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Post about a series that you just finished Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 01:30:00 No. 4958
Been meaning to remake this thread ever since 8chan went down, but just now getting around to it.

So, the most recent series that I finished was Armitage III and it's a great series. The premise is that Earth has become a feminized and despotist society, which has prompted those seeking freedom or escape to flee to Mars (Such as has happened with cyborg industry). One of those people seeking escape is a Chicago detective leaving Earth to join the Mars police department; and, upon his arrival, immediately gets involved with a conspiracy dealing with the extermination of an illegal brand of robots that no one knew existed: the Thirds, a robot series that are capable of breeding. The rest of the series unfolds more as a detective story (Rather than some spy thriller) with it all ending on a rather depressing tone. The animation for the show is rather fluid and excellent to watch (Although the art has a peculiar "Western" feel to it), and I'm curious as to where they take things with Dual Matrix. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who's curious in watching it.

And, next time, I shouldn't wait nearly three months before posting about a series that I finished.
Finished Moyashimon and Casshern Sins yesterday.
Moyashimon had an interesting gimmick but then never used it and instead devolved into generic slice of life tripe. Really wish I didn't watch season 2. The gimmick is the mc can see bacteria and converse with them. By s2, his best friend became a trap for no apparent reason (they never explained why, he never went back to being a guy), mc went to France to solve one of his cohort's marital issues and fix a family winery, barely making use of his talent.
Casshern Sins had an interesting story about the value of death and the price of life. The world is a wasteland, humans are almost completely dead, robots have taken over. But the robots now have a problem: they're dying too, of rust. Casshern on the other hand is immortal and wanders the wasteland searching for meaning among the survivors he comes across. There was a prequel and I'm told it vaguely follows the plot of megaman.
>Moyashimon had an interesting gimmick but then never used it and instead devolved into generic slice of life tripe.
I'm guressing you were watching it on the stream too.
It left such a bittersweet taste. It isn't bad per se, characters are generally fun (not outstanding, just fun), but the gimmick wasnever fully used. Second season had me feeling it didn't need to be made in the first place.
>Cashern Sins
was good for its story and characters. Art and animation weren't bad, but felt like placeholders for the storytelling.
So, I just finished off Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and it was a rather fun series. The story is that late-19th century Japan has been taken over by by metallic zombies, which has caused the cities and towns to build walls to keep the countries citizens safe and leaving the only “safe” passage of travel across the country to be the railway system. The story kicks off when one of these cities is breached by a runaway train, which cause the surviving citizens to flee. The protagonist of the series is a smithy that is bitten by the zombies but is able to stop the infection, but now lives as a human/zombie hybrid. Once the usual “But I am human” formalities get out the way, the story actually starts moving along with the zombies becoming more of a “tool” for the villains of the series rather than being THE overall threat.

If you're looking for a “deep” series, you will be sorely disappointed as it plays on the same tropes that are seen elsewhere in other zombie media; people focusing on settling personal grudges rather than surviving, estranged “leaders” looking for a way to increase their power rather than looking for ways to survive, etc.. The reason to watch this series is for the trains and the action with steam tech. At times, the show reminded me of Snowpiercer, but the show didn't spend all of it's time with the passengers on the train and focuses more on the characters moving from town to town. Actually, thinking about it, the story actually reminds me of the progression and “fun” of Bioshock 2, with the character just moving along in a doomed (vintage) world with some faint amount of hope that things will be get better, and slaughtering an endless stream of enemies along the way.

The animation and art of the series is rather enjoyable to look at, though it seems like the studio did make the shading weirdly offputting. Also the series, the series does use quite a bit of CG, but much of it isn't that noticeable outside of the trains and the bigger monsters as they seemed to have done the usual thing of overlaying the CG with actual drawings. The audio also stays in the background for much of the series and only comes into the forefront during two of the “crucial” scenes in the series.

