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Meta Thread Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 00:29:21 No. 5874
Discuss the state of the board and how to improve.

previous thread:
>>1074 [ https://archive.is/roNB1 ]
Edited last time by loleron on 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:26:52.
Its almost 2020 so I guess you should ban loli.
(138.69 KB 864x674 50717855_p0.jpg)
Telepathically ban all lurkers who don't help with scanlation.
(72.26 KB 671x954 The NTR Pose.jpg)
Okay faggots. How many of you have had more than 1 waifu over the years? Are you a seasonal waifu casual or do you dedicate to one for years/forever?

I forgot why I loved my first waifu.
I still don't have a waifu :(
Are we planning on migrating if 8kun ever gets up and running? I didn't see us on the boards list. Might be nice to ask to get it back just in case someone wanted to recover stuff.
Just the one.
(356.02 KB 707x1000 32797305_p0.png)
From sharing loli and discussing Japanese cartoons/video games to being a worldwide terrorist threat. All because some landwhale slept with 5 guys.
(82.05 KB 800x675 1497844781381.jpg)
(515.98 KB 320x287 1471484384165.gif)
(126.19 KB 517x592 1462065124307.jpg)
(112.77 KB 680x439 1462297825925.jpg)
(949.35 KB 570x1200 1442202437592.png)
Just the one waifu for me. Met her when she came out in her manga 7 almost 8 years ago. Fell in love almost instantly. As the chapters released more and more she became solidified in my heart. The fact that she tries her hardest and helps out the most is endearing to me. She's also this odd mix of peaceful and sexually aggressive which fits my mood perfectly. We have a lot in common despite her being a slime. Since she's a changeling she can also fit into any body shape or size which I find fascinating. Personalitywise she's an eager learner and I have a teaching personality which I think would compliment each other well. She basically fits me in every conceivable way. I just wish she were more popular in Japan so she didn't take a backseat in her manga. Last chapter her only appearance was her head in a panel corner and I don't even think she said anything. I thirst for more Suu.
(480.58 KB 320x287 slime flesh.gif)
You're a terrible human being. I mean you're really bad at it.
Deal with the spam.
(134.07 KB 800x620 Yuru_Yuri-_Yui_Funami.jpg)
Only had one waifu before my current one, and the previous waifu I was with for 4 years. Me and my current waifu have been together for just over a year so far.
I still don't have a waifu either. I don't know what girl I can dedicated myself to, even though there are plenty.
>waifuing a lesbian
(46.90 KB 500x375 Birdy a fight_.jpg)
(2.90 MB 500x325 Birdy_lick_walk.gif)
(710.25 KB 500x370 birdy sees moeshit.gif)
(698.33 KB 2094x1384 best female archetype.jpg)
(91.66 KB 584x357 gbobnzmp.png)
>changing your waifu
I constantly cheaf on my waifu.
There I said it!
(178.44 KB 500x284 murder.gif)
On some level, I take waifuism way too seriously to have had declared someone my waifu. This baka probably came the closest.
So what happened with the board mascot thing?
Previous thread. Waiting for the drawfriend for the finishing touches. So far Version #3 won by popularity.
(22.17 KB 400x444 1573395328939.jpg)
ban loli
(69.36 KB 600x600 1569561169606.jpg)
>finishing touches
Let me guess what happened; drawfag comes along and people go with the whatever drawing they like most even if none of them really click design-wise. People here can only think with their dicks and thus mostly comment about body proportions but only vaguely care/are able to comment on anything else.

Twintails are gay, they only work on cocky little girls, on everyone else it's just embarrassing. Maybe on beautiful girls if the twintails are thin and close to the head, or some kind of magical girls. Messy twintails are also exceptionally ugly. The official female neet hairstyle is a ponytail, but messy hair like in the second pic also works, though the specific hair in that pic is kinda boring.

Track suit may be appropriate as a concept, but as a design it's extremely uninteresting, especially if you don't add some kind of unique design onto them. The loose pants string is a good detail though. At the extreme end of laziness you could even remove most of her clothes, like make her wear a tank top and shorts, but most of the time covering herself in a blanket and have her arms pop out from various locations. In second pic you could make her zipper pinch under her chest like it got stuck on her boobs and she was too lazy to pull it over them. Maybe the pants are somehow frazzled because she always wears the same ones, maybe they're broken on the back from all the sitting around and you can see her panties. Or maybe she just wears pajama pants with some pattern and a fat comfy wooly sweater. Maybe there can be a gag where her shirt pattern is never consistent because she doesn't care what she puts on so it's always random. Track top also isn't very comfy in my opinion, the top doesn't have to match the bottom, especially for a character who is uncaring about their appearance. Maybe she wears it when she goes outside, but she doesn't seem like the kind of character who often goes outside, so her design should represent her most common form; when she's inside. Track suit also is contrary to you guys' obsession about her ass/tits, you should use clothes design that emphasizes those parts more.

Description on first pic doesn't say anything, it's mostly just things she does, not what she's like. Then you look at the face and any image you might have build in your head about her thus far goes out the window.
What's her energy level generally? How motivated is she to work on stuff? How often does she go outside? How social is she and does she communicate face to face? Is she excited about things? Would she shitpost online? How familiar is she with nerd/otaku culture? How old is she? What kind of manga protagonist would she be? I start to ask these kinds of questions but can't answer them at all.
If she's a lazy messy neet then she shouldn't be so cheerful. Small glasses are have a kind of serious feel to them, big nerdy ones are more fun and more in line with the idea. If she's positive/active but still lazy/tired, there's a specific type of personality for that. If she's cheerful then she should probably also be productive and active but just uncaring/lazy about anything not to do with her hobbies. Of course some of these things might be in the previous thread somewhere, but my point is the design itself doesn't really convey that there's anything interesting or memorable about her.

I don't mean to bag on the drawfag here, but rather the whole process for selecting the design. It seems like the kind of character people draw when they want to contribute OC for the board, not because it's a naturally fun character to draw and think about.

And in case you're wondering yes I'm autistic.
>And in case you're wondering yes I'm autistic.
I can see the old BO found the bunker then. See you spazing out in the pre-2000s in the future, retard.
(400.64 KB 500x281 Vf5sFU3.gif)
Fuck, imagine how much damage these normalfags have done. I bet they all watch shounenshit and seasonal moe shit exclusively except for that one obligatory 80s/90s anime.
(200.78 KB 1200x450 MTC_01_KEY_1200x450.jpg)
A good chunk of Shonen is also moe. Image related is a shonen anime.
(376.32 KB 500x579 20191114_192807.png)
You're not autistic anon.
You're just boring.
Why would anyone take your post seriously?
Good luck on your quest to find your self importance.
(643.17 KB 1500x2100 91URPit+aNL.jpg)
If I have a favorite shonen manga/anime, it's Flying Witch.
>only [boogieman] would dare criticize us!
When did this place turn into /r/animu?

If "finding my self importance" means only writing short twitternigger posts and celebrating mediocrity and half assing everything you build into your home then I don't want to find it.
Everyone has their own opinions. Anyways, let's all have some chocolate milk.
I personally love the newly proposed mascot design. Though I can understand that there are those not thrilled about it. I personally hate Switch-dog for taking the spot of a human Switch-tan, but that's how it is when there's a popular choice so I don't get everything as I hoped.
Just take it easy and enjoy funposting anime.
(558.52 KB 900x697 Bully Ara.png)
(562.47 KB 1300x1700 76511802_p7.png)
(3.17 MB 2694x1800 76580969_p0.png)
>Paizuri invitation
Why must you remind me that this exists?
(2.22 MB 3264x1836 006.jpg)
Fresh from the buyfag thread.
Could someone post some comfy music from anime? All I have is comfy music from vidya games and visual novels.
Why wouldn't you want to remember it does?
https://youtu.be/lMQK5MbIb1E tatami galaxy ed
https://youtu.be/28jr-6-XDPM tsukuyomi op
https://youtu.be/8dD4rm-Kz0Q to be hero ed it's in chinese
https://youtu.be/VBBFDb0hC4Y mushishi1 op it's in english
https://youtu.be/1YoYbpBGaJM mushishi2 op it's in english
https://youtu.be/zmrAjNVxp94 wolf's rain ed it's in english
https://youtu.be/onLE_XYbJYY kaiba ed it's in english
https://youtu.be/yfalKXBTQCU rahxephon ed
https://youtu.be/fAG6PhIbobg karekano ed UHUHUUUUUUU
(485.95 KB 1412x1000 31992928_p0.jpg)
Posting another song. From the doujin circle TAMUSIC.

