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(65.02 KB 900x1100 x_ktopp798.jpg)
(66.50 KB 800x1000 x_ktopp798_c.jpg)
(67.18 KB 800x1000 x_ktopp798_b.jpg)
Buyfag Thread Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 09:51:15 No. 98
FAQ: http://www.buyfags.moe/So_you_want_to_be_a_buyf/a/g%3F

I really want this one. She looks a bit too old tho. And the horns look like shrimp. Still, I'd like to have this one.
Her Face seems a bit off model. Too round at the bottom, I think. Really fails to give off the same 'soft, squishable' feeling anime Shamiko does.
Shadow mistress!
(605.66 KB 750x905 oiuhwueytqweq.png)
Hey guys I need your help getting my figs.

>in tokyo a couple month ago
>buy a bunch of figs
>post pictures of them in a buyfag thread
>delete pictures from phone
>mail figs back to us
>one of the boxes gets lost by postal service
>have to describe contents of box to help them find it
>thread that had the pictures down with 8chin
>trying to recover it
>find an archive of the thread but the images aren't popping up
The posts I'm trying to get are 95470 and 96400.

Does anyone here have the old buyfag screencapped by any chance? Any other ideas?
Was it the picture where you had the figs displayed in your hotel room?
Check if they got backed up to the (((cloud)))
>USPS how can we help
>yeah I lost a package and I need help finding it
>oh thats easy, just describe the contents and we will see what we have unarrived or Could not Deliver
>uh, ok. It was a figure of a cartoon girl but she had like a huge penis
>oh and balls too, like basketballs
(721.84 KB 955x896 51.png)
Yeah it was. There were 2 pics a week or so apart.
Like straight from my phone? I don't think so but I guess it's worth looking.
Oh I'm sorry I thought their job was to deliver my fucking anime figs not to deliver judgements of customers.
Damn, I can see the pictures before my inner eye. If we had the oekaki app I could draw them. Not sure if it would help tho. You could ask Ron but he probably has other problems right now. Check phone cache maybe. Deleted pics can often be restored. Maybe it's still in a backup or cloud? Can't you get the pictures from the site you bought it? Or does it have to be your picture.
The problem is I don’t remember what all of the figs I had because I closed the box like 2 months ago and they seem to want a nearly comprehensive list of what’s in the box so I don’t try to just say something vague and get someone else’s lost box.

But those are good suggestions. I might try to make a Twatter and ask Ron. I like berating people anyway.
Yeah Google photos or gallery will both automatically back up your pictures for (((safe keeping)))
Someone on another board got me the images I was looking for. Now it's all up to the postal service.
(78.60 KB 1000x750 wf2019s_b7-19-10_01.jpg)
(119.95 KB 750x1000 coming20190812_046.jpg)
(117.98 KB 750x1000 coming20190812_039.jpg)
(121.16 KB 750x1000 coming20190812_037.jpg)
(570.00 KB 1000x1000 image_2019-08-15_22-55-08.png)
These people are getting better at stealing my money. Sadly, the Elizabeth one is a garage kit.
I'm happy for you. Repost the pics just to be sure
(2.33 MB 3264x1836 002.jpg)
Who actually updates the Buyfag guide or can anyone update it? I'm surprised it has no mention of AOCS (Anime Otaku Carrier Service). I've been using them since last comiket and they're pretty good.
(100.60 KB 1280x720 Angel bullying.jpg)
Is there any way to import from Taiwan? From what I've seen, you have plenty of website to import from Japan but none from Taiwan. To be specific, I'm trying to find this doujin. It's sold out everywhere and isn't on any second hand site like Mandarake, Suruga-ya, or Yahoo Auction.

