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Kemono Thread Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 07:53:47 No. 441
What have you guys been reading? I'm still catching up with Tamamo-chan. Beastars is getting an anime but I'm probably going to read the manga since it's all CG.

RIP /kemono/.
In the last thread, someone brought up how kemono artists were deleting their twitters or were getting banned. Anyone have any idea what was happening?
(83.94 KB 700x1102 56.jpg)
(123.79 KB 699x1199 57.jpg)
(124.12 KB 699x1199 58.jpg)
(98.15 KB 699x1199 59.jpg)
(122.14 KB 700x1187 60.jpg)
Glad this artist still draws this comic.

We should make a list of where you can find good artists. Or at least link to their Twitter/Pixiv/Pawoo page. Speaking of which, we need a new artist thread. That was a good thread on /animu/.
I could copypaste that kemono artfag list from /animu/ if that helps at all.
(798.39 KB 860x1214 75755607_p1.png)
(875.52 KB 860x1214 76245634_p1.png)
(11.31 MB 6071x4299 72744881_p10.png)
(1.13 MB 1214x860 75755607_p0.png)
I believe that was me. This artist deleted his twitter and I believe he's deleted a good portion of his Pixiv and I'm unsure why.
Are western furfags involved somehow? I do know they tried fucking with TysonTan after they worried him giving out free shit would devalue their overpriced commissions.
(1.43 MB 1847x2642 69205822_p2.jpg)
>Kemono artfag
Must have been me then. Go ahead and post that list again if you want. I probably needs some updating though.
In that case, maybe I'll pass because I don't follow kemono artfags at all. All this microblogging shit is fruity as shit and could be replaced with RSS feeds for new artfag pictures or something.
That's fine then. I'll start dumping again whenever I have some free time.

A while back I posted my kemono collection in the /v/ Share Thread. Here it is again if anyone wants it.
>Kemono (4.94GBs - 3.5k images)
(1.10 MB 320x240 1448640563770.gif)
>tell myself I'll fap less
>see second pic
(1.38 MB 1900x3000 68003082_p6.png)
(79.28 KB 521x900 76016087_p19.jpg)
(225.22 KB 578x818 1411147828124.jpg)
(888.67 KB 1080x953 59766428_p3.jpg)
(571.11 KB 686x960 58372300_p1.jpg)
Why in the world would you go on an image board if you wanted to avoid fapping?
(249.23 KB 900x1100 61832114_p1.jpg)
(193.69 KB 1100x900 61832114_p2.jpg)
(7.40 MB 3200x3066 64631322_p0.png)
(137.30 KB 1058x1500 0205b8199035675c00c4901b11dec77a.jpg)
Kemoshota and kemololi are criminally underrated. Too bad most kemoshota content is explicitly gay.

I hadn't heard about this, please explain.
(168.30 KB 849x1099 Tyson.png)
(627.07 KB 2480x3508 Mascot_konqi-dev-qt.png)
(70.82 KB 354x270 Graph.png)
I don't remember too much beyond the first pic, but tl;dr (((the furry community))) is obsessed with keeping commission prices up to jew shitters and TysonTan designing adorable FOSS mascots for free is seen as a threat to their racket.
(213.11 KB 399x500 8946516543113.png)
>last pic
>someone saved my edit
I feel warm inside when a part of me is inside anons computers
I guess i will read some tamamo since i have put that up on hold.
Any recommendations about an ara/christmascake kemono taking care of a shota human?
It's in the big Libbie archive, along with a fuckton of other edits and OC. You guys want an IPFS folder or something?
>big Libbie archive
I already have it, one of the few time i shitposted in /tech/, are anons still making art of her?
She still got new stuff occasionally, but there definitely isn't any new shit since 8chan went down. The archive went through multiple revisions and I have the final one. Even if there's other anons with it, we should still have a good place to keep and seed it.
>I have the final one
cant say no to that.
(385.41 KB 700x800 68910371_p0.png)
This thread is far lewder than it usually gets back on the main site. Very naisu.
(91.69 KB 800x1129 48278113_p0.jpg)
(2.00 MB 1032x1457 58696194_p0.png)
(260.82 KB 567x800 53812625_p0.jpg)
(1.50 MB 1000x1412 53352298_p0.jpg)
>Cute > lewd
(3.07 MB 640x360 they made my waifu cry.webm)
>TFW miyubi reprinted his miko fox daki but only sold it at comiket
There's always kemono stuff we never see that's only sold at Comiket/kemoket. Knowing how much you're missing out on will only cause suffering.
(332.13 KB 693x900 66596034_p11.jpg)
The last kemono thread before 8ch went down.
Dragon Girl vs Dragon Kemono.
(184.86 KB 688x971 76255584_p15.jpg)
(1.35 MB 2144x1512 1560842376913.jpg)
(121.40 KB 850x895 1522045187350.jpg)
>3 meter tall motherly dragon girl
>Tomboy half-dragon maid
Kemono and monster girls only evoke thoughts of suffering.
(8.27 KB 156x207 84512.png)
>maybe the same will happen for you too
I wonder what would happen if kemono and monster girls existed. I would imagine normalfags would kill them all off and they would be demonized on the news. Meanwhile the elites keep them all to themselves. Or maybe men won't care because they're fuckable but human women would screech for their removal due to be competition.

Maybe the manga, A Centaur's Life, is a good depiction of this.
It's funny when /monster/ makes memes of monster girls attacking kemono when in a lot of manga shows them to be friends or are variants of the same species that live together.
I'm amused at manga where a kemonomimi monster girl had a full blown kemono mom and a human dad, so she was born as a human girl with animal ears/tail.
>I wonder what would happen if kemono and monster girls existed.
I would like to think it would be peace on earth
It's understandable why /monster/ and most people don't like kemono. It's associated with furries with are crazy obnoxious so the hate is well earned. When it comes to kemono, most of that drama and autism is left behind. So you have artists who casually draw kemono without much scorn unlike western artists. If furries weren't so cancerous, then having anthro cartoons/comics in the west wouldn't be met with so much disdain.

Humans need conflict to some extent. We would just fight over the new resources.
I like kemono but it really doesn't have a place on /monster/. Furfags loathe the idea of any community not accepting their cancer and if kemono were permitted, they'd abuse the shit out of it to make the board just another cancerous furfag colony. If we want to remove furniggers ourselves, we must recognize what exactly makes furfaggotry so cancerous and in turn why kemono has less cancer.
What are your thoughts on this? I know furfaggotry has huge identityfag problems, but where does that originate? Do the awful aesthetics and their connection to mascot costumes have something to do with it? Something makes furfags see their abominations as themselves while we see kemono as someone or something else, like anime girls.
Western furfags are LGBT bullshit faggots for the most part. They try to bring their fetishes which should be kept in 2D to 3D and turn it into an "identity" to parade around instead of just keeping it as a kink which is where the problem starts. Fursonas are also the start of the problems with furfags in the West.
It's pretty telling that /fur/'s bunker is an IRC channel instead of an actual board.
I like both, and I don't mind keeping them separated. Allowing kemono on /monster/ could let furfags invade as you said. I would rather not have that happen.

>what exactly makes furfaggotry so cancerous...
I believe it's the western furry community's ties to the LGBT. For ages now its just been a hive of degenerates. I don't mean simply liking degenerate material like some of us here, but behaving in a degenerate manner as well. No self restraint and so shallow that they can only use their fetish as an identity. They want to preach to it to everyone and there's no community standard to tell people to stop. So people just act as obnoxious and degenerate as they want. Then, when they leave their echo chamber, they find that no one cares about their fetish and furries push their "identity" (fetish) down their throat until people piss them off. They write all criticism off as "hating" (disowning them for being annoying and disgusting) and use that to fuel their smug ego. Over a decade of this shit happening and everyone universally hates them and some people who like furry/kemono content want nothing to do with them.

I think this is reflected in their art with how many OC characters are rainbow messes with tattoos and piercings. Essentially, lots of self mutilations and a heavy desire to be noticed. Obviously, it doesn't apply to everything but its become numerous enough to be a stereotype. On a side note, I don't like western furry that much because the faces are too beast like and there's also the other stuff I mentioned. It goes beyond simply having a muzzle for some artists. This isn't exactly an argument for why it's cancerous, just why I like kemono much more than furry content.

>...why kemono has less cancer.
Since we don't hang around the JP kemono community, I don't think we can speak on them having the same cancer we do. Saying that, they don't have a (((LGBT))) push (as far as I know) like America did and making others around you uncomfortable is really looked down upon. So that already solves a bunch of problems. This isn't to say that kemono isn't full of bara material. There's tons of it and I think it outnumbers hetero material. Yet they don't have the problems we do. As for kemono art, it's definitely cuter than most western furry material.
You guys hate anything homosexual? I don't, so stop pissing on me for not hating it.

Definitely agreed with the western furry community, but even then they aren't limited to just western countries. I mean bloody everywhere.
Have you seen this video? It covers the history of furries. What strikes me most is the attitude of the artists was of a rebellious and lewd nature so it seems there's always been a rejection of morality, taste, and artistic finesse.

Although the details are sparse, you can see it going downhill quite fast. At the first conference/convention (60 people attended) in the early 90s, two fur-suiters turned up and one of them was in leather bondage gear. In a few years they've had their eighth conference and there's a letter at the 18:45 mark where one of the older members is complaining about border-line prostitution, exhibitionists, and people ejaculating on elevator walls.

I don't really know much about the history of Kemono art but it seems to be to be another style of art, like drawing cute dolls or monster girls, rather than some sort of cultural movement or attitude.

Where are they pissing on you? They're talking about ID/Anti-Oppression politics where people use these identities as a means of controlling other people and act like a bunch of attention-whoring divas.
>Where are they pissing on you? They're talking about ID/Anti-Oppression politics where people use these identities as a means of controlling other people and act like a bunch of attention-whoring divas.
Yeah, but I though you guys hate gay shit because of its connection with the furry community and the fact that you guys are fuckin' heterosexual, yooooo~
>you guys hate gay shit because of its connection with the furry community
<Gay stuff is a gateway drug to furfaggotry.
That's an interesting take.

>you guys are fuckin' heterosexual, yooooo~
Don't type like a retard or you're going to get bullied.
I'm just being silly. Plus, I don't take shit at gay stuff just because it's a furry thing. I mean, ever heard of such things like Mekko Rarekko?

>You guys hate anything homosexual? I don't, so stop pissing on me for not hating it.
No need to be gay about this anon. I never said I hated homosexuals or the content. I don't care for it so I avoid it. It's just that the LGBT movement is cancer pushed by degenerates who want to do whatever they please in public, people who want to virtue signal by pretending LGBT is still about gay rights or want easy money, and (((certain people))) who realize pushing this stuff is a good way to demoralize the country, as seen by all the gay pride parades. Now "homophobic" is a easy way to remove all criticism like jews using "anti-Semitic" I don't need to hate gays to realize it's cancer.

Typing like that is an easy way to get people to hate you and anyone similar to you.
(105.54 KB 1200x1440 ECoN1efU0AAYizt.jpg)
(62.97 KB 680x1280 ECoN1ejUIAAOAGv.jpg)
>Yeah, but I though you guys
How did you manage to find your way here? This isn't cuckchannel and it definitely isn't 8ch. This is an honest question.
From what I understand, western furfaggotry started from a group of proto-weeaboos who would trade animu and talk about cartoons. Then the "funny animal" group started up and it spiraled out of control as degeneracy quickly set in and the attempts to quash it early failed.
I've noticed from when /monster/ topics would pop up on 8/v/ that furfags either severely hate monter-girls and kemono, or try to convince anons that the former is just furry and the latter is no different than western furshit. I think this is because, deep down, monster-girls and kemomo are a cruel reminder to the western furfag as to what they could have been if they had learned to keep themselves contained a bit better. Like an alternate timeline, but it's here alongside them. They can't make it go away so the need to find a way to corrupt it.
But that's...just a theory.
A Game Theo-BLAM!

None of that is important right now. I just want more cute kemono girls in manga and another Darkstalker's game.
Don't ask me about it.