I want to fap less. Fapping too often just isn't as enjoyable. At that point it's just getting rid of libido instead of enjoying it.
This is true. Withholding from lewd and masturbation causes a growing need that after a long while feels pretty good shooting thick loads of semen saved up.
(4.49 MB 2550x3947 IMG_20170109_0001.png)
Are there any other software similar to F.lux? It's a software that controls the hue of your screen depending on the time of day. Really great for browsing at night. Darkroom mode varies depending on the site you're using. I'm just seeing if there's something with more features/settings.

Thanks. I always loved this song from Wolf's Rain too.

I don't see a point of doing NNN but cutting back also seems to help with sleep. Fapping too much makes me wake up in the middle of the night more often for some reason.
If you're on linux there's redshift, I don't think it has more features though.
(14.37 MB 300x188 [paradiso].mp4)
Sounds familiar. What is it from?
(7.21 MB 01 la speranza.mp3)
Same as the background image there is from: Gun X Sword. Most of the OST is more focused on action/adventure/drama than comfy, which fits with the cast's drifting around and general focus of the quest leaving them without much of a place or time for relaxation.
(380.10 KB 1126x1000 651c51e1f95d3e0b5386c1cf5698a965.png)
Do you guys browse any other anime imageboards outside of here? I've been looking at this one recently.
(170.44 KB 1000x1323 77711320_p0.jpg)
Forgot to post this list of image boards.
(89.38 KB 700x540 mpv-shot0098.jpg)
I'd eyed sushichan before when an anon on /v/ had mentioned them looking like a fairly comfy possible alternative, back before 8ch died. Only really looked into their video game board, but I didn't much like how rule heavy they appeared in order to maintain their comfiness (segregate cute threads into /kawaii/, drawn ecchi/hentai into /lewd/, shitposts to /hell/, and have a /superhell/ for anything too mean to be comfy to go die in), and ever since vch was made, that board seems to have lost all its activity it might have had. I suppose I can't really speak for the anime board.

Actually, scratch that, I don't even see a specific anime board there.
My problem with lurking kissu is they have a huge banlist of VPN and Tor IPs, and unlike any other sane place where banning merely prevents posting, kissu outright fucking blocks you from viewing anything. So it's a huge fucking pain in the ass having to constantly get new IPs and testing if that IP is banned or not, just to lurk. I stopped using it for that reason. I'm not going to switch IPs five times just to lurk.
(829.30 KB 2019x1440 Animu-tan Color Pallete.png)
I'm back.
Pick one, discuss, and then i'll make a full-on character sheet to 'legitimize' it.
I occasionally browsed 99chan and 420chan between 2009 and 2014, but 99chan sucks now.
mostly textboards, /AM/, and 4taba. I browse kissu regularly too but I'm more often on irc than on the board.
That kind of board where everyone is super nice always seems fake to me, after a while I can't browse places like this.
1 & 3. It's hard to choose between the two.
Might go with either 2 or 3.
This is one vote.
Deleted to fix a typo. You forget to refresh page.
Proofread your damn posts, anon.
I don't know how they do it in Soviet Russia but her in 'Murrica(!) we get the job done did it the first time.
Can't find a cozy corner of the web.
Even if I try a community that's not an imageboard they're always full of 4um/reddit normalfags spouting memes.

I fucking miss web 1.0 communities, I didn't know I was happy until I didn't have them anymore. I'd take a thousand subhumans with usernames like xxXxxDarkKnight420xXXxx over a single brainless bovine that keeps repeating the same cuckchan hitphrases, praising the newest flavour of the month trash, and constantly trying to label people with some cuckchan board so they can shit their pants and screech if it's a board they don't like.
You may be interested in julay's /retro/ board.
I agree, web 1.0 needs to make a return, hopefully it's going to happen with the P2P web.
/animu/ is pretty much the comfiest board I've been in a while. I do miss the old days before the year 2007 tore the net asunder.
Nice Amelia mind if I save it :)?
Do you think she has a callous pussy from taking Zelgadis's rock dick all day?
If only I knew color theory to vote.
The way I see it, if they've got that many separate places to funnel things others might get offended or "uncomfy" about, the apparent coziness is likely artificial and surface level. The comfy factor should best stem from the userbase being able to make it such on their own, not the administration enforcing it. And people need the ability to talk about what angers them as well, especially if it's the sort of thing others need to be aware of (like the latest shitshow of a game).

Under the current landscape of the internet, such is unlikely to return. The reddit, tumblr, and cuckchan mindset is too prevalent, given how many people use each of those and take their "sensibilities" and habits with them, and on top of them there's the run of the mill hordes of normalfags that flood into anywhere they think they should set up camp. I suppose I wasn't entirely around for direct web 1.0 communities, but I fucking miss '06 /b/.

Kind of angling 3, but I prefer 1's skin.
What were web 1.0 communities like? I only came to 4chan around 2008 but left as soon as 8ch came around. /v/ was so terrible that it was impossible to have any conversation with an inch of intelligence. Everyone just wanted to spam memes and shitpost for (You)s. It was normalfag and underage central with too many people.
The board has way too much waifu shit, I don't remember the front page of 8/animu/ being clogged up with this much crap. Can't people take their fap discussion to a porn board where it belongs?
Just make other discussion threads. Problem is that there isn't an /h/ board bunker.
(995.22 KB 500x310 Bishoujo on sax.gif)
What porn boards? We don't have /e/, /h/, /d/, /loli/, /monster/, or /kemono/. So people just make their fetish posts here. I wouldn't mind having more non-lewd threads but all the stuff I want to talk about is covered by the Seasonal Anime thread, Manga/Anime Rec thread, and Buyfag thread.
Would it be possible to display the subject of hidden threads in their stub or is it a lynxchan limitation?
This CSS any good?

.opCell.hidden {display:inherit;}
.opCell.hidden > *:not(.innerOP) {display:none;}
.opCell.hidden .innerOP > *:not(.opHead) {display:none;}
.opCell.hidden .innerOP .opHead > *:not(.labelSubject) {display:none;}
/monster/ has their own board on smuglo.li lead by Aux. So the monster girl thread here is pretty much redundant and unnecessary.
What if I don't want to talk to /christian/ about monster girls and instead would rather have discussions with people that like monster girls?
I don't really understand how but it works fine. Nice, thx
capcha's on until this retard goes away
(226.15 KB 373x522 gahoole says fuck anime.PNG)
go outside incels
(503.55 KB 1706x2560 EJOEpnMU4AAkLoy.jpg)
You know one thing I enjoy about this board is the lack of 30+ pointless, redundant threads. Most people will just post in the dedicated thread instead of making a new one. So you get threads that last for months instead of a bunch of redundant threads pushing everything off the board.
go spam on smug instead
>see a bunch of new posts have been made
>come check it out expecting something in the scanlation thread
>it's just some failed abortion spamming the board
/tv/ was a mistake.
more likely a false flag
What happened to the threads?
What's going on?
>old monster girl thread gone
A lot of rare monster girl images from that thread are gone. Anyone saved them?
(3.77 MB 1024x760 haha_regards_oldfags.webm)
Shittershattered /tv/ lolcow spamming the catalog because one famous screenwriter gave 5 stars to the Konosuba movie, calling it a masterpiece.
Pathetic that he has to take it out on an anime board.
Imageboards hosting non-otaku stuff was a mistake.
Fortunately there's another Japanese learning on /japan/.
He clearly said /monster/, not /christian/.
>So the monster girl thread here is pretty much redundant and unnecessary.
I really dont mind having two choices to comfyly post.
(94.15 KB 600x800 1574041246684.jpg)
I hope everyone's okay.
(385.09 KB 1280x1794 03.jpg)
(501.48 KB 1280x1794 04daf.jpg)
No. I'm not okay and everything has turned for the worst. Right now, only alcohol and visual novels are my friends.

To Heart 2 isn't so bad.
Watch anime, read manga, play games, comfy post with anons and get away from the news for a while.
Also, delete your youtube and google account. Use protonmail or something as an alternative to gmail.
What's the difference?
(4.90 MB 1280x720 Comfy flying.mp4)
I was only kidding. I'm actually in a great mood and I'm already doing all of that. I do need to make my protonmail account my main account though. It's gonna take a while moving everything over to it.

Is /christian/ about finding true love?
While speaking of the konosuba movie. Got a camrip with subs to it on youtube.
PW fuqSAc 64Y
I'm sure it'll be taken down, got a backup just in case.

