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(91.73 KB 1280x720 bunker radio.jpeg)
(804.10 KB 240x204 comfy bunker.gif)
Jazz Friday Night: Didnt know we have a bunker Edition Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 23:51:09 No. 577
In the darkness corners of the internet, streamfriend still finds a way to give you all smooth jazz each friday.

Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC updated

tune in with any media player at:

Archives of previous threads:

if you absolutely must listen to the stream through your browser use https://prolikewoah.com:8990/radio (note the 's' in 'https')
or add https://prolikewoah.com:8990/radio to your audio player of choice - do not try to download the playlist
Edited last time by loleron on 09/23/2019 (Mon) 00:02:57.
Everything is slowly coming together.
Are anons familiar with comfy?
(34.80 KB 640x852 Jazz music starts.jpg)
Good to see you back. Stream is not working tho ;_;
im restarting it
(193.88 KB 1000x1414 75524756_p0.jpg)
Doujin Music anon from the /v/ Share Thread. I'll share comfy music whenever I can. Good to see we're back in business as usual.
that should do it, it doesnt count as a disconnect so dont bully
I actually streaming last friday, but couldnt post a thread about it in zerobunker because of the whole anti-spam protection.
I keep getting PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR errors
what are you using to hear the stream?
I get the same with all three links.
Hmm, I couldn't open it via link but I still had the link in itunes and there it worked
(45.02 KB 800x600 r_1195970_gW3o6.jpg)
>Hmm, I couldn't open it via link
yeah, i had the same problem, so i just used rhythmbox
Well, I use Mac so itunes is actually pretty good. Can't even remotely compare it to the windows version.

Looks to be a problem with the NSS SSL/TLS thingy
> I use Mac
Unironically consider suicide.
(190.48 KB 433x559 9846514865132.png)
>I use Mac
(515.88 KB 1280x720 kotoura-san.png)
Likely coming from a poorfag winnigger who hasn't ever worked with mac
(122.70 KB 728x1012 Rossman.jpg)
>tfw used Mac because it was the only thing that had Maple installed, never again
>tfw used Mac for emacs, never again
>tfw repaired Macs for friends because "anon's good with computers"
>tfw becoming Louis Rossman
Thats it for now, see you next week.
(195.59 KB 536x546 excite.png)
I can't wait a week. Which anon was in charge of the time machine? I need to run a small errand.
Thanks for the metal, that's my jazz.
I've had to use Mac OS for work and it's awful. Apple fags are some of the most retarded on the planet
Thanks. Just got around to actually listening to the stream, but damn, did the English cover of The Best Is Yet To Come grow on me. I don't think it's that great of a cover for the original song, but I went from disliking it to really loving it.
(118.54 KB 820x500 789789464561236544897.jpeg)
Can't listen to radio from browser. media players works tho.
yeah, its pretty wierd
I'll look into it after I get back from running
for now if you want to listen to it in a browser make sure the link you use is http and not https and open it in a private browser
>make sure the link you use is http and not https
Doesn't work, even with https everywhere disabled. It just redirects to https.
I'll use media player just for tonight :^)
(82.81 KB 1024x768 neeto.jpg)
>Wanna play vidya with sound but also listen to jazz
>Only laptop has net access
>PC is mostly for gaymen
Are you going to share the listing?
Where's inverted papacy from?
(49.58 KB 188x188 6516518489489.png)
>playing EDF 5
>listening to smooth jazz on the laptop
An - Velvet Cloak
An & Ryunosuke Kudo - Velvet Cloak
>Are you going to share the listing?
its been a while since i posted it, let me look for it, if i cant find it i guess i will make a new one after 2000 hours in paint.
Got the album of "Moon light magic" uploaded?
>Got the album of "Moon light magic" uploaded?
you are in luck, the only archive link that is working, actually has that link
(137.62 KB 847x1200 Iruru.jpg)
Yes. Thanks anon.
(384.76 KB 800x525 hm3.png)
Stream over?
>another bully free streaming
Im getting better at this.
See you next time!
(303.53 KB 1417x1949 Dx__Z28UUAAqdKb-orig.jpg)
Thanks Jazzanon
woah, that was a long run
anyways, if you absolutely must listen to the stream through your browser use https://prolikewoah.com:8990/radio (note the 's' in 'https')
or add https://prolikewoah.com:8990/radio to your audio player of choice - do not try to download the playlist it seems to enjoy serving the wrong encryption-port combination
to the streamer: make sure you are using the mp3 encoder (not opus) as the opus one has issues with the stream cutting out for listeners after each track finishes, no idea why
if anyone knows how to run icecast through a reverse proxy let me know I can't seem to get it working
sidenote: SSL enabled on 8990
no SSL on 8989
(241.68 KB 600x848 6546547897896531132.png)
Im running low on office ladies, post them
A lady that works in an office, anonchan.
Not sure if I understand fully, but I'll keep studying.
(1.90 MB 1137x1432 75484055_p0.png)
Lucky you Jazzanon, I just ripped my recent Comiket jazz CDs. Uploading now.
(515.97 KB 600x338 miru-tights-footjob-anime-08.gif)
the hero /animu/ needs and deserves
>Quoted the VN thread
How did I even manage that? Anyways, here are the goods. I'll be posting everything I got in the vch /v/ Share Thread.

>[Blue Records] guitar de aria -bis-
Aria The Animation guitar cover. Very comfy just like the show's soundtrack. So if you're a fan of that, then you'll love this music too.

>[compllege] In the Usual Motion
A bunch of chill alternative rap I think. But I like the way it sounds. Audio file related.

>[DDBY] 夜カフェ2
A bunch of Touhou jazz artists got together to make a 2hu jazz album. You know what to expect.

>[Nyarons] Renaissance Love
80's style Jpop album with lots of vocals.