Not going to lie, those white on black shoes look nice. Wish I had a pair.
They really do look nice. Asics is a good brand of choice for the Japan loving crowd.
Do they hold up or fall apart after six months?
They hold up pretty well. They don't have Nike's reputation of falling apart on you in a few months.
If you want, go search up reviews for Asics shoes and do some research.
They're good for otaku fashion and comfort wear.
(46.58 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(63.36 KB 600x389 onitsuka-tiger-x-tokidoki.jpg)
(131.95 KB 960x720 1031584-p-2x.jpg)
(150.61 KB 650x551 oto347.jpg)
Onitsuka Tiger is an older vintage line of Asics shoes that go way back. It looks different from the modern lines ones but still comfy and come in an arrange of styles.
(3.72 MB 480x300 heavy breathing.gif)
>anime girls in shoes
okay, this footfag thing is getting a bit ridiculous now
(488.22 KB 2480x3507 75354237_p0.jpg)
(98.01 KB 1200x1175 DoDnQgHU8AA25bU.jpg)
(116.85 KB 1071x1517 975d2837b172b6bf6cae446ae14673a2.jpg)
(698.62 KB 1061x1500 469d4e6bb02650df0b61b1281aa2be63.png)
Isn't anime girls wearing shoes just a normal thing though?
Don't tell me anime girls wearing sneakers is a fetish.
(413.91 KB 1200x1200 ota-th342n-9001-ws-a.jpg)
(821.50 KB 1488x2104 5996b84e922da179315aa31a0278423a.jpg)
(472.73 KB 1153x1174 2ac9d21a6ba2195d1165ffc4a7232149.jpg)
(578.77 KB 1131x1600 eb9f0a29b1c55bc4dc9577ae56c23f37.jpg)
(158.37 KB 1610x2048 ef8ed0e0c1298f6d8fefee4f4c7787a2.jpg)
The Onitsuka Tiger line of Asics are cooler than the Gel lines in my opinion. Well, I'm done talking about shoes.
I was able to find the doujin for only $15 on Mandarake after it wasn't posted there for months. This must be the luck of the rabbit.
>Onitsuka Tiger
More like Oniсука Tiger lmao.
(2.24 MB 3264x1836 001.jpg)
(2.15 MB 3264x1836 002.jpg)
(2.14 MB 3264x1836 003.jpg)
(2.18 MB 3264x1836 004.jpg)
Not sure if I should use here or /toy/ but I unboxed my Girls' Last Tour nendroids just now.
From experience the gel lines are better than the tigers in terms of comfort.
They look so cute.
Thank you. I'm pretty happy with them and they're front and center of my nendroid shelf. Yuuri's ahego was a bitch to get on and I'm not sure if it will just fall off. Getting Chio into the Kettenkrad was also difficult because you can't see what you're doing at all. There's also a ton of small accessories for the Kettenkrad but I elected not to lose them by taking them out of the packaging.
You a magician?
I don't get the joke.
Apologies, it seems I mistook you for someone else.
(2.36 MB 3264x1836 001.jpg)
(1.83 MB 3264x1836 002.jpg)
(2.37 MB 3264x1836 003.jpg)
(2.37 MB 3264x1836 004.jpg)
First Pop Up Parade figure is a go. The thing about GSC's Pop Up Parade line is that they're 1/7s for the same price as a nendroid. I've also got Saitama ordered but the first one to go out was Goblin Slayer. So here he is. The pose is pretty basic and the only accessory is his sword. It's built beefy. Very heavy for a figure. The pegs and stand are basic too. The paint is good and sculpt is nice despite the boring pose. All in all a 6/10 scale figure for a nendroid price. Will order more Pop Up Parade stuff if I like the character in the future and would recommend the line.
Order everything you want sooner rather then latter. shipping rates may go up significantly next year.
At least I hope you got those for cheap on some dead fads sale.
(2.29 MB 3264x1836 004.jpg)
(2.13 MB 3264x1836 005.jpg)
Didn't mean to link sorry.
Gobrin slayuh looks cool, is the armor just grey plastic or is it kind of shiny? I like Saitama's pose.
Goblin Slayer is painted but with kind of a silvery glossy paint. I like the way there is little intentional scratches in the armor. His pose is a bit boring but it would probably survive a Pacific earthquake with how heavy and well built he is. Saitama's pose is much more dynamic but because of that there could be some lean in the future. A bit lighter than GS and thinner in the limbs. Still structurally more put together than say my shattered looking Antarcticite which I would be scared if it fell. All in all I'm pretty happy with the Pop up Parade line. They're cheaper than nendroids right now so if they make more and I like them they're going to be an instant buy for me.
(1.25 MB 1413x1836 001crop.jpg)
(807.61 KB 1194x1530 002crop.jpg)
(926.83 KB 1428x1584 003 crop.jpg)
(1.19 MB 1668x1626 005 crop.jpg)
(2.10 MB 3264x1836 004.jpg)
Maou came in. I wouldn't say this is a grail but it's been one I wanted for a while and missed out on getting until now. The box came in shit shape like someone was sliding it around on the corners in the warehouse. Figure turned out great though. Maou is the perfect woman even with her excessive flab. Some might even say because of.
(139.20 KB 1130x1448 EGABty1UwAAQL6V.jpg)
(132.29 KB 1114x1472 EGABty6UUAAY0dp.jpg)
(149.54 KB 1508x1086 EGABty3U4AEUBJ1.jpg)
(113.05 KB 1478x1108 EGABty7UcAALJLY.jpg)
There is interesting figures
That's a good sculpt. I like the little bit of flab in the bend at the waist.
how do they do it? how do they manage to paint every single detail?
You can also see the bottom part of the corset peaking through around the panties. That's attention to detail.
and they say this isn't art!
Got the complete series of Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu in Bunko Volumes. Imported it so the mangaka can make some dosh. Actually had a pretty good experience with my first time ordering off of amazon.jp.co. They used DHL and I got my order in less than a week for about $20. Unlike with EMS I could get the delivery guy to just drop it at the door which is one of the reasons I prefer DHL. On the shelf now as part of my collection.
(2.25 MB 3264x1836 002.jpg)
and of course I forget my pic.
TL here. You beat me to it, and I still plan on buying it to support the author.
The bunkos with shipping ended up costing me about $70. Which is not bad considering with the original tanks that price would be $4.66 a volume of those. If Seven Seas gets wind that this is doing well, which they tend to lurk 4chan and pick up whatever's popular on 4/a/, and license it then the cost would go up to close to $300 with shit translations. Better to import that shit.
(262.84 KB 570x341 comedy manga.PNG)
I plan to buy these tiny ass bunkos too, since that's the only complete physical edition avaiable, good job. That said, I would actually appreciate if it got licensed, for the sake of Itoh and Yumemakura's own exposure, that is.
Wait for us to get finished first. After 2021 Seven Seas or Yen Press or whoever can have it. Fuck I'll even apply to typeset it for them.
>What are your qualifications?
<I already did the whole series except the first volume which was a cursed cobbled together voodoo attempt that took a decade from various people.
(609.94 KB 750x1257 miku fun.jpg)
Who's gonna have some fun with her?
Honestly I have a no Miku rule as I would feel extra bad cucking the BO. It's dumb but that's sincerely how I feel.
(58.61 KB 640x480 just like me.jpg)
Trips of faithfulness corroborate anon's integrity.
If there are any ball jointed doll owners among you worthy buyfags, we'd love to see your girls over in the (bi)monthly doll club thread that just started on https://anon.cafe/doll/res/89.htm