Also Megumin best girl.
I wasn't around but from what I've read it was mostly people shitposting on usenet and telnet BBSs about anime being dead because normalfags were watching sailormoon and ranma and spam was a big problem.
Pretty much what we have today but with less images and less outrage since no one gave a shit about internet back then, people were more laid back.
(34.81 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>it's legit
youtube-dl that shit, at least if you can suffer through a laugh track edition.
You guys are desiging a new mascot, eh? Did no one like the Cowlick chan /animu/ asked /monster/ for however long ago then?
Site is getting back on its feet
>no /animu/
Uhhh BO? We have a problem here
Just, enjoy the fact nobody can post there in the chaos. Check /a/ for why.
Mind pointing out which thread friend? I rarely post on /a/
I’ve been there since May and i’ve never seen her. Pics?
(505.95 KB 1123x1651 cowlick.png)
(699.17 KB 808x1895 FlatCowlick.png)
From what i remember, there was an oppai cowlick that liked to cosplay, and a flat cowlick for justice. I know there's a few other pics, but i dont think i have them saved at the moment
(201.05 KB 1161x602 Spam.png)
I mean 8kun specifically and it's only a bit of spam but I don't think it's possible for mods to delete it yet. Even if /animu/ isn't back yet it'll ideally be just as you left it when it's back and not while there's a flood of unwelcome attention.
it's evolving, I can connect now
>77 public boards, 89 in total
Pretty sure this was more or less the same number of boards when I checked it out a week ago.
Doubt any significant progress is going to occur on board transfers as long as they are still shuffling around the domains and ironing out bugs.
Went to /a/ (the smug bunker) but it seems like the spam was taken care off. Either way hope that we get migrated so that i can slap myself after seeing my post three months back.
I think i remember some anon asking for her in the drawthreads way way back and funnily enough, nobody has a pic of her.
Speaking of which, >>6077 are we really going with 3, seeing from popular consensus?
Not the bunker, on 8kun since the bunkers are fairly unknown but all eyes are on the return of 8chan. In fairness /a/ and /v/ are much more exposed for matching the names on other places but still it'll be a rough time when it finally gets brought back up.
This is what happens when you don't have either a captcha or an anti-spam bot around, take this as a didactic lesson.
You must be a proponent of gun control.
Incorrect, sad strawman.
Not sure if the captcha really does much. Lynxchan has an adjustable flood timer for posts per IP and it uses 10x the value of it for threads per IP. They were manually posting the threads so would have had plenty of time to type the captcha.

Detecting a flood of threads with the same content would have caught them but then to circumvent that, all they would have to do is change the post text each time.

I think you would probably need a board limit on new threads per hour or something similar and a more intelligent thread pruning mechanism.
>I think you would probably need a board limit on new threads per hour or something similar
Quite literally the first effective thing I thought about.
>it uses 10x the value of it for threads per IP
Weird design decision, considering new thread spamming is far worse than flooding an existing thread.

Thread limit an hour seems pretty decent idea, though.
Alternatively having more than 5 pages, so even if someone goes full autismo and tries to manually spam, the active threads have a better chance of surviving until ojiisan wakes up.
New thread limit per hour it's the way to go, considering this is a small, extremely slow board that, at best, gets a new thread twice a week.
This sounds like a good idea until you think about the fact that some faggot could just wait to steal the per x time thread creation fucking over others and when he gets board make a bot to do it for him forever.
>per x time
Pretty sure we were talking about per IP limits, which seems it could be easily implemented if the flood timer is boosted to something more sane than 10x post flood detection parameter, so we don't get shit like 6min per post globally (not that anyone not dumping things would notice any difference, but still).
>Weird design decision, considering new thread spamming is far worse than flooding an existing thread.
Using 10x the flood timer value means waiting 10x longer before you can post a new thread. Maybe I wrote that a bit vaguely.

Very true. Even if you also limited thread creation on a per IP basis, they can also just get a new IP.
Would be nice if there was a delay before a pruned thread got deleted off the server so it could be restored if needed.
>Using 10x the flood timer value means waiting 10x longer before you can post a new thread. Maybe I wrote that a bit vaguely.
I know. I was bitching about the fact that threads do not have a separate flood parameter, but reuse a global one.
Which kind of makes it shit in situations like this, where you could use a higher wait per thread, while not messing with the wait per post.

And if I am reading this code correctly, it skips the check if it is a tor request.
Nah, new threads being spammed isn't a normal state, I don't see this being an issue. Once the spammer is banned, it's back to normal.

Also, what could work quite well is if IPs which have old enough post(s) on the board could post normally, and IPs that only have very young posts would share a single thread creation limit.
(199.96 KB 800x2260 qt buttstain.jpg)
It would still be a very slow spam, more tedious if done manually, easier with a bot, but still super slow and thus loses the appeal and griefing power.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the choco bunny thread
(217.12 KB 1149x632 googly eyes of freshness.jpg)
And the FRESH FISH with potatoes thread.
Let the anger nourish you, anon.
It's time to rebuild those threads.
(602.50 KB 720x536 20191118_182212.png)
(277.29 KB 987x449 FGO_Translate.png)
(157.53 KB 1008x756 1573959283414.jpg)
(126.05 KB 675x900 1573959883656.jpg)
And I just wanted to post this in the FGO thread.
Give me a pair of days, I'm currently NOURISHING myself for getting griefed epic style because Oji-san relaxed around lolcows.
It's not that he relaxed, he's understaffed. Man isn't around 24/7. Hiring some vols would be good when /animu/ migrates to 8kun.
That's exactly why he should've put some countermeasures.
Now that I think of it, isn't there a thread buffering option? For when theads fall off the last page.
I haven't seen one
indeed, I expected it to happen eventually but preferred the convenience of being able to post whatever, whenever, without restrictions
ultimately the blame is with the spammer,
then me for not enabling hourly thread limits,
then me for not enabling capcha for posting new threads,
then me for enabling tor
in that order

happy miku monday
I absolutely hate captcha, but hourly thread limits pose no real problem with our level of activity.
I don't mind the captcha for posting new threads. It's not intrusive at all and helps keep spammers in check.
Also, isn't it weird that we got a spammer, a butthurt longpost anon and a piss thread around the same time? What are the chances everything wrong with animu is actually caused by a single person?
(1.05 MB 1695x945 Untitled.png)
>This is the entire catalog.
If I make another thread, will it knock something off, or is the catalog yet to be filled? If the latter, should I make an "anime currently airing thread", or would it be better to discuss in the meta thread since things are so slow?
That's the second thread in that image though. Or at this point, "was" because it's almost Winter.
Fuck, I'm retarded. I read new season and didn't realize it said Autumn.
(324.42 KB 1000x639 Switch-tan sides.png)
>I personally hate Switch-dog for taking the spot of a human Switch-ta
This is best Switch-tan. Doggo a shit.
(2.12 MB 800x2260 Untitled.png)
Did someone say, kancho?

Should have untied her panties.
(620.09 KB 1865x402 Untitled.png)
What the fuck? Any chance of fixing this shit?
(1.44 MB 1715x923 Untitled.png)
How the hell did this happen from one post?
what game so i can aviod it like the plague.
(2.25 MB 1000x1454 75063630_p0.png)
(1.90 MB 1400x1948 77548327_p0.png)
(1.72 MB 1000x1396 77868725_p0.png)
(355.79 KB 1651x2048 EHXtYccUYAItEbs.jpg)
Fate/Grand Order. It's a gacha semen demon game that people only play for the girls/handsome men. But unlike Azur Lane, the gameplay isn't even that good so I'm guessing people only play for the characters.
I don't think old BO would go and spam the board, though. Making a tl;dr post on how the new mascot looks like an ebola-chan ripoff, how everyone here is a shit taste seasonalfag and vowing to make a longbunker that nobody but him will use, seems more up his alley.
The story's not so bad either, but that and the girls are not enough of a reason to stick with translators who hate the game.
>The story's not so bad either
The real tragedy of FGO is that it lines Nasu's pockets, so he doesn't have to write a single proper VN or game ever again.
Porkslope remake never ever.
>I'mma princess and I'm being chased
So... she is going to princess? What does that even mean?

Where did that retarded thing come from? The japanese sounds like a normal, clumsy type character not like a kid with downs.
Are they just trying their hardest to make all the women unlikable so it feels more real to western audiences?
Is this the same case with Touhou and KC where a large part of the fanbase came from the secondaries?
I would say it gets a lot of tertiaries only in it for the porn, which I sure don't blame them for. There's little reason to be more invested in it or any other mobile game for anything other than fap material (damn good fap material though).
With a community that large. You would think there would be a group of people who fan translate everything onto a wiki so you don't have to be held back by the NA releases.

They're fucking around and making meme-tier translations. It's always these types of faggots that ruins things. Azur Lane's NA version just had a controversy where the localizers are showing their pro-censorship hand when they were completely against it earlier in the year. Their mask has slipped now that they don't have to pretend about caring about keeping an audience.