>[東京アクティブNEETs] 東方爆音ジャズ14 天
Another NEETs 2hu jazz album. Good as usual but I think you might have this already.
Turns out you can post MP3 but not FLAC files. Anyway here are some samples.
Thats a lot of jazz
(215.05 KB 640x726 71360703_p3.jpg)
When it comes to music, this Comiket (96) felt pretty weak compared to the last few. I found much more music I enjoyed during those events. Saying that, there's still a bunch of albums uploaded digitally that I still have my eye on so there could be some gold I'm missing out on. Like I want to get Futon/genrei's newest album. He makes a lot of synthwave and this stream has played his music a few times. I'm just too broke to order it at the moment.

Do you put a list of what's played up anywhere streamfriend?
Playing new jazz!
give me a minute
Very nice!
(211.17 KB 1043x1483 D73XL79V4AALywk.jpg)
How do you guys find new music anyway? I usually rely on internet radio stations.
Here you go.
Its not my fault if the stream an hero, do not bully!
>killed the stream to post image list
>image didnt get posted
ok, lets try this again.
(2.13 MB 909x15146 Music List1.jpg)
(2.37 MB 909x15590 Music List2.jpg)
Thanks for the stream. I picked a good night to drop on by.
Sorry it's been a long time since I shared jazz but starting next week I'll have some stuff for you anons and I think some chillhop jazz would do us nicely.
An A E S T H E T I C idea. Drinking coffee and relax to some Nujabes, Kudasai, Distant.lo and Slipfunc.
I was also discussing how great aesics/onitsuka tiger shoes are in the buy thread. Anyways, let's do some chillhop.
Next Friday I'll gather a fuck ton of chillhop jazz and other weeb jazz so gather some coffee, tea or coca /animu/ and let's have a good j/a/zz night next week!
>already 22:00
>new album still have some songs left
eh, a few more minutes will not kill me
End of transmission, see you next friday!
Sounds comfy.
Give us a sample mp3 throughout the week pl0x
(7.06 MB 339x480 07 - The Shark.webm)
Thanks for the stream. It was pretty pleasant. I don't this was appropriate for the Jazz stream but here's something else.

[ReVolte] 東方夢幻録 Vol6 地の霊飛翔せし鎮魂歌
Ambient/nature 2hu remix. Very relaxing but it doesn't carry the chill feeling you would expect from the jazz stream. This is made more of falling a sleep to.

I'll try preparing some tunes to share too. New music is always good to have around here.
Check out J'san x Nymano while you're at it.
>This is made more of falling a sleep to.
cant say no to that.
Sure thing
Due to my PC dying I can't share my music hope you guys have a good j/a/zz night
Onii-chans please whisper sweet nipnongsinto my ear.
(93.55 KB 517x294 45617894651.png)
Its not werking for me.
maybe this will help
It's working fine for me through VLC.
(798.69 KB 2048x2048 75263035_p0.jpg)
>Kowloon Treasure Juvenile 1st Relic Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki Sound Track

This game's soundtrack is all jazz. It's not bad. I'm not requesting the whole soundtrack or anything. Just play the songs you think are worth streaming.
>Just play the songs
playing new album
>missed the beginning so my autism demands I miss the whole stream
Thats it for the night, see you next friday!
never let your autism get in the way of the comfy jazz, anon.
It was a nice stream.
(1.58 MB 520x213 crying despair.gif)
Were it so easy.
nice get
(5.15 MB 1280x720 GETS.webm)
(1.63 MB 1440x1440 cover.jpg)
(814.25 KB 1400x1400 cover.jpg)
(2.34 MB 2547x2226 cover.jpg)
Doujin Music anon's friend here. He is going to be away for a while and asked me to upload his music for him.
Marcos Valle - Nova Bossa Nova
Sara Dowling - Bossa Nova
Sara Dowling - Two Sides Of Sara
thanks, im adding them to the list
Thanks friend. You did well. I forgot to mention that all that music came from Bandcamp. You can download it in FLAC from there. They host a ton of bossa nova and jazz. The music I posted here >>1776 all came from Melonbooks and Toranoana. Unless it's uploaded to Booth.pm or Bandcamp, you most likely have to get it physical.
Streamfriend here, i might be late.
I am patient.
(106.29 KB 456x433 789645132654.png)
and its over, see you next friday!
(222.38 KB 760x720 thank you.jpg)
Thanks for the stream. The music kept me calm and stopped me from tilting into rage and I got through a boss I was stuck on.
(517.44 KB 560x859 76746054_p0.png)
I'll have some new music for the jazz stream tonight. Uploading soon.
Streamfriend here, im still slavewaging, so i dont know when i will be able to stream
(53.20 KB 239x236 89745163201654.png)
(1.27 MB 1400x1400 76863785_p0.jpg)