Did you get your package back, Anon?
(269.63 KB 1366x2048 D-WjvXOVUAEjAIS.jpg orig.jpg)
Oh that's pretty neat.
I only have some novels and vidya in JP, but I never got a regular figure because they weren't very attractive to me.

The ball jointed ones look fantastic though, I'd really like to get one.
For a first doll I’d recommend something from Volks’ Dollfie Dream line because they’re high-quality, there are lots of clothes made for them by many different sellers, and the price isn’t bad. Their character dolls are often the big draw card but those can be very difficult to get by lottery or war, even if you’re in Japan. Their standard doll line has one girl for each body class and they’re pretty cute. My first was a standard Miko, who isn’t made any more. Some bottom-feeders might recommend Smart “QC defects are totally wabi-sabi, goy” Doll but I find that they’re just not very good-looking in comparison and the quality doesn’t anywhere near justify the price, plus Danny Choo and his antics leave a foul taste over the whole thing. Obitsu 50cm dolls like the VMF50 line or Angel Philia are a little more niche, take more care, there’s not as much info out there, and clothes can be quite scarce, but can be very nice.

I’m sure /doll/ would be able to help you more if you want to ask them.
Ah, so that's where you get them.
I'll look into these some more and ask on the board.

(2.28 MB 3264x1836 003.jpg)
(2.47 MB 3264x1836 007.jpg)
(2.22 MB 3264x1836 006.jpg)
(2.12 MB 3264x1836 005.jpg)
(1.91 MB 3264x1836 004.jpg)
Ai-chan binned so I picked her up. Now I have Kouhai and Ai-Chan from Tawawa on Monday. Lovely little series and even lovelier figures. There's a cast off to show her in her bra and an enclosed picture of what that looks like. Long neck is long. Two different shirts as well. One fully buttoned and one with a button missing. I'm choosing to display her with the button missing. Tights kind of ruin the pantsu on this but they're there. A couple of splotches of poor painting underneath the skirt but you don't notice it with clothes on. I got her through amiami for a little under $120 including DHL shipping. That's a great price right now when almost every preorder scale is starting at least 15k yen or $140 before shipping. Overall really happy with this purchase and it's nice to have her on my shelf.
(1.03 MB 1800x1200 aa.jpg)
(1.20 MB 1800x1200 ahhh.jpg)
hoo lee fuck, Miku
Who wants to watch boogie have a heart attack?
Booth.pm is having another one day doujin music event, APOLLO 10, going down Nov 23rd (Saturday) to the end of the 24th. Here you can digitally buy a bunch of CDs that aren't being sold anywhere else. They're usually not uploaded anywhere else afterwards so you shouldn't sleep on this if you like doujin music. It starts at 10am on the 23rd in Japan so expect to see it open on Friday night if you live in the west.

If you want to get physical CDs, then you should set up an account with a proxy service like Tenso, which works with Booth.pm.
(23.53 KB 427x384 1522246999449.jpg)
>spending money on anything but internet and booze
>inuyasha sake
Does the brewing process include letting it sit still not fermenting at all for about 6 seasons?
Too soon.
Talking about which... I dropped it around ep. 100, does it ever get moving again? It seemed like they're actually doing something with Rin for a while, but then it just stalled.
Eventually. It's been finished since like 2009.
>dropped it around ep. 100
Next up someone dropped One Piece around ep. 1000


no cookies?