The characters are always the main draw of mobile games. But unlike Kancolle, Touhou has gameplay and music going for it. Azur Lane is now becoming more popular than Kancolle because Kadokawa wouldn't just make a second game with updated gameplay that's actually more engaging. Real shame because it has a ton of great characters.

All the porn is great and I'm loving all the paizuri art that comes from it. But all the art for Elizabeth is the best part. It sucked playing Fate/Extella and finding out she doesn't have a route.
Side note but the Konosuba movie was 7/10.

Not a Kino masterpiece that should've caused so much drama, but fun for what it was.
(145.26 KB 441x400 Confused pee peddling loli.png)
I finally watched HxH, really liked it, read the manga starting from the chapter where Ging tells Gon about the Dark Continent, and caught up to the latest hiatus. There's one giant question I have that I have not seen addressed at all regarding all this Dark Continent shit. In this world where they have nukes, cellphones, and blimps, why the hell has no one suggested flying over the Dark Continent in areas where the dangers are primarily terrestrial? What about satellites and space travel for surveying the world? If there's some justification for this shit later to be revealed, why have these questions not been asked by a single charcter who learned about the Dark Continent and thus was not aware of said justifications?
Then talk to the Ammitists there about monster girls instead. I get that there's christians on /monster/, but calling it a christian board is just retarded.
From the makers of "Nani the fuck?"
(1.75 MB 720x540 aaaaaaaa.gif)
>normalfags will lap this shit up
>Azur Lane's NA version just had a controversy where the localizers are showing their pro-censorship hand when they were completely against it earlier in the year
Fug, really? is it the gacha game or the ps4/pc game?
>anime being dead because normalfags were watching sailormoon and ranma
They were spot on though.
(725.29 KB 800x1280 77783338_p0.png)
Gacha. I think Crosswave is fine.
Obviously not. How anyone could think those faces look remotely similar is beyond me.
(69.80 KB 640x459 ic58Qiy.jpg)
(2.52 MB 1529x1083 vtmud79yf7osbp1ggpxs.png)
(227.34 KB 400x560 odqt6zqVgh1tienzco1_400.png)
(54.32 KB 640x456 VufRpeE.jpg)
(138.14 KB 1200x675 snap00097.jpg)
Imagine how things would be if they actually went through with making the American Sailor Moon cartoon instead of dubbing the anime.
You've got me all hot and bothered about something that never happened now.
Is protonmail any good?
I also heard people say tutanota or Zoho mail. My guess is people wanting to change their email now that google plans to delete accounts left and right due to their algorithms shitting up.

I wish there was a weebmail.moe
Protonmail gives you multiple addresses from a single account, which is a neat bonus allowing you to separate the emails you give out into different levels of trust or professionalism (your boss gets first.lastname@protonmail, the porn site gets xxxNigrklr1488xxx@protonmail)
Another useful thing, mails going from and to other protonmail addresses is automatically encrypted during sending, and all emails are stored encrypted. The only question is if you trust them, because you're gonna have to use their proprietary Javascript for de- and encryption of mail.

Cock.li has the @waifu.club mail addresses, though I prefer @rape.lol
I haven't been paying attention to 8chan/8kun. Is it viable? Is the 8ch domain going to remain dead for 8kun?
You can't use protonmail with a desktop client without paying, so it's trash if that's an important feature for you. Aside from that they're alright, although I wouldn't trust them if I were doing anything that really requires privacy.
Why not just use outlook mail?
its 8kun.top now and its still very much a work in progress
>8kunt supposedly officially online in 5 days
>Still no /animu/
yeah its good
(20.64 KB 1264x233 Untitled.png)
Recent update for the cakebunker.
Have some hope frens!
(286.55 KB 672x917 20191122_075137.png)
Message from Ron.
What happens when 8kun is properly back and completely functional? Is the plug being pulled on this bunker?
No, this bunker is taking /a/'s smuglo.li approach in remaining just in case the site goes down again.
Fuck no, read the privacy terms
IP Logging: By default, ProtonMail does not keep permanent IP logs. However, IP logs may be kept temporarily to combat abuse and fraud, and your IP address may be retained permanently if you are engaged in activities that breach our terms and conditions (spamming, DDoS attacks against ProtonMail infrastructure, brute force attacks, etc
You may be asked to verify using either reCaptcha, Email, or SMS.
We employ a local installation of Matomo, an open source analytics tool.
I could go on and on, but you'll get the idea.
You could better go with dismail for just "signing on and go" kind of service.
Or if you are lucky, get a inv for Riseup.
how about he fixes the fucking posting first?
Watch as Nagatoro's flesh fang slowly turns into a regular fang.
>fleshfangs are foreskin for regular fangs
At last I truly understand. Perhaps this will be the bridge to join fleshfangers and toothfangers together.
A golden age of unity.
Resend that email kamisama.
Anyone know what Mark's email is?
Cakekike is asking for additional boards for migration here https://vch.moe/v/res/165526.html
Seems we are in the list by default though, so we are probably safe.
sent again
it's ok, /miku/ is back
Whatever happened to drawfag?
(418.94 KB 1264x1400 1574552259612.png)
In case anyone missed it.
Apparently kamisama mails went unnoticed, as we're not part of the first round of boards.
(1.83 MB 1873x1557 75422884_p0.png)
What do you guys think about this decade of anime and how would you compare it to the last year?

>Studios have mastered the art of comfy anime. Same with CGDQT anime.
>Writing in comedy anime is more solid with this decade.
>Food porn anime on the rise
>Lewder than ever. Ecchi anime tiptoes into the realm of hentai but somehow not stepping over the line
>CGI is starting to become more natural instead of jarring as animators get used to working with it.
>Rise of "dark magical girl" anime

>Excessive WUB sfx in action anime. Especially in places it doesn't even fit.
>Meta comedy and genres where the whole show/joke revolves around a trope that you already need to be familiar with to even get the most out of the references/jokes. Outside of that they don't have much going for them (Konosuba being one of the few exceptions).
>Casual loli lewding is very rare.
>Full CGI anime where it's at a constant 10FPS.
>Anime is getting more popular in the west and the may be influenced by it in the worst ways

>Decade where light novel adaptions took off. Which range from shitty power fantasies, meta genres, and comedy gold.
>Isekai genre took off but not many great things were done with it.

I'm sure I missed plenty but that's all I can think of at the moment.
Modern = soulless
Old = soul
(1.26 MB 539x318 OStBkEJ.gif)
(218.11 KB 824x1200 Mirror attack.jpg)
>CGI is starting to become more natural instead of jarring as animators get used to working with it.
>Full CGI anime where it's at a constant 10FPS.
They mastered that shit years ago.
It's just that, for some FUCKING reason, Polygon Pictures got the "bright idea" to make Knights of Sidonia look as fucking awful as possible, and every other studio dropped absolutely EVERYTHING they had know about 3DCG in order to adapt a similar style of animation. Go watch Macross Zero, Viper's Creed, Kirby, Transformers, Iron Man, even Plygon's earlier work with Sky Crawlers. Even Aquarion (As fucking awful as it is) still has "nice" looking CG that is heads and shoulders above the cancer that Polygon started.
>Rise of "dark magical girl" anime
Cutey Honey did it first back in '73 with it's "everyone dies" ending.
>>Anime is getting more popular in the west and the may be influenced by it in the worst ways
It always was popular. The only difference now is that more people are watching anime in the original language rather than wanting to deal with an Americanized version of the series.
>Decade where light novel adaptions took off.
Again, not anything new. Captain Tylor, Slayers, The Space Between, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vampire Hunter D, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Full Metal Panic!, Read or Die, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Record of Lodoss War,...
ALL of those were originally light novels.
Non Non Biyori isn't souless you monster.

Cutey Honey was the start of the magical girl genre but the genre went with what we saw in Sailor Moon for the most part. It then started turning back around with Madoka. That's why I said "rise" instead of "the start".