Overall, I would recommend the series to anyone looking for a fun, mindless violence, series to watch.
It was a damn shame that the antagonist was beyond retarded.
You are right, the story should have focused on people surviving, upgrading equipment,
and trading, instead of letting the villian fucking shit up, because of muh daddy issues!
Didnt expect much from that movie, but it got pretty fun and bloody, except for the ending nigglet and chinkgirl would just die of starvation
I just finished Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. I don't remember seeing anyone even mention this series back when it was airing, and it's not surprising as it's easy to see how it could get hit with a bad case of Monster Hunter Syndrome, when people immediately write off something as a "shitty X clone" just because it wasn't the first in the genre. In the same way, I'll bet everyone wrote off this series as trying to ride Madoka's coattails as yet another dark, violent magical girl show, but Asuka manages to do it right in a lot of ways Madoka didn't. The fact that magical girls are immediately militarized by world governments is completely realistic and probably exactly what would happen if magic were real. The edge factor and violence seems to be there less for its own sake and more for driving home the tone of the series, and it was interesting to see how unique each girl's fighting style was based on her strengths and weaknesses. I liked that most of the characters on both sides of the fight were good people forced to do terrible things, and almost all of the magical girls felt fleshed out and likeable rather than there being one girl that stands out head and shoulders above the rest as the best girl. On the negative side, it's clearly a several hour long ad for the manga, meaning no resolution to the story, but overall, I liked it a lot. It's not often that I find myself able to marathon series these days given how boring or cliche most of the stuff coming out is, but this show had my ass nailed to my seat with its combination of hot girls, gratuitous violence, and a refreshingly realistic look at how the real world would eat magical girls and spit them out as broken messes.
(1.13 MB 1280x720 Wasted time saving gay shit.png)
(1.08 MB 1280x720 That was pathetic.png)
(1.45 MB 1280x720 I don't care (2).png)
(1.23 MB 1280x720 You want sex!.png)
(1.05 MB 1280x720 Grow up to be great people.png)
I didn't finish it in that I watched it all the way to the end, but I would like to declare that I am DONE watching Genesis of Aquarion after watching 19 episodes. Here are the reasons why.

The premise of the series is that the homosexual angels in heaven are slaughtering humans for God knows why. However, one day, one of these homosexuals decides that he prefers the breasts and vagina of a woman over another man's penis, and decides to rebel against his fellow angels and drives them off. Fast forward 12 thousand years, and the angels have returned to now harvest humans, instead of mass slaughtering, them in order to get revenge on the angel who decided that he no longer wanted to be a homosexual.
And, the U.N. has created a special task force designed to pilot three ancient mechs and whose purpose is to fight off the angels. The series focuses on Apollo, a survivor of one of these harvestings, who ends up becoming the best pilot through sheer will and that he's the reincarnation of said anti-gay angel. AND, that's all you really need to know about the series as the rest of it cannot decide what it wants to be. The show is setup about the cast going to a school designed to teach them how to pilot the mech, but never a single thing is explained as to how anything works. Some of the kids have ESP powers, but their instructors know as much about this as the viewer. One of the instructors is apparently “the voice of God”, who takes over the academy in the first episode but never anything is revealed, including how it is that he is now “officially” in charge. There's a vampire as well, for some reason. A couple of the kids are the decedent of the anti-gay angel. The mechs merging together seems to be some euphemism for sex. OH, and the protagonist of the series doesn't really seem all that interested in saving his friends who were abducted. In fact, it seems like none of the cast really are. You get glimpses of all the “pain” the characters have had in their life, but it all feels so shallow and artificial in it's deliver and seems to serve no other purpose than reignite the character's flame to give them a “cause” to punch something. And that's pretty much how everything in this series is resolved, the characters finally get angry enough to have a reason to punch the enemies on top of the myriad of reasons that worked before but not now.
(1.49 MB 1280x720 Proof of no self control.png)
(1.08 MB 1280x720 Restained.png)
(737.72 KB 1280x720 Figure that out yourself.png)
(1.51 MB 1280x720 That's gross.png)
(1014.12 KB 1280x720 The naughty child is stupid.png)
Apparently this show made me angry enough that my explanation will encompass several posts.
And, let's be honest, I have no problem with the idea the “violence solves all problems”. More often than not it does, but that's not the point. When a character is willing to risk the life of his teammates, and friends, because of selfish matters, you yank them out of combat and put the next best person in (Which is possible in the most immediate way because they have teleportation machines). YOU DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE FIELD AND POSSIBLY CAUSE THE DEATHS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED! In fact, the show keeps trying to show that “each person is important”, but that isn't the way things work. There are over 20 characters in the series who are suited up and ready for battle, and less than half of them are fleshed out in any way despite becoming more “vital” to the story later on. Even less are even shown piloting the damn things or using the training machines (Outside of when it's relevant). I know this criticism can be bypassed with stating “Well, they're just a bunch of kids at a school. Don't worry about the fact that this is a military school and that the kids are part of a military project,” if it wasn't for the fact that other series have had to deal with kids in this situation as well. The original Mobile Suit Gundam series was actually about a group kids, caught in the middle of a war, and they weren't willing to put up with even a fraction of the stuff the adults are allowing in this series. Then there was Aim for the Top! Gunbuster (Another show that I didn't particularly care for, but still better this) where the first episode didn't try to hide the fact that the protagonist WAS going to fail, not become a mech pilot, and someone else was going to take the place that she wanted.