Also, do people liking gay kemono things despite having no interested in the furry community count as furry things?
>faggot shows up
>immediately makes an ass of himself
The phrase "attention seeking faggot" exists for a reason. Shut up.
Okay. I'll shut up now.
I certainly fucking do. Kill yourself faggot.
(316.60 KB 779x1000 Lasagna.jpg)
just discovered faeki recently
top-tier kemono ara
(918.38 KB 800x1122 76416155_p0.jpg)
>2nd image is loli
still good though
(605.70 KB 902x1698 Sailor Werewolf.png)
There needs to be a kemono magical girl that goes from human to kemono during her transformation sequences.
>Magical girl
>not a kamen rider
There's even a german legend of a man using a belt to transform. It's perfect.
Or it would be if Kiva didn't sort of monopolize on classic monsters as riders
Also, Bloody Roar.
(240.93 KB 684x865 rab0252.JPG)
(100.44 KB 579x811 rab0252b.JPG)
(320.35 KB 842x1216 rab0252c.JPG)
(18.39 KB 644x578 kitc62a.gif)
(21.24 KB 644x573 kitc62b.gif)
>more than a week cut off the end
I don't think much important conversation was missed, but I will repost the ZenimaKitchen website archive I made.


It contains all of his work from his personal website, which I downloaded and saved manually over the course of a couple days. I have also included the website itself in the folder, which you can browse properly with relative filenames; I included it because his art was hosted there in a way that actually took advantage of the website format, and it was genuinely fun to explore. There were a bunch of images that were two-parters, with the first being a link to the second; pics 4 and 5 show you what I mean.

I can't recall the last time I'd click on a link without knowing where it'd take me, or having a solid idea of what the destination page would look like. His website is also a plain HTML website with no JS or cancerous formatting, so that was a relief as well. It's genuinely a relic from a different time on the internet, so I wanted to preserve it because it has the highest chances of disappearing among all of his art repositories.
Umm... What's just happened?
(81.58 KB 1538x1090 dirbuster.png)
Thanks for the archive. Also, did you use tools to save stuff? I tried to gather some hidden files from certain websites, but I couldn't get to bypass 403 Forbidden error. Any ideas?

I know Dirbuster since it's the only tool able to bypass 403 Forbidden by brute forcing. The only problem is that it takes too long to gather things. Not helped by the fact that the options for the character set was limited and my connections is slow.
(456.79 KB 919x1300 rab0376r.jpg)
(250.90 KB 700x1400 rab0375.jpg)
(76.50 KB 400x600 rab0348.jpg)
(354.95 KB 728x1024 rab0304.JPG)
You mean the formatting? Beats me. Don't type like a fag.
(386.12 KB 820x1178 rab0300r.JPG)
(895.98 KB 630x7070 rab0301.JPG)
(431.78 KB 425x3865 rab0303.JPG)
It was a pretty small website, so I just saved everything myself and there were no errors in displaying images to complicate matters. The only downloader tools I've used were old and somewhat unreliable; I haven't heard of Dirbuster before.

Speaking of tools, though, does Dirbuster work for art websites like DeviantArt? There are some artists l like who host their art there, but the only scraper tool I've found that actually runs just grabs the thumbnail image from the gallery page instead of the full image from the deviation page.
It works on all websites as far as I concerned, but for art sites like DeviantArt, it's not recommended for ripping as it was only designed to find hidden links. Even if used here, it takes ages to gather as the URL from the site is complex and lengthy.

Speaking of DeviantArt I couldn't seems to find any good ripper tools for DeviantArt. I do know there is one, but I couldn't remember the name of it and as far as I know, it hasn't been updated since then.
Maybe gallery-do should work?

(5.34 MB 768x576 Bagi_Dancing.mp4)
On the topic of kemono I guess this is as good a time as any to bring up Osamu Tezuka's habits towards kemono and transformation. It's amazing that so many people were surprised.
(79.40 KB 950x807 CR0edruUAAEQ8Rf.jpg)
I think that's just a case of people simply not being familiar with the fact that it could be someone's fetish.
Why was anyone surprised? I watched his stuff recently for the first time, and it wasn't very subtle. (Granted, if I watched them when I was younger I might have missed them. Minerva Mink from Animaniacs didn't make child me think the artist had a boner for her, but looking back he probably did.)
The aerobics thing is just enough of an excuse for someone to pass it off as a joke. "Oh, look, it's like when your cat follows something on TV except the cat looks like a woman! H-ha ha! Now animate it really really well and make her clothes fall off! Lol!"

>Minerva Mink from Animaniacs didn't make child me think the artist had a boner for her, but looking back he probably did
(29.54 KB 640x480 Callie Briggs.jpeg)
>didn't make child me think the artist had a boner for her
yeah, you realize all that shit when you get older
when this aired it always felt odd to me that the female cats were much more human looking than the male cats (who were very cartoony)
But the show was cool and tend to stop thinking about it 5 mins into the episode.
>2nd webm
>It was considered horrible to be attracted to 2D
Man have times have changed.
I should probably rewatch some other "furry" shows I watched when I was younger. I read somewhere at least half (if not most) artists who drew anthro probably drew porn or fetish material as well even well before internet/BBS. (aside from the obvious like Tezuka) I want to see how obvious it was in other shows I used to watch.
(1.10 MB 335x5000 why_swat_kats_was_cancelled.jpg)

Well, any good animators and artists study the human form, and any red-blooded man wants to draw sexy women. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise; even really old cartoons like Felix the Cat had sexual humour. I think the prevalence of "fetish-y" stuff in cartoons is due to the intersection of that idea and the inherent beauty/pursuit of beauty found in 2D. The whole thing reminds me of the Miyazaki interview where he described being smitten with a woman character in one of the animated movies he saw as a kid, to the point where he thought about her all the time and saw the movie almost every showing it had.

I guess I forgot to save it, but I wanted to post a webm of an actor or other celebrity on British TV who was being interviewed about his childhood infatuation with Naala from the Lion King. He tried to play it off, but after being jabbed a few times he defended her by saying "look, she's really cute, okay?" His wife/gf/whatever was also targeted for having a crush on Robin Hood from Disney's Robin Hood movie.
(1.28 MB 640x360 Eddie Maid Marian.webm)
Gets me every time. Also here. they're not the exact clip but it's what I got. People are still teasing him about it.
(7.60 MB 480x270 eddie_bbc_interview.webm)
(1.14 MB 2089x3003 46_Kemono_Magazine_Vol_2_045.jpg)
(1.60 MB 2077x3003 60_Kemono_Magazine_Vol_2_059.jpg)
That let me find the clip I was thinking of. Had to convert it to a webm to trim some of the file bloat, but this is the clip I remembered. Didn't realize he'd been needled about it other times as well.

Anyway, here's some more kemono to offset the IRL webms.
>They're drawn pretty sexy
They are?
(2.49 MB 1920x1080 1441845268134.png)
They're very endearing characters. I could see why any woman would think robin hood is hot, and maid marian acts very cute in the movie. They even dance at the end and she pulls up the corner of her dress and it's all very cute and endearing.

Also we're getting dangerously western for a kemono thread.
Are you telling me you wouldn't fuck that? I would have pure vanilla sex with her. She's too pure for anything else.
meant for >>2049
(229.44 KB 2048x1451 Dnd_QPHV4AAvrEk.jpg large.jpg)
(549.02 KB 1326x2048 DoADUjjXoAEIvTb.jpg large.jpg)
(66.99 KB 815x668 DyaTN5sVsAA71XB.jpg large.jpg)
(93.42 KB 850x1200 D4pSD-AU4AAJnXH.jpg)
(2.78 MB 2150x3035 70058712_p0.jpg)
Is this good?

That was on the subject of Robin Hood characters. So no, I wouldn't. I barely ever fap to kemono anyway.
Why are kemono usually drawn with such thickness?
Hard yes to both the miyubi pic and maid marian. The way her ears maker her veil point up is too cute.

I pretty much only fap to two things, and kemono is one of those two.
(341.98 KB 603x883 71068235_p2 - まとめ17.jpg)
To accurately portray the fluff.
>Japs want to fuck sharks
(58.30 KB 561x950 CLVwWnjUMAAoo6A.jpg)
(63.01 KB 640x1050 CLXTgqPUsAAQzGl.jpg)
(89.33 KB 644x910 CLvQLX9VEAAPTss.jpg)
(55.05 KB 594x900 CO8x661VEAAE4ik.jpg)
>Why are kemono usually drawn with such thickness?
I thought that was a great deal of artists in general. Either way, I hope it doesn't stop.
I can only ever stomach human on kemono girl and there's not enough of those.
nothing wrong with fucking to fuck qt shark girls
your 2nd and 3rd images aren't kemono
(5.25 KB 507x102 entertained.png)
(1.59 MB 572x238 Are you not Entertained.mp4)
(1.34 MB 2000x2963 63342623_p0 - ケモ看護兵.jpg)
Anon I think he means that they're western artists.
(426.03 KB 880x1021 707753_scasdog_cute.png)
The style looks similar to kemono that it's hard to tell the difference at first glance. It reminds me of Western artists imitating anime style like Scasdog or LiveForTheFunk.

I know that Western style furry and anime style kemono have distinct looks and some Weebs in the West are basing their furry art on kemono.
(384.30 KB 600x480 1420834704385-1.gif)
(492.74 KB 600x450 1420835022407-1.gif)
That makes sense now. My mistake.

As long as it doesn't look disgusting, I'll accept imitations of anime and kemono any day. But that reminds me how the west used to have many unique styles with their cartoons and animations. It's a real shame the industry as a whole has gone to shit in North America.
>I'll accept imitations of anime and kemono any day
You should check out an artist known as "TheyCallHimCake", he does decent thick kemono-style dog girls.

>It's a real shame the industry as a whole has gone to shit in North America.
The legendary Don Bluth has been teaching young animators and building proteges, but the problem is that these talented guys can't get into the industry because it's being gatekeeped by a bunch of CalArts SJWs that only allow their friends and clique in and make sure the others don't get in.
Anyone happen to archive the Pandemonium Wizard Village and Flower Knight Dakini threads?
(287.36 KB 825x1167 06_003.jpg)
(428.22 KB 1280x1810 AG10_003.jpg)
(355.68 KB 1280x1810 AG07_003.jpg)
>human on kemono girl
The opposite is fine, too.
(117.96 KB 640x640 288967_p0 - 悪魔がおる.png)
I've only ever seen one artist able to make that remotely appealing.
More palatable for me of he is a shota and there's pet play.
or if she was a loli and there's petplay loli femdom on the big guy.
I didn't archive the threads, but I have the whole Wizard Village manga itself saved. (or whatever worst korea calls their comics)
I'd probably hate that less if the males weren't always baras.
>gone to shit in North America
Oh dear. how the mighty had fallen.
Thank you
I need human shota with his pet kemono ara /ss/.
Sauce for the first four?
SauceNao and Ascii2D are your best friends.
>that jack cat
I'm so glad that's getting popular, best thing that ever came out of fate.
Best thing to come out of FGO is all the paizuri art. But with kemono Jack, this just got uploaded.
That reminds me of how female anime characters used to be drawn very slim and delicate a few decades ago. Most girls would have a build like the character you see in the first image. Breasts were almost never more than a hand-full and they were slightly curvy, but not full hourglass. This was usually the body of the average heroine.

Now it's common for female characters to have the builds of the second and third image. Much larger chest size where B and C cups are much more rare compared to before. Complete hourglass figure along with thick thighs and wide hips to counter the slim waist. Even lolis are drawn more curvy compared to before.

Why do you guys think this happened? I think the doujin artists from the past simply became the animators or great artists of today.
All according to abe-sama's keikaku.
(92.74 KB 800x569 atw004c.jpeg)
Did you archive some stuff from that site too? I used the archived version of it because it is dead.

(34.38 KB 300x554 44 - W1NxjZJ.jpg)
(616.67 KB 484x891 9 - CHDuvYB.gif)
That's something I've noticed too. I think there are probably some societal factors at work; perhaps Japanese men want a woman with child-bearing hips and child-feeding breasts rather than an athlete.

But overall I think it's just anime becoming more exaggerated/cartoony as animators and artist seek to emulate previous animation rather than drawing inspiration from the real world. When enough people do it, like an entire generation of artists, then everyone who's a bit older really has no choice but to go along with it if he wants to fit in. You can see a clear stylistic difference even as the same artists draw the same characters, like the difference between the roster in the Guilty Gear XX games and Guilty Gear Xrd. Colour palette aside, Millia is one of the more petite women in Xrd's roster, even though she's gained a couple cup sizes over her XX design.