Also is Knights of Sidonia what made that shit more frequent? I'm guessing that studios just found it much easier but damn is it awful.
>I'm guessing that studios just found it much easier but damn is it awful.
That's the kicker:
It isn't cheaper, it makes absolutely no difference in terms of production costs to reduce/increase the frame amount.
Unlike with 2D animation, 3D animation can be rendered as whatever fps you want. If a studio wanted to, they "could" make a series that runs at 60 fps. What this means is that studios are purposely reducing the the frame displayed for 3D series for no other reason that stylistic choice. And, I haven't seen an actual source for this, just rumors, so take it with a grain of salt, that's exactly the reason WHY they're doing it in the first place. To make the 3D series "look more like" the 2D series in terms of animation.
Non Non Biyori is as soulless and as reddit as it gets, 100% of that show was designed to maximize profits and trick retards into buying merch.
(167.00 KB 700x1200 DrzJbSgU8AUtUip.jpg)
You can say that of nearly any show since anime is made to make money and gets profit from merch, live performances, and CDs. I don't see how that doesn't apply to older anime outside of stand alone OVAs.
They weren't wrong. It's only $12,000 to buy a Renge 1:1 scale figure.
More frames does not cost more money, that's true- but it does take more time. The really shitty framerate we're getting is because a 60 FPS scene naturally takes six times as long to render as a 10 FPS scene because there are six times more frames to render. These studios are cheaping out on time so they can do more projects and make more money.
>that's true- but it does take more time.
I get what you're saying, but why not just buy several "super computers" and have the computers setup to render everything over the weekend starting on Friday night so that they don't have to waste time "waiting for the render". However, that being said, I don't know how the fuck they have their computer systems because no one wants to talk about this shit, in depth, anymore unless you're actually getting involved in the field.
(3.54 MB 3000x3856 Corrupt Thick.png)
(2.51 MB 1457x3718 Thick Mage 2.png)
(2.98 MB 1968x3904 Thick mage.png)
(4.49 MB 2550x3947 IMG_20170109_0001.png)
I'm bored and want to crop out an anime girl from a doujin for practice, like in the 4th image. Any suggestions?
(3.54 MB 3000x3856 Corrupt Thick.png)
>That one one part on the cape
Fixed. Also something SFW to crop would be appreciated.
I'd suggest trying artbooks since they'll often have full body shots. Actual manga tanks might be a good choice too. Also with artbooks and the like maybe do a cursory check they don't already exist if that matters to you.
I stopped watching anime. Only been reading mango.
(551.80 KB 1280x720 xTt8lT.png)
>CGI is starting to become more natural instead of jarring as animators get used to working with it.
CGI is inherently jarring, 3DCGI is even worse.
The computer filters out all of the humanity of the drawing, or any other creative media you attempt to create through it, and when you get to 3DCGI there's not even a human directing the computer anymore, it's all disgusting computer-generated geometry.
Anime art is a genre defined by beauty, things purposefully stray away from reality to give them idealized beautiful looks, and there's no beauty without humanity.
Digital anime completely falls flat when it comes to this and it's completely impossible to fix without going back to superior methods. It's unacceptable.
And it's going to get worse the more people who actually know how to draw age and are replaced by newcomers who either have no interest in improving or learned by copying bad examples from anime they like such as Lucky Star and the sort. Anime will continue to drown itself in the Anime Carlarts style (a.k.a moeblob).

>Lewder than ever
Not nearly by any measure as lewd as the 80s, but lewder than the mid/late 2000s. It's not the first, second, or third lewdest moment in anime. It's just average.

>Anime is getting more popular in the west and the may be influenced by it in the worst ways
It was "getting more popular in the west" to an unsustainable level in the early 80s and it has been influenced in the worst ways from the day the face of western-influenced anime came to be. That was when American companies started outsourcing cartoons to Japan in the late 70s/80s and culminated with essentially western anime such as Dragon Ball Z and the then-ongoing rise of VHS anime releases in the US. If you don't know this you're part of the problem.
For fuck's sake Wikipedia is filled with anime articles, there's tards with anime profile pics on IGN talking about the seasonal garbage they watch, there are conventions all over the world and they sell anime side by side with capeshit, and convention normalfags aswell as the trannies among them consume both. If you look anime titles with some sort of genderswap play/major trap characters like Stop!! Hibari-kun! or Ranma, whatever anime database website listing it will probably have it tagged LGBT or some shit.

Anime isn't "getting more popular in the west". It's normalfag shit on the same level of Avenger movies. And the damage is extensive.
Random isekai/shounen trash like Rise of the Shield Hero has been topping piracy charts for years.
Look at this website: https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/stat/US/daily
It tracks the bittorrent DHT and lists the most popular content. As of the time of making this post, My Hero Academia and Sword Art Online are there.

Look at my fucking picture. Can you tell what it is? It's moeshit on a projector in an university. That school ceiling is unmistakable.

Fucking hell I grew up watching dubbed anime on open television in the 90s. Open television, I was just one of millions.

Reminder anyone who says "Anime is getting more popular in the west" is part of the problem. That ship has already sailed, and it sank before the Titanic too.
University anime clubs are comfy, assuming you are at a sane university (read: no humanities). Don't shit on them, they existed even before anime went normalfag.
Aside from perhaps the anime original mecha trainwrecks which come out every couple of years, I pretty much dropped anime in favor of mango, VN's and LN's.
At least with those there is a chance that I might get to an ending, instead of being eternally blueballed by an unfinished story.
>he doesn't treat anime as what they actually are which is advertisements for the manga
If I like an anime enough I always pick up the manga and afterwards just watch the anime as a sidenote and bitch about how it doesnt live up to the manga.
>manga and afterwards just watch the anime as a sidenote and bitch about how it doesnt live up to the manga.
Otaku normally do that.
That only works if you didn't already pick up anything you found halfway interesting in manga form years before the adaptation comes along.
If they do buy more computers, some beancounter thinks "great, now we can render MORE shitty 10 FPS scenes! Go get more clients!" and now they're doing six different shows instead of three and making twice as much cash for it.
(626.35 KB 1920x1080 191113-2216-31.jpg)
>Anime runs for 24 minutes
>Manga chapters can be read in 3-6 minutes
>Can read through 4-8 manga chapters in the same amount of time it takes to go through one anime episode
<Anon is wasting more time watching the anime and then reading the manga than if he just read the manga
My uni anime club was pretty shit. Went to one meeting and it was damn near that one vid of that highschool anime club.
the japanese language club was okay though
I would say 80s had more nudity but not as lewd. It was casual nudity.
finally some news regarding 8kun/animu/ -- the old BO was included in the email so I assume he made a claim as well. I tried logging in with the old credentials but it didn't work so maybe the account hasn't been restored yet.
final date for 8kun restoration is Nov 30 supposedly
happy miku monday since I forgot and it might still be monday somewhere
>the old BO was included in the email
>I assume he made a claim as well.
I have a bad feeling about this. Especially since he came out as a sperg not so long ago.
Does that mean that I SHOULD have claimed /a/ when I had the chance?
(153.99 KB 480x360 I_love_bullshit_like_this.webm)
>the old BO was included in the email so I assume he made a claim as well
My sides, what a guy.
He probably assume's an /am/ situation where the userbase BO disappears and he could reclaim it to be his own personal circlejerk.
He didn't count on said userbase to have a bunker.

Worse case, Kamisama will just claim /am/ and make it our new home. Anons will know where the userbase went to because this bunker provides proofs.

