowcharts over and over learn to pressure already.
This is still open by the way.
(180.40 KB 1197x1200 DydxPGBVAAEo8DM.jpg)
Every time she didn't techroll and I died doesn't count so it was a win.
(275.51 KB 1010x960 finest zun art.jpg)
No, you won 6 times. And stop spamming 623 whenever I'm in the air and not doing bullets.

I gotta stop spamming 6c in close range too when it's not tight into 5aaa5b6c.
(309.12 KB 1200x1200 EKsw8crU8AAzCke.jpg)
>And stop spamming 623
Never. I will gamble my matches all I want.

>when it's not tight into 5aaa5b6c.
Just mix it with 5AA3A6C
(77.51 KB 196x189 mfw-surrounded-by-sokusluts.png)
Somebody get in here, I'm pretty rusty right now.
Guess I chose the wrong time. I'll be back tomorrow. (You) know what to do.
You have to choose a better timezone. I know at least 4-6 people here are euros and there's not much more people around. If you host around the next 10 hours you'll get someone but you're probably sleeping.
(230.69 KB 674x850 Konpaku.Youmu.full.1906819.jpg)
>you're probably sleeping
That's where you're wrong. Although not gonna host atm unless somebody asks really kindly.

I don't think it's just time zones. I used to get plenty of games during the afternoon but it seems the story of 2hus hibernating in the winter is true.
reply for games
(70.09 KB 448x342 1456323535815.jpg)
also reply for also games
(320.30 KB 600x885 Touhou.full.1950162.jpg)
GGs. one day i'll win a round against you.
GGs. Figure out character movement, dodge attacks better and block on wakeup.

Games still up.
okay I join now
(344.35 KB 1000x1000 Patchouli.Knowledge.full.308124.jpg)
i just learned i can double tap a direction to jump forward instead of always dashing. while it caused me to get hit more than a few times where i should have dashed, i also noticed i wasnt depleting my crystals nearly as much.

>hold back on wakeup
i do. only seems to actually block the attacks about 1/4 the time. not sure if its timing or what but i dont really know how to get better at that.

what is the best way to get out of the corners? i just spam dash and try to block as best i can until the game pulls me out of there seemingly out of mercy. i just try to not get stuck in corners to begin with, but thats hard when i get knocked into one and then block on wakeup fails near consistently for me, but even if i succeed in blocking the block itself pushes me further into the corner which means im going to get juggled until the game pulls me out of there.
GGs man. How'd you like that last low card count mountain vapor gambit.
That was amazing. I think you've won five or six games. Couldn't keep track because concentrating on the game was hard enough. I want to play you more, but too tired and it's 6 am.

Did you like the 623 alt? Learning it will be painful, but it seems to work when there is space enough for it.

>i just learned i can double tap a direction to jump forward instead of always dashing. while it caused me to get hit more than a few times where i should have dashed, i also noticed i wasnt depleting my crystals nearly as much.
Yes, 66 instead of 6D in the air does not consume spirit bar and melee comes out faster out of it, but because dash's duration is not controlled, it is that much riskier to do it.
>i do. only seems to actually block the attacks about 1/4 the time. not sure if its timing or what but i dont really know how to get better at that.
Hold backwards away from the opponent to block after getting up from the ground.

>what is the best way to get out of the corners? i just spam dash and try to block as best i can until the game pulls me out of there seemingly out of mercy. i just try to not get stuck in corners to begin with, but thats hard when i get knocked into one and then block on wakeup fails near consistently for me, but even if i succeed in blocking the block itself pushes me further into the corner which means im going to get juggled until the game pulls me out of there.
Read enemy blockstrings and Border Escape when blockstrings have to assume that the defending player will keep blocking to work. For example, Marisa can j.5a j.5c 6D j.5c 6D j.5c to do three orbs of spirit damage to an opponent in the corner, so if that's what's gonna happen, just border escape upwards.
>623 alt
Cool tool for air defense. Could be pretty punishable if the opponent is prepared for it. I'll try to get that down next time, I was blindsided quite a few times since I haven't seen it before.
>escaping corners is just something youre going to have to learn with experience.
thats basically what i understood. i was just hoping there was some easy way to get out. i did fairly well when i tried to keep the match in the center. only problem is patches is defensive so that works against her, but i did do better when i avoided the corners. or atleast ran from them whenever you approached.

Some more BE info which I think is useful:

BE will only allow you to graze bullets. Of course you can BE melee, but your opponent will most likely just continue attacking and you'll get fucked. The key to successful border escape is to predict when your opponent uses bullets. Sometimes they will be out of melee range and it will be fairly obvious that they HAVE to use bullets to continue attacking. This is a good time to BE.

In the corner, you don't want to BE left (4DD). You're going to want to go up, which means you'll have to choose either 1DD or 3DD. 1DD will do a backwards highjump, which is safe as long as your opponent doesn't jump to catch you. On the other hand 3DD is a full high jump, which is even better. If you can pull it off, you're basically out of the corner and safe from most attacks. (Warning: you will eat shit frequently because you have to stop blocking to press 3)
I have time for a few games before I head out if anyone wants to host for a little bit
(367.39 KB 700x990 Konpaku.Youmu.full.569733.jpg)
I'm going to take a quick break. Will play you again if you're still hostin later.
(212.79 KB 787x630 1576823190622.jpg)
Sounds good. GGs. Next time we play you should try keep an eye on my deck. Aside from that, be aware of the weather conditions. Save some cards for typhoon, be aware that your opponent is probably going to try to use one to get an advantage. (I missed your tren.) I know that a ton to pay attention to on top of combat, but it will help you to predict/punish spell card bullshittery.

Games still up, probably last one. First come first serve, including you, yukarifag.
There I go not following my own advice holy fuck
there it is, well done
GGs. Thanks for trening with me.
(24.29 KB 300x336 1499721956075.jpg)
the character swap and chen memes were great
(395.62 KB 708x1000 hello.jpg)
Fucking hell this place is dead.
I finally arrived and have access to a router i can tamper with now, if anyone wants some games, i'll be waiting at
Beware lag
(55.01 KB 456x611 crying.jpg)
aaa i'm rusty
GGs marisa.
Still hosting at >>2261
(66.25 KB 1200x600 EKOPtYuUcAYMKrK.jpg)
Sanae flies like a sack of potatoes. That's all.
Still can't deal with all the marisa 6A mixups you can do. And Sanae's 66B being able to graze is really strong. GREAT use of the 22 bombs though, though i partly attribute that to my bad positioning and insistence to press B or C to punish instead of just holding block.
Oh and by the way since i'm in this setup again. Ican host PoFV through >>2261 as well, be sure to ask if you want to desynch a hundred times before it works
6A is the ass, what other move do you mean?

>66B being able to graze is really strong
Grazing normals is a privilege given to top tiers and trash tiers exclusively. She's gonna use it even if it kills her. Literally.

>GREAT use of the 22 bombs though
It's gotta have at least one use. Hitbox and trajectory wise lets it at least anti air.
Sorry, meant 6C in the middle of your combos. I'm still caught off guard whenever you're going to do 623 or 236, or a highjump cancel, or something else.
Reply if you want host.
Well the laser is a mixup, they tend to do that. The safest option would be to fly back and shoot.

Shit, sorry for the delay.
Sorry I have to go didn't notice the time ggs
I shoulda just blocked why do i do such idiotic things.
GGs again. I feel like all the matches i've won were because i wasn't laughing as much as the previous ones over my own wrongmoves.

Anyone is free to reply if ye want some games.
gib games
Sorry for the delay, was dealing with some unsavory things. I might DC/stop responding mid-match as i'm expecting a phone call. Hosting now on >>2270
I guess i was too late. Tomorrow will be it.
reply for games
(43.33 KB 267x243 hey.png)
Sorry about that, consider rehosting if you want. I only won once and then started falling appart.
Even when you're going easy, i feel tired. Sorry for the bad games maybe it's just a bit late.
GGs. Can't play anymore, it's too late. (You) won one match. Try going faster.
(81.47 KB 1200x677 EMqYS-iXUAAXja5.jpg)
OK so surely we have players now it's the middle of the weekend reply for host
>>2282 (you)
(761.56 KB 1000x1400 melee patchy.png)
If anyone else wants a host, feel free to reply here.
(1.25 MB 200x163 1457976333255.gif)
GGs. I can't ever stop rushing in, so learn actual pressure or die obediently instead of gambling on 623s.
>actual pressure
It doesn't exist but don't tell anyone.
gib games please
Alright let's go
Anyone hosting right now?
Still awaiting a connection here >>2290
>patchoulifag getting gimmicked to death
Just block.
i'm dumb
Good games patchy, I'm taking a break for now.
Please watch out for the rain, it is very acidic.
And yes, good games. You need to use less 236 and 22 attacks for an "approach", it's just gonna end with you getting countered 99% of the time. I'm just dumb and don't play it passive despite this.

Use vampire kiss as a mixup attack when the enemy is in the corner and you're doing a melee blockstring or for cancelling 5C earlier, it will force the enemy to not want to be in the corner/try to jump away next time you get them into the corner. This can be advantageous as you can then use air melee attacks to catch them. It is a pressure tool that voids blocking kinda like trickster devil but a bit more dependant on the enemy being much closer to you and won't fail if the enemy has very fast reflexes during crossups.

Always remember to watch people better than you play.
>Niggers in soku
>fucked by weather
Just like my shitty games.
I hope you enjoyed sanae's meme grid
(183.35 KB 1350x1350 6fc9e3318af62701e5e5d310f512343d.jpg)
Thanks for the games, taking another short break. I'll do better next time I promise.
Anyone up?
Komachi so had that game, even as a patchy player that weather rollout completely nullifying K's card options was kinda sad.
I could try hosting through >>2290 if you want.
(230.69 KB 674x850 Konpaku.Youmu.full.1906819.jpg)
GGs, I think you have gotten better since we last played. I'm going to take a break as well, and then I will be back for more hosts.
I should sleep but I'll play Soku instead.
fug wrong profile
Game isn't up
(14.69 KB 278x392 meme beam.png)
[RANK] B++
[COMMENT] You must defeat 6C -> [Love Sign] Master Spark to stand a chance.
(530.79 KB 500x312 jevr00.gif)
Let's mirror match sometime, I want to know how to effectively spam my shit instead of just pressing the buttons.
oh shit I forgot we were supposed to do that uh
maybe next time
Do the thing
Does anyone want games?
Yes I asked for the thing.
Oh no, this is painful to watch.
Help i don't know how to flandre and i'm somehow beating the remifag
Also those interruptions are phonecalls, sorry about that.
Thank you very much for teaching me how to break blocks properly.
It wasn't intentional, also i think you're supposed to be using B bullets in conjunction with those mixups to do that.
Wait no, i meant C bullets.
I'm done for now, thanks for the games.
Sorry, that was last game. GGs. Sorry a lot for the whole "stops playing midround", i keep getting loads of phonecalls over something important and infact i need to do some work about it right now.