Sadly, no. I've never heard of that artist or seen that website before. His art reminds me of the Korean guy who did that firework comic, though.
(1.28 MB 800x1200 76656941_p1.jpg)
(1.36 MB 800x1200 76656941_p0.jpg)
In the same series. Baiken went from a C to a K cup out of nowhere. I honestly don't know why they did that outside of just being lewd material. Her design was fine without the cow tits. It's harder to take her more serious too when her character its self is very serious.
>Sadly, no. I've never heard of that artist or seen that website before. His art reminds me of the Korean guy who did that firework comic, though.
That's a shame. Hopefully, someone else have it.
(75.11 KB 848x1200 ECU19T-UIAEb0Dw.jpeg)
Man, these sure is becoming one of Japan's stereotypical parts.

"Come to Japan and have a night with waifus with big tits!"
(1007.53 KB 1295x1812 25695f4113152c0f2ee48c6aa427ed57.jpg)
(258.03 KB 788x1050 55084758_p0.jpg)
(139.96 KB 868x1228 CMNuH0_UYAAtPHe_large.jpg)
(26.93 KB 597x697 rikose001.gif)
The desire for large amounts of chest fat is a universal admiration. Not just in Japan.
(118.88 KB 292x475 Capture.PNG)
(451.97 KB 768x1024 275019.jpg)
Does this one actually draw or is it a total waste of skin?

>gigantic, fluffy sacks of chest fat that produce nutrients and keep you warm
God loves us and wants us to be happy.
(196.28 KB 640x400 mpsscrn.png)
>God declares man isn't made to be alone and gives him woman
>even after mankind's fall and banishment from the garden Adam isn't parted from his wife
>the Bible repeatedly says breasts exist for our happiness and enjoyment
>God still loves his creation so much that he sends his own son to suffer and die so we have a shot at eternal happiness and reconciliation with our maker
>thousands of years pass
>things grow so bad over a century or two that even the women go to shit
>now we're stuck with either caving in for 3DPD, nofap, or looking at idealized 2D titties without enjoying the real thing
Sure we have food, shelter, and entertainment everywhere, but the Bible was right: we really weren't meant to be alone. We truly do live in cursed times.
Thanks anon. I just wanted to see fluffy anime girls and now I have all these feels. Polite sage for not kemono.
With the way things are going these days. We should have kemono/monster girl sex dolls by 2030. That'll cost more than 5k.
But religion didn't give us shit. They bastardize pornography.
>genetic dead end with Kogasa as avatar
That's what really pisses me off.
(389.60 KB 800x1000 1436087375333-2.png)
That just sounds like prudes using religion as a reason to ban things they don't like. Not that religion its self bastardized porn.
This is the ideal feline body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
Not to mention paedophilia just taint the image further.
(105.48 KB 722x1024 EDcZz96U8AACXy5.jpeg)
(290.93 KB 600x834 60395617_p0.jpg)
(771.73 KB 702x897 65578828_p3.png)
(247.39 KB 768x1024 44798370_p0.jpg)
メスケモ means female kemono.
Just use it to search through Pixiv, Twitter and other parts of the web.
Can I just share something other than Mesukemo?
(95.73 KB 699x943 DijfqunU0AA-a2v.jpg)
(58.64 KB 600x900 ByyMr0lCcAESPG9.jpeg)
Artist of the last art is here

Apparently buhitter is a site that only shows the image posts of the artists instead of the flood of word posts and retweets. I don't know how it works since I don't read Japanese.
(119.19 KB 1000x561 002.jpg)
(125.89 KB 1000x561 003.jpg)
(105.02 KB 1000x560 004.jpg)
(105.46 KB 1000x561 005.jpg)
(81.47 KB 1000x563 001.jpg)
A new kemono game I've found. Apparently, it's an indie game.

(369.03 KB 1066x1491 EEMAHSPVAAAzXCL.jpeg)
It surprises me to see so many artists making art after the game has died.
Is there really enough interest in the porn to keep the community going? I wouldn't blame them if that's the case. The game has some great porn.
(310.84 KB 777x1200 012.jpg)
>Made the thread ages ago
>Only now just started reading Beastars
Not exactly what I expected but I like what I'm reading. Now half way through volume 2

A few of the artists who created the characters draw them every once in a while in general. I don't think there's any reason for them to stop. inb4 it takes off like Kemono Friends.
>saucenao and ascii2d
I'm not the same guy, but both of those websites return no matches for the images he was talking about.
(916.41 KB 868x1228 24123842.jpg)
(523.25 KB 692x1000 47737304_p1.jpg)
(424.75 KB 720x1052 47737304_p7.jpg)
(326.35 KB 728x800 53459809_p9.png)
>Searched on Tinyeye, IQDB, Ascii2D, Saucenao, Yandex, and even Google
>No results
When was this guy's works wiped from the web? The only other way I think I could have found it is if it was only posted on Pawoo. I don't think anything searches Pawoo.
Beastars is really good, I'm surprised you haven't checked it out yet. It just gets better and better though the newest chapters have plateaued a tiny bit but maybe that's just because I've caught up to the release schedule now
please tell me this isn't isekai
Isekai. But hey, a kemono aunt.
(30.89 KB 198x207 1459400035010-3.png)
(506.93 KB 530x1000 49593613_p0.jpg)
Finished volume 2 now and I'm really enjoying the characters.

>I'm surprised you haven't checked it out yet.
Been reading plenty of other manga and just started the visual novel Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai.

I don't get why most of these stories even bother being an Isekai when the MC coming from another world doesn't even have much influence on what he brings or does to that world. In many cases, it's used to make the MC learn along with the audience but it become irrelevant after they get used to the world. Especially when most, if not the whole story, makes them stay in the new world. Gate and Tanya are good examples recent of Isekai where the MC being from another world adds a bunch to the story. Most Isekai can have the MC simply born in the world like any fantasy book and it'll be no different from the average Isekai.
(121.24 KB 857x1200 DiZjyCrVMAUbtiH.jpg)
I actually found the source and I'm surprised I didn't notice sooner. The artist is Kishibe.
would you kemono milk?
(68.17 KB 648x900 Renamon Thighs.jpg)
Post kemono thighs.
post more big-titty kemono
>tfw no kemono gf/ara to nurse me
I can get behind this.

and this

(3.54 MB 2508x3541 73569777_p0.jpg)
(2.08 MB 2200x3300 73749994_p6.png)
(1.71 MB 2000x2756 73749994_p4.png)
(132.74 KB 752x1062 69154833_p0.jpg)
Kansai Kemoket 8 is going down on Sept 22nd. You can preorder some of the doujins on Alicebooks but most are already past reservation phase. So it's good to pay attention afterwards to see if there are extra copies around or look on Mandarake for second hand products.

Thighs it is then.
(1.54 MB 954x1480 65258570_p4.png)
(1.15 MB 775x1280 65258570_p3.png)
(206.92 KB 954x1000 DA1SilFV0AAOTrN.jpg large.jpg)
(609.78 KB 1920x1080 oh god.webm)
>tfw no big, fat, goth cat gf
(37.74 KB 500x611 1412214528360-1.jpg)
(142.18 KB 702x1200 DqcVqrmUUAAJp6B.jpg)
(121.22 KB 750x1200 DuX0sanV4AAJrRb.jpg)
(994.97 KB 821x1155 DqcyAWPXQAARxyJ.png)
(545.33 KB 821x1000 982b04cd9500a7cd.png)
>Kemono becomes real
>They act just as bad as 3DPD but smell worse
>They act just as bad as 3DPD but smell worse
The only thing that keeps me going is the possibility of montergirls and kemono of becoming real.
>dog girl waifu becomes real
>smells worse but has some semblance of doggo loyalty
>still fluffier than 3d humans
>You have to give her a bath
>Scrub down her body until she's clean
>Then dry her well with a towel
>very smelly, big, fat, snobby, goth cat bully
that's terrrible who would like that haha
(339.84 KB 707x1000 76772665_p0.jpg)
(314.58 KB 1448x2048 Dn3IiYBU4AAcCbw.jpg large.jpg)
(6.96 MB 5500x3450 64739957_p0.png)
(648.27 KB 518x666 マボshimaro2016描き始め.png)
(467.50 KB 1517x1238 66928983_p0.jpg)
>montergirls and kemono of becoming real.
What stops them from dominating mankind?
How do you guys feel about
>Impregnate Kemono
>She births kemonomimi daughter due to being half breed
As cute as it sounds, I'd worry about the future population of kemonos.
(423.83 KB 1697x2048 9a9ec993ed673bb71a47e29bc7a693e0.jpg)
Somewhere, in a parallel universe, there's a kemono /pol/ where people are arguing about the human soft invasion replacing their population with kemonomimi children.
(11.55 KB 480x360 a strange game.jpg)
>lewding the kemono makes them go extinct
Kemono becoming real is a curse disguised as a blessing. Every man who loves kemono is guilty of wiping them from the face of the Earth. Bad end.
(1.18 MB 1443x2048 Beastars_Anime_Cover_1.jpg)
(1019.81 KB 2400x3345 1562608011208.jpg)
(169.90 KB 1440x810 EFB0rVgUYAArNzy.jpeg)
This is what 2019 in Japan look like, folks.
*BNA: Brand New Animal
*This bit in a certain Tokusatsu show (not a Sentai one this time, though)
(44.68 KB 1000x1200 76915965_p4.png)
(347.00 KB 800x1146 75738490_p0.png)
(70.20 KB 415x650 559051_p0.png)
(215.42 KB 800x1000 14097792_p0.jpg)
(339.91 KB 1000x1200 76308264_p21.png)
Kansai Kemoket 8 is now finished. Some of the stuff sold there should be popping up on Alicebooks and Mandarake soon. So those who are looking to get their hands on this stuff should pay close attention to second hand stores. This stuff flies fast and may never get reprints.
(49.42 KB 480x480 14cC.jpg)
>furry kemono
It's over.
I don't want to bother the VN thread on /v/ but are there any good Kemono VNs out there? Preferably ones that aren't gay since I've already played Morenatsu and there comes a point where you can't no-homo your way out of your clear and intended purpose of going down your bro's route and the fact that it means doing more than just hanging out.
(84.86 KB 626x885 DY505k8WAAkGnH7.jpg)
(200.47 KB 1200x1069 tumblr_opjgg8VY021v1ppeto2_1280.jpg)
Nope, it's all gay with maybe 1 that's JP only. There's no straight kemono dating sims what so ever.
Be cool if /kemono/, /fukemo/ & /animu/ get good drawfags and devs to make a straight kemono VN, one about a human guy fucking cute kemonos.
That's a shame. I had hoped for one playing up the forbidden fruit aspect a bit. Like a human finding himself in a scenario where he is surrounded by kemono and has to come to terms with his growing affection, as well as their own hangups and issues.
Maybe an isekai or something since most isekai only have beastmen as background or tertiary characters.
(32.37 KB 130x200 6465465413213.png)
Dont let dreams be just dreams, anon.
>"Fall Asleep with a Dream, Wake Up with a Purpose"
- Some Hallmark Card
>4chan /a/ makes a cripple VN
>8ch /animu/ makes a kemono and monster-girl VN
That doesn't sound so bad. But I don't think I have any skills to help out.
/monster/ tried to make a VN (twice) and they fall apart before they get to do anything.
If /animu/ does a VN let's not repeat their mistakes, keep the discussions and developments in /animu/ and even have an Amateur VN Dev thread for anons to freely communicate.
(504.86 KB 724x1024 53068447_p34.jpg)
(390.21 KB 768x1024 53068447_p32.jpg)
(434.70 KB 724x1024 53068447_p20.jpg)
I think it can only be held together by a few dedicated individuals who are always working. I would assume things fell apart because of a lack of coordination/organization, and a steady plan to stick to. That's how these things usually fail.
Working the VN offsite and keep most of the development discussions on GitGud wasn't a good idea either, which is what they did.
Why do you think it wasn't a good idea? I would imagine doing it on the board would simply cause a ton of people to throw a ton of ideas at you that you would have a hard time implementing. Saying that, I think it would be a good idea to discuss themes and scenarios with the community to know what your audience wants and whether your writing makes sense or isn't simply good.
I forget if it's a game or VN, but there's Yaminabe Aries. Pretty sure it's straight.
Any nodev can make a VN engine.