Requesting these CDs.
>Casket - 結柏Mutation
>[Aqua Blend Server] Unconscious Room
(854.13 KB 848x1200 75580831_p0.png)
The H.J. Freaks CD too. His stuff is great.
Ok, just give me a few minutes to download everything.
Streaming Request!
(79.97 KB 419x248 xeNSaP4.png)
very jazzy stream, requesting more verily jazzy music
>requesting more verily jazzy music
already on it, fam!
(126.97 KB 345x450 gradgear.png)
How come ports matter so much? Computers are a mystery.
(46.38 KB 381x408 1556984522457.png)
Very enjoy, my friend
(1.08 MB 500x281 DOOT.gif)
doot doot doot
(130.34 KB 432x411 6546531248964.png)
well that is it for today, see you next friday!
(2.56 MB 1784x1200 76721553_p0.png)
Thanks for the stream.
We're maintaining the stream schedule calendar again, just as a heads up: https://teamup.com/ksoo1xzknw88s565f9
(222.90 KB 475x450 4678946513123.png)
Is that an image of our human hero Momotaro saving the day?
of course.
Bringing some new jazz to the stream soon. Also I found this new rock CD on Bandcamp. It's not comfy, but I'll let you be the judge on if you want to stream it.
>beaner rock
reminds me of some old beaner rock that used to be popular in this shithole, wont stream it since it doesnt fit that well for the stream.
(253.59 KB 615x505 66886956_p0.jpg)
(525.17 KB 1000x563 8989745321132.png)
>Here comes the comfy then.
das it, anon.
(226.17 KB 1024x2048 60848489_p1.jpg)
Oh yeah, I got the newest Ginrei/morph album. It's not as comfy as the other CDs but it isn't bad. Uploading now.
streaming new music
Streamfriend here, I'm going to stream late, but I dont know when since Im forced to go to a business meeting late at night, sorry.
I wish you much success!
(855.40 KB 640x360 1522158072956.gif)
No jazz, no hope.
(412.12 KB 469x685 424245345342478.png)
(97.27 KB 640x400 viprsr_068.gif)
What's this spooky song from?
active radar homing, takashi nitta?
or search and rescue, takashi nitta?
and the one playing right now is Operation medly, takashi Nitta
You can download it in link related.
Kowloon Treasure Juvenile 1st Relic Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki Sound Track
I forgot I ripped and uploaded this soundtrack to post it here. I have yet to listen to the whole CD.
Now I feel silly. Anyone interested in some classical music? I'm trying to find more non-2hu jazz stuff because I know some people are tired of hearing the same songs getting jazz remixes over and over.

Song is by Herbie Hancock.
if anons dont mind, i guess its ok.
and that was the last song for the night, now i sleep.
(212.33 KB 800x800 77113491_p1.jpg)
Thanks for the stream.
Bad news, I will only be able to stream for 3 hours next friday since I was invite to a bachelors party, sorry.
(212.38 KB 848x1200 1466723424888-0.jpg)
(233.36 KB 848x1200 1466723424889-1.jpg)
(214.51 KB 848x1200 1466723424889-2.jpg)
(228.29 KB 848x1200 1466723424889-3.jpg)
(41.18 KB 566x800 1466723424889-4.jpg)
Offer to DJ. Two Birds, One Stone.
(228.61 KB 531x361 879874654156132.png)
It really is early streambro-san
Its not going to last long so I started early.
(36.83 KB 566x676 1562309420124.jpg)
comfy times, fren.
(82.17 KB 1000x562 comfy.jpeg)
hope you all liked the short stream, see you next time!
(1.17 MB 4069x2865 EC9xdSSVAAQhqA5.jpg)
Sharing all this quality jazz and some folk music for the stream. I may not be here when it starts so I'm uploading it now. If anyone wants the source for any of the CDs then just ask.
The most comfy time of the week has come.
(142.96 KB 1199x612 DObKldVUQAAGdJh.jpg)
dubs cannot lie
streaming right now!
Thank you for the stream!
>Thank you for the stream!
But... its not over yet.
(375.61 KB 900x843 77113491_p4.jpg)
I remember when we used to talk about cooking in these threads. What are you guys making/planning on making? I want to dip my toes in making cheesecake flan. Foodwishes blog is usually what I follow to make food.
>cheesecake flan
I can make a pretty good cheesecake
I'm a degenerate so I had a bacon taco for dinner. I've been working simultaneously on trying to lose weight and throwing less food away, and somehow this manages to fit both. Only 240 cal for 1/3 a pack of bacon, and It helps me get rid of the shells I bought last week for fish tacos.
I have yet to make that. I need to grab some ingredients first.

I need to lose some weight too but I really want to learn how to cook. So I either make healthy meals or don't limit myself.
Literally the only thing that matters is Calories In Calories Out. Bacon is fine if I manage portion control. Also easy to be healthy since I can cook up a big plate of chicken and veggies and that keeps me full all day.

What caused me to gain weight in the first place was %50 because I had to stop drinking for awhile and ended up replacing it with carbs/sugar.
And that is it for today, see you next time!
(3.89 MB 2526x1787 77050488_p2.jpg)
Thanks for the stream.
(292.05 KB 575x675 64489489651.png)
>wake up
>its saturday
>eat breakfast
>mfw realize I didnt stream jazz yesterday
I'm sorry.
Now my comfy weekend is ruined and it's all your fault. I hope you reflect on your actions.
(756.48 KB 832x958 48948965651.png)
(22.67 KB 629x629 1530114212628.jpg)
Any anons have the back up for these >>1774 albums?
(603.56 KB 1275x900 76202820_p0.jpg)
I just deleted that a few days ago. Reuploading here. Should be all uploaded 30 minutes from the time I made this post.

>Comfy doujin music
Thank God you are here, I was about to upload them, but it would take me all day for that many albums.
I thought today was Friday and I was about to ask if the stream as going to be a late start.
Time is cruel.
(116.88 KB 413x248 6yGNgPA.png)
Thank you anon!
want me to stream in sunday?
Neat idea. I like it. Would the mood be fast tempo and upbeat to signify the baka streamer scrambling to make up for missing Friday, or relaxing and easy-going since the deadline was missed so might as well take it easy and not worry over everything?
>signify the baka streamer
I will stream at 3:00 PM in sunday if i dont forget again to make up not streaming last friday.
(410.42 KB 764x446 6158948948461.png)
>> 4876
I'm really starting to like violins and the like.
they are pretty good.
Thanks for the stream. I half-expected baka streamer to fall asleep leaving it on all night.
(674.81 KB 1204x559 8979874654621.png)
Is not like I'm streaming because of you or anything.
(82.91 KB 295x443 6565164898465.png)
>its fucking windy
>gee i hope it doesnt fuck up my connection
And thats it for today, see you next friday maybe
(415.50 KB 920x1200 75315236_p0.jpg)
I haven't seen this game's soundtrack uploaded anywhere but it's amazing. It has lots of jazz and chill music. It will be my request for the next Jazz Stream.