If i whiff elemental harvester (metal blade spellcard), please counter with projectiles of the heaviest kind.
Stop playing slow.
I'll host give me games
gib ip
>It was 2 hours ago
okay I gib ip
(296.89 KB 1000x1500 000101.jpg)
I'm 10 minutes late and I'm already replaced.
dude just host or join
bls anon I just wanted to play video games too
I wonder if he quit, do you want me to join instead?
playing someone now, if it's not you
It is me, i just joined on impulse/accident
I thought you joined the other IP fucking hell I'll just leave it open
waiting all that time only to get cheese'd on typhoon lol. Sorry, but I had to.
It's ok i deserved it.
I'm getting kinda hungry, want this to be the last match?
Good games, i really do need a break.
GGs patchyfag. I can't remember if you're the new patchy but if so you have also gitted gudder. Remember to be careful about what you're doing on wake up. Much of my oki is fairly avoidable with blocking or cards.
Give 20m or so to put some stuff on the stove and then games will be open again.
I've been waiting all day on >>2339
(502.95 KB 900x881 _drawn_by_mozukuzu_manukedori.png)
I'm not the new patchy, i'm the patchy that is contineously getting worse at the game despite winning a tournament a few years back as a shitpost and playing now almost daily. Or maybe you've gotten very good. Or maybe it's a combination of dizziness from waking up and hunger. Or maybe i'm just making excuses and trying to escape/spam projectiles at the wrong times when i should just be blocking more.
host pls
No I can tell you're pretty good, but I only remember playing one patchy recently so I wasn't sure. It would have been quite a large improvement, but the new yukari I played improved quickly too. I have trouble gauging ability on the best of days, and my skill level seems to change with the weather (pun intended).
Stuff is on stove, gonna join in 5-10m. (If you're around)
>If you're around
Well I've been waiting all day but the day is already over. We'll be online at the same time at some point, hopefully. I haven't played you since the tournament.
If that's a yes I'm heading in.
but alas no gonnegd
>new patchy
well, i appreciate not being referred to as the shitty patchy.
No one showed up so i'm closing the host
Rehost I just got back
oh fug din't notice Okay rehosting now
Thanks for the games, I'm starting to feel sluggish so I'll wrap it up for the night.
GGs remi. You have an okay grasp on how to do pressure now at the very least, if the enemy is in the corner you have plenty of options to make them wrongblock or eat a heavy bullet, just be a bit more careful about counters. See ya tomorrow hopefully.
Is anyone awake?
Yes but in no condition to play.
host it
Everything will be ok,
I know it's probably fucking dead right now, but reply for games. I will be awake for the next ~4 hours, and will do my best to wake up in 12 hours when hopefully someone will be around.
Yep, still 2 more hours before I snooze.
wew did you see your life flash before your eyes on that blue sword
it was very intense
(39.11 KB 800x450 DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg)
G fucking Gs. Some damn tight matches in there. Glad you got a 623 punish on oki. Also excellent block strings.
(142.26 KB 990x1200 1493100178253.jpg)
whenever the weather makes youmu retard fast my hands lose the ability to do inputs correctly
(869.19 KB 1527x1000 7caea4ef7fbe8f6fba9bb0327f768314.jpg)
Running away from Youmu in tempest is not an option. If you do, she'll be there to greet when you arrive. (Tempest doesn't affect flight, so you could also just try to keep me airborne.)

Oh and as for tips: work on getting those skill/spell card punishes seamless and on command. Be aware that I know Yukari's alts very well so I will fuck you up if there are any openings.

I shall return in approximately 8 hours
I'll host YOU a game right now
Let's go
Anything like patchouli would be having a field day with you jesus christ. still open
back from hibernation, reply from games

still around?
Sure get in.
(237.46 KB 594x700 the_heist.png)
If one of you is still up when you finish murdering eachother, we can play. Or just (you) for games.
You can't just do a string in the corner and then jump away, youmu's forte is pressure you have to abuse it.
Thanks /japan/
(848.87 KB 1334x750 Konpaku.Youmu.full.2160721.png)
GGs. Every time I whiff my 5 card I die a little inside. It's probably for the best that we stopped. My reaction time is dead now.

I will try to get up same time tomorrow, but I need some rest now.
Why does remilia always do so poorly on saltybets?
(491.59 KB 1110x820 clowning around.png)
I can host now if anyone needs a game.
I have a very small amount of time before I have to head out for the day
I hope i'm not too late.
help it's laggy
Yeah I don't know if that lag was me or not. Good games, I have to head out.
(485.89 KB 1000x1412 drawn_by_neropaso.jpg)
Lag was likely on my end.
You're getting better, if i'm not careful i can die pretty quickly.
I'm back and ready for more games if you're still hanging around.
Eh sure, why not. IP is still the same as >>2391
Should be up now.
Good games, I'm going to head out for the night. Thanks for going easy on me
I decided to change the OST i was hearing which was mild military-esque ambience for eurobeat. I don't know if that influenced the matches or not but i kinda feel like i was playing with no holds barred there instead of having an easygoing match. Sorry. GGs.
It was fun. The only thing I'm worried about is that you're able to beat me on your off characters so easily
(99.24 KB 600x834 drawn_by_nanaume.jpg)
It was certainly fun, there was another remilia around who was a bit better than you that might help you learn how to remi, i'm helpless at that as how the fuck am i beating you with remi or alice, i don't even know how to play them i just know their basic moves and chaining them how i would chain them with patche, it fails 99% of the time.At least you beat my sanae pretty often, even if i din't play her tonight.

Alternatively watch some videos on youtube on remilia players, not combo videos but actual matches, to see what's their strategies. Use less 236 and 22 please, they always ends as a free hit if blocked in neutral, use them when the enemy is distracted, trying to escape your pressure aka punish, or as part of a combo
I'm still inexperienced when it comes to fighting a lot of characters. And the plus side of playing as remi is that I can ignore my weak point which is blocking and corner defense, but that's kind of negated when I'm in a mirror matchup.
Hosting for 90 minutes

>not listening to the game's music
>not listening to your own selection of the game's music
>not listening to other fightan music at least
Regular music doesn't work with these games. Also there's a really small file size limit in here just delete the older threads for space.
Well it just ate the other 4 but I won't make hostman take all the shit I post.
gib ip/port
Any hostfags on?
I'm here.
pls host
You've gotten a lot better, remifag.
Have you managed to beat alicefag yet?
I've not played alicefag in awhile
If there is anyone else hanging around without a host pls respond.
gib host
(236.99 KB 646x549 1522445566267.png)
Going to take a break for now, I'll be back soon. Thanks for the games.
Looks like you'll be able to give him some payback next tourney.
I like your follow ups, if you keep adding to them and fine-tune your 22b timing you'll be a force to be reckoned with.
All you need is some good blockstrings and you'll be bullying people in no time.
(1.40 MB 1200x1776 Konpaku.Youmu.full.745397.jpg)
Infuriating games. Play again any time.
Beautiful counterspell there, youmufag.
Also I welcome the new alicefag with open arms.
(42.49 KB 331x331 1395431628396.jpg)
I can't believe that last 4card actually went through.
Thanks for hosting
Yeah? How about right now?
The alicefag cries out as he I-frames you to death.
Are you the same or different person? I kind of need a break, but either way I'll be back same time tomorrow, or possibly this evening (~12hrs from now)
Different person. You beat me once. Now I want to beat you.
I look forward to it
(271.71 KB 1200x1600 1577792161234.jpg)
I've only slept 3 accumulated hours today reply for host
host pls
(92.86 KB 1000x700 Touhou.full.196022.jpg)
>lewding marisa like that.
absolutely disgusting.
y'ought to be ashamed of yourself.
I guess I don't know how to break blocks at all, or attack first
(155.88 KB 900x1200 ENWeFMcU8AAgH7N.jpg)
Look at least you don't die to bombs anymore.

She's my wife I'll do whatever I want with her.
Why is it that whenever I block you break it and take half my health with it within a few attacks, but when I attack you in a corner I can't get past a single orb and if I do you have so much time you can just combo me right after?
You gotta learn attack properties, strings and frame data. https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Remilia_Scarlet#Blockstrings for starters. Long story short, moves cancel into one another so I can't move while I am blocking them unless I have a hard read. Also you do the same thing as youmufag you can't just attack me once and then dash away back to the middle of the screen, you won't break any orbs like that.
>Also you do the same thing as youmufag you can't just attack me once and then dash away back to the middle of the screen
It's because you're scary and counter me hard everytime I'm in melee with you longer than a second
Does anyone want to play PoFV? I can host.
That's what these https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Remilia_Scarlet#Blockstrings are for. During those strings I can't attack unless I guess right, but if I don't I'll get hit and then eat a spellcard. Go to practice mode, move the opponent to the corner, set guard to different states to practice with and without wrongblocks and practice them.
If we don't have to setup any vlan or anything then I'll join.
Any idea how to get remilia from not using the little low kick she does instead of the proper chain?
Tell me what you're trying to do exactly, which string from the link I posted or just the notation.
Obviously it works just fine without a LAN emulator. Question is, Adonis2 supposely more robust, only works with jap version or AdonisE works with english version but is just Adonis1?
Assuming you even have those
That's not 5AAA into f.5A. It's either 5AAA OR f.5A, whichever hits, both work.
>lewding your own wife and whoring her off on an IB
thats not much different from cuckoldry.
marisa is a good girl. you should not treat her in such a way.
(3.10 MB 640x480 1Yh2TG03sn.mp4)
Yeah it seems like this works, if it's not airtight then it's as tight as it gets and I doubt she gets any 100% tight string, just very strong mixups. I don't play her so no idea, but that's probably how it is.
Just grind this one and change other moves if the opponent crouches or tries to escape, or do the no mixup mixup and keep doing fA5 for wrongblocks. The opponent will eventually want to crouch so you have to cancel into j2A somewhere.

5AAA into 2A seems too easy to read to me, but then again I don't play her. It works better after f5A.

Go back to the librarby holy shit don't make me call Alice.
No. 2hus are bad girls and should be treated harshly. Like grabbing their breasts (big or small) and touching their bodies at your whim. Cumming inside for maximum punishment is also an option.
(618.54 KB 857x697 Touhou.full.1074826.jpg)
>don't make me call Alice.
oh no... please dont do that.