But, enough on ragging about the story, what about the animation? It's cheap. All of the mech fighting takes place with 3D CG, with none of the fights actually...look like fights. In fact, all of the battle taking place seem more like the mech and enemies are dancing with each other which would be interesting if it wasn't for the fact that “battle dancing” was done better in other places (From what I've experienced, with P.N. 03 and Monty's work on Red VS. Blue and RWBY). Then there's also the fact that it had nothing to do with “3D animation being a new thing” as Macross Zero (Another not particularly good series) was actually quite beautiful to watch with it's 3D animated mech fights. But, then again, there's more to the show than 3D animation right? Well, the 2D animation is serviceable, with noticeable errors such as the fact that characters at a distance seem to be lacking detail like the animation department was running everything through the Unreal game engine. And the further into the series your get, you realize that they seem to be changing up the art style in every episode, as if they're constantly blowing through their animators. Other shows tend to have some animations teams cycle on throughout the series (Perhaps to gave the animators a break), but everything stays consistent to an extent where you won't see much of a difference outside of a frame or two and if you're really looking. Genesis Of Aquarion, however, starts becoming as consistent with it's art style as Steven Universe is consistent with it's character models. This is not saying that the changes are bad (Until the recent episode), but I honestly wonder why I should put more effort in seeing this through to the end when it seems like the people animating this put in even less effort making it all flow from one episode to the next.
(1.02 MB 1280x720 Found the pantsu.png)
Now, to talk about the audio, the one good thing about the show. Just go look up Akino's Lost in Time album, and you'll save yourself from a whole lot of trouble.

If I have not made it more apparent, I would no recommend Genesis Of Aquarion to anyone. Even other series that I consider to be terrible (Such as Aim for the Top! Gunbuster, Macross Zero, even Martian Successor Nadesico) I would doubtlessly recommend over this. You have too little time in life to waste it trying to slog through the 26 episodes his series has to offer. Even you yaoi fangirls can certainly find something much better worth watching. That clip I saw of the The Space Between anime certainly seemed interesting.
What a shit show.
>The series focuses on Apollo, a survivor of one of these harvestings, who ends up becoming the best pilot through sheer will and that he's the reincarnation of said anti-gay angel.
The only thing I recall from this series (or was it its sequel, who knows anymore) is that the MC's were all actually fag-be-gone angel's reincarnated dog, and the real angel was the commander guy all along who essentially baited heroines across multiple series to wanting to fuck his dog.
(46.03 KB 374x228 Calm Before Storm.png)
(226.16 KB 900x1280 Killing the kid.png)
(149.21 KB 847x1200 Kill y'all.png)
(549.05 KB 922x708 Kill the elf.png)
(116.27 KB 654x249 Kill! Kill!.png)
>That spoiler
Thank you for that bit of info, Anon. It makes me really appreciate the high-caliber story that this series was trying to tell.
(3.01 MB 1280x1614 asuka-1.png)
(1.80 MB 1283x2037 asuka-2.png)
(3.12 MB 1640x1895 asuka-3.png)
(1.72 MB 1810x1767 asuka-4.png)
(2.92 MB 1282x1688 asuka-5.png)
this was my anime of the season for that season, s2 when?
(1.52 MB 1742x1379 asuka-6.png)
(2.38 MB 1459x1321 asuka-7.png)
(2.94 MB 1280x1561 asuka-8.png)
(3.20 MB 1286x2622 asuka-9.png)
(941.76 KB 1436x1185 asuka-10.png)
the sheer silliness of the show while maintaining a straight face made it all the more enjoyable
(640.00 KB 1281x1156 asuka-11.png)
magical spanking
(297.56 KB 1920x1080 Rossmann.jpg)
(55.00 KB 720x540 Ross.jpg)
Is no one going to address the fact that Ross eventually ends up starting a jewtube channel where he talks shit about crApple and doesn't even bother making up a believable name to hide his identity with?
Yeah it was a sleeper. I really liked how War Nurse turned out to be protecting Asuka while she fancied herself the one carrying everyone's bags. I might have to look into the manga sometime because that set up some interesting possibilities.
God I hope so.
(7.85 MB 960x720 Ayane-chan High Kick! OP.webm)
(7.15 MB 960x360 Ayane-chan High Kick! ED.webm)
So, I'm here to talk about three series that I recently finished.