>MOONLiT SHADOW (10000 Bullets Soundtrack)
(69.65 KB 726x900 1565529762868.jpg)
(190.63 KB 500x500 the saddest cirno touhou.jpg)
>he remembered
(412.12 KB 469x685 424245345342478.png)
Streaming album!
>I havent taken down my SOS audio
wtf is this?
It's been three months now. Time stops for no one.
(176.60 KB 738x422 651489516.png)
ultimate bunker that doesnt work that well, was there a couple of weeks, tried to post about the jazz stream in there, but they implemented something to fight against spam and I couldnt post shit anymore, so I just streamed anyway, then someone told me there was an /animu/ bunker made by the BO, so I moved over here. Those were some uncomfy days.
looks like the webring is the future now.
(334.90 KB 244x376 cuteswayingloli.gif)
Blessed anon.
(437.98 KB 2048x2048 fd1f240f4c8bd5e5bb194bdac496b096.jpg)
What even got you into Jazz music and what made you want to start these streams Jazzanon?
(198.34 KB 632x625 654132898494653.png)
>What even got you into Jazz music and what made you want to start these streams Jazzanon?
I didnt start the whole jazz streaming deal, I think it was the BO that was streaming?
The first streamfriend couldnt stream jazz anymore and asked if anyone could do it for free, so I offered to do it.
I just wanted to help, that is about it.
well that was the last song for today, see you next week!
(315.46 KB 2790x1032 EGbpSISUcAAAQBU.png)
It is a really nice soundtrack and I couldn't find it anywhere besides Youtube. Luckily I found it on Mandarake and made a FLAC rip of it. That site has been very useful for finding plenty of things.

So that explains it. Well your streams are still appreciated.

As usual, thanks for the stream.
(946.74 KB 436x469 loli swaying 2.gif)
What a strange phenomenon. It seems to be spreading.
(1.84 MB 1500x890 1572138919914.png)
The composers of this album is absolute video game legends. I wish you good fortune for making the rip anon.

And to you too jazzanon, thank you for the stream.
(1.15 MB 720x405 1424640865609.gif)
It might already be too late, this one doesn't seem to stop.
(2.11 MB 680x383 Happy_Welwitschia.gif)
Holy fuck.
(267.33 KB 600x600 1567145524_folder.jpg)
Found a bunch of great anime OPs made into jazz, some tracks are voiced, but comfy nonetheless.
Really digging the Kiki's arrangement.
(572.64 KB 1274x1426 18416190_p0.jpg)
I'm pretty sure Jazzanon has all of those. But assuming you don't, here they are.
I just keep adding music, so I dont even know whats on the list anymore, I will look it up when I have time.
(478.79 KB 480x270 ATATATATATATATA.gif)
(732.55 KB 448x596 ATATATATATATA.gif)
Interesting. I've discovered a distressing and alarming fact though.
They're learned to weaponize it.
I fear we're in danger.
(85.11 KB 1280x720 humbly.jpg)
(682.99 KB 1042x798 78468974651132.png)
I already have that one.
(1.44 MB 1023x1600 x27-1.png)
Ah, it's time.
(1021.03 KB 1144x1500 0bde73ca09fe40d661df9a1705644b90.png)
Another comfy jazz stream. What are you guys cooking, eating, or drinking? I made a simple egg salad to eat on toast.

Tfw I want to eat some very spicy ramen but I suffered horribly trying to eat it last time. I almost want to try again but I feel like I'm just forgetting how horrible it was last time. Despite tasting good.
I'm going to order pizza, cant say no to that craving and maybe drink something from the liquor cabinet.
Boiled myself some eggs and fried it with chilly paste, eaten with some rice and got a beer to wash it down.
Sure is comfy today, today is a great day.
(204.90 KB 1200x1200 5ba3e71d26c5adcbf1701567ac15620a.jpg)
Forgot to mention what I'm drinking which is Deep Eddy Orange. An orange flavored vodka from Austin Texas. First time trying out vodka and something above 8% (it's 35%) which I still need to get used to. At first, I really enjoyed the taste but not that much after drinking it days later. No clue if opening it had that much influence over the taste though. I'm not well versed on how alcoholic beverages works.

Pan baked cheese pizza is still my favorite. What topping are you getting?
(1.43 MB 2524x2984 something wrong.jpg)
(63.84 KB 231x325 2121365464849.png)
>get some alcohol
>there is still some tequila left
>get it
>mfw pic related
a glass of water it is!
Need to buy tequila and vodka.
>What topping are you getting?
pepperoni, pork sausage and jam
(380.10 KB 1126x1000 651c51e1f95d3e0b5386c1cf5698a965.png)
(381.46 KB 1126x1000 cc3322d47e2acecd0d51d88ab2324378.png)
(60.21 KB 625x373 eggs_625x373_61430022092.jpg)
Is this Flap+frog music?

How many of you steam your eggs instead of boiling them? I've found that I can perfectly cook my eggs if I steam them.
>Get small pot and a lid for it
>Fill it with enough water that it goes half way up the very end of your pinky. You're simply trying to create steam instead of boil
>Bring water to a boil and then turn the heat down to medium-high. Place all eggs in the pot and close the lid
>Cook for 9 minutes and 30 seconds
>Immediately remove eggs and cool in cold water. You can also crack the egg shells to let water seep in through the cracks so it's easier to take off the shells.

Eggs should come out evenly cooked on all sides. Yolk slightly solid and liquid which makes it kind of creamy. No green, just a golden hue. Works every time. Remove or add 1 minute to get results similar to the third image.