impregnation is pure and wholesome, anon.
>Alice and Patchouli having tea peacefully without Marisa
I have the very next frame of that scene right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC9B4sbsgj4
(310.49 KB 1400x787 Touhou.full.189717.jpg)
Destroy her.
>Marisa barges in ass first
I'm not even surprised.
I can't focus at all, anyone want to host?
>teabaging mixups
Truly this is the peak of sokuniger gameplay
Alright, I'm thoroughly demoralized, good games.
(78.21 KB 658x418 214.jpg)
start going faster and don't lose morale
Hey I saw you do >>2445 once and win one round that was nice.
I think I won more than one
Press buttons faster while still achieving desired result like pressure and zoning.
Also stop spamming out 236 at random, better players will counter that every time.
A lot of my 22's and 236's were on accident this time around while I was trying to counter your air.
As a alice how do you deal with that attack?
Not an Alice, but that move has very long recovery. Just make sure block or not get hit, then punish. Note that the Marisa's around here like to double this attack up with a spell card and cancels and shit so watch out for that as well.
(597.10 KB 800x1009 Touhou.full.189858.jpg)
(373.99 KB 800x800 Go to bed nigger.png)
[This is a TSA for health purposes.]
Has it been approximately 24 hours since the last time you've been in your bed?
Are you on the verge of closing your eyes and losing consciousness from the sheer amount of time you've spent awake?
Hi, I'm doctor faggot. If you've answered yes to either question, go the fuck to sleep. Don't host another fifty+ games of Soku for that one yukarifag. Go the fuck to sleep. Don't try to teach the alicefag how to actually use her spellcards. Go the fuck to sleep.
>gives advice to self
>with a public service announcement
thats an SSA and you know it.
Maybe. You need sum host?
Yes, as soon as I'm done with dinner.
Which is now
it is up
You want to spend some rounds working defense? Your offense has gotten much better, but you need to defend a lot more.
well done, one sec, gotta read a message
Sure, take your time.
Good games, I'm done for the night.
cool, ggs.
I'll get you next time.
Is anyone around at these hours?
at work, Don't host unless you want to experience super bullet time (i.e. super laggy) games.
I guess i'll wait a few hours then.
just go to sleep man.
still there?
Yeah, but not for long, do you want me to host?
Sure, just tell me jp or e cause It's been a while
Wait you actually mean PoFV? Okay, let's try AdonisE
Of course I did, that one faggot has been teasing me with it ever since we got here.
Rehost, it seems my firewall acted up bad once the game started.
It's just not starting the game for me I'm not sure why.
Go into the game's settings, are you starting on windowed mode? It might help, i used to have a weird crash when the game used to start on fullscreen.
Alternatively set up your adonis_config.ini file, it's plain text, change the resolution and settings there, as well as your screen name.
Do you have adonis2?
I remember having to use that last time.
And don't forget to set the game to always run as admin
Yeah sure let's try Adonis2, same IP just different exe.
>And don't forget to set the game to always run as admin
I guess that worked
it werks
it crashed
RIP. Wanna go again? Haven't played PoFV in so long.
I think it crashed again
What is this bullshit, is it because i set it to normal instead of lunatic?
It really doesn't like anything above 800x600
Oh damn, i always played at that resolution so it only makes sense.
fuck wrong ratios brb
Whoops, I just wanted to save a replay.
Looks like I've found my main.
Good games. I fugged up. The game automatically saves replays, the "save replay" button is actually just for quitting.
Host is up again.
Done for the night?
GGs, that was nice but I need a break.
Yeah pretty much.
GGs. If you want to know anything about PoFV, just know that the meta is to spam Lvl2 spells as often as possible to bounce projectiles between fields and that Reimu is the best at that because of how strong her Lvl2 spell is.
I mean, it's nice that i din't find someone who plays this that doesn't do just that every time and wreck my face in.
Just don't go sitting on 4 charges all round without doing anything with them. It's not like other mainline games where you conserve your bombs, you use them to fulfill purposes not for survival even if they're mildly useful for that in this game
kk will spam next time.
(31.56 KB 288x288 00983113c.jpg)
Wait is the alicefag back? Bullying brings joy to my day, reply for host.
What? Is bullying me no fun?
I have a very short window of time to play in the morning, but I'll post the thing in around 3 hours for whoever wants to join.
(195.14 KB 675x1200 1546553209169.jpg)
Marisafag, stop trying to hit Alice out of wakeup and concentrate on landing level 1 214's and 5C's. j.6c isn't a panacea. Go faster but respect f.5a, 6a, j.6a and j.2a ranges.

Alicefag, start indulging the 22 doll autism and spam 6a/j.2a's properly.
(221.59 KB 630x589 IN BUSINESS.jpg)
I can host for whoever's left alive after these matches.
Hostan, need games.
Don't tell me what to do you're not my soku dad
GGs. I'm sorry, please keep hosting and have someone else join that doesn't 10 fps the game.
still open
GGs rad. Not too rusty for you?
I thought the second match was pretty smooth.
>Not too rusty for you?
No way, it's just difficult to adjust to this much delay on defense, so I stopped bothering with it. If the other Marisa will join without lag, he'll probably rekk you. ****
learn blockstrings
I meant me, but it looks like the both of us have been taking a long break..
>he really can't play at delay 5
I have a smug remi for that but I don't wanna step on any toes now that we have remifags.
>the other Marisa
We got another one? nice.
(76.60 KB 384x528 what am I even doing.jpg)
>We got another one? nice.
No, it's the same waifufag that won the tournament that one time.
>hiding behind that marisafag
quit shortselling yourself I've fought you enough times to know you're way better than him.
please not another episode of slideshow adventures: deploy a full combo by turning soku into a rhythm game with no cues

it got smooth before you quit.
Just admit you were feeling the heat and bailed.
Can't win them all. Damn.
I just wanna play soku
fine time for lag compensaiton measures
(212.79 KB 787x630 1576823190622.jpg)
I am around again, going to eat some breakfast right now. Reply for host.

Games pls
>>2521 -san disconnected

>>2537 please host until the moonman comes back, then host for him when he replies
(91.26 KB 500x500 1265253283806.png)
>it was an internet connection shitting itself instead of a d/c from hostman
dishonorabu disgrace
quit being a bitch radicool, you d/c ed
(123.28 KB 850x1200 EKYDSRRVUAESdTN.jpg)
Also let it be known I won an Alice match with 5 consecutive river mists. And I won't do it ever again.

I prefer the term Devoted husband.
(924.35 KB 360x480 lore.mp4)
It's first come first serve, but I also want to fight the dude from yesterday. He needs to avenge his great grandfather or something.

it would amuse me greatly if someone signed up for the tournament as moonman.
yes, now go fight the less lag man over here >>2545

meanwhile, games are up at if anyone else is up
>If the other Marisa will join without lag,
Did you already forget what happened the last time I tried to play with mr moonman?
Yeah it was definitely your connection.
So you'll be joining the next tourney as moonanon then?
This, pablo here actually managed to break my wifi.
I can remove the parry from the deck if it's pissing you off. It's fun lol.
Nah I'm just getting my fix. at least you aren't bitching and circlejerking every time I land a punish.
GGs, do you appreciate youmu's 6a more now?
GGs. You are good for putting up with my parry practice while playing meiling. It's melee only so I feel a bit bad for picking on the character with a melee heavy move set.
Are you talking about the reversed character match we played with meiling and youmu? I always appreciated the 6a, but I certainly came to fear it.
Before a couple days ago I haven't played in a month, any good you saw was nothing more than a fluke. Don't feel bad, I used to practice against this troll slav who played reimu with the trap alts. I was just being reckless.
That and meiling's 6a is about as useful as iku's 623, youmu's good reach trumps just about anything melee.
oh yes, by comparison absolutely. I'm so used to youmu that I often end up trying to user her attacks when I play meiling which is a terrible plan and gets me killed frequently.

Anyway I can have another short game, if anyone is around.
Those games were amazing. Please keep learning Alice so that I can thoroughly beat you up later. Can't play more right now.
>Replays take 5 minutes to load now
fug u how did you scalp that host so fast I wanted to play aaaa
I was expecting to be bullied a bit harder, but it was still lots of fun. GGs, thanks for hosting.
Put replays in sub-directories depending on their date, i have replays up to 2012 and that shit would crash the game if they were all in the main folder.
(765.57 KB 665x647 sleepyhead.webm)
I can host now. Does anyone want easygoing games?
please hosd I can't handle watching my dumb replays forever
That's because I can't into defense at all, so I just die once you set up the doll array. Almost every match went into either 100%-0%, 0%-100% or that weird stalemate where both of us fail to zone successfully until someone gets a lucky hit in.
meiling fag you want to switch out with the new host? Variety is good. (We can keep playing if you want though)
Sorry, i'm checking with lunartools and it seems my shit is bugged and won't let me host. Lemme try and fix it and i'll host in a few minutes.
well in that case never mind.
If you wanna play him go for it.
Or you can play youmufag.
but doctor I am the youmufag.

(also that was a nice delayed airtech meilingfag I don't know if it was intentional but it worked)
Wait aren't you hosting fine right now?
>nice delayed airtech
I'm just trying not to die dammit.
(712.85 KB 500x375 Ran.gif)
Waiting warmly for hosds
oh that part wasn't responding to me, ignore that
GGs again, I was originally planning to spectate, honest.
Okay i can host here now
I believe the connection is highly unstable and i will need to switch tunnels soon, but at least you can join and check in for a few games? Maybe?
Okay sorry, GGs. I hope I haven't confused you all while posting between matches. What I was trying to say is that I need to play somebody who can give me a one-sided ass kicking. pls join.
Yup that's the lag i expected.
gonegshun failed
how many alicefags does that make now, 3?
the alicefags thirst for marisa booty
If you're trying to spectate, it will ask if you want to play and then say no.
This is a true slidshow, but it's so informative.
Last call for
Oh that's you again lol.
Dammit I closed youtube for nothing
I'm failing to get any bites, so I will come back later. No need for 3 hosts to compete for connections.
Just got home, any hostfags?
Can't seem to connect
Sorry it's occupied.
come back
Good games yukari. Was pretty fun to play you again. Too bad the guild died.
gud games patchyfugger
and yeah, rip.
I'm gonna go unfuck my internet, be back in a few hours.
Did something happen while I was gone?
No dummy, different guild, different game.
Don't worry about it.
(210.26 KB 850x1259 1573857237385.jpg)
>there really is another Alicefag
Huh. I can't wait to be done with my crap to see how good he is. If he's not in a permanent bad mood or anger he's doing it wrong.
I have to head out for now, good games
Thanks for playing remifag, great stuff.
You'll definitely beat alicefag next time.
Is it elona?
(811.72 KB 500x500 nichijou.gif)
No, does elona even have multiplayer?
Also am back, might try to host some games.
(958.43 KB 1200x784 9031301.png)
I will host now, and hopefully the matches won't be as mentally fatiguing as trying to barely hold a 50/50 with the dude from before.
And here's the thing because I'm retarded and I forgot
you dare
he needs more training
Yeah I need to train on playing on a constant - frames MU surely that'll work. still open.
(788.72 KB 916x1200 There is no time to explain.png)
well done well done
I'm enjoying seeing your progress. If you keep bullying the likes of patchy you'll be able to fug around with FULL-SCREEN 6C INSTANT ZONING.
those baited 66Cs into meme beam were neat too.
already playing

up at please join
No you take him.
Waiting for connection...
host closed for now
You really make my dash feel like it takes an eternity to wind up.
Because you can't dash on wakeup you'll get meaty oki to death
Quitting when I'm trying to finish you with the ass that's rude
I have to head out for the night, I'll see you tomorrow Marisa.
Does dying to my 22 upset you as much as getting KO'd by a ass does?
It depends. It depends because I don't know what 22 does.
It's the ceiling dive with almost a solid 2 second delay.
Oh that's pretty fun I like to contest it with the charged ass to see what happens
(181.95 KB 620x890 Moon Time.png)
I see it's time for my return.
I am back for afternoon games. Someone please just fuck my shit up. Reply for host.