The first one is Ayane's High Kick. It's a simple two episode series about a protagonist who wants to become a professional wrestler, but is duped into becoming a kickboxer. That's, at least, the first episode. The second one just about her being forced into the profession and her actually pondering on the idea if she still wants to continue to be a wrestler. And that's where it ends, very sadly. The second episode ended with a detailing of the upcoming, but never produced, third episode that would have expanded the story further and I really wish it had. I liked the fact that majority of the show was actually about Ayane training for her fights and how she's trying to balance her personal life with becoming a kickboxer, with the fights at the end of both episode feeling like a pay-off to all the struggle you see her going through. However, with that being said, the show doesn't end up leaving you with a blue-ball feeling (Like Ninja Resurrection did) as each episode is “complete” in itself but still leaving something there to be expanded upon. As for as the animation, it's all the 90's goodness with animations that do make you excited for the fights taking place. 'Overall, I would recommend Ayane's High Kick to anyone who's interested in a simple sports series. Though, I wonder if the manga is just a retelling of the anime or if it wraps some things up (Considering that it was produced a few months after the second episode, probably the latter).
(7.20 MB 540x360 Magic Users Club OP.webm)
(7.63 MB 710x478 Magic User's Club ED.webm)
The second one is Magic Users Club. The premise of that series is that an alien probe has landed on Earth and is assessing the viability of possibly invading it. However the probe actually does nothing except scan the actions of people all day, and humanity goes about living their daily lives; except for the members of the magic club where the president thinks that the invaders are here for something much more sinister. That's, at least, the setup for the series with the rest of it being more about the club members learning about how to use magic while the probe is trying to understand what is going on. It's all a really cute series with how the story unfolds and it doesn't really waste it's time with much filler. Each event flows right into the next episode, leaving the viewer to fully understand all the antics taking place. Like Ayane, Magic Users Club uses the similar cartoonish style used by many other 90's series, however the art focuses more on the characters looking “cute” rather than the series having any real action. And, that's on top of the fact that the music gives the series a more mellow and sweet vibe to it all. Overall, Magic Users Club is another fun series that I would recommend to anyone interested. However, I am curious as to where the TV series picks up since it seems like the “main threat” is now gone.
(7.30 MB 1280x960 Virgin Fleet OP.webm)
(126.56 KB 512x512 SLPM-86191-F-ALL.jpg)
Now, to talk the last series, it is Virgin Fleet. The premise that that the Russo-Japanese War never actually concluded and only came to end due to a “cease-fire” agreement brought about due to the Japanese military's discovery and immediate usage of “Virgin Energy”. Since then, 15 years have passed with the Japanese military training young virgin girls to harness their power, all the while the Japanese and Russian militaries are playing political games of being friends but ultimately waiting to see who's going to be the first one to pull the trigger and restart the war. Despite the title, the series isn't actually sexual in nature at all and takes itself much more seriously in the fact that there's the looming possibility of war breaking out at any moment. And the three “main” protagonists do become confronted with the fact that, despite being just kids, they are required to become soldiers due to the nature of their power. Aside from leading up to the possibility of a war, the other “plot” of the series is the MAIN main protagonist having to come to the decision of if she wants to get married to her fiance or become a soldier, and this brings out a “cuter” part of the series that alleviates some of the pressure with how mature the rest of the show unfolds. All that being said, the story does develop in a matter like it feels like the writers were intending to build up to something bigger (Which leads me to assume that the OVA was made as a promo for the PlayStation game), but it does end on a note where the story can end there and the viewer can walk away satisfied. As far as the animation, it's much more developed and active than either of the previous series that I mention in this post, though I did find the art style to be more off-putting. Also, it was actually rather nice to see a flight-based series that didn't rely on 3D animation. And, as for the audio, the series is rather silent a lot of the time with most of the music kicking in for the joke and emotional scenes. Overall, Virgin Fleet is another series that I would very much recommend to anyone interested. I just look forward to seeing where the game picks up with the story.
i finished ur mom lol
I'm halfway through. It doesn't seem very memorable, but it's done well enough that one doesn't get bored most of the time. Not something I'll be keeping, but will finish it.

Just recently finished Toradora. I liked it quite a bit. Out of series that involve romance in major way (and take themselves somewhat seriously), this has to be near the top (admittedly, I haven't watched too many of those, so that may not be too good a measure). Felt a little harem-ish towards the end, and the supposed unpopularity seemed like bit of a lie, but those are very minor gripes.
Recommendations of stuff with similar tone are welcome.

Also, oreimo. Watched that due to a comment promising that "there's nothing weird going on between them, I promise". Still enjoyed it, even tho incest is still a sin.
had a lot of fun watching Magic users club
i remember watching that one and didnt like it that much
>there is a videogame
I guess I will put that in the backlog


no cookies?