From my observations, the most important ingredient in group projects like that is a leader. Basically someone who's always pushing it forward and could in theory finish it alone. Someone who makes the decisions and won't let pointless (guaranteed to happen) disagreements break everything apart.

To think it another way, a vague "community project" that just floats around is unlikely to succeed. But if an individual anon starts and "leads" a project and then gets other people to contribute to it, that's a different story.
Too much community input from an in-development project can also be detrimental. Look at Minecraft for example. Notch originally wanted to make 3D Dwarf Fortress, but input from players and modders, most of whom had never played DF, gradually influenced development design away from that idea into something that's nothing like Dwarf Fortress or even remotely similar to the early versions before Mojang was founded. In fact, the game now is just a bunch of random features and game mechanics thrown in without any sense of cohesive design. It's a fucking mess now and beyond fixing.
I just miss playing Alpha and being naively optimistic about what it would be as a finished game.
(135.88 KB 283x510 If this bitch doesn't shut up.PNG)
As >>3388 mentioned, having a project be "open" on /animu/ like this would let people who haven't touched it have just as much input or influence as people who had been working on it. That's one of the appealing things about image boards in the first place, but it can also lead to projects becoming mired in feature creep, especially if no-one is name/tripfagging to indicate what is and isn't an officially accepted feature.

Then, when things ultimately don't go the way some autist wants, he's liable to shit up the thread, slow development, and make people scared to contribute or interact with the project. You remember Anton and Coolpecker from 8/v/? That project had some decent steam, but it's been trundling along for the better part of four years now with nothing meaningful to show for it. That's what happens when you give everyone on your staff complete and total freedom.

I'd like to take the reins on it myself, but I'm currently in college and I absolutely hate interacting with VNs. I think brainstorming ideas could be a fun thought exercise at the very least, though, and perhaps it can provide a foundation for someone else to build upon in the future.

What would you anons actually want out of a kemono VN?
>human male, furry female
>harem route? (personally against this one)
>>historical edo period
>>modern day urban/rural
>>earlier historical period (so, worse technology and potentially less stability)
>battle system?
>RPG elements/stat building?
>time limit?
I've never played a VN in my life aside from half an hour of Gahkthun, so I know nothing about how they are typically structured.
Human male as a main character is a must for me.
I'm open to the other ideas you posted.
So where would be a good place to develop?
Honestly, I don't think /animu/ will ever make a VN, but it's fun to discuss.
These choice sounds cliché to me. I'll think sci-fi.
>What would you anons actually want out of a kemono VN?
>Human guy MC
>At modern setting
>at least a little bit of the "forbidden fruit" angle in dating kemono
Those are the musts, but the idea of a battle system/RPG elements seem cool too.
Maybe a run n' gun game very much like Mega Man and Contra with visual novel elements? Sounds crazy, eh?
(148.98 KB 947x1200 D30Dz8hUEAAO-jb.jpg)
Do any of you guys know what a visual novel is?
Though if nobody is doing visual novels, a cool project for /animu/ would be a bullet hell. You don't need drawing skills, just ask ZUN.
Yeah, but I thought incorporating visual novel games with run n' gun elements would be a cool idea.
I get how VNs work, but you're being dishonest if you think there aren't examples with gameplay added in as well. Danganronpa had the court cases, and Persona mixes VN elements with dungeon crawling.
The characters still need to at least vaguely resemble cute girls.
I forgot about those games, you have a point. Sorry for being baka.
I think there are two major things needed if anyone wants to make a VN.
>Soundtrack Developer
/animu/ doesn't have drawfags like /a/, /v/ or /monster/ have. I think at least there are some writefags.
(61.62 KB 600x338 0e683e466eabbfca-600x338.jpg)
(203.13 KB 1184x1500 D30Dz8hUEAAO-jb.jpg:orig.jpg)
>not posting the full image
Just because it looks better than western furshit cosplay doesn't make it good.
(19.65 KB 620x348 apnl6.jpg)
You better delete that shit right now.
(106.08 KB 355x270 Delet Dis.png)
>"Please don't compare us kemonofags to Western furfags. We hate fursuits and want to keep it 2D like our anime brethren."
>*Posts Fursuit*
What did I miss?
Some faggot posted fursuit images.
Also, anons discuss about possibilities of making a human male on kemono female VN which is never ever.
>RPG elements/stat building?
wouldnt it be better to just stick with pure VN stuff? like a small story with 3 heroines kemono and some choices here and there to get the endings.
>against harems
Its like you hate fun.
>against harems
While I do definitely agree with their point, I honestly think "human on furry" is a self-insert thing.
VNs are full of self inserts, they are suppose to be the player. Also, there's not enough human on kemono stuff.
So basically, fanfics the game?

>tfw no mail kemono on femail human
or female human with female kemono
Tier List.
>Male Human on Female Kemono
>Female Human on Female Kemono
>Female Kemono on Female Kemono
>Male Human on Trap Shota Kemono
>Trap Shota Human on Trap Shota Kemono
>Trap Shota Kemono on Trap Shota Kemono
>Female Human on Trap Shota Kemono
>Female Kemono on Trap Shota Kemono

Shit Tier
>Anything with male kemono

Worse Tier
>Anything with Bara Male Kemono

Secret Awesome Tier
Bara Ara Thick Female Kemono

Try to refute this.
>trap x anything above bara
Your taste is shit and I don't pity you
Ironically most gay furry shit is bara.
Still better than trapshit.
>which is never ever.
it actually pretty easy, even a retard like me can do it
Guys, stop fighting. This isn't about people picking noses on anyone else's tastes.
Fair enough.
Fluffy Senko a cute!
male kemono is fine if it's not bara and isn't lewd without a female

>liking trap shota
found the closet faggot
(47.24 KB 603x936 DPqG-1yUQAAWucx.jpeg)
As soon as you start defending traps and baras, we're already on our way to becoming /furry/.
I think fursuits are the worst.
Nobody's defending that here, hopefully.
The thing is furfags turned their fetish into an identity and act like some kind of cult.
You guys realize that Japan also do the same with humans and non-kemono monsters?
(141.25 KB 1003x1416 6c4faae0c1e9c2cf947107d954e399bd.jpg)
(581.13 KB 1653x2244 76945721_p1.jpg)
(238.78 KB 2048x1609 76960120_p0.jpg)
(590.87 KB 717x1012 71493284_p2.jpg)
(12.35 MB 4299x5792 70962779_p0.png)
Reminds me that Cyberconnect2 is making another kemono game.

Looking at that Down The Rabbit Hole's video on furries. It was accepting sexual degenerates into their conventions that completely ruined them. These people just wanted to fuck and cared nothing about drawing or the art. I think fursuits also lead right into this nonsense too. Stick to 2D and you'll avoid most drama.
>You will never be the human shota adopted and cuddled by a loving big thick fluffy mama.
(69.07 KB 720x880 CQFBK4ZU8AAbTcF.jpg)
(1.12 MB 926x1520 68003082_p7.png)
(83.24 KB 752x900 D7vMQZfU0AAAOLI.jpg large.jpg)
(2.15 MB 1300x2262 68442846_p0.png)
Is this the "I want to eat Nanachi" of kemono threads?
Thick kemono waifu never ever.
Now I know why people are willing to scan NSFW Doujins than SFW ones.
(814.55 KB 1699x2408 04001726750.jpg)
(337.85 KB 1990x2849 Cover 460.jpg)
(401.75 KB 1990x2849 Cover 462.jpg)
(661.91 KB 1986x2862 Cover 456.jpg)
(33.20 KB 450x542 737735.jpg)
I still scan SFW material. I'm just swamped with other things to scan at the moment. I still need to finish the Kemono Magazine Vol 4 and 5. There's also that Salatorobo artbook that just released.
(395.84 KB 1142x1618 04300249880.jpg)
(265.11 KB 1715x2426 04300031910.jpg)
(181.71 KB 719x1024 04001575802.jpg)
(105.65 KB 697x1024 04010200260.jpg)
(748.42 KB 1699x2432 04001453800.jpg)
I'm thinking about buying some SFW material, but I don't have enough money to do so. Glad that you're still doing it.
Jesus, what are they feeding these dogs nowadays?
That isn't fur, that's shiny orange skin.
>When some artists draw sweat on anthro bodies
I never understood this, they aren't suppose to sweat.
They pant with their tongues out leaking saliva because that's how furry creatures deal with heat.
(189.48 KB 960x960 autism_awareness.jpg)
Got more fat kemonos?
(63.55 KB 1114x845 EFW8-n1XsAE-2Mu.png)
Some animals do sweat tho
Maybe anon just has some sort of panting fetish.
Does this trigger you?
Cats and dogs can only sweat with their paws(hands & feet?)!
Canidae pant.
So, am I triggered? Well, image related.
This looks like a bad translation job or something. Also, Comic Sans?
Sure hope he wont fuck that cat senseless
What is it with hunters wanting to fuck their Palicos?
>what's with hunters wanting to fuck the small cute girl that's always by their side and walks around with her cute cat ass exposed 24/7?
Anyone else does novels? Not VNs. Literatures.
I have some ideas, but I'm unsure if I could show it since some makes people upset.
(2.06 MB 2081x3007 53_Kemono_Magazine_Vol_3_052.jpg)
(1.35 MB 2077x3007 57_Kemono_Magazine_Vol_3_056.jpg)
You mean, is anyone else here a writefag? I like to write, but I haven't written stuff for the internet in a long time.
What about an Illustrator?
Are you asking me if I'm a drawfag? I can tell English isn't your first language.
I'm just talking to anyone.
This talk of VNs has got me thinking: are there any video game genres where having kemono characters would be a natural complement to the mechanics rather than visual fluff? In many strategy games like Armello and Tooth & Tail, the characters are different species to show their innate differences, but that doesn't relate to the mechanics. The same is true of JP games like Solatorobo.

The obvious thing that comes to mind is character races in a WRPG like The Elder Scrolls, where characters have different racial abilities and bonuses; such a system can seem artificial, however, because aside from that there is precious little in the way characters react to you. Skyrim is the perfect example, because the Nords are meant to be pretty insular but they have no problem with a cat or a lizard becoming head of the mages' guild or the warriors' guild. In a more developed game, this kind of event would probably trigger some kind of reaction from the mages and warriors who didn't agree with it, and potentially lead to a schism within those organizations.

But that's just me pontificating. I hope I'm making sense.

But what do you actually want to discuss?
(5.52 MB 4961x7016 77043131_p0.png)
(2.19 MB 1600x900 75628601_p0.png)
(527.96 KB 800x800 76773603_p0.png)
(492.10 KB 1000x1172 76936658_p0.png)
(392.26 KB 645x911 77030093_p0.jpg)
Any TRPG or strategy game would be an obvious choice. It's something that could work in fighting games too but the closest thing to that would be Bloody Roar or that one 3D action indie game with the rabbit people.
>But what do you actually want to discuss?
A novel. A light novel of kind. Is it a good idea?
(251.85 KB 480x956 77087866_p0.jpg)
(1.47 MB 1200x1600 71978791_p0.png)
(316.52 KB 1427x1936 77042864_p10.jpg)
I'll try scanning another one of the Kemono Magazines I've been procrastinating for ages on end this weekend. I still need to finish vol 4 and 5. I want to take a break from the C96 stuff as of late.
Well, we couldn't get that one.

Guess we'll jsu have to wait for Mandarake to sell this or...


Is it a digital version? Is this sold out? Because Google Translate won't translate that damn thing on my phone.
(564.08 KB 1764x2508 91lpjJhR3lL.jpg)
(89.86 KB 390x660 76414404_p5.jpg)
(4.27 MB 4217x2936 74286805_p0.png)
It's digital and not selling anymore. I believe it was a timed release. It seems to be sold out in all the usual places but Cyberconnect does restock them every blue moon. You can look out for them here.


I don't care to scan any bara material though. So someone else would have to scan that unless someone commissions. Even then, I have my hands full.
It's not necessarily a bara material, so maybe you should just try it out if it's on sale. It's part of the Kemono Magazine collections, after all.

