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(211.81 KB 317x326 3a6.png)
Something's not right with e-hentai. Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 08:31:45 No. 5727
The site itself is fine, but for some reason, I coudn't access the forums and the sad panda.
Tried to log in and it takes long to respond.
Even if I do log in successfully, when I visit sad panda, it showed me the message:
"Your connection to this site is not secure.

I'm using Google Chrome, btw. Image not related.
Using Brave, the panda works for me and so do the forums.
Did you open any suspicious files lately?
I don't know. I'm scared.
Palemoon is giving me the same error as well.
Tried on Brave mobile and it still didn't work.
Strange that even the owner of the site isn't aware of this issue.
It works fine here, bother ex and the forums. I don't know what they're doing since this summer though, I got banned 6 times for scrapping tags when I had never been banned before that.
(278.86 KB 1265x611 Screenshot_2019-11-11_20-30-33.png)
Confirming it works. Chromium.
Tried on all browser I know, still didn't get to work. What's going on with my connection?
>> 5736
It was broken for me on palemoon. It's been about 3 hours since and I just cleared the DNS cache and it works now.
I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been using Incognito Mode most of the time.
Might be MITM.
This could also happen if you have wrong time set on the computer (it will think that the cert. validity expired, or that it's not valid yet).
Or there could be something wrong with certs on your pc (/usr/ssl/certs ? ... not sure whether browsers use that or whether they all do their own thing)
Apprently it works for now. It might happened again soon.
You guys ever use phones, right?
Phone cancer should be sacrificed to Quetzalcoatl. Every one of them.


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