What? You can order jam on pizza? Where the hell are you ordering from? Also what's so disgusting about that image?
>Also what's so disgusting about that image?
little pieces of something are floating in the tequila
I meant ham, no bully
>Is this Flap+frog music?
(165.14 KB 1021x1016 flap+frog - swim in paper.jpg)
I actually have more which I haven't uploaded to this thread. Anyone want it? Pic related.
(859.66 KB 1756x2451 66871282_p0.jpg)
I went ahead and uploaded it in the MEGA link post here. >>5431
do it.
(110.84 KB 1280x720 whoop.jpg)
Solid yolk makes it great for a combo with all kinds of sauces anon, if you have a somewhat creamy yolk, the yolk tastes a bit too strong when mixed with a sauce. I prefer my eggs with some kinds of sauce, love it when its chilli pepper that adds that spicy sour feel when eaten with the yolk.
(323.20 KB 1472x1728 6522aba7e25d84bd6604bbaf78a395ea.jpg)
I can only eat my yolk solid. I love eggs, but runny yolk makes me gag for some reason. I'm the type that eats eggs with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. That's for steamed/boiled though. For scrambled I eat it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese mixed in. Sometimes custard style on toast.
Thats the last song, see you next friday.
Thanks for a another stream.
>passed out and missed the stream
My torment never ends.
(2.33 MB 1086x1500 75746651_p0.png)
I found a magnet for the Platina Jazz albums in FLAC for 1-4.




(75.03 KB 900x675 LotGH friend.jpg)
Just bought tequila, to make time pass a little faster.
It's time.
And it crased, restarting
>Tfw no alchohol to drink while listening to jazz.
At least I have food. Today's dish: a sticky rice burger with pork and egg on the inside. Sloppy, but pretty good.
>a sticky rice burger with pork and egg on the inside.
Now, I'm craving for some food.
Good stream tonight.
(133.98 KB 991x1400 77587276_p21.jpg)
More music coming soon. If you guys liked that Aria music from a few streams back, there's more of it coming.
Nice, cant wait.
(221.80 KB 811x987 EIcm44zXYAAAvKE.jpg)

New CDs are:
>[Blue Records] guitar de aria uno
>[Blue Records] guitar de aria tre
>[Precious Jazz Orchestra] works 〜2017-2018〜
The other 2 Blue Records CDs are simply there for completions sake if anyone wants the whole collection. The Jazz Orchestra is more of what you want would expect from Platina Jazz.
(178.84 KB 1280x720 great radio, chief.jpg)
Great radio, chief.
Goodnight and thanks for stream.
New music streaming!
Night, anon.
(1.49 MB 1437x1249 73180580_p0.jpg)
>Fire alarm goes off in apartment complex
>Have to leave the building so I went to go buy booze
>I still can't return after all this time
Comfy ruined. But at least I can drink.
(30.30 KB 235x225 789897465132132.png)
just bribe the firefighter to let you in.
>it crashed again
well, I'm sleepy anyway, thats it for today, see you next week!
(372.47 KB 583x642 879874654612.png)
I believe I might become too comfy.
(410.42 KB 764x446 6158948948461.png)
the confier the better.
(967.95 KB 969x800 1573592609489.jpg)
More jazz, more booze. Tonight I'm finishing my bottle of Pink Whitney - New Amsterdam. It's a 30% Alc pink lemonade flavored vodka. It's pretty good. Has a nice burn on the way down while not having a lame aftertaste like the Orange Vodka I drunk last time. No food this time.
I'm drinking Jose Cuervo Tequila to warm up.
What is this? A perfect run without disconnects and no bullying?
See you next time!
(192.14 KB 454x518 87894564132.png)
(1.18 MB 2000x1198 77108212_p0.jpg)
>Azur Lane Jazz
I hope there's a bunch of new jazz for C97. C96 was kind of weak when it came to music. I'll share my loot with the stream when I do get anything. Anyways, how did Thankgiving/Black Friday go for you guys? I didn't celebrate either really. I almost spent no money.
Didn't celebrate it either. Just taking it easy while the weather switches between icy rain and cold rain.
(294.33 KB 1489x1000 1556998269845.jpg)
A bunch of new music incoming. Some from Apollo 10 music event and some I just bought at random.

I had some rain for once after not having it for months. So it was a good day either way.
(760.97 KB 427x240 rain watch.gif)
(1.45 MB 429x534 rain dance.gif)
I love the rain, it's such the perfect weather for setting a comfy mood. But I'm lucky and work is either walking distance of driving distance will reasonable speed limits, so even the shitty days with iced roads aren't too bad or dangerous, and it's the city so buses are an option for when I don't feel safe driving.
spent my shekels on a new monitor and some vidya
(10.49 MB 4093x2500 76480994_p0.png)
>Atelier Marie arranged soundtrack
This is some top tier Atelier comfy.

>FF4 Celtic Moon (FLAC)
A comfy folk/celtic arranged album of Final Fantasy 4.

More coming soon.

I'm love it too. Just got a dose of it while grabbing some food out of a food truck.

Nice. I already have everything I want ordered. I'm saving up for Comiket 97 so I don't have a reason to buy stuff I don't need at the moment. Also what games did you grab?
(364.88 KB 500x720 Jew_Headpats.png)
Vch.moe is finally in read-only mode. Now everyone is migrating to 8kun.
cant let jim shekels go to waste.
i cannot access Julay either, are they gone too?
>Also what games did you grab?
bought dragon quest builders 2 at $25 and shining resonance refrain draconic launch edition for $25 and pokemon ultra sun at $25 brother forced me to buy it and he bought ultra moon
Seems like it.
(127.97 KB 799x1199 70540750_p0.jpg)
Here's the real meat of what I had to share. Some Ringing Volcano, Beagle Kick, Rough Time, and more.
Julay goes down periodically, but they have a reboot script to bring it back. It'll likely be back shortly enough.
Streaming new music
So i just download everything in there?
(1.47 MB 1800x2100 41931304_p0.jpg)
Yes. Everything in there is for the stream.
(827.03 KB 1200x1694 1539415575617.jpg)
So are the next streams going to take place on here or 8kun animu?
What happened to the stream!?
Its back online
Dont know, havent talked with our BO.
What does Padoru~ mean?
Merry chistmas is moonrunes
(463.35 KB 640x640 padoru.gif)
(463.34 KB 640x640 padoru_mach2.gif)
It's a mystery that eludes our top scientists to this day.
How does the Roman Emperor know about Christmas?
he is a good christian.
Well thats the last song, see you next friday
It's the time of year I can finally post my padoru folder.
(593.96 KB 500x294 789654564132.gif)
(3.19 MB 2000x1125 78127035_p0.png)
New music for the stream coming soon.

