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Dungeon Meshi Thread: -You Gotta Eat Big to Get Big- edition Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 14:01:02 No. 696

But don't forget to bring this wholesome Laius-Marcille chapter with you!
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(466.98 KB 900x1276 credits57.png)
> Laius-Marcille
Wait he actually likes her?!
Of course, dummy! He's just very autistic about the fauna so he's not very interested in fringe things like sex or a stable relationship even.
I really hope you guys don't have various versions of my old OC's
How the FUCK can Marcille be so perfect, /animu/?
meme magic anon.
As a cocksleeve.
(31.39 KB 246x326 laius shrimpin time.jpg)
How the FUCK can Laius be so perfect, /animu/?
Laius is the golden retriever of the series. Big, dumb but lovable. I just want to give him headpats when he figures something out about a new monster.
I want to do all sorts of nice things to Laius' sister.
Old oc I made in the /tg/ threads. I remember Marcille's fear being time and thought it had to do with how long she lives but never considered her to be as old as she is.
>Marcille's fear being time
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Didn't Laius also forget a bout it too?
Hes Laius, such trivial things like the fate of all men are but a flicker in his mind when there are Minotaur's to be milked.
He is a simple man.
(58.58 KB 500x550 Soon.jpg)
Marcille, please.
I hope they rescue Farlyn from being that identity-death body-horror chimera monstrosity soon. I feel a bit sick every time I think about it and it's ruining my enjoyment of the comfy dungeon cooking adventures.
>he doesn't know
Oh boy.
(407.15 KB 468x854 me reading dungeon meshi.png)
>he doesn't know
I don't know, but I think I can guess, so please don't tell me and confirm it. At this point, as long as Farlyn's still Farlyn, I'll consider that "good enough", but even then I'm still not holding my breath. I just wanted comfy dungeon cooking adventures...