Where have you been old friend
(192.88 KB 900x1374 Teeth.jpg)
Oh there's another?
Another? I may have mistook you for some other yukarifag
Hosting now for alittle while.
defeating me is no accomplishment, but i still have fun.
It's ok, every time I open this thread I need a 12 step program to get back out again. Still here?
Whatever, host open.
join me now, i was hosting a diff game but its dead now.
Sorry can we turn the delay up a little?
maybe it would be better if you hosted?
Okay then ip here: >>2625
i had a dedicated server for another game open and it crashed just now. i didnt evne know it was open. my bad
Nah it's just that we can't use delay 2.
also try doing dash cancels after you use your c.
what gaem
whats delay 2
whats a dash cancel in this game
the amount of lag compensation, double-tapping move or pressing dash and a direction to cancel out of your animation and goddamn how did that game get so popular all of a sudden.
i didnt use any kind of lag compensation as far as i can tell. wheres the option for that?
c is heavy bullet. my fire multidirectional one, right? dash doesnt cancel the blue bullets animation.
its fun. not sure why people werent playing it before. but its really just the same 3 anons and a few others that join once in a blue moon. but the game is enjoyable with just 2 people
>i didnt use any kind of lag compensation as far as i can tell.
It's sokuroll
>dash doesnt cancel the blue bullets animation
It does, the timing is just iffy.
I'd like to play but muh region
Still open?
region shouldnt really matter. did you see the julay thread? i can help you connect im a burger. i've played with euros and slavs without issue. id be more than happy to get another player.
hosting, I mean.
wait, are you a different guy?
(34.07 KB 400x370 IMG_0402.JPG)
I can host for a bit
I'm still playing the patche fugger, have fun with >>2640
GGs moyashiman, I haven't got it yet but I'll go look in the thread, thanks.
(684.75 KB 623x1005 Touhou.full.1293464.jpg)
ggs, im glad i was actually able to win round or 2, let alone a few matches. if you want to play some swat4 tonight im probably going to be hosting for quite a bit more tonight. i felt bad for the people playing that my game shat the bed. but i dont think any of them were actually from the thread.
Is there a way to get rid of that awful theme on julay?
(389.16 KB 1000x1412 Touhou.full.1306999.jpg)
youre calling me a sprout? thats accurate. im not experienced in fighting games in general, let alone this one. but i find this one more fun than most.

i dont know what you mean, ive heard others complain but i have no idea what anyone is talking about. it looks just like any other IB to me. maybe its my browser?
Not knowing your own 2hufu's title is a disgrace, anon
It used to have a dark theme, the bright baby blue hurts my eyes.
(174.91 KB 700x995 EL0n0uHU4AMfgOv.jpg)
I could host and all that but it's not as fun if it isn't the alicefag getting really mad at me.
ggs. That cirno mirror at the end was a lot of fun.
and sorry for the lag.
(5.83 KB 226x216 1532579638899.png)
GGs profile1p
your suwako is very good
i had no idea she could do anything when exiting her sleepy frog card
haha yeah it did feel like my Suwako performed unusually well.

>i had no idea she could do anything when exiting her sleepy frog card
it's possible to come out of the ground with a 214B/C waterspout or 6B uppercut, meaning the A-spammer has more or less a 50/50 chance to either hit or take one of those.
anyway, ggs, I really want to play with you again.
>6B uppercut,
I mean 263, I think my tiredness is getting the better of me.
(2.37 MB 640x480 yukari gets bamboozled.mp4)
very useful information
i will still attempt to hit you with the train however
Speaking of that match, was I just really lucky or was that your first time seeing cat fish SC? It only seems to catch people off-guard when it's their first time against it, which is unfortunate because it looks so damn cool.
yeah that was my first time seeing cat fish
in fact, i didn't even notice it until i got hit
Anybody up for some PoFV?
(127.83 KB 325x325 oh.png)
I don't know why I put that card in there other than for the suddenly! a giant catfish! factor, and even less did I know it would come in handy during our match.
this was my face when the fish won the match for me.
Can you host please?
Wait do you still need to port forward for adonis?
Imagine if that happened in a tourney match.
Anyone wants a game?
I'm outside using someone else's wifi though
Is that someone using it too though
Take a guess
hosting with adonis2 at
will switch to adonise if 2's not an option
Thanks for hosting.
GGs alicefag, let's continue later.
If nothing else, your choice to enter a 400ping match with THE worst character in the game is certainly commendable.
Thanks for the games, consider paying more attention to both your and your opponent's spell gauge and not holding shift so much at the start of the game, since focusing makes fairies appear much less with no clear benefit.
I like her, that's good enough for me.
>focusing makes fairies appear much less
That's an awfully autistic system.
(104.74 KB 830x370 TOP PPH.jpg)
sokuniggers shall inherit the earth
Who's the worst character in the game?
>when 11 sokuniggers shitpost so hard about their meme game they break into the top 3 spots
But we're also playing primary games?
You there? Wanna play PoFV or is it only Soku?
Up and ready for some games. I still haven't received the ass-kicking I was promised the other day. Reply for host.
(746.20 KB 500x281 ohno.gif)
>>Not knowing your own 2hufu's title
my browser extension essentially puts almost every website i visit in a "dark mode"
did you died
that 22B/C > spell was smart, do that more
Still have no idea how to keep myself from doing that retarded low kick
which move is that?
(751.32 KB 2891x4096 cdf7506a92a3587237ff648606fa23a4.jpg)
Good games Youmu, I'm going to be taking a short break.
It's the A attack, but worse, short range, only hits the lower half of the hitbox, and doesn't continue into another but itself.
That's f.5A for remilia right? That triggers when you're far away from the opponent enough that your regular 5A punch wouldn't hit and it comes out entirely based on your distance to your opponent, if you want to force the regular 5A, do 4A. However do note that 4A does not chain into the rest of the dial A combo..
Alright cool, GGs. That was pretty fun. You had tighter defense this time I think, which is good. It may be a good idea to hang on to a card that you can use as a back-up whenever you do your 22B. It will make the move much scarier, as it should be. I will try my best to read your hand and respond with my own card when that happens though, so watch out.

3A I guess? It looks like something you'd mostly use to throw into block strings to break some of the enemy's orbs. https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/File:Remi_3a.png
(513.02 KB 1500x1061 Konachan.com - 153506 sample.jpg)
Also, host now open:
Ah, well thanks for the advice. It's good that I'm making progress but I really did think I'd be able to put up more of a fight against Youmu after all those marisafag rounds I went through.
Each character has a different move set with different advantages and disadvantages. For example, I'm often taken aback by your melee's frame advantage. I end up taking damage because I try to counter attack, but my start up is too slow. And then there's spellcards, but that's pretty obvious.

You get used to these things by playing people who know the character match up well. Also, play with lots of different people to learn the roster thoroughly. You'll pick up skills that generalize across match ups that way, and you'll also get faster at adapting to new match ups.
(1.58 MB 900x553 1549062989465.gif)
Oh, I forgot to say: the point being, you likely have gotten much better at playing Marisa. It does show a little when you're playing youmu, but it probably shows a lot more when you play her. Just keep fightan and get stronger wherever you can.
>Playing anyone but Remilia
That's blasphemy and I've not tried it yet.
Oh, I wasn't actually suggesting that, but it is also good. For now you're best off playing Remilia VS X. Eventually playing X VS Y will be beneficial too. Learning all 20 Remilia match ups is enough of a challenge for now, 20x20 would be excessive.
(130.73 KB 820x1200 ENW9aP4UcAIgLPr.jpg)
I've only slept 12 accumulated hours today reply for host
I'm going to take that cause nobody else is taking my host
and... only 12?
Yes, only. The more you sleep the more your body needs.
makes sense
gems pls
Not only you don't let me use the 5 card but you even removed the two I had from the deck
ok thanks
fuck your 3 typhoon win
GGs. I'm bummed that I didn't even get one parry in. I'm way too trigger happy I just reach for the key when ever I slightly anticipate an attack.
You flowchart too hard and if Youmu wasn't a midget I'd be getting even more hits in. still open.
GGs. If the other alicefag was here he would be having a great time.
I really wish the VA for remilia on touhou cannonball wasn't quite so high pitched..
Anyone wants games at this hour? Can host.
I'm down for a few games.
>thread did not update
If you're still there
host closed due to extenuating circumstances
(213.08 KB 516x396 1568941515389.png)
(225.24 KB 1920x1080 EPDEGvKU8AAF7Gr-orig.jpg)
Soku stream at EVO Japan 2020 is up twitch.tv/sgnsp
Well it's over just now. Never mind.
No wait it's not
They are having Meiling vs Marisa match just now
Marisas and yuyukos getting bullied left and right, it's a good tournament alright.
I'm really bad at telling how well other people are doing.
I'm pretty sure our marisa does better than these marisas though.
(111.68 KB 635x903 EIRljLNWsAAb67y.jpg)
Who's up
(you) for host
>>2720 (you)
That's what I say
Sorry I have to run but I'll host back in an hour you can rejoin then
Alright, thanks for the few games. I really shouldn't be falling for bomb and ass spam anymore though, yet I do anyway.
GGs, thanks for hosting.
Great games. You won three games, keep at it. Too tired to play more right now.
Alright sorry here's the games
(71.04 KB 1024x664 new spellcard attack.jpg)
No one can defeat Sanae's spell card.
(71.59 KB 426x500 1504930143292.png)
can you not block that or did the weather kill me?
anyways GG marisafag i am no match for you
Of course it's typhoon, Sanae drop attack is melee and the waves are bullets. You have to dash on the ground to avoid her, dashing in the air is too slow. I was saving them for the trains but you didn't use them so I did the party spellcards instead.
very useful info
i shall not be jobbing to that spell card any longer
(7.59 MB 1280x720 JaSrN_KZWyB1enx2.mp4)
I'll host you but only if you're as drunk as I am
I'm drunk on sleep deprivation does this count
Go to sleep radicool if you die then who will steal all the matches
No one? Then I guess you're in just try not to die
you try not to die
You not died 5 times. GGs. Sanae is very floaty and it's hard to pressure her effectively.
(367.39 KB 700x990 Konpaku.Youmu.full.569733.jpg)
If any of you are still around reply for games
(95.21 KB 480x640 Youmu02_6448.jpg)

And some say, to this day he has still never landed a parry
GGs Youmufag, you're pretty quick to adapt. I was expecting to get a lot more mileage out of those wakeup kicks.
You shouldn't expect people to just walk straight into your traps, especially ones as big and flashy as that 5card.
I fell for your oki way too much. I usually go for my DP skill cards because it's easy to catch people off guard with it's upper body invincibility. If you were hitting low that explains why it wasn't working.

With the parry, I did it knowing that is was a bad strategic move every time, but I don't have many opportunities to practice it on high level players. I just now realized that there is a parry alt skill that I can use to practice, so I have replaced the 5 card for now.
And really by high level I mean anything that is not the retarded CPU that will fall for anything.
(1.25 MB 2000x1200 1575033614767-0.jpg)
Host here
This means I host
give ip
Destroy the sun.
Turns out I didn't put the card I wanted in any 4 decks I have and I've been trying to find one deck with it for 20 matches rejoin again
Good games.
Does anyone want some games? I can host both Soku and PoFV.
Soku host please.
One soku for you.
Help i don't have a numpad i can't change the fucking delay
(74.75 KB 1189x246 numpad.png)
IDK what your OS is but try this if you can.
There's a setting to change the increase/decrease delay keys under SokuRoll.ini.
Thank you both.
ggs, sorry about all the lag
It's ok, i think it was mostly on my end. GGs, you're getting better but it's hard to judge.
(129.53 KB 764x529 mountain of faith.jpg)
One more game for the day for whoever's online.
I'll play you if he's dead
Sure, host.
Alright fuck this, reaction time a shit today. GGs. Gonna fucking drink some water or something.
GGs. Does this count as bullying?