Old BO knew the shared secret, unless the current one changed the password.
(22.61 KB 966x286 Proofs.png)
I changed the password when I got the account, shared secrets were introduced long after BOs changed
>threats of violence
Gas the Kikes, board owners wars now!
You can add "sneaky" to our ex-BO's list of defects. At least Kirino had the decency of fucking off somewhere else (or remaining silent).
There's a reason /a/ is likely going to wait until the end of the winter season.
>Does that mean that I SHOULD have claimed /a/ when I had the chance?
HM got in contact with Mark quite a while ago.
(31.86 KB 1018x231 asdfsd.png)
Hey guys, former BO here.
What do you guys want me to do?
Leave things the way they are now?
Current /animu/ is a product of the current direction it has taken. So let it stay with current BO, to avoid a schism and drama.
I just sent a mail to the BO and I'll wait for his response before I make my decision.
It's back on, can't post as I have an error message: "Invalid board"
Official opening on day 30.
Still, it's refreshing to see our old threads back.
>before I make my decision.
What decision is there to be made? Give the board back or be the only fartposter on the board while everyone else follows the current BO to wherever he goes.
Give the board to Kirino, he is the good guy.
Kirino wasn't that bad all things considered. Anons are too hard on him. I don't know why everyone still hates me.
(190.82 KB 500x364 smug-anime-girl-gif-7.gif)
Nice try, loser.
Posting on 8/animu/ works now.
(1.81 MB 1027x1500 77877684_p1.png)
>Going from third to first person
Oh you.
logged in on mod.php so my credentials work but the mod page isn't up yet (gives an error), looks like the "claims" process worked fine
(27.56 KB 500x568 nIPPA.jpg)
I actually laughed, thank you.
make sure you're logged in using sys. as well. normal mod.php shouldn't be a thing. Also are we going back or staying here.
I logged in and everything works now; we'll be going back and I'll keep the bunker running
>website requires javascript to be accessed
hell nah
(180.99 KB 500x916 099.png)
>can post on clearnet with image
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 RonQnA.png)
>Posting the inferior version
Does anyone love the Miku CSS?
(390.21 KB 1248x888 Miku X Miku.jpg)
That's cool to hear. For a long time now, I worry people are uncomfortable with it or if the colors hurts their eyes and wondered if a darker theme could have been chosen.
Carry on.
Kamisama, please confirm your plans on 8kun.
I use Clear theme and I wish the post numbers and reply numbers beside them were properly differeniated in color.
I'll continue to host the bunker, but it is the backup. the main site is 8kun.
Why do we even need 8Qun now that we have the webring?
We don't need it but this is simply a bunker. Even though I like it more, it's mainly made for backup.
What if instead we used 8kuk as the bunker and posted here mainly?
I refuse to use a site where the owners and one of their kike lackeys openly try to make money off of memes people make for each other for free.
(59.89 KB 490x193 wimp.png)
>Mark suggests meme merch
>he only brought up the idea once and never pushed for it again when the response was negative
>faggots latch onto this like he is actively trying to push for it all hours of the day every day of the week
(238.62 KB 1080x1818 Screenshot_20191129-233443.png)
(68.92 KB 1080x380 Screenshot_20191128-014345.png)
(68.79 KB 1080x495 Screenshot_20191129-233221.png)
You've been with this crusade on all the bunkers man. Let anons decide if they want to be in one place or another.
Alright Kamisama, get back to moderating /animu/ on 8kun.
Multiple posts having similar ideas doesn't mean he's samefagging.
also 8kun runs like shit and looks ugly as sin so i'll probably just stay here till people stop posting.
He's just waiting for the heat to die off before he tries it again, just like with every slimy proposition in history.
>maybe if I wait long enough they'll come around to the idea
One of those posts is mine, and I'm not the guy you're responding to.
Maybe you should buy some high quality gondola paintings to cope with how much everyone hates mark.
>some.have migrated to 8kun
>some have stayed behind in the bunkers
>julay is dead again
It's all kinds of fucked.
/animu/ surpassed /a/ on 8kun as a more active and populated anime board and is now in the top 5.
Well duh, /a/ hasn't officially even migrated there.
/a/ is also currently suffering from insanity, hemorrhaging users by the day.
(908.77 KB 1022x960 789465121645123.png)
>change everything from the site
>never ask for an opinion from anons
>only ask opinions for maymay merch
The julay admins really did pick the worst time to start configuring the site, if it keeps giving 502 errors they'll be lucky to have anyone stick around.
I'll still use julay regardless, but I'd hate to see some of the anons there slink off to 8kunt or disappear entirely, I haven't enjoyed posting with a group of anons that much in ages.
Julay is worthless to me ever since they changed shit, Yotsuba B is fucking dog shit and forced on you if you don't have a CSS on-hand that works with the layout the site now uses.
That's how I felt before the change, c'est la vie.
Well are you going to stay here with me then?
three consecutive numbers
The old theme was fucking terrible, don't joke with me. Even /animu/ mimicks yotsuba more than it did. The only questionable thing is the removal of the top bar since it would allow you to navigate from anywhere in the page, but in terms of visual look the old one was gay shit, and it was also triple gay shit in terms of the way it was structured and was an absolute chore to modify.
Call 000 because I want to grab that pussy.
that's it 8kun is broken again?
>8kun is an error message
>half the boards on Julay appear empty unless going directly to a thread's url on one of said boards
It's working OK for me but vch.moe is read-write again so something might be up. I'm just extremely pissed off at how the DDoS protection fucks up thread refreshing.
>how the DDoS protection fucks up thread refreshing.
That and the constant posting errors, as well as the captcha being a pain in the ass are the biggest issues I've encountered. Hopefully they'll be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.
>leave functioal bunker ring run by people who care about your topic of choice
>for a non-functioning site run by a grifter mason and his pet kike that only care about what money they can make off of you
I wish I had Marks autismal ear so I could convince him that the retarded shit he was doing was, indeed, retarded. It's one thing to direct the community to 8chan/8kun /v/ while leaving the bunker open, but it's another thing entirely to force /v/ to go to 8chan/8kun while leaving no obvious alternatives. Mark should have simply left both open while saying that the 8kun.top /v/ was to be the main board for the time being.
At least our seats are still warm in the bunker.
(29.15 KB 800x473 happy day.png)
don't give up hope guys
(123.31 KB 500x375 1461320698422-0.png)
You don't have to worry about CSS if your browser doesn't support it.
You bought it upon yourself by using whatever cucked browser it is you're torturing your poor computer with.
What happened to 8coon? Did it got DDOS'd again by cripplekike?
I don't know if it's a consequence of DDoS or a bug of its own, but it seems you can post and view threads mostly as normal, but the catalog and index pages are fixed in pre-migration status.
(4.73 MB 455x262 Sakurasou_no_Pet_na_Kanojo.gif)
So, unless I already have the thread(s) open/have their urls, I'm fucked?
I'll give it a day or two to see if/how it gets resolved before deciding wether I'm going back to 8kun sooner, or later, after all the rough edges get sorted out.
(659.50 KB 400x1138 till the end.png)
>nearly 5MB GIF
Have mercy on the americunts with data caps, anon.
Talking about 5MB gifs, does anyone have that show >>7076 ? The only one I found was one torrent that doesn't seem too active.
(42.36 KB 300x199 clang.gif)
Looks like typical moe garbage.
But there are plenty of torrents, some of them are even by decent groups. It's near the top of popularity/ranking charts on my anime list, you must be doing something terribly wrong if you didn't find any.
I see, I copied the name with a "-" off of somewhere. Thank you, fren.
(895.20 KB 2376x3491 loli anatomy source.jpg)
How do I have more dreams in anime? I had two dreams in a row about anime girls recently, both lolis. The first was lewd and the second was fun.
(74.31 KB 797x598 1559667604032.jpg)
I recently dreamed I got isekai'd into a terrible isekai anime. Fun business. Sadly, few of my dreams are anime-related.

Try drinking over 2 liters of milk a day and topping it off with cheese, and then peeing before you go to bed. It's what I always do.
zinc will make you have more lucid dreams but i can't guarantee they will be in anime.
(283.06 KB 566x800 Not Cirno.jpg)
As long as it's lucid, I can just conjure anime.
(45.16 KB 600x578 gufe.jpg)
(948.20 KB 1000x1000 dc76bd59b71c189aa0f91f8a006589c.jpeg)
Looking it up, I'm seeing a lot of horrible symptoms of zinc overdosage, and not many claims of relation to lucid dreams.
only take one pill
(831.49 KB 500x650 6f4c90b.gif)
You probably have a zinc deficit from too much wanking anyway.
(325.40 KB 600x849 legume_loli.jpg)
I do not masturbate.
cute nut
(893.75 KB 1024x768 Untitled.png)
made thingy
Am I allowed to have a volunteer on my board? Is that fine with you guys on the moderation team or not?
sure, it's your board
updated the ssl cert
happy miku monday!

            r─‐、          _____
          /:.:.:.:.:.:.:.`l        \::::{ ̄ ̄
         /:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:|__     ⌒ヽ \>
         V:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.| ∧>─- .._ ハ 
          V:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:K<、r-、_ ノメ 、
          V:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:|: :///⌒ヽ`ヽ: :/>ー- 、
         /: V:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: レr‐/メ  __ }: : K`ヽ_: : : 〉
        /: : : : V:.:.:.:.:.:.: l \  ´_`ト: :l::l >´: /
       /: : : : : : ∧:.:.:.:.:.:| ̄   \ ! jリ/: : :/
     /: : : : : : : :/  V:.:.:.,小_{` ーァ  j/:/ : : / >>7159
.    /: : : : : : : :/   `-[orange] └Kに二. ィくノ' : : /
   /: : : : : : : :/      }/l只__/{⌒V : : :{/ハ⌒ヽ
   ,': : : : : : : : '       /: :/ }r-ォハーヘ__//:.:ヘ__ノ
   i: : : : : : : : {       /: :/ /  ̄: ∧:.:´ 厂:.:.:.:.:.:.ヘ
   |: : : : : : : : l     / : / / : : : /: :l\:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:}
   |: : : : : : : : :ゝr─‐〈ゞ-l/ : : /ト、j: : :  ̄「 ̄ ̄´
   l: : : : : : : : : _{:.-''"∧: :∧: : : : : / ̄}: : : : ',        i
   ',: : : : : : : : :{:./:.:,:.:.:.V:.:.:.\_/:.:ヽ:.:.:}: : : : :\    ノ|
.   ヽハ : : : : : {/:.:.:./:.:.:./:.:.:l:.:.:.i :.i:.:',:.:.:ヽト、: : : : :`  ̄: : ノ
     `ー-- {:.:.:/:.:.:.:/:.:.:.:l:.:.:.l:.:.l:.:.:',:.:./:.:.:) : : : : : : : /
            `く:.:.:.:/:.:.:.:.:l:.:.:.l:.:.l:.:.:.∨ ̄: : : : : : : /
            ` く____」_l_L/\: : : : : : <__ノl
             ヽ:.:.:.人:.:.:.:ノ     \: : : : : : : :ノ
               ̄    ̄      `  ̄ ̄´
wtf is this it isn't supposed to replace characters between sjis tags
  `-< └Kに二.
I left in a plugin "orangetext" which never seemed to work anyhow
I just removed it