Tonight's beverage? Alexander Valley Vineyards Sin Zin Zinfandel 2014. Hopefully it tastes good. What are you guys eating/drinking? Also should we send invites to other boards?
(790.22 KB 4093x2894 e69617cca15a6c43984a73416398a210.jpg)
Some more jazz and some folk music.
>The Hot Sardines - Live at Joe's Pub
>Tiit Kalluste Jump Band - Spécialité française- Prantsuse spetsialiteet
>Tiit Kalluste w- Allan Järve- Joel Remmel- Heikko Remmel- Kaspar Kalluste - Midnight Sun

I realized there's still music from last thread you had no time to stream so I don't take any offense if you don't stream this. But it is there is anyone else wants it. Also the wine is good. I recommend it to those who want a smooth red wine.
>What are you guys eating/drinking?
Tequila with Fresa Soda, I'm a bit drunk.
>I realized there's still music from last thread you had no time to stream so I don't take any offense if you don't stream this
internet is pretty shitty for some reason, so i guess i will download this when the stream ends and play it in the next friday
also, by change do you have christmas nip songs?
No, I don't have any of that but I'll try looking for some.
(248.60 KB 1000x1412 0c47752a076eda3223bb995e9ebf40ac.jpg)
Do you guys like the folk music I post every once in a while? If so I can get more.
>Do you guys like the folk music
which one were those?
Like Celtic Moon, Floating Cloud, and Ringing Volcano.
celtic moon music was pretty comfy, i wouldnt mind more like that.
Its over, time to sleep.
I can post more of that next time then. Also thanks for the stream.
(84.40 KB 200x250 13216547897465321132132.png)
It's time.
(759.73 KB 1153x1000 4125332b5a1c84a2d3fa0bdded550fe7.jpg)
Pretty relaxing music tonight. What should I post, more violin music or more celtic music?
(666.02 KB 797x876 irish heart.png)
The violins are actually relaxing me too much. I need to stay awake. Celtic please.
Celtic it is. By the way, do you have anything from Floating Cloud?
>do you have anything from Floating Cloud?
in the stream? there is nothing with that name
(364.47 KB 1240x877 drawfag Histy smile very nice.jpg)
This Acoustical Mix by Beagle Kick is fantastic.
(1.28 MB 1069x1500 78104129_p0.png)
That makes things easy then. Because they make a ton of Touhou Celtic music.

>Floating Cloud collection - Touhou Folk/Celtic music

Forgot to mention tonight's meal. Deep fried peanuts with garlic and salt seasoning. Goes well with wine.
Adding seasoning can easily make it better. Like putting cayenne pepper on an egg. I bet there's ton of good recipes online.
>Genso Suikoden Music Collection Celtic Collection

More vidya Celtic arranges.
Add some .hack//Sign if you haven't, and/or An Cinniùint if you're open to video game music (Tsugunai: Atonement's OST, but Mitsuda seems to want to avoid the album being connected to the game it was for).
And its over, time to sleep, see you next time.
(752.92 KB 2036x1480 72500909_p9.png)
Get comfy, anons.
(418.73 KB 2020x1887 1541ab9dc0ad66aff51c3e02fdcc055a.jpg)
>Come in for jazz
>Get Chinese folk music
I hope you like it, because there is a ton of floating cloud songs
(350.29 KB 1000x1412 78355200_p0.jpg)
Today's alc beverage is Three Olives Pink Grapefruit vodka. I can't say I like it that much. Tastes like medicine honestly. I've had much better stuff but I'll deal with it to get a buzz.

Yeah I definitely like Floating Cloud. I think I should try uploading a TAMUSIC collection sometime.
>TAMUSIC collection sometime.
have you recently uploaded it?
>Today's alc beverage is Three Olives Pink Grapefruit vodka
not drinking today, just comfyly resting on my bed while using a laptop on a table bed to shitpost
(822.92 KB 848x1200 78324443_p0.jpg)
I have uploaded Tamusic stuff to the Share Thread a few times but I never posted any here. It's usually piano stuff, violins, orchestrated and sometimes rock.

I will take a look and download it later.
Don't bother downloading it. I have a FLAC version of that and more. I just need to collect more of the albums for the Share Thread.
And thats is a stream that comes to an end, see you later!
(109.14 KB 1205x2048 6588cee5e4433ecf53900851aa2c16be.jpg)
>fucked up the redtext
well, at least there is no one in the bunker to bully me.
(4.80 MB 1444x1975 78441943_p0.png)
>Folk Music Stream
Time for another comfy Friday. Tonight's meal; a grilled sandwhich with bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, and ham. The Texas Toast bread was cooked with mozerella cheese to make a crunchy crust and a ketchup mayonnaise mixture was used as the sauce. The drink will most likely be hot chocolate.