You need to abuse 22 as mixups more, way more. Maybe make a game plan around finding a way to put melee after 6C to mix up 22 into the string. Even if 6C does push back, there should be enough room to keep opponent guessing - and 22 is as good of a BE catcher as 5b.
I'm not entirely sure what that would look like, unless you mean in block strings. I have been doing 22B -> 2C to eat orbs and guard crush, but you were too slippery with your BE's for me to get that far today. I'll definitely need to try using 22B to catch BE's though.
>I have been doing 22B -> 2C to eat orbs and guard crush, but you were too slippery with your BE's for me to get that far today.
Use 22B/C as a followup after 6C more. It will hit if opponent doesn't dash or block. In midscreen pressure wars where both players are hard at work slingling bullets at eachother, it may more often than not hit - and if it does, opponent will be forced to change strategy.

Also, I don't play Youmu, but her 22 and 214 look like Marisa's 623 and 214 - that is, at the first glance gimmicky as FUCK moves that seem risky to do, but offer giant payback. It's the other way around - by using them successfully, opponent starts to fear them and is susceptible to other means of pressure. For instance, that same Youmu's 22 after landing will often get (inexperienced) opponents to block more after eating a lot of after-oki pressure. But that means that it may become possible to just dash up to them and do normal pressure strings instead. Youmu's 214 is easily cancelable after first or second hit, so if you're able to cancel after first or second and keep blockstring momentum, that's a successful reset. It's valuable. Keep an eye out for tricky things like that.
Thanks, I'll work on those. I used to spam 6C -> 22B/C too much but I've been adding it back in. It can be risky when you're not far enough away. I also recently discovered that you can do 6C 22B J6C 44 J6C to throw myon 3 or 4 times. That's a fun mix up to throw in where possible, like when the opponent is trying to keep their distance.
Where did you get this video?
Some jap from twitter but I don't remember which. Twitter is a good way to keep up with everything they do that isn't porn. Avoid anything that isn't moonrunes.
Alright thanks /japan/ good reply.
(3.48 MB 1280x720 RYbKZRvsW_NTdHL7.mp4)
It's also a gold mine for cool MMDs I had been looking for so long.
>don't host daily dozen of matches
>thread dies
Is everyone dead or waiting for a host
I'm busy dying to an internet connection that can't even download 200mb of data at a reasonable timeframe.
I dead
Hello it's dead hours.
Anyone want some games?
some games would be nice
I'm assuming soku? Do call if you'd like to play PoFV instead, hosting the first on
Actually yeah, I was hoping for PoFV.
Oh alright. Hosting on the same IP over Adonis2 then.
GGs. I'm sorry for being so bad, i keep getting hit by the stupidiest bullets ever. Also sorry for the intermittent lag, not sure what causes that.
Thanks for hosting, dude. I couldn't get a good look at your screen due to Yuuka's bullshit so all I can say is uh, try to live a bit longer. Playing story mode could give you a better idea of the patterns you'll be facing but there's nothing to help you handle the delay other than practice.
GGs, let's play again soon.
I've beaten the story mode a few times, once with Reimu on L and another with Marisa on M to round it off, and i'm somewhat used to the delay since i've played plenty before. I just sometimes don't pay full 100% attention to my field, dunno if my slow reaction times also has something to do with this.

I wanted to play more medicine, but her movement speed is too fast. Yuuka is more manageable. I can't fathom ever touching Aya without dying over the slightest thing.
N. Normal. Maybe i need a nap or something, i've only had like 3 hours of sleep since yesterday.
I thought playing vs bots gave really bad habits?
The only way to make bad habits is playing vs me, when I host, right now with a reply
close games up until the end when you switched to marisa
(84.03 KB 700x700 hiding akyuu.jpg)
Games anyone?
(141.64 KB 950x1200 EMT0i9YU8AAU5Qk.jpg)
>12 hours ago
Reply for host
>3 hours ago
(1.11 MB 2000x1154 Alice.Margatroid.full.1652037.jpg)
I am finally (a bit more) free. I don't even remember what the buttons do any more, but reply for host anyway.
That's enough, I think.
Sure, thanks for hosting.
(358.95 KB 856x675 1573579525152.jpg)
Probably only going to be open for an hour or so. First come, first serve.
why did I spam that 5 card aaaaaa
GGs gonna take off. I was worried about fighting you after not playing for a week but it wasn't that bad. (still seems I'm not at my peak right now obviously.) And please stop eating my 6C when I throw it randomly, you'll make me develop bad habits.
GGs, was fun. I did my best to avoid those, but you shouldn't consider it a bad habit as long as it works.
(63.51 KB 784x514 dude air unblockable lamoa.png)
Marisa's 66C is magic.
All hitboxes in this game are wack. They are either incredibly disembodied and out of place, or strictly face value even if it makes the attack useless or extremely crippled. Reply for host.
Alright I do what I promise most of the time
Are we on desync or something?
(2.85 MB 1280x720 0vTUs5yOVkwgSNf5.mp4)
Alright I'm back where's the other alicefag
I live
What do you want to play?
Want to host?
Sure, but only for a few matches. Soku or PoFV?
Gotta leave for now. You actually killed me full on with very good moves and choices of cards. Please keep improving, i want to see you kick ass at the next tournament.
(99.77 KB 570x553 5VOvF2c.png)
Thanks for the games, it was fun. Always enjoy getting better fighting versus you.
I'm still up for more if anyone else wants to host.
>12 hours ago
Sure reply
Any hostfags?
Literally right here >>2824
I'm done for now, thanks for the games
GGs, learn some defense my man. Even the most basic skills like guarding on wakeup or not exposing your ass with random 22s would go a long way.
Any hosts?
You pulled off the 22C spellcard gambit. I'm proud of you remifag.
(154.48 KB 936x1200 69LN1jX.jpg)
Thanks for the games, they were fun.
Thank you for joining as well. Keep it up.
Anyone around? I can host for a bit.
Open it anyway I might have some time in a moment.
Or don't.
(1004.64 KB 636x900 Touhou.full.2795098.png)
>4 hours ago
Surely anon is still around.

I am awake now though. I'm sleepy but I'll play if you want.
Not for long I'm about to doze off so you get your chance to recreate the scene in the pic

I'll bully you soon don't worry.
Is there one or two of you?
The site was showing server time instead of local.
(3.51 MB 4222x6011 1573442517406.jpg)
>Im-fucking-plying I'm some dumb witch and not an honorabu samurai

Get in here.
shit okay, I have time so sleeps-anon can fight whoever and I'll take the next one.
connect today please
It failed. Try mine.
Post it
Huh, it's not working. I guess something is fucked on my end.
Well damn, I guess it wasn't meant to be. If the other anon wants to try connecting please do.
Never mind, it fixed itself.
I never had to start sokuroll before so I was very confused about this.
GGs. I can tell you've improved a lot since we last played. Those 5B spam punishes were excellent, and we'll have to play again because I still haven't figured out a good response. On the other hand, you take tons of unnecessary damage on wake up. Remember to defend unless you REALLY think you've got an opening, 9/10 times the opponent will fuck your shit up if you let your guard down on oki. Otherwise, bretty gud, just keep playan.
>I can tell you've improved a lot since we last played
Are you sure you're not the anon who just woke up? Because I've given up on improving.
Anyway, ggs.
Anyone still hosting?
(105.70 KB 822x2048 kiri same (2).jpg)
I awake
If this is the other alicefag please I've been doing nothing but playing you for the last week or so, let me be please.
That wasn't him, i accidentally connected and then realized my internet is utter shit right now so can't play
What, did you want the weak Alice for an easy win? Well, too bad missy, even I have my limits.
Just someone get in
That was awful i'm sorry.
ok yes this is utter shit
You try to do 421 when input delay lag eats card activations on neutral. It's horrible i don't even know why i joined.
I had to go but I'm back for few if you want to play
Give me one last dance before bed.
I guess I'll play whoever is left then after you two are done.
That's me
(207.08 KB 900x1106 AnecNQ2.jpg)
Good games, I'll be back in a bit.
host again I didn't want a mirror match
You deleted my 5 card cunt
(459.73 KB 730x1150 Touhou.full.1950086.jpg)
What? How'd I do that?
anyway ggs
(36.28 KB 374x374 Cm-9msdVUAArmBc.jpg)
With snow. That's illegal and the punishment is bully.
>the punishment is bully
Can you really call it a punishment when you do it all the time? It's more like a "good afternoon" to me.
(198.85 KB 1193x852 ENqT-3kU8AAGt_B.jpg)
(134.23 KB 1200x744 ENxqGdgUUAEp_VW.jpg)
Come on it wasn't so bad you had enough room to take rounds. Except when you deleted the mega laser that's death.
You need to go easier on me. You know I handle pressure horribly.
Let me bully you too.
Maybe tomorrow.
(264.81 KB 723x723 no.png)
>>2880 up in one minute
OK nigrad up the delay. I know you saw those lag spikes.
Any games still up?
GGs. Thanks for reminding how to play. ANGRILY
GGs. I can't play anymore, too tired - as in visibly fucking up combos. You've won two games. Stop doing the j.8a j.6c combo on auto, if I see it I can BE forward and punish into a full combo.
Also, go host for >>2883 for more games. Or people just die and thread dies with them.

Come get some.
Guess not. I'll be around later, will post again.
And before I knew it. I had become strong.
(267.22 KB 1405x2048 EPM7LVLUUAEDe95-orig.jpg)
Are you guys still here or have you abandoned this place already?
(39.98 KB 568x574 EPJvZ3LUcAIoNmi.jpg)
(8.48 KB 1024x1024 EPJvaAcU8AE8VzK.png)
I have no time for broken baby games, I'm preparing for a regional. Among another dozen things. Post links on julay or something if you want more people.
Never mind. I think this thread isn't that dead (yet) compared to other webring. At least it still has sign of activity every day.
I'm overdosing on crack someone host a game before my heart explodes.
She'll make your heart explode with her beauty far sooner than any silly substance.

I wonder who is winning more, you or the resident Marisa.
I don't know, host me and find out.
(202.07 KB 819x819 1400436913468.png)
You're not half bad when you get to actually do something. Try making those situations happen more.
Thanks for hosting, GGs.
Now fight. I want to see this.

>You're not half bad when you get to actually do something
Thanks, but I've given up on trying to improve because it's too frustrating and nerve-wrecking.
I'm just gonna host see what happens

I already played him a lot before.
>doll and ass are evenly matched
How romantic.
>people are actually playing videogames
reply for host A N Y T I M E
>Marisa player copying THIS MANY of my bad habits like panicking and going on defense too much, dropping combos, etc
There you go now you know it was like 50-50 or something.

I can't drop mashing A it sometimes decides to skip an A and fuck me up.
(128.37 KB 975x1200 EIh_tNNUcAA8R53.jpg)
Oh yeah and the rest is 100% copied fuck labbing when you've already done the labbing.