         /rヘ::>'"  ̄ ̄  ` [orange]::
         l〈 /: : : : : : : : : : : : : : \-l:::l
         l::/: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ヽ:::l
     ___/_L: : : :/l: : :/ヽ : :l: : : :.i: : l: : ',
    / 、_、_,.ィ゛: : :/ l/    ',: lヽ : : l: :l: : : ',
 r-/ 、>┴‐- 、li: : :./       ',l ヽ: l: :ト, : : :
 l:::\__, <T ̄li: : / __     __  ',:l: /:l : : :
 l:::::::::::::::::::::>: :li: /l  ⌒     ⌒  リ:/:ノ: : : :
 l::::::::::::::::::/: : :ヽl: ト、/// __ /// /: : : : : : :
 l:::::::::::::::/、_: : : : : l >.、ヽ_ノ   ィ: : : : : : : : :
. !::::::::::::::::::::::` ‐r┴'"⌒>'T r<_ l: : : : : : : : :
  ヽ:::::::::::::::::::::::::l   /: l.イ`く/: :./  ヽ: : : : : : :
    ` -r─---┴r-./: : : :l-〈: : :.}   l: : : : : : : :
.     l: : : : : : : :l 〈: : : : :l l: : /__  /: : : : : : : :
.      l: : : : : : : :l  ',: : : l l: :/:::::::Y |: : : : : : : :
     l: : : : : : : :.l  i: : :l. l:/:::::::::/ ! : : : : : : :
That's weird, it seems `<` between aa tags triggers it. Also if I type [ orange ] without the spaces in a regular post it gets replaced by a `<`.
How anime are Vtubers?
they are 3D preteding to be 2D
They are the worst
Don't tell anon that anime ladies are voiced by 3DPD too.
I don't like them but hey that's just me. For some reason when I think of anime vtubers I think of vrchat autists.
(162.91 KB 910x720 sango2.jpg)
just read tokyo gnoul and it was pure shite

thank you for reading
God the anime itself was horrific, why read it?
Yeah I dropped the anime a few years ago because the MC keeps whining. I felt like trying the manga this time since reading is quicker and it turns out the story sucks too.
Happy new year, friends!
happy new year!
Whats up with these posts?
Welcome back to the bunker, the seats warm so ge comfy!
(31.63 KB 1056x518 8kunt.png)
Friendly PSA from over on /a/~
retard here, what does this mean?
Probably "muh russians"
Just auto update it for anime's sake.
it means 8kun is banned in russia
(891.56 KB 1280x720 Confused Gappy.png)
And this is supposed to be some shocking revelation? 8ch was blocked too.
And all it takes to go around it is changing your DNS to one not provided by your ISP (which you should always do anyway) because the government/ISPs are incompetent.
>/animu/ controls /a/ in Qkun
da fuck is happening?
(76.85 KB 400x400 img.jpg)
I guess Mark kicked smug off of Jim's wild ride.
>we weebmafia nao
Here I am trying to get off the mob life and it follows me around all the way to Lascaux.
>FrChan - Le Chan Francophone /s/
>PPH 588
The fuck is that shit?
Late reply but it was dolphin kun attacking the webring. Admin of Julay was retarded enough to add his sits to the webring even though he was deliberately creating fake PPH and scraping IPs
Board/thread flooding, spamming, wiping out old threads/posts, any imageboards, any requests.
email: fn_s2net@protonmail.com
XMPP/Jabber: Fn_s2net@sj.ms
Is /a/'s bunker down for anyone else?
>inb4 muh tr/a/nnies
Yes, Julay is too. Sounds like pure (((coincidence))).
Funny how it happened four hours after posts like >>7780 in multiple threads on here. Seems like nobody can ever just let the webring be.
Julay's up already.
Might want to look at /toy/, the BO is intent on doing everything possible to pull an /a/ and might affect ownership of 8kun /a/ worst case scenario.
loads fine for me, maybe fixed by now

8kunny on the other hand is even less functional than normal
Haven't paid attention to 8gay in a while but it seems /animu/ there decided to cuck themselves by moving to /a/. So much for "winning". I don't care enough to dig out a reason, but seems pretty dumb to throw away your identity like that.
(1.75 MB 2151x3008 Tukiji.Nao.full.66261.jpg)
A chunk of /animu/'s user base just didn't like Smug's mods and so as long as 8kunt/a/ isn't run like that they are happy with whatever the culture mutates into. Predictably the board is picking up halfchan-tier posters and eventually won't be even worth glancing at anymore.
anons should just let each board do their own thing.
How would that even work? I'm keeping the /toy/ board here because 8kun is barely usable and I want the community on a secure site. Why are you trying to create drama where there is none?
I'm saying it's a risk due to how trigger happy Mark and Ron are, Jim might see the link to the bunker and get pissed.
The site down for anyone else?
I should hope not because its completely stupid to punish a BO for something that another BO done. If 8kun still stands for free speech and liberty, they'll do nothing to /a/ or /animu/

If you're on about 8kun it isn't working for me either.
What you are doing is breaking rule 6 of the global rules.
That rule has been around since the get-go. You are going to lose your board there sooner or later when a global or the system discovers /toy/ locked with the link to this site.
But do whatever you want.

Same here.
It's back up now.
>What you are doing is breaking rule 6 of the global rules.
I'm well aware but at this point I don't care. It's just there to redirect the old users of /toy/ to the new place should they even happen to come across 8kun, and that's all it needs to be.
>If 8kun still stands for free speech and liberty
congress approve speech and liberty, fellow anon.
Hey vch/v/ links directly to 8kon now from your very own webring menu. Just giving you a heads up.
That's a redirect done on the vch server to push Mark's users back to 8kunt.
just use
to get to the juden /v/ bunker, I'm using july /v/ anyway.
8kun dying yet again
>/animu/ largely cucks and goes back to 8goon instead of continuing using the safe webring
>/animu/ on 8goon assimilates with /a/ now
>no place to talk about korean pornographic cartoons again
jfc you absolute brainlets
>assimilates with /a/
You retard, /animu/ OWNS /a/ there, /a/ never migrated back from their bunker.
(142.13 KB 736x382 mystery_mustache.png)
>assimilates with /a/
Let's just say they have been relocated permanently, if you will.
(897.61 KB 851x850 79137526_p0.png)
So is there any real distinction between /a/ and /animu/ now? They're both owned and occupied by the same type of people. The old /a/ rules aren't even enforced any more making /animu/ redundant. It's not like /animu/ is a bunker as it's on the same site.

Further more, I don't know why people migrated to /a/ if /animu/ already had all the content they want and /a/ probably doesn't care as they have their own board that functions properly. Seems like a pointless takeover.
The salt from old /a/ is delicious.
Besides, it's a legacy board with better management, now safe from squatters and goons. I didn't go to /animu/ because of the name, but because it was where I wanted to be. Rebranding is fine, and we're probably all the better for it.
/animu/ wasn't created because people liked the name more, it was created because /a/ mods were terrible. And since /a/ is now owned by our BO, there's no longer a reason to seek refuge on separate board.
It's been months and I'm still not sure the move back to 8kun was a good idea.
At least we got to see /a/ being absolutely butthurt when the rulecucks are expected to cuck to rules they didn't make themselves for once.
(260.97 KB 1325x900 K-ON! Movie.jpg)
>feel free to use lol/lmao/omg and omit proper capitalization OR ELSE!
if I didn't take it someone else would have
yes, legacy board names do matter
8kun has been more broken than usual and there's no sign of it getting better. /animu/ should move back here till Ron gets his shit together.
The "not enough computer for that" shouldnt have mess with /a/, well at least the f/a/ggots have their bunker.
>It's been months and I'm still not sure the move back to 8kun was a good idea.
It will never be the same, I prefer to stay here in the bunker since I trust more our BO, than that boomer.
How dumb are you, you dumb faggot? You actually think the entirety of 8goon/a/ is just /animu/ now?
Not to mention
<using 8goon
>So is there any real distinction between /a/ and /animu/ now?
Yes, all the newfaggot cancer will go to /a/, and since there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it, it's gonna be a cuckchan tier cancerhole.
ok boomer
ok underage faggot
8glow/8yumyum/8cum/8coon is down again.
I don't see why the board name matters. If someone new comes to the site. The first thing they'll do is search the top boards. If they were specifically looking for /a/ and saw that /animu/ had more people, they they would most likely go to that just because it has more traffic. I don't have a problem with you taking over the board though. At least it's in good hands.

