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(69.35 KB 1024x576 shimoneta-11-20-19-1-1024x576.jpg)
/animu/ NEWS Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 20:57:51 No. 6541
Rev up those archives cuz I'm hungry for more anime news.

Japanese “Otaku Politician” Yamada Taro Proposes Law to End Hentai and Pornography Censorship
A true gentleman plays emuera games anyway. Can't blur the realms of imagination.
But all that matters, the anus gets away with it.
Expectation: censorship will be completely abolished, as per based free speech advocate from Nippon

Reality: korean legislation that equates loli to pedophilia will be imported in the West, and finally the anime fad will die
>labia piercing
>clit ring
may Allah rain down fire for besmirching the beloved wife of the prophet MuhammedPBUH. may you be inflicted with every type of cancer
Finally, no more 3rd party edits. (What's the odds of this passing?)
>korean legislation that equates loli to pedophilia will be imported in the West, and finally the anime fad will die
That'd be an even better outcome. No more normalfags shitting everything up, we'd be back to exchanging CDs with homemade subs based on our first-grader's understanding of Japanese behind the local library.
I'd laugh the day CR and Fakku staff gets hauled in for imaginary pedophilia charges.
Loli is illegal in most Western countries except the US. It didn't stop normalfags in Britain and Canada from getting into anime, it just made them want to bully and pressure Japan to ban loli outright.
God I hope. Many nip artists are pretty shit and their doujin are an absolute mess but there are some god tier faggot like that guy who made the Faith coloured doujin where its an utter shape of the censorship because the genitalia look absolutely amazing.
>asshole wrinkles dont go out that far
>fucking roast crusty vag
>the ass in general is unshapely although its not that obvious from that angle
>weird emphasis on the feet
Absolutely terrible image. Don't even come after class just get shot in an alley.
(241.55 KB 1125x1500 64338422_p0_jinx.jpg)
(422.95 KB 1125x1500 60060139_p0_stocking.jpg)
(1.75 MB 3000x4000 51862642_p0_stocking.jpg)
(647.68 KB 1500x2250 49763428_p0_stocking.jpg)
(999.53 KB 1125x1688 47363852_p0_stocking.jpg)
>emphasis on the feet
You're on the footfag board m8, know your place.
I agree with the rest though, I really just saved the first picture I came across when I looked up the tag "anal" on danbooru.
(1.75 MB 3000x4000 51862642_p0_stocking.jpg)
>emphasis on the feet
You're on the footfag board, mind your words fatty.
(188.49 KB 307x403 1565542051330.png)
u fetish a shit and u a shit
Accidental samefag, kill me.
cuz you are a footfag
your entire existence was a terrible accident
Honestly the feet in those drawings aren't very good. You could have at least posted better examples from the foot thread's artist recommendations list.
Will the nips finally be free?
>news thread getting swarm by the footfag
stay in your contaiment thread nigger
I hope the Otaku candidate is getting support.
I wouldn't hold my breath however.
It depends on his other policy.
If he advocate for open borders, other jewry, and uncensoring mangas, I won't hold my breath over the result.
This is why Lamias are best girls.

Calling him an otaku is pretty much a means to slander.
Though I think more people outside of otaku are tired of dealing with pixilated porn.
snakeskin is actually a cool collectible
I used to have a snake. I just tossed the skin usually after he shed.
You probably could've made some gay craft bullshit out of it and sold it.
I've got a rattlesnake rattle my grandfather gave me in a box somewhere. From what my mother told me, he wasn't especially picky about eating what he could shoot when he was a young man, so I suppose snake was on the menu at some point and the tail a neat trophy.


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