>hairbrush on Marisa
stop this
(171.09 KB 850x990 jojo pose.jpg) if nobody joins, all of you are weaklings
GGs, thanks for games Alicefag. Figure out the way to deal with the pressure in the first parts of the match where your dolls aren't up yet. If there's anyone else that wants to play, I can host it as well, but not for long.
GGs, thanks for the bullying. I was pleasantly surprised to win any games at all.
If any of you are around host will be open for a bit.
(728.05 KB 570x762 hg2wIzK.png)
Good games Youmu, I'm done for the night.
GGs, very fun, and your defense has improved greatly. I hope you enjoyed few times I pulled out that parry.
Games, anyone? Can host.
(1.85 MB 512x380 unnamed.gif)
Are there more 2hu multiplayer games you can play online with playable netcode?
Skydrift should work.
(97.90 KB 640x425 party van.jpg)
Come get games
In 30 minutes from now.
If you're here, reply for host.
I'm ready
(542.36 KB 2048x1536 yuyunigga.jpg)
Ok so we're several hours delayed from each other but at some point I'm sure we will actually meet for a game. Like right now
(37.25 KB 474x486 donut panic.jpg)
Yoinked it.
Ok I know I said that but I have to go absolutely right now I swear to god I don't do it on purpose.
(29.15 KB 800x473 rember.png)
(540.13 KB 491x688 Alice.Margatroid.full.1459194.jpg)
This time for sure.
I'm 3 hours late but, do you want some games?
You're going to have to wait for me to finish my tea.
(182.74 KB 825x855 alright.jpg)
That's fine. Do you want me to host or can you do it?
(490.18 KB 1000x1285 Alice.Margatroid.full.1334836.jpg)
cum host
(392.13 KB 1446x2047 boine.jpg)
Do tell if you want to play PoFV
Patchy too strong
>Do tell if you want to play PoFV
Is that the 1v1 top down shootan?
That was one too many royal flares?
Good games, sorry if it was laggy.
You need to block more on wakeup. I need to block more on wakeup.
¨Yes, that's TH09, it can into online multiplayer with Adonis tool
Don't worry, you fixed the lag since I last had a match with you. It used to be much worse.
I guess I could look into PoFV, but not tonight.
(840.56 KB 975x1632 Konpaku.Youmu.full.1829333.jpg)
anyone want sum game
gib gaem
Oh god I'm sorry. GGs though. The spellcard shitposting was fun.
Good games Youmu, I'm done for the night. I question how viable that counter ability is in general.
Don't be sorry, I left because I need to get up early not because I hate to lose.
I would recommend to avoid it when your opponent has a 5 card in hand and has seen you do it several times in the prior matches.
No worries, on my end it looked like a rage quit, but to be fair I would be pretty mad if I whiffed that card too.
where'd you go?
(649.98 KB 1557x2112 1576812741406.jpg)
well that was all the time i had.
I can host if you're still around (others also welcome)
(824.66 KB 868x1228 drawn_by_yamabukiiro_browncat.png)
I can go for some games, can host too.
okay I laughed
That counter is scary i don't want to hit it.
"dude pull my finger"
Last one for now, these have been very good games.
(7.65 MB 4660x3294 Konpaku.Youmu.full.532558.jpg)
GGs patchyfag. I can barely remember the last time we played, but we definitely need to play more. I need to learn fatchouli's hitboxes and respond better to that fast attack speed.
(290.06 KB 1850x1300 DtkvL2WUwAAjrE4.jpg)
I'm hosting but for real now
where's the games nerd
hosting game
internet sucks cocks so expect lag
You're right, and it's my fault too.
I would play more even with the lag, but i've gotta do some transactions right now. Let's play later.
Don't hesistate as much, just do what feels natural.
GGs patchoulianon
thnx for advice tho hesitating feels the most natural
(you) for games
hi, yes, (you)
(88.44 KB 850x478 heroic idiot.jpg)
Oh shit, that was fast.
Good games. Go get bullied some more and come up with some ideas on how to not die better.
Good morning
It's 3 in the afternoon, Marisa.
who need host
>That blue sky medium's bind cancel
Brings a tear to my eye.
>implying that was intentional
I liked it too though
(161.88 KB 672x1000 EL0rJYEUYAEIDaH.jpg)
Perfect time to wake up.
Also host here
Good games Youmu, I'm done for now
GGs remifag. Remember to be careful with those moves that leave you open. That vertical drop from the sky move is even easy to dodge than the other one.

Host still open
Actually if nobody is going to join I'll spectate for a bit. (you) know what to do.
(381.01 KB 676x676 155051679919.png)
Good games, I'm really tilted today so I'm going to force myself to take a break for now.
(512.54 KB 2048x1365 EPnXF_VUcAEAT4J.jpg)
You have to beat the sonic spin to stand a chance against ass open btw
will be there in a moment
(732.13 KB 941x727 fast-friends.png)
is it though? try mine:
wait what that is mine
Okay IM open now. I don't know how you got me to try connecting to my own IP but well done.
If you keep posting stuff like that I'll have to get back on and fight until I beat you
I feel like the lag suspiciously increases whenever you're in the corner...
GGs. I'm glad I tricked you a couple of times with some bullshittery.
(354.38 KB 574x454 Shut up deceased one.png)
I've been waiting two weeks to use this.
(539.83 KB 510x825 _1_more_drawn_by_hyurasan.png)
If anyone wants to learn how to graze, either in Soku or PoFV, ask for a game here.
Sure, host pls.
Soku i'm assuming?
Sorry about the lag, no idea what that was about
Those lag spikes are nothing to laugh at. I'm sorry but i'm gonna check my network to see if there's anything silly happening. I'll host in a few minutes or so, maybe half an hour if it takes too long.
I'm hosting again through >>2993 if you're still around. I think i fixed the issue.
(294.29 KB 850x1322 1574089260177.jpg)
I didn't do that. I did the Suika thing but I have to do the Suika thing in game no matter what. You should fight me over and over though.
I think i figured out how to block the instant crossup.
Good games patchy, I really need to work on some combos, I still have issues doing things on command unless I'm at my peak.
What's a instant crossup? You mean the vampire trickster card?
(1.05 MB 1000x1182 TOHO EURO TRIGGER VOL 3.jpg)
Yeah. You have a good basis on what to do once you have the opponent on their toes in the corner, though it's not completely airtight and has a lot of ways in which they can turn back around you. Work on making it airtight as in, the enemy can't easily escape or try to counter you from it or at least SAFE to do, so you can escape even if they try to counterattack easily.
Also, you need to work on your defense. I don't do it often, but i have to emphasise that blocking on wakeup should be the first thing in your mind instead of some counter attack, a highjump or some flashy spellcard. A good player will ALWAYS punish wakeups in a way that you can't escape one of their combos by careful timing and a good setup, again i don't do it but everyone else i've seen usually does.

grats on the 3000th post, also yes, vampire trickster, whereas you instantly teleport behind the opponent and hit twice
I'll plead guilty to that, I was spectating and thought it was hilarious. I forgot to say, remifag, since I was watching I have some tips for you. Some of this you might already know.

I noticed that you were getting counter-hit by suika a lot, and I was wondering if you were aware of it. It's not always avoidable, but you should be careful about throwing out attacks that your opponent can counter easily. You take 33% extra damage if you get hit during an attack, or on highjump. It's one of those things where you might be thinking "why am I taking so much damage?" Try to be careful with that.

The other thing I noticed is with your corner pressure. You are okay with damage, but you don't seem comfortable pressuring your opponent while they block. If your opponent is defending really tightly, you're going to want to start dealing spirit damage and crush their guard. They will try to escape of course, so you'll need to figure how to keep them in the corner too. Learn a couple of blockstrings that you can execute and figure out how to position yourself to keep the opponent guessing. This way you can break through their defense and lead into an attack or just crush an orb. Much better than just waiting for them to mess up.

For more info:
Ah. I really didn't know about that extra damage bit.. I always wondered how Youmu did so much damage to me.
Isn't there a higher resolution version of that pic?
hello are there more games happening?
Hello i am hosting games here
What do you want to play?
(35.31 KB 255x248 Yukuri.jpg)
Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream
Just kidding, soku.
Game up I kinda want to play pofv though
Won't let me connect
I'm ingame with a yukarifag right now. Maybe spectator is broken again.
So uh, yukarifag
Why is it lagspiking whenever you use Ran? It's actually dropping my held dash button.
That's a shame, I really wanted to steal yukari from you. I've not fought a yukari yet.
Perhaps your connection ran away?
Slideshow is a go.
(1.76 MB 1306x1400 aa.png)
Good games. Sorry about the lag.
(50.54 KB 600x800 Hat.jpg)
It was a good old time. Silent Selene is no fugging joge when used as a reversal, holy fug.
I hope you had as much fun I had.
I'll take on the survivor
I was angry. Furious. That my internet is so shit.
You're a fun opponent to fight. Not facebreaking bullshit like marisafags but enough bullshit that it makes you question why i wasn't pressuring more and why i was trying to get ontop of you or escaping upwards that much.
Should have used more trains though.
Yukari, fight me.
(99.32 KB 256x466 shitetene.png)
Hosd???? :DDDDD
I can't host due to the fact my router is owned by a private company and is a literal black box that only they know the password to.
(774.73 KB 1200x1811 oneguy_07.png)
What ports do I open for soku?
Default, or 10800 will work out.
Remember to disable the firewall for that port as well.
>Disable the firewall for the port
Fug, make an exception in the firewall for Soku.
Anyone here?
I'm here, but i'm not sure my connection has recovered.
Let me see if this works.
If this is for testing so you can play with yukarifag, i'll join in just to check if you can host, not to play.
Connection failed, you failed to specify a port in your post too, i used 10800 because default.
That's fine, I think I'm fucking it up anyways. It's saying it failed to bind port.
(2.03 MB 2347x1709 Konpaku.Youmu.full.331847.jpg)
If yukarifag wants to play me in the mean time that would be cool

If no, other anon is good too
Mind trying it again real quick?
Port is 10800
I tried with that port, connection failed.
Have you checked with this? It should be easier than asking people in the thread:

I got it working.
does that mean you're looking for someone to join?
(192.95 KB 850x600 proper bullymaster techniques.jpg)
Anyone up for games? Give FREE REPLY for FREE HOST
I'll take that as a yes
Use instead.
I'm going to let the other fag play you since we already got some fighting in earlier. Remember to work on some corner pressure. if he lets you
Got it. Sorry
If you show up at some point, yukarifag, give me a (you)
Am I no fun to play against or something?
Don't take it that way, I want you to get stronger. And I have a history with that yukarifag, if he is the one I'm thinking of.
Oh it looks like someone else took his host. Let's play for a bit then, I don't want you to be without gaem.
If you're still around... I guess I'll host and see what happens
I need to grab me a snack. We can replay after a bit.
(35.32 KB 277x243 1ybkyk.jpg)
You deserve to play this shitty Komachi with this lag. GGs.

Host still up
I can't fucking fix it. I had good games in the afternoon but now it's completely fucked.
Thanks for the games, I'll be better next time
Yes, GGs.
(50.87 KB 568x477 yukkuri real 2.jpg)
Who games
This means I host
Sure, why not, let me eat first.
More like eat Marisa's ass
big tiddie typhoon bitch comin for u
(5.27 MB 640x480 1Unc5vkC4T.mp4)
(113.76 KB 900x1200 DxViqHzV4AEKSIf.jpg)
beeg tiddies
(14.98 MB 640x480 vs youmu.mp4)
Reply for host
How the hell do you border escape when you have to keep walking backwards or die
Know which buttons to press in advance and press them faster
Seems like everytime I try that I retreat backwards, back into the corner instead.
In games with good players, the first person that gets hit into a lot of blockstun without BE or into a full combo has to frantically defend himself from a lot of oki pressure or lose half a healthbar or more. It's why you see me going for risky aggressive plays so much, I don't want to be forced to defend, eat shit and die, the other guy has to do that.
So it's not possible to border escape in any direction but behind you against a good player?
Yeah I actually can't get it to border escape anywhere but backwards even when you're not doing a blockstring
To add to that, having opponent respect certain variations of your pressure is means of earning space as well. Getting enough space and outfootsie-ing opponent is good as well.