Also, the link to Suruga-Ya seems to be broken.
(194.68 KB 800x800 flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)
>First image
Would you lick those feet?
That's disgusting. Why would anyone lick feet?
(185.46 KB 1100x1400 1bf81e8cf8ed62d75c6882acb0199f18.jpg)
(203.36 KB 1152x2048 b0a.jpg)
Gotta love big cats.
Y-Yeah, why would anyone lick soft kemono feet?
Wow, what are they feeding these cats haha?
(75.49 KB 600x857 ren07.jpg)
(57.98 KB 600x857 ren08.jpg)
(206.56 KB 683x1200 017_Dt_bZyNVYAE_Y0g.png)
(229.18 KB 662x1200 018_Dt_babEU0AERQaW.png)
(261.42 KB 787x1200 042_DgdD2KjUwAAnEkQ.png)
(231.46 KB 787x1200 043_DgdD273U0AE6fuY.png)
I'm about to start scanning. Would you guys prefer the kemono magazine and a few SFW kemono doujins or a much better scan of Neko Kano?

>(C86) [Mayoineko (Various)] Neko Kano
How is it worse than burying your face in kemono ass?
The former, if you don't mind.
(439.76 KB 1500x1500 Harpy.jpg)
(428.95 KB 1400x1400 Dragon Judge.jpg)
(424.43 KB 1400x1400 Deathnya.jpg)
Thanks. That first one is actually one of the doujins I'm scanning. I didn't know about the second one but I can grab it.

Kemono Magazine and SFW it is.
The former. Seeing the community spirit in Kemono Magazine makes me feel warm and cozy, even if I can't read a word of it.
(535.70 KB 1112x1600 danae_to_sierra_0032.jpg)
(548.72 KB 1112x1600 danae_to_sierra_0033.jpg)
(457.02 KB 1112x1600 danae_to_sierra_0014.jpg)
(487.23 KB 1112x1600 danae_to_sierra_0015.jpg)
Gives me the same warm feeling too. I finished ordering some artbooks and more kemono material. No clue when I'll get around to scanning it though.
(232.33 KB 787x1200 043_DgdD273U0AE6fuY.png)
(130.75 KB 787x604 042_DgdD2KjUwAAnEkQ.png)
I would if they're clean. Otherwise it'd be nice to just poke.
(63.73 KB 688x800 Hold these hands.jpg)
Kiss, lick, poke, feel. Plump little paw soles begging for attention.
Also, don't forget handholding.
(100.21 KB 938x1200 EEWXMHyUwAEkPKZ.jpg)
(166.19 KB 1562x2048 EF6JKtaU0AAXGKW.jpg)
(106.16 KB 918x1200 EFJ_6I-U8AApmo-.jpg)
(106.49 KB 1200x960 EGCI3CBVUAAssLQ.jpg)
(70.95 KB 803x1200 EFv13G4UwAA5nXj.jpg)
(3.24 MB 480x480 ClOQ9wADtouY6fIS.mp4)
(148.90 KB 540x314 2131564879465146.png)
>shit looks cute as fuck
>look it up
>no way to make your own
>one girl cost 24 shekels
>mfw reverse engineering qt girls
(717.35 KB 2884x4096 EGC9yacU8AEzdLC.jpg)
(290.08 KB 300x450 minus8_Piranha gal.gif)
Reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.
(1.10 MB 3000x4000 1.png)
(1.04 MB 3000x4000 2.png)
(1.28 MB 3000x4000 3.png)
(1.29 MB 3000x4000 4.png)
(1.17 MB 3000x4000 5.png)
(566.45 KB 860x1214 72744881_p3.png)
I'm more of a fan of his SFW material. His art is too cute for lewd.
But cute makes the best lewd!
(15.94 MB 3955x2756 76300944_p0.png)
Done scanning Kemono Magazine v.4. Cleaning and converting to PNG before uploading.
(14.50 MB 2462x3497 Kemono Magazine Vol 4 001.png)
Thank you! Also, a request that you missed:
>insufficient funds to download original
>no torrents
You wouldn't happen to have a GDrive link or something, would you?
(1.52 MB 1000x1342 65951667_p8.jpg)
I didn't miss it. Just didn't unsure if I'm going to get it or not.

Can anyone recommend a kemono artist good at drawing "pretty" art? SFW or lewd doesn't matter as long as it looks good.
I was going to download and seed a torrent to help but
>92 pages
>1.37 GB
My internet is too shit to download files that large right now.
(1.01 MB 1401x900 71321842_p4.jpg)
(3.15 MB 1920x817 61272730_p0.png)
(106.26 KB 838x1200 67780160_p14.jpg)
(934.07 KB 724x1024 72535335_p56.png)
(1.35 MB 3120x3120 66931892_p0.jpg)
(459.69 KB 1000x989 74972781_p0.png)
>tfw no cute canine girl to cuddle in bed with
(365.27 KB 900x1024 69105967_p0.png)
(449.04 KB 900x1186 69108004_p2.png)
(612.16 KB 1000x1396 70379324_p0.png)
I don't see why it wouldn't work. What would it be about? Cute kemololis doing cute little animal girl things?
(2.66 MB 2213x3261 AAA 003.jpg)
Scanning several kemono doujins at the moment. Including the C96 Ara Nanachi one. Will most likely be done with them in a day or two.
(124.87 KB 700x464 hs-medieval-hospital.jpg)
Well, no.
If you want to see my idea, it's more like this:
>It is supposed to be one-shot.
>It takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. Locations is set in a hospital.
>The protagonistis a fighter who was injured during a battle and is currently in a hospital. He is a Siamese cat with a short black hair that is quite youthful-looking, yet is an adult.
>The female character is a nurse who take care of the protagonist at the hospital, and by take care I mean teasing him (like giving him a paizuri). She is a sheep with big, fluffy hair (wool) and mammaries.

So those are my ideas for a story I just came up with after a dream.
That's quite the triple post.
This guy is just doing some revisions. Wonder if he's using a different website?
(404.21 KB 700x864 77139209_p14.png)
(346.34 KB 600x961 77139209_p12.png)
(433.25 KB 600x744 77139209_p11.png)
(376.68 KB 700x744 77107001_p13.png)
(233.43 KB 450x739 77139209_p2.png)
Now on chapter 101 of Beastars. This still hasn't disappointed me or lost its stride for me. The characters are solid and entertaining. No bullshit has been pulled so far and it's not all predictable. But it's not flying out of the left field either. The world building is really good as well. While it does have plenty of "diverse and progressive" messages/themes. I think they work for the world so I see no problem with it. I hope the author can keep this crazy chain rolling.
A new Kemono Magazine is now online.
And so does the second one of the same series. Still no first though.
(916.67 KB 1000x1547 76998825_p0.jpg)
(595.40 KB 1000x1415 8eb5744a049aaeba2fbf298ca45d343e.jpg)
I'm scanning that after part 5 which I'm doing tomorrow. It'll be a while before I get to that new one though.
>Forbidden content
I'm starting to notice that more and more recently. Now all the Kemono Magazines are taken down. If anyone wants them then just ask.
Ask? We don't want our privacy!
(38.18 KB 330x430 confused succubus.jpg)
He means we don't want our privacy to be exposed.
I just meant if anyone wanted it posted here then say so. Also using self destructing emails is a good way to trade things.
I would definitely appreciate you posting some direct links here. Normally the panda is a good repository for this stuff, but like I said earlier, I'm broke and trying to look at less porn.
Are you the same guy from the /v/ share threads? Your posting style reminds me of him.
I'm almost done scanning most of this kemono stuff. Does anyone want this scanned? It a large SFW Fullbokko Heroes doujin. I also have around 5-6 kemono doujins that still haven't come in yet.

I'll post them all here when I get the time. Also I'm that same anon from the Share Thread. Outside of the images I post, I didn't realize I typed a certain way.
>Does anyone want this scanned?
You have to ask? I'll take whatever you have.
>same anon
Yeah, you have a very straightforward and plain style of typing (ESL?), and I only know one guy who types like that and uploads dozens of doujinshi. There were a few images you posted that I've seen before, but that was a secondary clue at most.
>almost suggested sharing through torrents or IPFS
>remember anons would worry about getting sued
Sure, if it isn't too much work for you it's always great to preserve this stuff.
(160.38 KB 1200x1200 66102872_p0.jpg)
(106.26 KB 838x1200 67780160_p14.jpg)
(65.02 KB 775x1018 67780160_p9.jpg)
I think it would have been better to ask if people wanted this before or after I scanned the Kemokko Lovers doujins. I plan on scanning (C86) [Mayoineko (Various)] Neko Kano (https://exhentai.org/g/793443/d01f5b33c9/) and then Kemokko Lovers 5 (https://exhentai.org/g/793742/5831e7a226/).

Of course, there's still many other things I'm scanning too. I want to get this stuff out of the way so I can starting scanning large artbooks again.
Any good kemono manga/doujins worth reading? I'm more interested in lewd, but I'll take SFW if it has a good story. Are there any lewd with a good story? Usually the "story" just gets in the way of the porn.
Mekko Rarekko if I could remember, although it's a yaoi manga.
(2.01 MB 300x225 1444790246137-0.gif)
(2.53 MB 480x360 1444790246137-1.gif)
Anyone know what show this is?
Looks like a one shot character named Marina Ditrich from an episode of Palm Town (sequel series to Maple Town).
No I do not know the specific episode, or even how accurate this information is, I only found this out through a quick search and lost interest because I'm a lazy retard.
I'll let you figure out the rest.
(75.43 KB 848x1199 D0yYfAAV4AAL1l5.jpg)
Maple Town Monogatari. Which one exactly is beyond me but I believe it's this one after looking it up.
(2.21 MB 1995x2849 Cover 603.jpg)
(2.17 MB 1995x2853 Cover 605.jpg)
(2.03 MB 2013x2867 Cover 607.jpg)
(3.26 MB 2462x3497 Cover 610.jpg)
(3.26 MB 2462x3501 Cover 001.jpg)
Here are some of the Kemono doujins I recently scanned. Most are SFW.

Pic related is what I'm have and working on next.
Thank you
>he doesn't like cute lewds
Appreciated the scans, Also, you forgot something.
(381.15 KB 672x1100 275_cait_sith_L.jpg)
(213.31 KB 707x1160 cu_sith.jpg)
Would anybody happen to have that one image of the siths hugging? I seem to have lost it.
(883.88 KB 1389x1800 62124713_p8.jpg)
(387.36 KB 750x1178 55787946_p18.jpg)
(896.73 KB 975x1300 55787946_p3.jpg)
(277.19 KB 945x1300 55787946_p2.jpg)
(906.48 KB 1068x1300 55787946_p0.jpg)
That's 2 big kemono doujins down and another is coming soon. I'll probably get to scanning again next week.

>Neko Kano

(826.75 KB 1036x1280 72535335_p57.png)
Anon if you're going to be that persistent to demand things from people then that just might have the opposite effect of what you want. It takes time and money to do this stuff. I was already planning on buying that after saving more money. Lets not get autistic about this.
Kemono thread
Implying it's not already autistic
Thanks again.