That just means you have more time to dedicate to manga and anime. Assuming 8kun does actually get fixed. I think it'll be a few months before it's actually functional.
But I watched cartoons and read comics all day long yesterday, I want to schmidtpost.
>If someone new comes to the site. The first thing they'll do is search the top boards
Very few people are going to come directly to 8kun, aside from qboomers.
Most actual newfags are gonna come from halfchan, and the first thing they'll do is go to the legacy boards, which means legacy boards get more newfags, which can be both good and bad, depending on if there's enough oldfags around.
And they hated him because he said the truth
>Yes, all the newfaggot cancer will go to /a/, and since there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it, it's gonna be a cuckchan tier cancerhole.
This statement is untrue. Because it implies that hasn't happened already.
(101.27 KB 700x700 1433464287853-1.jpg)
It's the pig farm. And do you know what comes after the pig farm? The slaughterhouse.
>/animu/ should move back here till Ron gets his shit together
>there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it
Normalfags are the greatest rulecucks there are. It's all "waaah I don't like this, ban it" all the time.
(274.50 KB 777x484 ukyku.png)
Where is everyone? The 8kun board is pretty dead, and there aren't many people here either.
Maybe a lot of /animu/ anons have jobs or at least that's what I tell myself because I don't want to consider the possibility I'm surrounded by underageb&s that are still in kiddie school. It usually gets more active on the weekends.
I haven't watched any anime in a while or read much manga lately besides a little Pandora Hearts, so I don't have much to say.
Splitting the userbase between 8glow and here was a stupid idea. BO should've just stayed on the webring and not migrated in the first place. Donno how he can repair the situation at this point.
And then it was split even further between /animu/ and /a/.
I'm still here
>the 8kun board is pretty dead
>give Q/a/ to Q/animu/ BO
>Q/animu/ dies
That fucking racemixing boomer makes everything worse.
I've been very inactive on 8chan because of the shitty state of the site long before judaswheels took it down. Don't think I'm posting now less than I did in early 2019.
Everything boomers and normalfags touch turns to ruin . BO is a retarded faggot
no /pol/ means no party for MANY people, as it was indeed the spine of the whole site, like it or not.
>b-b-but /pnd/!
no /pol/ means no party
(189.62 KB 1000x776 77849840_p0.jpg)
But old /pol/ left after the Trump election flooded the board with morons. Where did they go anyway?
friendly reminder if not for jim, 8chan would still be run by freddit breddit
if not for qoomers jim probably wouldv'e discarded 8chan by now
anarchy is cute but someone eventually has to pay the bills. grow up retard.
Implying that isn't another great reason to hate q boomers.
Hopefully some of them are stockpiling explosives for future use as we speak.
Things were going great on the webring before Jim brought fedkun online, Mark, now you have a mostly dead site with "legal """""free""""" speech" and the webring is devoid of life.
Good job you fucking faggot, and don't preach to anyone else about bills when your cake chomping, halfway house dwelling ass has been carried by masonpig for doing basically nothing.
>keeps lashing out at based mark, who's doing good work
It's the rest of the 8kun admins and the userbase that have failed him.
>as it was indeed the spine of the whole site
>implying it wasnt the (you)'s
All that shit doesn't matter, because some anons would had gotten in the bunkers
>the webring is devoid of life.
its comfy
>Why not just stay on the webring forever
It's only a matter of time before retards start coming after each of the hosts whether that be by legal threat, ddos, deplatforming by mailing the host, posting illegal content and all the other attacks we've seen against 8chan, all if the webring boards are vulnerable in the exact same ways. The notoriety that 8chan has garnished has made it both an excellent target and a shield.
Having 8kun back now is a beacon to anons everywhere rather than a webring which is already hard to find. The webring will slowly bleed users until it is non-existent whether 8kun is up or not.
(3.07 MB 1280x720 BO PC.webm)
(99.68 KB 555x550 1447957976415.jpg)
>people will try to take down websites
>therefore we must all cluster ourselves together into one barely functional, centralized website and hope they don't aim at the big target we've painted on ourselves
>the webring is going to die
>just roll over accept it goy
I can't believe you're so pathetic that you actually thought this would demoralize people.
It has nothing to do with demoralization, it's just a fact that without new people coming, the webring will die as anons leave.
Go ahead, tell me how you get new people on the webring.
8kun at least has some infrastructure to deflect most of those attacks I listed.l, the webring hosts do not.
(74.33 KB 463x293 1450573657583.jpg)
>Go ahead, tell me how you get new people on the webring.
The same way you do on any imageboard, I'm not spoonfeeding you that shit.
>8kun at least has some infrastructure to deflect most of those attacks I listed.l, the webring hosts do not.
Here's your (you).
nice non-answer retard, how long did you spend wracking your brain before you gave up and spit out generic insults?
>shilling for fedkun to people who already decided they're not going to use it
mark pls
Berating someone like an obnoxious faggot until they use your site is only going to make them go there specifically to shit it up even more than it already was. Can you just fuck off and leave the rest of us alone?
>tell me how you get new people on the webring.
You dont.
got it, so when people eventually leave because real life comes knocking they're gone forever and you can't get new people leading to inevitable stagnation

and then it dies and hopefully you die too
>check fedkun again because autist is shilling it here again
>/pnd/ and /v/ are still the only relatively active boards
>the rest are either dead or stagnant
Even if the webring is dying the people who are leaving it are obviously not going to fedkun.
(8.98 MB 1280x720 go to bed forever.webm)
Some spend more time offline and get a life, others migrate to social media and become boring internet ex-anons. I have no idea what I'm doing besides obsessively refreshing a couple Twitter feeds as some kind of sad substitute for news making an account would save time but fuck that shit but I guess I lurk here in case I start reading manga again.
I'm gonna go offline and get homeless probably
(165.84 KB 408x511 79411541_p0.jpg)
I've only really visited a few threads on /v/ on 8chan when it was around. I think the quality of the board wasn't that great but it's still leagues better than 4chan. I see no reason to go back there. With the 8kun fiasco, I've found myself playing more games and reading. Realizing that I visit a few threads anyway, I don't mind staying on a slow board and jumping around a few others.

I only frequent a few threads like the Jazz, artist, and kemono thread. It's nice coming here every once in a while to talk with anons on these meta threads too. Also 8chan was directly linked with Reddit for ages on end. I would assume many of them went back there after it died.
I think it's about time we advertise the Webring more to like-minded outsiders. The problem is, where the hell are we getting them other than other imageboards?
If you need news on current events, /k/ on julay has been excellent in keeping up with what /pol/ used to do. I frankly miss /pol/ because of how fast they could aggregate news, certainly not for their superior minds when it comes to genetics and sciences they have zero understanding of.
He's technically right, can't take down a website if it's down for everyone on a weekly basis.
8kun serves only as a decoy imageboard to flock to in times of need and to divert attention from the webring, where actual quality posts happen. If anything, you should stard advertising /qresearch/ more often.
Other imageboarders who should know about us already do, aswell as some who don't. The ones who don't know about us shouldn't know about us.
Don't go shill this place on cuckchan/7chan/whatever shithole-chan nigger.

Let the website grow on its own, only websites that just started need to be advertised.
>I frankly miss /pol/
This is gonna sound crazy, but I've found MLPOL.net to be the best /pol/ substitute. It predates the webring, so the userbase is entrenched and not going anywhere.
/r/ing that picture of the gay nazi furry orgy.
did /pol/ went there or did they stay in 08chan?
I think there are a few /pol/ anons who were referred there and decided to set up shop, however ruefully. It's definitely not for everyone, but the level of discussion (at least for threads not about horse pussy) is generally high. There is also a self-improvement board, which should have something worthwhile.
I've never been there, so I don't know. The only thing I've heard about that place is that /tech/ uses it (obviously), and a few /v/ anons used it too, but now they've all returned to 8glow, julay, or 4chan.
What, those fags that can't even handle /sp/ stealing gets from them?


no cookies?