Honestly, I enjoyed the manga much more back when Farlyn was still dead, and the goal was just to revive her. Everything since then just makes my heart hurt too much.
(756.28 KB 1685x2500 25.png)
Remember the good old days?
Remember when Farlyn wasn't a half-dragon monstrosity being mind-controlled by the mad sorcerer Thistle?
Remember when it was all about cooking up dungeon monsters and eating them?
(24.23 KB 710x440 marcille.jpg)
also wtf Marcille why are your ears so BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG in chapter 1?
I don't know if I could fit one of those ears in my mouth but I want to try.
>but I want to try.
We all do. Imagine how much she'd blush when you stick your tongue in her ear canal.
>tfw no cute knife ears to deepthroat
(153.43 KB 1200x900 EDoejHHUEAAUCPp.jpg)
(167.20 KB 1200x900 EDoejHIVAAEHq_Y.jpg)
(142.36 KB 1200x900 EDoejLIU8AAsN5J.jpg)
(137.71 KB 1200x900 EDoejM1UYAEOTSX.jpg)
OwO what's this?
(134.13 KB 1200x675 EDoed18U4AAlsVL.jpg)
(90.38 KB 1200x675 EDoed18VAAAoE9V.jpg)
(69.36 KB 1200x675 EDoefxlU8AAgG0h.jpg)
(93.65 KB 1200x675 EDoefxyUwAEmhOF.jpg)
(62.36 KB 1200x675 EDoefzuU0AAx-pu.jpg)
Can't wait for the Chimera Farlyn porn.
(74.33 KB 1200x675 EDoefzYUEAAEzvU.jpg)
(92.60 KB 1200x675 EDogHFPU8AAU0pw.jpg)
(126.46 KB 1200x675 EDotaycVAAEVSHx.jpg)
(129.14 KB 1200x675 EDotbV8UUAAVbwM.jpg)
(87.35 KB 1200x675 EDotczPUEAAAFP0.jpg)
(128.78 KB 1200x675 EDotZlhUUAEqFAk.jpg)
(100.04 KB 1200x675 EDouGjRUEAABk-7.jpg)
(87.65 KB 1200x675 EDouHdZUEAAnTE6.jpg)
(102.24 KB 1200x675 EDouHzLUcAATo3t.jpg)
(149.64 KB 1200x1068 EDouILMVAAALj5y.jpg)
(63.06 KB 1200x675 EDoweecVAAEJA_s.jpg)
(74.20 KB 1200x675 EDowfAIVAAAF0IQ.jpg)
(91.79 KB 1200x675 EDowfY9UEAAb5Hw.jpg)
(133.21 KB 1200x675 EDogHFZU4AAmGCX.jpg)
(66.78 KB 295x351 the hunger.png)
Wait that can't be a tv series. It comes out in 9 days and nothing's been on the radar for a series. Volume 8 OVA?
can't wait to see this scene animated
I'm guessing that's the next manga volume's release date.
Anime will probably come later
Could also be just some OVA teaser, bundled with the next volume.
It's a 30s promo for volume 8
Still hype
Anime never ever
Nice Alberto Barbosa ass on that cover at the end.
Anon you hurt me so deeply
Anon don't talk about El Cabron like that.
Looks ok from the short trailer. I hope its good.
I fucking hate the cat so much.
It's not even a catgirl, it's a man. I hope Marcille uses the elven arts on him.
Farlyn's dragon pussy.
Chilchack, please.
Laius, please.
I can't believe Marcille is an even bigger nerd than I thought she was!
Of course the elves have 70s shoujo manga. Can't trust 'em.
(3.77 MB 1024x760 haha_regards_oldfags.webm)
That was hysterical, commencing dump.
(989.85 KB 1252x1800 58-01.png)
(488.85 KB 1252x1800 58-02.png)
(531.36 KB 1251x1800 58-03.png)
(383.20 KB 1251x1800 58-04.png)
(379.95 KB 1252x1800 58-05.png)
(725.76 KB 1252x1800 58-06.png)
(454.71 KB 1252x1800 58-07.png)
(428.57 KB 1252x1800 58-08.png)
(501.87 KB 1252x1800 58-09.png)
(449.58 KB 1252x1800 58-10.png)
(426.87 KB 1252x1800 58-11.png)
(408.13 KB 1252x1800 58-12.png)
(526.08 KB 1252x1800 58-13.png)
(513.16 KB 1252x1800 58-14.png)
(545.10 KB 1252x1800 58-15.png)
(485.12 KB 1252x1800 58-16.png)
(466.50 KB 1251x1800 58-17.png)
(582.20 KB 1252x1800 58-18.png)
(526.66 KB 1252x1800 58-19.png)
(622.92 KB 1252x1800 58-20.png)
(497.93 KB 1252x1800 58-21.png)
(544.36 KB 1252x1800 58-22.png)
(493.44 KB 1252x1800 58-23.png)
(421.23 KB 1252x1800 58-24.png)
(383.69 KB 900x900 credits58.png)
Cute PTSD cato chapter.
Yo what happened to the Bicorn head? Did they managed to eat it? I'm sad that they didnt manage to cook the horse head for some reason
Of course Elves have terrible taste, this is a given.
I want to pet the cat
I want to molest the cat
(270.54 KB 1698x1922 DXA_l-1WsAAJa3y.jpg orig.jpg)
Please, only FEED the cat!
I'd feed that cat my semen.
>wanting to fuck a borderline kemono hybrid
She has no snout so it's all good.
(947.22 KB 1252x1800 59-01.png)
(494.61 KB 1252x1800 59-02.png)
(428.34 KB 1252x1800 59-03.png)
(519.73 KB 1252x1800 59-04.png)
(633.42 KB 1252x1800 59-05.png)
Please, let the cat feed YOU!
(506.98 KB 1252x1800 59-06.png)
(529.65 KB 1252x1800 59-07.png)
(652.49 KB 1252x1800 59-08.png)
(510.74 KB 1252x1800 59-09.png)
(581.04 KB 1252x1800 59-10.png)
(791.49 KB 1252x1800 59-11.png)
(838.93 KB 1252x1800 59-12.png)
(604.20 KB 1252x1800 59-13.png)
(561.90 KB 1252x1800 59-14.png)
(597.47 KB 1252x1800 59-15.png)
(658.57 KB 1252x1800 59-16.png)
(561.07 KB 1252x1800 59-17.png)
(670.92 KB 1252x1800 59-18.png)
(512.52 KB 1252x1800 59-19.png)
(499.99 KB 1252x1800 59-20.png)
(588.93 KB 1252x1800 59-21.png)
(413.15 KB 1252x1800 59-22.png)
(475.23 KB 1252x1800 59-23.png)
(635.63 KB 1252x1800 59-24.png)
(424.75 KB 1252x1800 59-25.png)
(618.25 KB 1252x1800 59-26.png)
(461.65 KB 1252x1800 59-27.png)
(560.99 KB 1252x1800 59-28.png)
(610.89 KB 1252x1800 59-29.png)
(531.69 KB 1252x1800 59-30.png)
(463.50 KB 1252x1800 59-31.png)
(544.68 KB 1252x1800 59-32.png)
(440.26 KB 900x900 credits59.png)
So what did Laius's Succubus look like?
(50.05 KB 224x320 im_a_genius.png)
Doesn't the last panel mean his succubus looked like the winged lion and he's a confirmed furry?
what does that say about the cat?
(759.82 KB 563x800 B_oLEWVU8AA75VX.png orig.png)
(510.70 KB 511x800 B_oLD8gUgAARfpi.png orig.png)
He's not a furry, he's just a mega autist with a heart of gold that wants to sniff her six nipples and drink her piss for zoological prestige.
I mean, a succubus is what you want to bang most and if his succubus looks like a winged lion... that's pretty furry.
(305.86 KB 1121x1379 scholar.jpg)
Mere academical enthusiasm.
(154.39 KB 644x467 Untitled.png)
I assume he saw it BEFORE the suckskeeter got to him. Also, considering where he got bitten i imagine his was far more tame than Chilchak's.
Let it be known that Laius is into furry transformation, and body horror.
What was /monster/ reaction?
I haven't shown them yet, but I might post it in the QTDDTOT to ask if the snouts on the wolves count.
I would gladly be Lauis' partner in autism.
(72.44 KB 543x277 your_team.png)
(1.94 MB 2504x1798 overgrown_goat.png)
>multiplayer games
Also I am really digging these massive illustrations
(543.45 KB 1252x1800 62-20.png)
(633.84 KB 1252x1800 62-21.png)
(686.88 KB 1252x1800 62-22.png)
(463.68 KB 1252x1800 62-23.png)
It's amazing how such a simple demon design can be so creepy.
Did some of the adventures in the "Laius that day" images in this chapter never appear in the series or have I already forgotten them?
I feel like I would've remembered the one with the cow titties at the very least but I don't,
(744.24 KB 1252x1800 K11.png)
>have I already forgotten them?
You have. Shame on you.
>the one with the cow titties
It happened during their stay in the village.
I had repressed that one


no cookies?