>being this much of a whining autistic faggot that a single kemono doujinshi sold only in Japan isn't being uploaded instantaneously by the guy doing it for free at great personal expense at the ass end of the internet
(77.65 KB 1200x759 EAjQvBLU8AAqc7L.jpg)
(430.11 KB 800x800 EBA8JBQU0AEnyIo.png)
(100.17 KB 990x1300 EA5MGMgU8AIhqHL.jpg)
(175.73 KB 1036x1200 EBqLtKOU8AACO3x.jpg)
This is a fetish apparently.
Is this some really specific transformation thing?
Yup, it's a "anime girl turning into an Anubis girl" fetish.
(220.90 KB 800x600 1571521512467.jpg)
That's another one down. I'm going to take a break from scanning now. Scanning around 500 pages in a weekend is exhausting.
Africa no Salaryman > Aggretsuko
(1.30 MB 2000x1414 77365303_p0.jpg)
Your kemono gf pet just peed on the carpet.
What do?
Roll up the news paper, she knows what happens next.
female dogs dont pee like that.
The bane of my boner. It's one of the few things that can instantly ruin a doujin for me.
smh tbh fam
What in the world are you even going on about?
If we ever make a new /kemono/ if 8kun is released someday. What should we do with it? I think it would be nice have a scanlation group like we do with /animu/. That's just one suggestion though.
>If we ever make a new /kemono/ if 8kun is released someday.
The last board was already really slow due to kemono being kind of niche. It's basically just a small subset of anime and furry, but usually with less autism than western furry. If anything, at least create more threads that can encourage and create more varied discussion. Or just go back to before and post porn while recommending artists.
Scanlation would be nice though if we get more translators. (Travelfags who can buy limited copies of doujins while in Japan would also help.)
I woukd love a kemono-themed booru.
This has been brought up so many times. A booru for only Japanese Kemono artists or at least with the exception of Western Weaboo artists that can draw in Kemono style away from most of the Western Furfagdom.
This would be good for compiling all the art and artists of Kemono even the niche ones and make it easy to look through images.
For the love of fluff, if any of you guys start a booru get Weeb advertisers like J-List or something and not Bad Dragon that all the furfag shitholes have as a sponsor.
What about the kemono posters who like shota and bara content? We don't really bring it up in these threads but having 2 kemono threads for straight and gay material would annoy some people and having it all in the same thread wouldn't make them work as smoothly.
That's fine. Kemono is kemono and would go on the booru properly tagged so it can be searched or blacklisted by anyone.
A /kemono/ board as an /animu/ spin-off board would be good, but problem is the traffic. /animu/ has a hard time with keeping any activity and its worse now.
(198.75 KB 600x1023 1494824254597.jpg)
>want a romantic manga with kemono
>it's all gay
Disappointing. But I heard Beastars got an anime so I guess I should check that manga out seriously now. It's been on the backburner for a while now. I heard it's also gay, though
I'd contribute. Right now I browse a mix of gelbooru (good for nip content, but tagging is sub-par), e621 (best with tags aside from weird gender shit cross-dressing males are often locked as female making the tag pointless, but community and staff are getting worse), and http://vsdfdtkr5mh6y33p.onion/
But what about the artists that deleted their own shit and never post it again? Why about the others that not only did the same above but instead disappeared on the Internet radar?
That's what boorus are for and there should be a booru for kemono and kemono-style art.
Even though shit like e621 exists, its mostly cartoony or weirdly drawn shit whereas the kemono tag doesn't have as much kemono as it should have.
e621's kemono tag also gets full of western shit that "looks" like eastern style
gelbooru's furry tag is sometimes better to search kemono because the site is generally focused on eastern 2d/3d, but a lot of stuff there is under-tagged making searches difficult
> western shit that "looks" like eastern style
Like TheyCallHimCake's dogs?
And yeah, Gelbooru needs to fix their shit. Even then they don't have everything and still have a lot of Western furry art that imitates Kemono anime style.
(67.30 KB 609x972 DxQSLY6U8AAGBhG.jpg)
Beastars is a coming of age story combined with social commentary. I don't think it's much of a romance as opposed to another side to show character development and maturity.
(251.94 KB 1444x2048 Dx2B-yuV4AEyWGQ.jpg)
(281.26 KB 1892x2048 D21bv36UcAEYxm3.jpg)
>friend retweets cute kemono stuff
>check artfag's account
>loads of disgusting transformation art
>even retweets futa of the 8/fur/ mascot
Maybe it's just commissions? That first image is my favorite work from that artist but I don't remember why I didn't bother or stopped looking up his other stuff. Maybe that's why.
(722.98 KB 1442x2048 EFJU-a7U0AYHs_X.jpeg)
(863.95 KB 1436x2048 EFJU-a9UYAAS8GM.jpeg)
(721.48 KB 1445x2048 EFJU-a_UEAAHB9n.jpeg)
(740.70 KB 1434x2048 EFJU-a-U8AEFLNe.jpeg)
A comic about herbivores being vegetarian.
We need the Pandemonium/Flower Knight Dakini thread back
>I heard it's also gay though
So far there's been like one instance of outright gay shit in the manga and that was in a hedonistic underground party full of masked elites similar to the gathering in Eyes Wide Shut.
The anime is all 3D, I was mad when I found that out but I might power through it since I like the manga a lot and I'm autistic enough to want to spot all the differences.
There was also that time Legosi french kissed a dude.
(490.77 KB 1000x1412 76868799_p0.jpg)
Scanning again this weekend. More doujins incoming.
(54.40 KB 720x736 1570062676216.jpg)
Cat puns > dog puns
(273.25 KB 1165x1200 EFfI3T_UwAEpb-a.jpg)
(240.39 KB 1126x1200 EHxTGe-VAAEc7hz.jpg)
(239.79 KB 1200x983 EHfXtfHUEAgktV8.jpg)
(205.50 KB 1083x1200 EHtziuPVUAAYiY2.jpg)
(242.45 KB 814x1199 EHoYhVpUcAUEm32.jpg)
(142.29 KB 800x1131 EHzxDNkUcAAJnT9.jpg)
(68.13 KB 724x1024 EHzxDNkVAAEU7e1.jpg)
(94.91 KB 800x1132 EHzxDNlUYAIttxR.jpg)
(79.36 KB 800x1132 EHzxDNlU4AAzjfx.jpg)
(193.72 KB 848x1199 EHkr9VFUEAAE5nU.jpg)
(2.05 MB 304x281 cat head bob.gif)
Thanks for trawling Twitter so the rest of us needn't.
Haven't watched it yet nor do I read the manga but it's by the same studio who did Houseki no Kuni so at least they know what they're doing.
I do love the opening though.
It's only gay if you regular kiss a dude tbh
I guess I should just be happy it's all 3D and not that godawful 2D-3D mix that part 5 of the Jojo anime was.
Palicos are for ____
>first pic
looks like her right side of her face is melting
Took all weekend to do these 2 full color doujins. It was tough getting all the colors down but I think it turned out well. Enjoy, it's all Non-H kemono yuri.
(92.89 KB 1920x1080 44b.jpg)
>Palicos are for
...Magical girl mascots.
(101.43 KB 720x540 cat enjoys life.jpg)
You made my week.
(140.62 KB 728x1024 D0kjDDYV4AAmQtS.jpg)
(252.38 KB 844x1200 EEeGdxbU8AAqU4S.jpg)
(245.28 KB 844x1200 EEeGegyU4AA35Py.jpg)
(256.39 KB 844x1200 EEeGfMGUYAIFQw6.jpg)
(271.07 KB 844x1200 EEeGfMHVAAYZRPA.jpg)
So, this manga I've found is about a guy who likes... kemono? I don't know, but that's what the title suggest.
(2.97 MB 2467x3515 Cover 637.jpg)
(2.93 MB 2462x3501 Cover 639.jpg)
Kemokko Lovers 5 never got a good scan and and 6 has one where everything is pretty small. I plan on scanning 5 this weekend and will finish 6 after.
(148.12 KB 768x1024 0f6.jpg_large.jpeg)
Who said anything about dog puns though? I can think of more interesting animals.
(163.40 KB 1792x828 EHA5qAzUwAACBvo.jpeg)
This is probably the most awkward screencap I've ever seen.
Happy Halloween!
(69.88 KB 600x567 PSQyfIaTfs07pVSvvgP1.jpg)
(56.93 KB 600x866 SqgabJIGf-7Dej_Rfw3n.jpg)
(304.94 KB 945x1702 di3_3A7T3sAaJtiO8zfb.jpg)
(52.37 KB 450x761 kERJv4H1Uww2g0ZLHZe5.jpg)
(108.19 KB 844x1350 5tfyWwR9MIBrNSCxHLxc.jpg)
This booru is pretty good when it comes to need being filled with western stuff under the furry tag.
(79.91 KB 600x848 LesccUhb7yGaBtMrgoG-.jpg)
(143.60 KB 1000x1411 kUOmMjwFFSgDI8upghox.jpg)
(72.82 KB 850x611 ALj9EfhTeahpoWblEsA6.jpg)
(63.09 KB 702x800 -o838Rlc0ilXzlIo4Fnx.jpg)
(415.72 KB 818x1264 58105307_p2.png)
How much is "too much"?
(47.93 KB 238x300 rena is feeling it.jpg)
Anything more than that.

>2nd pic
>cutting her skirt off
oh my
The first one is what I consider just over the line that separates chunky but makes my pee pee hard and chunky but makes me want to push a fat person off a scooter
3 is my favorite of those, the chubbiness is reasonable and I like rikose
4 is fine for size, but I don't like his style
5 is my limit, would still jerk too
1 is a bit much
2 might be okay if her proportions weren't so weird, her thighs are bigger than her stomach (I don't mind thick thighs, but the proportions still need to be reasonable. It just looks off.)
That's the about the limit, but what's up with #2? Her head is bigger than her waist, and one ass cheek alone is bigger than her head. She looks like a furry Bratz doll with ass injections.
I still would her. She's otherwise still well drawn.
>Go to/v/ merchandise thread
>Some anon shits on /animu/ for allowing kemono
>Some anon points out that Western shit is banned
>Some anons say kemono is furfaggotry all the same and the BO is a "hypocrite" and faggot in denial
I hate that liking kemono ia grounds for having people associate one with the western furfagdom.
It is what it is. Some anons claim these threads prevent them from coming and staying /animu/.
It's all the same, just like anime. We don't need both /animu/ and /co/, both are just cartoons.
>/a/ and /co/ merge into /ag/
>/ag/ - Animation and Graphic Novels
>/ag/ - Animation and Graphic Novels
>Anime and Manga
That's sounds... redundant.
(72.99 KB 750x900 VMfLYspMaGuU3LxqlOmV.jpg)
I think that's just people being petty. You can easily avoid the kemono thread with the catalog.
they are just shitposting, anonkun.
Anything with a snout is always met with relentless shitposting. Or even if it doesn't have a snout; I remember a big kerfuffle on /hgg/ about mere kemonomimi being a slippery slope that would lead to being overrun by furfags.
Stop replying to bait. Kemono has its own faggots too, even if they're not as prevalent or obnoxious as the western faggots.
Also, at least this more or less contains the fur/snouts for those who don't want to see them. Any thread on /v/ is seen as open grounds for whatever fetishists are browsing it.
(215.17 KB 800x1131 76270941_p0.jpg)
These girls line up to slap your waifu's ass and tell you kemono is NOT furry, what will you do?

>filtering fags with a sensitive REEEEEflex
Kemono helping maintain /animu/'s purity.
(5.69 MB 2440x3255 68839262_p0.png)
Who gives a shit what some cakenigger thinks?
Ask them what their arm routines are, specifically their grip exercises, because holy shit
>Search for the artists pixiv
>only like three pics in the gallery
>this is the only one with muscle tiger-girls
Oh come on.
(1.24 MB 754x1080 1572978519346-0.png)
Anyone got sauce on this image? It looks like halsione, but not quite. It's also not chu like the image says, unless that's an uncommon alias or acronym. (It had shitty fetish text I cropped out.) Full image with text is in the /v/ LOL thread.
Could be crunchobar, but it's not coming up on SauceNAO or Ascii2D to confirm.
Some good art was posted in this furry thread on a russian board.

Still can't get used to faces in most western furry art. It's always a bizarre mix between a realistic beast and a cartoon and it comes off looking ugly. I think going full beast or adding less emphasis on the muzzle would make most people's art appealing. Then again, with how much people commission for it, they must be doing something right.
(143.48 KB 1607x1676 Dog by TheyCallHimCake.jpg)
The anime faces in kemono are always better, just erase the animal nose and it already looks human. Very few Western artists adopt a Japanese style.
(483.51 KB 610x610 6234012Q3AbCDB5.png)
>just erase the animal nose and it already looks human
A million hours on paint.
(415.79 KB 690x1131 75243962_p1.png)
(933.66 KB 1000x1300 77601712_p0.png)
It also doesn't help when some characters are just a vomit of colors that don't go together just so the character can stand out more. This happens with some kemono characters too but I notice it much more with western art.