Different strings, different BE windows.
So what buttons exactly am I supposed to press? I was tapping guard then holding the direction I want to BE to.
You have to LET GO of backwards while blocking, hold a new direction (1/2/3) and doubletap dash WHILE the character is still blocking. It takes timing.
All that sequence has to be done within a span of a SINGLE BLOCKSTUN off of which you want to BE. Blockstun durations vary and short blockstuns are extremely hard to BE off of.
Why is it actually easy to BE forward instead of backward? Can Remilia even BE upward?
1/2/3 as in numpad notation (lower left/down/lower right)
Oh, I have to press down, I see now.
Thanks a ton
Thanks for the games, I'll be working on countering from BE more later
(39.13 KB 663x561 fedora tipping.jpg)
Yeah, no problem.
GGs, consider watching some youtube guides to Remi, pressure in soku is hard to learn, but knowing how to lock an opponent into a considerable amount of blockstun (with an added bonus of breaking block into a combo if they do nothing about it) is extremely worth it. There's more people playing it than in here - lunarcast, IRC and cuckord should be somewhat popular though I only hosted here barring five or so times of going to IRC/discuck for games
I hate to link cuckord videos, but next time someone tries to complain about getting rekt by Typhoon or Diamond Dust, link them this.


>Play with a couple of people on some random discord
>Curb stomp all of them, perfecting one of them consistently
Is the skill ceiling around here just really high or do discord fags just suck?
I don't hate typhoon. It's one of the few things that makes millenium vampire good.
(278.16 KB 580x842 Alice.Margatroid.full.2079516.jpg)
Post link to soku discord so I can win too.
>Is the skill ceiling around here just really high or do discord fags just suck?
The latter, most of them. Some played this for a long time and should actually be good. Then again, I played this on a different timezone a year or two ago and most of the really competent people COULD just be on their IRC channel instead of the main cuckord.
Suwako is a pain to fight though, any tips for dealing with her?
Give (you)'s for games will host.

https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/ It's on the right side panel on the wiki. Direct links to such a place shall not defile this bunker.

Don't get hit.
Suwakos WANT to dash-momentum j5a you all day long and pull things like 2C, 2A, 6A and j.6A from their hat. Don't give them that and be ready to bait out those risky moves. Apply pressure directly to the frog.
Accept your daily dose.
Reply for host

Take your daily dose.
>skill ceiling here
Mate you haven't even see the japanese play. This is mid-average to low in skill.
Dickscords are just completely shit because they're too busy sucking eachother off instead of playing games.
did u rike it
I didn't. In fact I hate it.
(36.18 KB 782x512 Sanaej2a.png)
Sanae I mean.
GGs. I hope you enjoyed working your sanae on me. I'm glad the lag let up by the end.

woops thought I posted this message a long time ago
(1.53 MB 994x745 this-kills-the-sanae.png)

I was referring to this btw. I can't help but think you saw it coming but did it anyway. Serves you right for catching me so many times with it. Can't believe a melee move has that kind of reach.
(744.56 KB 720x720 sadrem.png)
L-low skill..?
As in, the NEW patchy.
You're almost medium, the marisas are an exception to the rule. I think you might be better than the alicefag about now, but it would take a match between the both of you to check.
(163.16 KB 630x639 aaaaaaaa.jpg)
>Yukarifags not mentioned
rank me rank me rank me and also host for me
(192.61 KB 726x1023 old.jpg)
Above medium, better than me but not overwhelmingly so
Is spectating not working or are you not playing yet?
Spectating not working again.
I need to do some stuff. I'll host back in a bit.
Good luck.
Still want a game?
(12.67 KB 332x294 SanaeKanakoDef623hitbox.png)
Vey low. None of us have the anime fighter autism and thank god for that.

Well kind of, but look at this hitbox imagine if it actually hit.
(201.46 KB 1001x886 i-can-imagine-worse.png)
what kind of sick god would allow these monstrosities to walk this earth
(90.19 KB 850x883 just.jpg)
Good games Yukari, it appears I've been knocked down another peg on the tier list.
(1.22 MB 1560x1140 Perfectly normal Yukari.jpg)
A respectable Remilia. I enjoy fighting you, but do be aware that not everyone fights at maximum sanic speed during neutral and will run into your scarlet devil cards.
also ggs
I'm glad you could notice, but yeah I'm used to people on here pressuring me and running into my scarlet devil cards.
(63.01 KB 784x514 Iku_j6a_1.png)
(38.90 KB 782x511 Reisenj6a.png)
(114.16 KB 981x741 Sakuya_6a.png)
Not all hitboxes are created equal.
(59.93 KB 800x600 wew.png)
(61.42 KB 800x600 [wew intensifies].png)
(106.71 KB 217x327 [Menacing].png)
Jesus Christ, Sakuya
Is anybody out there?
I just got back from hell.
I'm so sorry about leaving with little to no notice for so long, something bad came up and had to bounce fast.
host pls
>patchyfag getting typhoon'd after spending the round shitposting with spring wind
fukin kek
I can't block trickster devil anymore help
Honest to god I still haven't figured it out. Going to need to focus on that next time we play.
(173.33 KB 782x1100 Remilia.Scarlet.full.2514236.jpg)
Thanks for the games, it was good practice on breaking blocks. Even though Trickster Devil may be cheating a bit.
I think he might be scary when he actually uses it now thanks to me, i can't even walk foward to counteract it else he counters correctly now by hitting me in the face.
Just be glad, only 1/4 decks I have on rotation have it. I may have to put the effort in to make a proper deck at some point.
After so many years, i still use a default deck with only one modified card. It gets me killed every time i play someone at my or higher than my skill level but i haven't seen a difference in a match's outcome other than the initial surprise factor of an altskill.

The only thing that could be considered OP at this skill level would be 3drops system card, but that cardset is very hard to use and is only total invuln for a very short duration, unless a fourth card can be pulled.
I made this a while back when I was studying the weather system. I was thinking one of you two might find it useful. The wiki is annoying because you can't really glance back and forth at it. I made it so that you can play some rounds with a CPU and use it like flashcards sorta. You can ignore the left column, those are just some notes.


Idk if you're thinking about how to exploit weather yet, but that's fine. Just make sure you can survive the really hazardous ones. You obviously know Typhoon already, but Diamond Dust is probably next on the list. That's the one where you can't groundtech. You also take 500 damage every time you're knocked down, so it's pretty nasty.
(81.86 KB 640x480 Marisa_Blazing_Star.png)
>having troubles with weather
Just like blazing star lmao
Reply for host
Happy Valentines Day, you nerds.
God you suck.
(151.54 KB 792x800 spacejin is interested.jpg)
Are you a gay or something?
(281.09 KB 991x1412 touhou hijack.jpg)
Good games. Exhausted now. I hope you've learned something from this, namely those three Master Sparks during your j.2a j.2D 6A corner string. Get a mixup or three so this doesn't happen.

Host and fix the situation for us, big brain.
Where's the games
This means I host
I'd be tempted to play, but I know who this is, so I'll pass.
Host me
Spurred on by pictures of Remilia presenting and being given chocolate, I'm currently surging with power.
You're losing pressure when you use your j.6A against a cornered fugger, see if you can't substitute it with j.5AA so you can continue pressuring with dial-A as soon as you land.
Also, also, you keep hitting with your 3A which doesn't have a cancel but you don't follow it up with 2A which cancels into everything but dial-A.
(32.62 KB 277x278 1570709152225.jpg)
I still have trouble deciphering what these inputs mean
(1.43 MB 2816x2891 74431986_p0.jpg)
After the nth time I taunted you for doing those shitty spellcard setups I figured you would stop doing them but alright.
I think I got it down, thank you very much for the advice.
at least it's not Marisa
(1.20 MB 352x288 wonk.gif)
I like how you've progressed, just stop mashing them buttons in the corner. That only works against Marisafags since they don't have a low rapid jab.
Still up for more?
Gonnedgshin failed :DDDDD
I've no idea why it's not working now
fug :DD
Check your router's firewall, that usually's what does it.
I can host if either of you want to play
Got it working, try again when you feel like it.
Well I can't connect so I'm going to host poach
connect if you like, whoever comes first.
I'll be back in about ten minutes
(120.93 KB 1280x720 skelly.jpg)
nvm I guess I you're all in gensokyo with your waifus
(951.92 KB 958x832 hXES5Wk.jpg)
I need to head out for the night, thank you very much for the games Yukari.
(68.35 KB 474x671 Stop it.jpg)
ggs again remilia
I hope you learned how to beat up gaphag very well. My playstyle is hopefully a bit different than the marisafags, so you're usually open to learn how to pressure in neutral rather than immediately retaliate. Just be sure not to have your Red the Nightless Castle and Scarlet Devil cards lying around at the top of your hand when you're planning to bait, or else you'll end up with a gaphag smugly smacking you one time for your behavior.
(57.23 KB 413x282 Elipses.png)
The night's still young. Anyone else want to host for me?
I thought you'd never ask
(228.80 KB 800x1118 1575438934875.jpg)
GGs old fren. I haven't seen you in ages, how are you not rusty? Also remember to switch up your BE's and sneaky getaways. You're falling back on jumping out like you used too.
(2.96 MB 2368x3000 Yakumo.Yukari.full.1982086.jpg)
Gut games. I'd not find a better Youmu anywhere else. Don't mind that Quadrouple Barrier reversal on your wake-up, that was on a whim to check if you were paying attention.
I do love that you've gotten some more experience with aerial combos and can limit very consistently now. That's a big fugging deal when you're fighting a dumb nerd named Marisa.
>How are you not rusty?
I like to play arcade mode sometimes.
But ye, I'll be using BEs a bit more often, since it seems like a better idea than eating a slash of life and death.
>dumb nerd named Marisa
(114.52 KB 1280x720 hq720.jpg)
>all the bullying while I'm away
Come get some now cunts
I'll host more in 1 hour
(851.23 KB 860x1214 bf9ad32c185ac506a008ce3b37e90.jpg)
Good games so far Marisa, I think I'll try to use less bullets next time around.
ok now
This takes way too much from me I need a break ggs
(553.45 KB 728x1042 moon genocide.png)
(564.37 KB 850x1009 ass.png)
ok I am severely drunk now is your chance at beating me gogogo
Come back when you're at your best.
Well I feel like shit right now so this could be entertaining
he seems to have passed out
I win by default
No I'm alive
I can't believe this
am I drunk or are you drunk
(358.58 KB 348x196 Chennnnn.gif)
Whoever is drunk or not, this is thoroughly entertaining.
The game crashed twice now I might have broken my pc rejoin now
bro your connection is as drunk as you are
Do you want to wait until I'm done throwing up
or throwing out I dont know which way
uhh, I guess I have to don't I? Take a break, I might be back later.
did you DC because my screen is just blank right now
They seem to be on the character select screen.
I think my game crashed or something idk
If I keep trying to stand straight up I will die so lets not
(154.13 KB 1047x1282 EQQfgGxVAAAtETT.jpg)
Also holy shit Youmu is a midget Marisa looks normal compared to her
ggs drunkfag, sober up and lets fight for real next time.
fyi that's 1000+ posts now. Bread baker should bake new bread.
>Marisa got drunk and I wasn't there to slap her ass
My disappointment is immeasurable and it's only 11 in the morning.
you can slap my ass if you want
(57.50 KB 332x220 Satori.png)
If you're going to slap asses this late at night then at least record it for the next thread.
(264.17 KB 648x749 Alice.Margatroid.full.1193557.jpg)
Reply if you're not Marisa.
Reply, but I'm Marisa
Go away Marisa, you make me very sad.
Now what?
Now I go away.
We can play if you take it very easy.
(25.44 KB 603x603 slug.jpg)
What if I'm Sanae?
That's probably even worse. Just host already.
What are we doing
You know what, I've been laughing this whole time. Best matches ever.
(545.90 KB 707x1000 1431117534123.jpg)
You have learned a valuable lesson in blonde girl tiers today.
(1.21 MB 2861x2000 Touhou.full.1191160.jpg)
I rate these games ass/10. I caught myself being a bit confused every now and then about who was who. I bet I could actually win like this if only I knew what I was doing.
Yes. Clearly I don't have the necessary 300 iq to play Alice properly.
Just mash A
I'll mash you.
anyone want a host
dude get the fuck in here or I'll beat you up irl too
Woah, Marisa is getting really violent, huh. I'll be available in an hour or so, just wait.
That's not even me I'm still too weak to play from injecting all those alcohol last night.
Ok, just reply and I'll host again. I'm doing some things in an hour or two, so I may or may not be around.
Okay I'm opening host again.
You've got one hour, clock starts now.
wtf keyboard is kill one sec
rejoin now
Well done, and now I have to go. I think I've almost figured out how to get around eating your melee on my 5B, we'll have to play again later.
What? What just happened? What?
(42.79 KB 666x571 EJ7TsDXWoAwzE5C.jpg)
>start pressure
>then freeze or jump backwards
Watching you two makes me upset.
(487.38 KB 645x1000 Alice.Margatroid.full.356136.jpg)
It's all just blind luck with me. Or rather the lack of, whenever I need to use a spell card. Spell cards are hard.
Learn your combos, consume performance drugs to be able to hitconfirm.
But whenever I try to learn the game seriously Marisa comes around to crush all of my hopes and dreams.
I can't deal with that.
I am harsh so you may learn.
(7.29 MB 768x432 A visit to Alice's house.gif)
Get that shit out of here
Hello it's me, and I want a game.
Learn to suffer maybe.
Host so I can make you suffer too.
Sometimes I question my life choices.
What's that? More feet? I got all the toe hoe feet for you!