Anyway, how are you guys doing? Did you enjoy this anime seasons? Book Loli was the best show for me.
Living out of hot chocolate and comfy on my bed
(732.05 KB 2000x1412 78051339_p1.jpg)
I didn't actually listen to these Suikoden CDs before posting them. It's better than I expected.
Thats it for today, see you next year!
(1.21 MB 1181x1115 76146892_p0.jpg)
(8.54 MB Track 6.mp3)
For the next Jazz Stream. Are you fine with classical music? I think it's something people would enjoy.
>classic music
if anons dont mind, I'm ok with that.
you know any good classic music streams? I already have the fantasy stream that some anon recommended, plus another one.
(1.17 MB 906x1500 78327558_p0.jpg)
Those recommendations are probably from me. The Classical Station, Eden Radio (hasn't updated their playlist in years) and the Fantasy stream.

thanks for the links
found this one when looking for fantasy music radios

do you have any trouble with that radio station? it sometimes keeps disconnecting and its a pain to constantly clicking to reconnect.
(2.32 MB 1310x926 78512293_p0.png)
I got the new ShibuyanRecords CD that's pretty comfy. Since this stream is practically over, I'll upload it next time.

It doesn't work for me. So I listen to their Tunein Radio page.

Here's some more classical.
and that was the last song, see you later!
first time tuning in, your pick are pretty cool man
Glad you like it, anon.
Did you all migrate to 8kunt or stay?
I'm going to stay here.
some of us remain here but 8coon seems to be the active place now
(695.20 KB 868x1228 78779309_p0.jpg)
I got some freshly ripped CDs to share again. I won't be around to listen to you stream them but I think others may enjoy it. It's more 2hu Jazz from NEETs and the last Aria cover album. Uploading now.
>[東京アクティブNEETs] Touhou Bakuon Jazz 3 Rebuild

>[Blue Records] guitar de aria due

Touhou Jazz and Aria The Animation music covers. The jazz is intense and the Aria music is very comfy. Enjoy.

I fly between both. But I mainly just handle the Kemono and Artist Thread. I wish the breakup didn't happen though. Hopefully, over time, this place will become a little more active.
(799.70 KB 1417x1417 cover.png)
Thanks anon.
And thats it for today, see you next friday!
(82.06 KB 829x828 chicago typewriter.jpg)
I have some more doujin music but I'm sure people are tired of listening to 2hu remixes/covers. Should I post it anyway?

Either way, I'm going to search for some new music for the stream.
>Should I post it anyway?
I could hear 2hu music my whole life.
This will have 3 albums but they're taking some time to upload. But at least 1 CD should be up for now. Enjoy.
I posted this in the 8kun /v/ Share Thread. Not requesting to play any of it as none of it is jazz. Just sharing at the request of an anon.

>C97 music


A bunch of vocaloid music, orchestrated and violin 2hu remixes, a woodwind Strike Witches cover, and some weeb music.

>[TAMUSIC] 東方弦奏オーケストラ3
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/tamtamusic/tam3-0184

>[Tokyo Active NEETs] Touhou Philharmonic Orchestra 2: Yo
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSsjD6dJK5s

>[葉月ゆら] Tanzanite
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/user-830192064-956698888/tanzanite

Sample: http://www.sound-holic.com/c97/work/data/SDHC_CF_Demo91.mp3

Sample: http://img.melonbooks.co.jp/s/213001028331a.mp3

Sample: http://img.melonbooks.co.jp/s/213001028333a.mp3

Sample: http://img.melonbooks.co.jp/s/213001028334a.mp3

>[Ensemble JFW] Return to Blue-sky
Sample: https://booth.pm/en/items/1711812
Renamed files to avoid takedown.
1: Mel Lewis & The Jazz Orchestra - Compositions Of Herbie Hancock. Live In Montreux (1982)
2: David Linx and Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Brel (2016)
3: Herbie Hancock - Gershwin's World (1998)
Thats it for today, see you next friday!
Good to see you are alive, Jazzanon.
Are you also going to advertise on 8kunt too, or can we set up a thread for those anons?
Would be cool to adv it on 8/animu/ too, even if we don't outright mention this place to keep the spergs away.
>can we set up a thread for those anons?
I would appreciate if someone could set up a thread over there, since I will be living here forever.
(335.73 KB 1106x398 4894894894165.png)
(57.36 KB 640x640 87685478678678465.jpg)
How is your week everyone?
The chinks just keep letting the world down with their new virus of chinkiness, I hope you're nowhere near them and are blessed with good health today too.
Great stuff this week, Jazzanon.
trips confirm the chink menace will die!
week is ok, weekend will be maximum comfy.
Testing whether it works for both sites.
Oh shit I think I just broke bot. Sorry
BO made bot that copies posts from either bunker or main site and posts it on the other site.
Will this bot be used for other threads?
headed to the gym, inb4 everything gets fucked up while im out :^)
>BO made bot that copies posts from either bunker or main site and posts it on the other site.
Really? Why?
So we dont have to visit the main site and can stay in the bunker maybe?
I'm actually in one of the affected areas in the US and my job has me come into contact with many people in general.

>Year of the Rat
>I made this post right before new years >>7335
>Now China has some crazy disease they have to deal with
Don't worry anons. I paid my respects to the rat already. So I won't get sick.
(470.69 KB 1157x1637 76783676_p0.jpg)
How long will you be streaming? I have some new music to share if you're willing to take requests.
one more hour left
streaming new music
turning off the thread linker to avoid abuse / ininite bug propogation
good night
good night, friend.
Thats was the last song, see you next friday!
Watching restoration videos with this stream in the background is a really relaxing experience. Thanks for the stream.

(646.52 KB 705x1000 77544270_p0.jpg)
Found a bunch of nice jazz music recently. 1940s, 80s, and modern. Want it in FLAC or MP3?
how is that a question? Lossless of course, and thank you very much!
Posting samples.