If it was cleaned up and had a smoother color scheme it could definitely work.
(299.81 KB 711x800 16417410_p0.jpg)
(265.23 KB 602x850 16270864_p0.jpg)
(358.93 KB 725x1000 75243962_p0.png)
(472.99 KB 700x1000 75297524_p0.png)
(784.92 KB 1300x1000 77658626_p0.png)
>kemono is cutest when it's drawn fluffy
>kemono is lewdest when the fur is drawn like weirdly colored skin
>fluffy kemono activate my heartboner but I don't think I'd actually fuck one
This is a weird feel
(21.34 KB 480x480 EIosBnOWkAEaD7-.jpg)
I think that has to do with a combination of "fursonas" and how much furry art is commissioned.
It's easier to have a anthro character stand out when compared to a human. You just have to describe which body parts are from which animal and you already get a relatively "unique" design. Now slap some acid colors and radioactive signs onto them to make them even more "unique". At least that's how I assume it is and it seems like most characters like this are either by very bad artist or commissions.
It's also their weird use of shading too. Something on how they shade their characters is off-putting.
>If it was cleaned up and had a smoother color scheme it could definitely work.
Yeah, that's the idea. Not all but a good chunk of cutesy kemono styles use a human base for the head, just with added animal nose or muzzle.
If anyone is good at editing, they can try with these images.
Looks like she had a bad tan.
(236.13 KB 1078x1280 1526642044.ziroro326_u251.png.jpg)
Finally got this done. A guy gets isekai'd, via Truck-kun, to a kemono high school. Then he proceeds to fuck the most popular girls.
(60.58 KB 478x296 Capture.PNG)
I didn't realize how old and big that thread was. I will definitely be reading it later.

Machine translations make it much funnier.

You should try your hand at more. I'd be interested to see what the effect looks like from a different angle or with a different character.

>I notice it much more with western art.
The term on /fur/ was "sparkledog," which I like because everyone can tell exactly what it means.

Sounds like a fun project, but I don't have any time these days. Maybe in six weeks when classes end.
I forgot Mizone did some doujins under Fakku. Top tier vanilla kemono on human material.

Its been around for 5 years now. It's a really old thread. Actually found some nice art/artists from there too.
I'm sure anyone could at least draw Taiga as a tiger.
(1.58 MB 1500x1900 74880352_p0.png)
(4.54 MB 2006x2832 Rena_x_Thor2.png)
(249.56 KB 749x850 71480827_p35.jpg)
(2.99 MB 600x600 SinfulTerribleAnt.webm)
(448.04 KB 516x728 74650490_p5.jpg)
Kemono paizuri: fluffy, soft goodness or horrible rugburn?
>bitches and whores
catgirl deserved better.
Kemono lactation, please.
Probably soft, except if they have scales like that webm, then you're gonna need some lube to avoid it feeling like fucking a leather sofa.
>pic 1-3 just look like colored skin
Too bad. That's exactly the kind of shit that kemono often does better than western furry. 4 is alright since she has scales. 5 is the only one that really gets it.
(2.56 MB 2085x3001 _011y.jpg)
(2.09 MB 3598x5120 006f.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1057x1500 107.png)
It's rare actually coming across paizuri images with fuzzy tits.
(94.75 KB 753x268 yes this very good.jpeg)
I keep thinking she's looking to the said instead of straight forward. Is it because the pupils are barely darker than the eye itself?
(86.84 KB 500x500 rab0397.jpg)
(80.94 KB 500x600 rab0344.jpg)
(76.50 KB 400x600 rab0348.jpg)
(391.64 KB 800x495 rab0475.png)
(244.16 KB 500x500 rab0474.png)
Yeah. White and yellow blend together well, so at first glance she seems to have narrow black pupils. Her head is also looking to the side, so it's natural for the viewer to think she's looking that way.>>5656
sauce on 4th? exhentai file search isn't showing anything
nevermind, did some digging with yandex and eventually pulled this up
(2.88 MB 2123x3043 012.jpg)
(1.82 MB 2093x3026 007.png)
(883.11 KB 1063x1500 0354.png)
(2.32 MB 2077x3034 016.jpg)
Hope it gets translated someday. That paizuri scene is way too good. I can never finish the doujin because of it. I'll get back to posting SFW stuff after this.
So I finally caught up on Beastars to flex on the anime-only fags and three things.
1: I'm glad that it's just fujoshits mashing Louis and Legosi and that Paru hadn't taken a dive off the deep end
2: I'm pretty sure Legosi is autistic or something because nobody is that stupid that consistently
3: I really wish they'd fuck. It's been so long, just please let them fuck already. I don't want Legosi to get NTR'd by someone because the writer is female and if anyone's going to shit on that, it's a female mangaka
(157.34 KB 340x476 The_NTR_Method.jpg)
>I don't want Legosi to get NTR'd by someone
Oh boy, you're in for a wild ride then.
He doesn't get NTR per se, but if you want them to fuck, you're in for a wild ride.
She'll fuck it up horribly, but I'll enjoy the manga up until that point then pretend I never likes it when the inevitable cuckening happens.
I have spent the last 5 years of my life wishing every prediction I make would turn out wrong, but time and time again I am disappointed.
(518.41 KB 800x1000 1430063050297.png)
Did anybody save all the images from the /kemono/ drawthread? I there was some really good stuff there and I don't want it to be lost forever.
(523.92 KB 960x540 1571743885821.gif)
>Hear about Russian government amplifying on internet censorship
>Now 0-chan is dead >>5398

I'm glad I got everything out of the thread before it got nuked. But that's terrible. They had 5 year old threads with over a thousand posts and now they're just gone.
False alarm. It immediately started working when I clicked on it again just now. Was simply 404 30 minutes ago.
(82.96 KB 700x990 21.jpg)
Don't scare me like that, anon. My heart can only take so much.
(959.82 KB 1062x1500 348570c9f7b57f7d91d16bd3a34f7693.jpg)
(410.09 KB 1950x2900 f535c483ad73a781d297addb5e3fa63a.jpg)
(164.26 KB 1500x1061 f96c2ab5a6c6fd793eed36f44887e07d.jpg)
(449.25 KB 782x1106 67671365_p0.png)
(710.18 KB 1413x1060 09aedb8016313e8462e8e168b7e1c4d4.png)
(410.92 KB 2500x2300 ea922f935b47293f5a0aa8d50b9bfc7f.jpg)
Board was spammed recently. Just bumping to keep it alive. A few thread were bumped off because of it.
(503.18 KB 1448x2048 DxMmv4YV4AAKggl.jpeg)
(942.16 KB 2048x1448 DxMm01CUYAAKx39.jpeg)
(91.78 KB 481x680 DxMm6rfUcAAKPtj.jpeg)
(738.82 KB 1448x2048 DxMnC9dU8AAiaJq.jpeg)
(685.74 KB 1032x1457 911188_colodraws_emirou-taichou.png)
Colodraws does draws some nice anthro content.
(346.87 KB 1075x1518 EINFdA8WsAAVRH-.jpeg)
(67.92 KB 640x452 EISHmoVWsAAR9Hs.jpeg)
(70.06 KB 640x443 EISHmoVW4AEeRDM.jpeg)
(64.02 KB 640x437 EISHmoaX0AA9SWv.jpeg)
(124.83 KB 1053x717 EINFdBBW4AE40ZQ.jpeg)
So this is the thing that teaches you to draw Kemono.
That would explain the quality difference between kemono and most furry art.
Nice to know the nips still adhere to proper anatomy and proportions. We've been slowly moving away from proper discipline for decades. (maybe longer?)
(224.55 KB 1184x2124 1574216900966.jpg)
>Hey anon, when are you going to ask me out? We've been walking to school together for months now and I want to get to know you more.
(141.78 KB 944x740 1574215996756-2.jpeg)
Is the 8/kemono/ owner still around? Ron confirmed they're still migrating old boards to 8kun.

I miss having a board to spread discussion instead of having one thread.
Flooding your balcony seems like a waste of water.
2nd and 3rd one make my heart's peepee and regular peepee hard
I fucking hope he's paying attention, I don't want that Flower Knight thread to disappear.
Beastars gives me flashbacks to the 1992-era Furry Fandom-- before the faggots, before the online FurryMUCK fursona art commission industry, etc. Even the manga's artwork reminds me of Chuck Melville's Champion of Katara series.
> hurr durr Legosi is autistic
It's shounen -- weak MC powers-up, with obligatory sexy female introduced in the first few episodes/chapters before relegated to infrequent side-character status.
If you want born-a-Chad-fucking-all-the-bitches characters with zero development or story, gb2/Furry.
Legosi is autistic. Like all those comic relief moments with Juno. But his autism is endearing so I hope he doesn't get away from that.
Cakekike is fucking refusing to add /kemono/ to the restore list, saying it's "redundant" when /furry/ and /fukemo/ are already on the list.
I remember /fukemo/ being wiped clean by the BO or something and delisted.
(3.66 MB 1756x2479 77869593_p0.png)
What's /fukemo/?
Straight kemono only, more specifically human male x kemono female, the land of dreams.
(680.20 KB 1080x1320 77695409_p0.jpg)
That's mostly what this thread is. Saying that, I don't think it's a good idea to separate the community. Having just /furry/ and /kemono/ is all you need. Like /co/ and /a/.
FUrry - KEmono - MOnster.
Originally it was about being an Anthro board without the cancers (fursonas, gay grooming, etc.) that took over Furry. Unfortunately the BO got infected with other community-wrecking cancers (pol larping) that drove other people away. the BO of /kemono/ didn't do much better, deciding it would be an artist-suckup board, and banning its biggest posters when they disagreed, and the place tumbleweeded.
>Having just /furry/ and /kemono/ is all you need.
You're trying to put the "I'm only interested in genuine Kemono from not-Furry artists in Asia who can actually do a story", with the "I CaN dRaW kEmOnO!1!" DeviantArtists and "I wanna order a Kemono murrsuit!" groups together. Incompatible.
Denying alternate boards just because another board with similar topic exists is beyond retarded, especially since the topic in this case isn't actually very similar. It's like saying there's no reason for north and south Korea to be separated since they're both Korea.

The BO was a bit... unstable.

/fukemo/ wasn't related to kemono though, it was basically just straight furry with human males, similar to /monster/ except replace monstergirls with furry girls. If I recall, shortly before 8chan exploded the board rebranded to discourage porn and fetishes as well.
Well, anons here can recreate /kemono/ when board creation is up to work again. For the meantime, /kemono/ can continue being a part of /animu/.
The list is a bit redundant. It's mostly so anons can raise awareness for: either the current BO to message the 8kun administration, if they haven't already, so they can maintain ownership on 8kun as well during the first wave of board migration, or if BOs do not re-claim their boards, then anons can claim boards to migrate them over to 8kun during the second wave. Any board not migrated during the first or second wave will supposedly get wiped and have to get restarted from scratch. So /kemono/ can:
>get migrated in the first wave if the BO can prove their identity
>get migrated in the second wave by anon if the BO does not
>restarted from scratch if neither the BO nor anon claims it
Did he actually say this? As far as I can make out he was complaining about people requesting boards that were already on the list, though I do see he has added /fukemo/ and not /kemono/.
If he is refusing, maybe it's worth a shot emailing Ron instead?
I trust anons here to become a BO if /kemono/'s BO is MIA.
It looks like the /kemono/ BO is in the vch thread and didn't get a response when they requested stage 1 migration.
I made a post specifically asking Mark about his stance on "duplicate" boards, so hopefully that will get a straight answer one way or another.
(27.56 KB 495x170 Untitled.png)
It's just the usual incompetence. Presumably the BO can still put their request in for stage 1 migration anyway since the deadline is December 2nd.
Mark didn't reply to me (of course), but he did add /kemono/ to the pastebin list. /fukemo/ is still there, so hopefully either both are added or the latter is dropped.
Oh, that post was replying to another anon who'd asked about /kemono/. Whoops.
(317.38 KB 585x300 fuga-585x300.png)
(291.92 KB 1800x1305 76M7Jy5.jpg)
I don't know how much you guys enjoy old school NES/MSX-style adventure games, but I was recently introduced to one through a /v/ LOL thread, of all places and after 40 minutes of playtime, I can say it's pretty promising. The premise is that you play as shota bait Anubis exploring an old tomb and judging the souls of grave robbers and other na'er-do-wells.


Sadly, the only thing you can actually acquire right now is a demo from 2016, and I'd wager the project is dead in the water. What is present is good, though. I especially like the sprite art and commitment to the NES/MSX aesthetic. Even the way the menus control and look seems authentic.

