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(289.96 KB 742x746 064BAiJRTewi.jpg)
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Anonymous 11/28/2019 (Thu) 14:34:10 No. 6761
A fresh new month is steadily approaching. It's time for another rabbit rabbit thread!

When you wake up on the first of the month, if the first thing you say out loud is "rabbit rabbit rabbit", you'll be blessed with good luck for a month!

A shame that the old thread got wiped, but what can you do.
(652.25 KB 792x1324 77759700_p1.png)
What's the longest luck stream anyone has had? I've said my rabbits 4 months in a row so far.
It'd be cheating if I said anything, since I've been making these threads for years.
What a slutty rabbit!
Actually what is the luckiest thing that has happened to you guys under the "Rabbit luck"? For me; the doujin I was look for, that was sold out for months, popped up out of nowhere. For cheap too. Also found a 20 dollar bill on the ground.
Finding $20, getting time off from work, and getting a quick visit to a chiropractor once are a few things that I remember off the top of my head.
Please never stop doing these, they fill my heart with hope.
(644.32 KB 740x500 77573392_p0.png)
Agreed. Not having my rabbits each months is a sin at this point.
(57.70 KB 850x709 1500597069689.jpg)
Some dude randomly invited me to a telegram channel with hard to get music.
I want to fuck Tewi.
Make your rabbit rabbit thread on 8kun too so I can talk about off-topic shit there.

I finally installed a second hard-drive on my laptop. I'm unsure how big and how many partitions to divide it up.
I hope to keep going as long as possible!

Only if you plan on impregnating her and taking responsibility!

>Make your rabbit rabbit thread on 8kun too so I can talk about off-topic shit there.
The old thread was still up!
(314.02 KB 1225x2417 6aa75746b5a0ea6473a63c3ce56463b1.jpg)
Thought about it this time, it should help ending the year.
It's nice to end the year on a good note.
>Only if you plan on impregnating her and taking responsibility!
No! I'm going to impregnate that little bitch slut rabbit and then dump her ass!
Hope you remembered!

Don't do something you're gonna regret.
It's almost that time again, and this time we're reaching a milestone: the start of a new decade!
2020 is the year of the Rat. In astrology, A rat symbolizes abundance, success, adaptability, kindness, fertility, creativity, foresight, intelligence, expanse, strength, conservativeness, stealth, and the ability to solve problems. In superstition, the rat represents death, fear, filth, and disease.

In 1889 three people working on the Paris C. Brown, a riverboat that sailed between Louisiana and Ohio, spotted some rats leaving the ship. They decided to heed the implied warning and not reboard the vessel. Shortly thereafter, the Paris C. Brown struck a snag which went through her hull, sinking the ship in a matter of two or three minutes. On the other hand, rats seen boarding a new ship should be taken as a good sign.

Remember to say your rabbits, but don't forget to pay respect to the rat to stave off disease and death!
That's pretty neat. I thought the rabbit would be the symbol of fertility though.
(140.72 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0045.jpg)
Sounds like 2020 will be the year when I finally turn my life around.
(822.08 KB 3750x4100 illust_77206651_20191225_145648.png)
Why do I love his art so much?
(604.73 KB 2100x2250 54106500_p7.png)
The same reason you like a good steak. It's a big, juice hunk of meat that comes just in the right size.
Amen to that.
>Shitting up a Rabbit Rabbit thread with faggotry
The gays really are a disease, aren't they?
>can't handle Tewi's girth
I'm sorry about the destruction of your anus, Anon.
Futa Tewi isn't exactly a foreign concept in these threads.
>newfaggot learns about Tewi's limitless breeding powers
Don't be so hard on him. This could be his first time so, he might find it hard to swallow.
These threads were not this bad a year ago.
(602.88 KB 1000x1412 26abe4ff03ecb1b646606ac447b02c32.png)
I'd say it was worse since there was more anti-rabbit posting at the time.
Anti-rabbit is fine; any sufficiently popular or prolific thing is bound to have it's fair share of hate.
Faggotry, especially futafaggotry, is a blight that forces itself into where it reasonably shouldn't be.
Like your ass for example?
can you faggots spoiler that shit?
Is there something else you'd like to see?
(1.34 MB 1800x836 78623371_p0.png)
SFW and non-lewd.
That can be arranged.
I hope you guys remembered to say it!
But Ayawars told me it was a scam.
Aya is the type of girl who would embellish her newspaper with lies to bait people into buying it. My good luck charm is a historical charm whose earliest recorded date is 111 years ago from an English book about a variety of topics on folklore, literature and history.
(76.18 KB 1600x900 tewi.jpg)
rabbit rabbit rabbit

Happy new year /animu/!
Happy New Year!
(1.87 MB 1500x2200 77227828_p9.jpg)
(6.39 MB 2829x5067 bunny1.png)
(767.03 KB 962x1371 77256638_p0.png)
(4.11 MB 2500x1995 78372817_p0.png)
I've said my rabbits for this month. Another month of good luck incoming.
(3.46 MB 320x514 1571535646928.gif)
the ascended man is given a +99 luck blessing by the old ones at a young age
then putting additional points into luck
you need a luck stat of 250 or greater to travel the astral plane unscathed
The time has come again. But what will you do now? Will you give your devotion to Tewi for good luck or Nazrin for divine protection against diseases? Choose wisely anons. The Awoo virus may come knocking on your doorstep.
I thought Shou was more luck-related than Nazrin.
I don't think Nazrin confers any sort of blessings. She may help you find something you lost though.
Don't forget your rabbits!
(1.25 MB 540x344 unadulterated_rage.gif)
>no big tit woman
(1.87 MB 498x357 bang you ded.gif)
I remembered you are a being that exists only to steal souls, cursed rabbit!
(318.28 KB 1280x720 1580420689489.webm)
(4.63 MB 640x360 Seton Academy ED.webm)
We /bakainu/ now
March is quickly approaching!

Please do not spread those baseless accusations!
It's a Leap day! It only comes once every 4 years, so you better enjoy it! Also don't forget your rabbits tomorrow!
I hope you guys remembered.
(907.10 KB 1000x1487 79419757_p0.png)
>Fap to a rat last night
>Say my rabbits this morning
I'm not sure if I'm going to get my luck still. I'm not sure if this is considered cheating or not.
Time to get your rabbits on.
(372.93 KB 791x894 bestrabbit.png)
I want to _hug the rabbit! And cuddle ___ all night with her!
That sounds wonderful anon!
Don't you forget tomorrow!
(43.46 KB 481x339 baby-rabit.jpg)
What an odd creature.
Its just a rabat
(1.71 MB 1680x1840 80346933_p0.png)
(441.36 KB 989x1771 80495260_p0.jpg)
(440.61 KB 989x1771 80495260_p1.jpg)
I'm getting my protection from the rat and rabbit this month too.


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