FLAC it is then. It'll probably take a bit to download then. I'll upload just a few select CDs and then put up torrents for the whole album afterward.
(727.53 KB 1250x742 79089461_p0.jpg)
Bebop = CD008+9 - Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra (1944-46) [320]
Chico = 1997. The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Chico Hamilton Quintet (6 CD)
Saint-Germain = VA - Saint-Germain-Des-Pres Cafe Paris (Limited Edition) - Disc 1 - 2007 (FLAC)
European Jazz = European Jazz Trio - Best Repertoire (2011) [FLAC] {Pony Canyon KR PCKD-00222}

Not all of it is uploaded yet but It should be in 30 minutes.
(664.86 KB 1534x1200 78935764_p2.png)
It's finished uploading, faster than expected too. I threw Uyama Hiroto and Haruka Nakamura collections in there as well. If you're a fan of Nujabes, you might like them. Anyway, here are the torrents for the jazz.

>2008.VA - Bebop Story (The Encyclopedia Of Jazz Part 4) [320]

>European Jazz Trio - Best Repertoire (2011) [FLAC] {Pony Canyon KR PCKD-00222}

>VA - Saint-Germain-Des-Pres Cafe Paris (Limited Edition) - 10CD - 2007 (FLAC)

>1997. The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Chico Hamilton Quintet (6 CD)
thanks, I will download it later, since it fucks up the stream.
just started the thread linker, slipped my mind
(63.43 KB 430x640 images.jfif)
Jazzanon, please share the album for Katsu Hoshi block, it sounds amazing.
And that was the last song, see you next firday!
Thanks for the stream. Comfy song to end it on too.
Also thanks for the stream!
I posted it in the GD link here. >>7748
Thanks anon!
Time to sleep. Thanks for the stream. It was nice to listen to while drawing.
Good night, anon.
(2.26 MB 2456x1607 78931196_p0.jpg)
Haruka Nakamura really knows how to make some relaxing tunes.
(49.80 KB 292x182 87789486512.png)
pretty comfy.
(712.17 KB 456x1683 image_2020-02-07_20-06-42.png)
(433.58 KB 456x1471 image_2020-02-07_20-07-08.png)
(426.30 KB 456x1147 image_2020-02-07_20-07-19.png)
This comfy music reminds me of this. How many times have you guys lived like pic related during your vacation? Every time I take vacation for more than 2 weeks, I become nocturnal. It gets really comfy reading visual novels through the night and going to sleep at dawn.
for some strange reason i keep waking up earlier, so i just lay on my bed thinking of silly stories in my head.
(6.91 MB 2612x2900 79326842_p1.png)
I just end up reading a book about superstition and folklore. Crazy stuff like wearing deer antlers can protect you from "The Evil Eye" or how holding a hunk of steel protects you from ghosts. The rabbit threads got me into reading more about superstition.
>start playing videogames
>didnt notice the time
last song and im going to bed
Thanks for the stream. I'll post some new music again next time.
How are you all doing with your waifu?
(819.94 KB 2480x3507 67620638_p0.jpg)
(67.58 KB 960x1280 cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpeg)
Man you have enough new jazz music for several streams now. I'll post a ton more soon. Just checking if the torrents work first.

I'm getting along just fine with my waifu. For tonight's stream I'm drinking Arbor Mist White Zinfandel. It's a cheap 6% ALC wine with a raspberry and lime taste. It's not bad. It's like a mix between raspberry juice, wine, and a small kick that you would get from carbonated drinks like Sprite.
(170.67 KB 1452x1164 benis.jpg)
How's the Year of the Rat going for you guys? Did you pay your respects to the rat for protection?
>How's the Year of the Rat going for you guys?
>chink holocaust
is going great.
(630.09 KB 360x360 Crazy_Cat_Laughing.webm)
We get a first hand look at an authoritarian government screwing over their people and it's being broadcasted to everyone in mass and the way Chinese are having a meltdown with welding doors shut and putting people death camps containment centers that was broadcasted on the news as an emergency hospital. It's pretty great in that respect.
(467.85 KB 1000x1412 Comfy bunker.jpg)
>The World's Greatest Jazz Collection [500 CD Box Set] (FLAC)
120 GBs of jazz spanning from 1900s - 1960.


(2.08 MB 1660x1957 79378905_p0.jpg)
Forgot to mention that it also contains the Bebop Story collection from >>7749 but now it's in FLAC.
(29.60 KB 455x451 1438906520122.jpg)
>120 GBs
>mfw 221 GBs free in hard drive
have mercy, anon.
(1.22 MB 1819x2551 72487280_p0.png)
It's fine. Just delete all those pointless 2D drawing of cartoon girls on your PC and you'll have plenty of room.
(75.17 KB 600x838 1437864753504.jpg)
Dont force me to pick 2D girls or jazz streaming
And with that another friday stream ends, see you next friday!
(210.84 KB 657x658 546132894765132.png)
>start stream
>mfw already run out of alcohol
Please send more alcohol
(715.71 KB 1000x1412 79520001_p0.jpg)
Uploading some music soon. Maybe you guys might like some Bonobo.

What were you even drinking?
(33.79 KB 300x225 IMG_20200221_153210.jpg)
(26.42 KB 300x225 IMG_20200221_153510.jpg)
>What were you even drinking?
I was drinking some Jose Cuervo Tradicional with Fresca soda, but luckily I found a Tecate light, its piss water, but at least is some alcohol.
(1.25 MB 750x1334 75046090_p0.png)
Instead of uploading Bonobo music, I'm going to upload a bunch of comfy vidya music.

Sounds disgusting. I'm not sure what I'm going to drink tonight. Also I would recommend updating the Jazz Thread on /a/. Assuming there is one.
(118.55 KB 650x918 71313636_p0.jpg)

All this music came from a Comfy Vidya Music Collection I made last year. If you want a link to the whole thing then just ask.
>Sounds disgusting.
It is.
Well, that was the last song, see you next time!
(513.07 KB 1227x1370 30795277_p0.jpg)
I found a bunch of Japanese jazz for the next stream. Mainly Minoru Muraoka and Hozan Yamamoto.

>Japanese Jazz (JPZZ)


no cookies?