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Boku no Hero Academia Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 20:24:16 No. 6369
Horikoshi fucking murdering the pace with slow in between and set-up chapters coupled with breaks. Introducing the suicide by hero because if you kill him you are just as bad as him and holy shit something please happen you can't drag this hard after last arc featuring Eric Harris vs Jew. Also some kid got hard in the streets.
Nobody actually gives a shit though everyone is here for the choco bunny. Other girls welcome.
Reply choco bunny threads. Shonen is temporary, chocolate bunny muscle tomboy womenlet is forever. Reminder that Horikoshi said that he designed her with "a combination of his likes".
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While I appreciate your stealth chocolate bunny thread, I'm afraid I don't have any animu relevant material. As for academia itself I just read vigilantes now.
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Cute and canon
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How the fuck did you find this place and why did you even bother you absolute autismo?
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I am here from the anime 4chan board. I bring good tidings and MirioxEri (the only canon ship approved by Hori himself) to you.
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Anon, goddammit, I was about to make the new brown fit bun worship thread disguised as yet another shonenSLOW thread but that's O-K because you're an honest man with a heart of gold, just like me.
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well met
i also want to talk about my shonenshit but i'm also not in the mood to fill up 90% of a thread with walls of text arguing with someoneagain
also here is bunny lite but actually fire
Your fault for making a thread, Woolie. Now go to bed.


no cookies?