Spoiler because I actually feel bad posting these. They're all feet don't open them.

This is the only path to gittin gud. You skip the whole begginer, amateur and intermidiate phase and also skip all the bad habits you could have developed in that process.
Well they came out unspoiled so enjoy them.
(107.59 KB 452x585 vomit.png)
(409.09 KB 1000x1353 02908e7d4751ac01dabcf9c1c02d3d45.jpg)
Ah well. Good games Alice, you had some good zoning going for you. I felt a little bad about that last match.
(2.70 MB 1600x2000 Alice.Margatroid.full.1350937.jpg)
>This is the only path to gittin gud
I'm not so sure about this. It hardly leaves me with time to even even escape let alone attack.

I'm not really sure why you select a random deck when that teleporting move should be in all of them.
Are you talking about trickster devil or demon lord dash?
If it's trickster devil, it's because I feel bad using it. It feels like a crutch.
>I feel bad using it. It feels like a crutch
Hey, use whatever works. The Marisas and Youmus have zero moral restraints and when fighting monsters we too must become monsters ourselves because you can't win otherwise.
Forgot to mention, it's whichever move lets her teleport behind me to attack. It's very difficult to react to since it's so fast.
Anymore games?
if there's hosts there will be, probly
give me an hour I need to cook food
>Was able to work a off brand combo into my playstyle
I love Remilia.
(146.10 KB 900x1200 1580609644723.jpg)
not >>3263 but hostin game
my internet might be dying so expect lag
gonnegshun failed
(436.36 KB 740x1576 lew wad.png)
>3A into chen combos
I love this.
Okay I can finally host again. Open for anyone who needs one:
I'm glad you got the parry.
>parries after landing a hit
that's a high iq play
Tank you youmu for gaems
Remember that you can use your Rekka-ken (Slash of Life and Death) to mix-up niggers.
Playing Yukari is kind of fun we should do this more often. I'll learn her if you learn Youmu.
(2.38 MB 1240x1831 34385611_p0.jpg)
Thanks for the games Umbrella, it was fun.
(24.29 KB 300x336 1499721956075.jpg)
GGs Remilianon
idk what to give for advice other than ganbare!
also watch out for chen, she is very deadly
Ran killed me more times than Chen did
please do not disrespect chen by pointing that out
she tries her best
What did you think of the scarlet chain card I was trying out this time? I'm trying to get used to it.
(5.32 MB 352x288 guro.gif)
I will tell you a secret about that card.
Use it when corner pressuring a nigger to INSTANTLY break their orbs. Right after the final hit of your dial-A should be enough hitstop to pull it off. If not, sue me.
(236.99 KB 646x549 1522445566267.png)
>I can now rape cornerfags and continue the onslaught
finally I will be able to green sword you without the slightest tinge of remorse
(1.37 MB 620x620 12345.gif)
I am now back from my daytime sleep.
Anyone want to mirror match?
I've only had two 30m matches today I'm not satisfied yet.
Never ever hold back on my account.
apologies I thought I was p2 for half the match and couldn't fucking figure out why my cards weren't working
(203.01 KB 640x480 Spin.gif)
Well done well done, Youmu's movement options seem really rigid, but she has a good deal of jump-in counters. Not to mention her I-frame and parry cards to stifle pressure.
I recommend having 6-Root Cleansing in your deck at least once so that you can intimidate people on wake-up by swapping to it so they'll always block rather than do their own I-frame moves.
I wanna mirror match more if anyone's willingu.
(2.32 MB 2848x4032 Konpaku.Youmu.full.471448.jpg)
I see some good things happening, but watch out with the double 6C 22C attack. I'd recommend never doing that on muscle memory. Always look to see where myon will be and then maximize your coverage of the opponent. Aside from that, with Youmu it's okay to have a bit of patience. You can move fast, so sometimes it's best to act at the last possible moment to catch your opponent off guard. Don't throw out all your attacks and scramble around, or you'll just run yourself into the corner. ( You did this a few times :p )

GGs. That was a lot of fun.
next time we do yukari, still trying to learn combos but I will ganbarimasu
fite me
Gimme a sec, I'll see if swapping my connection to something else will help.
seems to have helped, sorta
your favorite reporter made a julay-themed touhou 11 mod: https://files.catbox.moe/a7tgrs.7z

-known issues-
mega flare crashes unless you can clear the screen in time
main game spell cards are still in japanese
(1.04 MB 777x1082 yukkurishitetene.jpg)
You've gotten the defenseive options set for yukari. Now you should practice the more technical fuggeries.
You can enhance your neutral and pressure by learning how to instant-air j.2A, you've seen it happen a couple times in the corner-- and have done it once or twice yourself. Learn it, but don't rely too much on it.
Additionally, Yukari's air-dash is "floaty". You can do some weird bullshit in neutral by taking advantage of j.66 since it lifts you off the ground slightly. You can use that lift to throw out both a j.5A and j.8A before landing if you're pressuring a nigger on the ground.
Lastly, see if you can notice the difference between air-backdash cancelling two j.5Cs and flight cancelling. You'll see a massive fugging difference.
But yeye, good games. I hope to see you bully people into the corner for entire games.
(202.59 KB 1191x839 DQ8K5SkVQAA7tTQ.jpg)
GGs other yukarifag
and thnx for info
i will utilize to become a powerful bully
Hey. Hey, Marisa.
You could have chosen something less shit but alright.

I'm calling you out because I know there's no one else here now. Reply for thing.
Actually I am really busy today I only have time to shitpost and make fun of everyone else.
It's not letting me connect
Silly me, forgot sokuroll.
You connect while I take a piss.
Alice please holy shit the chain special is extremely easy to read and extremely easy to block/whiff punish don't just stand looking at at the pretty colors.
ggs I have to go now maybe later
Good games Alice, that last match was fun.
Actually repeatedly punishing wake ups with trickster devil feels like the most evil thing I've done in my life.
(105.24 KB 565x800 D6PVhbxUYAAmPbx.jpg)
Show me then in two hours.
>implying I know what I'm doing
>implying I know what he's doing
>implying I can limit someone
(29.71 KB 755x298 Capture.PNG)
(109.98 KB 256x385 EQ5wCeRWoAE4SU9.png)
Look it up then all his attacks are extremely slow and the followups he could do are either unsafe specials or unsafe spellcards. Just boot him.
The general plan I had was to use chain gangs special in the air to hook and grapple people who air tech on me too hard, but I'm still getting used to it. It being able to pressure corners is a good bonus though.
Anyways come get some
I'm more concerned about that trickster devil move, but I feel like I can just jump out of it.
This games hitboxes really are beginning to grind on me. Gliding through people with the dive being most common, and now that grab also gliding through without hitting. Also the final attack on my a chain has a visual effect that's much larger than the actual hitbox.
This games hitboxes really are beginning to grind on me. Gliding through people with the dive being most common, and now that grab also gliding through without hitting. Also the final attack on my a chain has a visual effect that's much larger than the actual hitbox.
Grabs are ground attacks, just tapping up makes me dodge it.
Or the fact that devils cradle card says it's supposed to be a iframe but is constant interrupted by minor bullets.
No I-frames ever start unless the spellcard flash happens.
Meaning you gotta time it, except if you're okuu and have the only i-frame before spellflash card in the game
As far as I know, almost every card has a short activation period before you get i-frames. If you try to use a card right as someone melees you, or if there's a bullet right in front of you, you'll often get hitstunned and the card won't activate. It's a matter of being able to detect openings.
I'm mostly irate at the hit box for the dive and the end of dial A, those two things screw me the most even if I do everything right, watching someones model directly bounce off mine as I dive into them is infuriating.
In comparison to Marisas magical broom ride or Okuus super armor charge, it's depressing
(7.34 KB 301x266 rem4.PNG)
It's a melee reversal it doesn't graze bullets. And here's the hitbox.

Oh you mean that you get hit too when you do it? There's at least 100 frames until the dive reaches me, every time you do it in a match I do some other physical attack to send each other flying for fun.
Right, so if that fall down ontop of it they'll just bounce off her back.
(13.89 KB 415x377 Capture.PNG)
I don't know what you're referring to exactly, just look at the picture.
And if I had a nickel for everytime it just harmlessly landed directly in front of the other person, giving them free hits on me.
Without colliding with the opponent? Well what can I say it's not homing. It aims at the place the opponent was occupying the moment it is used, if I walk back it will land in front of me. It is a high damage, combo starter grazing melee attack, naturally it's gonna have some awful downsides.
(4.50 MB 640x480 Million Dollar Crossup.mp4)