>you can redistribute the child soldiers around the tank for maximum violence efficiency
Metal as fuck.
That's not Kemono, bro.
That is not only not kemono but also gay as fuck.
also don’t admit to going to /v/ or LOL threads. I know everyone does but I do like to at least pretend we are above that cancer
Where do you go to talk about videogames then?
You can go to /v/. If you want to discuss games here, it should be anime-style.
This board is already home to gacha and visual novels.
What you posted is Western shit.
>This board is already home to gacha and visual novels.
/animu/ also has the occasional Neptunia thread once in a blue moon.
>Sadly, the only thing you can actually acquire right now is a demo from 2016, and I'd wager the project is dead in the water.
He has a tumblr where 3 months ago he says it's not finished "yet", and that he's taking a break to do paying work.
He then says he's going to crowdfund a different game, so yes, the Anubis one is basically dead in the water.
(543.87 KB 1350x1920 09_556927_1350_1920.jpg)
I want to fluff Tamamo's steamy hot squishy winter coat.
(50.41 KB 314x680 EKZZo43UUAAcZMY.jpeg)
(47.40 KB 314x680 EKZZo44UwAAhBPb.jpeg)
(55.44 KB 314x680 EKZZo5TUUAAeAQu.jpeg)
OwO I wonder what game is this? Seen fanarts of them.
(1020.15 KB 850x1200 1469408563656-3.png)
/kemono/ is back online.
(202.35 KB 640x480 Don't do that.webm)
Mewlia Rage
(5.32 MB 3000x4500 Kindred2019_V1_01.png)
I forgot this artist existed. I don't see him draw anymore.
(463.25 KB 1384x1641 siths.jpg)
Thank God the images are still there!
Guess now I can spoonfeed myself:
(979.02 KB 1534x2048 78404285_p0.jpg)
(2.15 MB 1800x2700 78359868_p3.png)
(1.91 MB 1900x3000 78359868_p1.png)
Bumping this thread since /kemono/ is pretty slow at the moment.
All of 8kun is slow, and the rest of the webring is barely crawling now too, where the fuck did everyone go?
Most here migrated to 8kun since this is just a bunker. Some stayed here because 8kun was annoying people with how it's functioning. Some most likely moved to other places since some see 8kun is a glow-nigger honeypot. Either way, the site is pretty splintered. /kemono/ right now is like 7 people.

I don't mind the low traffic. It's alive enough to have conversation and slow enough to discourage shitposting as there is no immediate reaction to it. So I just enjoy myself with games and anime.
It's a fractured mess, but from what I can tell most users did one or more of the following
>stayed on bunkers
>moved to other imageboards
>went to 8kun once it became more stable
>went back to 4chan (wish I could say this was a joke, but I hope they stay there)
>gave up on imageboards entirely
it will never be the same.
I just want everyone to be back. All I can do is wait and hope that everything will be alright.
(2.02 MB 1000x1582 78077125_p0.jpg)
(1.71 MB 800x1200 78138118_p0.jpg)
(894.97 KB 800x1200 78575281_p0.jpg)
It won't be the same. If you don't plan to move away. The most you can do is improve the board with quality threads and invite others to come. Of course, be careful who you tell. You don't want the wrong type of crowd swarming the board.
I'm mostly on the /a/ bunker and here. I don't plan on switching to 8kun. Can't even call it "going back".
(1.38 MB 849x1200 78619288_p0.png)
Japan has already celebrated New Year's celebration. Happy 2020 everyone.
/kemono/ was always incredibly slow.

Improving 8kun seems like a hopeless endeavor now that it has attracted every boomer and glownigger and 4chan refugee in a 500 mile radius. Going from the webring to 8kun feels the same right now as going from 8chan to 4chan used to.
What >>7328 said is accurate, I think. The most damaging thing to any community is lacking a common focal point for discussion. The 8chan diaspora did a number on most boards, but the larger ones were able to survive on bunkers, but many smaller boards like /bane/ and /hypno/ were scattered to the winds.

I think many people who didn't get the memo were willing to wait until 8kun returned, but it returned in jumps and starts, and even when it was online it barely worked. Naturally, given Jim's shady connections to the US military and Mark's desire to monetize the userbase (and fucking gondolas, Jesus), anyone with a lick of common sense realized the website would be crawling with feds and other bad influences even if it did reactivate.

Unfortunately, the only qualification for using /animu/ was a desire to move away from /a/ due to overly strict moderation, and that didn't necessarily mean the users here necessarily had a lick of common sense. You can read the "8kun is back, what now?" thread to see that a lot of the people who used this board were too stupid to live. They had a choice between a small, functional community, and a broken honeypot with MUCH POST VELOCITY and they chose the latter. When that didn't pan out, I'm sure they went crawling back to cuckchan.

The icing on the cake, and what truly made me realize /a/ wasn't totally wrong about us, was trying to get a straight reason why anyone should go back to 8kunt.
>we have a functional website here, why not just tell people to come here and rebuild?

It was like watching everyone I knew peel off their faces and tell me they were actually lizardmen and it was time for me to take off my mask and join them in ritual cannibalism. The general level of common sense and levelheadedness on /tg/ has really spoiled me: I assumed that /animu/ wasn't discussing the issue because it was blindingly obvious that 8kun was a bad idea, not because literally nobody here had actually thought about it in the previous four months.

Honestly, I'm reading some old threads here but I don't see much point in posting here. /a/, for all the sticks they have up their asses, has a good bunker and is generally decent for discussing things provided you don't trip Hoihoi (and believe me, Hoihoi catching (((echoes))) and a couple harmless banter phrases makes me fucking livid), so most of my anime posting is there now. If they had a kemono thread, there really wouldn't be much point in me posting here at all.

I don't mean to sound negative, it's just that seeing such a huge suicidal desire from so many faggots all at once really soured my opinion of /animu/. I can no longer genuinely believe that it's just anime discussion without /a/utism if so many people were willing to kill a good thing for absolutely no fucking reason.

I think what he meant was that people should focus on improving this board because it's the best /animu/ board right now.
I think you hit the nail on the head.
The thing that bothers me the most is that there's nothing majorly wrong with this site as far as functionality goes, and I've never gotten a straight answer out of anyone who whines about it when I ask them what it does worse than kunt.
It makes me think fags already had nostalgia blinders on and thought fleeing to 8kun would be like going back to 8chan.
(20.76 KB 500x500 Niko I'm not a cat.jpg)
Yeah. I'm a bit biased since I never had a problem with /a/ so I pretty much have the same post behaviour I had back when fullchan still existed.
I mainly post there and then check on /animu/ every once in a while, mainly for this thread in the past few months. Still, seeing this place grind to a halt as soon as 8kunt was (easily) accessible made a bit upset.
(243.50 KB 840x900 78220475_p4.jpg)
That sounds like something someone with a cuckchan mentality would say. High speed posts is what makes 4chan so awful. It creates an environment where most people just blurb out obnoxious shit for quick attention. At least on bigger boards like /v/. You can't have any sort of good discussion.
It's that sugar rush mentality that social media is training people to have. For some reason, social media platforms all cater to those who make posts and videos that last no longer than 15 seconds. It's training people to have a short attention span and it is having an affect on how people act and what the entertainment industry produces. If their reason for leaving was the PPH then they were already a lost cause. They already had the "quantity over quality" mindset from the get go.
are you that furfag from the deleted LOL thread who whined that nobody here wanted to discuss book loli?
who was bitching about post speed?
all those examples given sound like drivel the altchan faggots were spewing all over the ring, don't take that shit at face value and assume it came from anons
if you hate this board so much, swallow your pride and stay on the /a/ bunker. i'm sure the autists there will be delighted to have another dedicated member of the circlejerkonce you brownnose your way in, that is ;^)
>who was bitching about post speed?
Not him, but if you didn't notice fags whining about post speed you're either oblivious or being deliberately disingenuous, they were on this bunker like the first day it was up.
>all those examples given sound like drivel the altchan faggots were spewing all over the ring, don't take that shit at face value and assume it came from anons
You say that, but it's obvious that nearly everyone left this site, which kind of shits all over your "it was just the altchan trannies" claim.
>still coping with the fact that stats mean nothing in the ring
>ded board guise, for real this time!
<come to the tr/a/nny fuckhouse and post there instead!
as long as there are people watching the streams, and the scanlation crew keeps doing their thing, i really could care less about how busy the board is otherwise
it also doesn't help that the amount of genuinely good anime that deserves discussion is next to nonexistant at this point in time
should we be obligated to discuss shitty or mediocre shows because "the board must be active (or whatever that means to you)"
if you are desperate to return to the herd, fuck off to the established ones then. otherwise, grow a pair and learn to be your own master.
>are you that furfag
No, but I do think it's fucking hilarious that you assume any two people who think the same things are one guy samefagging.

>as long as there are people watching the streams
See, this is really funny, because I've only seen one other anon ever bring up "the streams," and he typed like an illiterate nigger, too. You're obviously him.

I'll spell it out for you: watching anime together in a private chatroom is not the mark of a community. Taking an already niche community and making it more niche and more centralized (that is, watching whatever the stream runner feels like, instead of watching what you want and discussing it with other anons) doesn't make it more tightly knit, it just makes it a glorified IRC circle jerk. Boards like this form their communities and create discussion by having a variety of different people post about things they like, and then form into sub-communities like this kemono thread to share art and recommend anime/manga.

You know why it works? Because any other anon can wander in at any point and read the thread, get his recommendations, do his homework, and become part of that thread/subgroup/subculture. Anime streams don't work that way: it's just a temporary place for people to kill some time and shitpost. You're welcome to do it, but don't pretend it's the best way for the board to form a community.

To put it even more simply, everyone is equal and anonymous here, which is beautiful. As soon as I go to an image board-hosted stream, I am invariably greeted by namefags and power tripping mods.

>the board isn't dead!
I'm not telling you it's dead, I'm telling you there's been a sharp downturn in activity ever since 8kun returned. You absolutely cannot pretend otherwise.
They went back to 8kun because they were so addicted to the brand name that they wanted to use an image board which didn't load images. You haven't been paying attention at all, have you?
>YOU'RE the one who worships post speed!!!11
How the blueberry fuck did you read my post and think that I was the one obsessed with post speed? I wanted to have a small, medium speed board, and it seems most of the rest of the user base wanted brain candy and instant gratification.
Oh, and one other thing
>should we be obligated to discuss shitty or mediocre shows because "the board must be active (or whatever that means to you)"
/a/ is in love with seasonal garbage, but don't pretend 8/animu/ wasn't also guilty of this. I repeatedly posted in the seasonal roundup threads for the last few seasons before the shutdown, and invariably the pattern was something like:
>a bunch of anons say they're looking forward to the next mind-numbing moeblog garbage
>another skeptic or I say there are barely any anime this season that represent what I liked about anime in the first place when I started watching it
>told to stop being such a cynic

>Decide to give a non-isekai series a chance
>It's poor
>Narrate my experience watching it and becoming more disappointed
>Told to stop being such a cynic, dude, did you see that transformation sequence? dude it was so cool, how can you not like that?
>The transformation sequence in question is still worse than something out of Sailor Moon, except this time it used stiffly animated CGI

For the authentic experience, intercut every post with some faggot who genuinely enjoys Boy Falls Face-first Into Breasts Joke #9001. Don't pretend like /animu/ was some cabal of enlightened men who weren't prone to some of the same problems /a/ had and has.
(154.79 KB 800x508 a vs animu.jpg)
This whole /a/ vs /animu/ thing is fucking stupid, it has always been stupid, and it seems to continue being stupid.
>long winded argument in favor of generals
is there a 'safe' term for people who started browsing imageboards after 2010? there is some sort of generational gap between each other.
why do i want to be part of a small group to talk with the same people, on the same site, but with a different coat of paing (in the form of different topics)?
generals never were the high point of imageboards, and there are still plenty of anons who think they are stupid.
look at krapawa shitjo on cuck/vg/, that general is at over 11-12k threads last i heard. those kinds of "communities" become show-and-tell with emotionally stunted autists. instead of showing something neat and original during their turns, each presenter posts something they found on another board/private chat/twitter somewhere. this may or may not be accompanied with a substantial post. that is not a sub-community, that is a irc circlejerk brought to imageboards
ex: 4am, webm threads, fnm, nep
this has been a problem for over a fucking decade at this point
>generals never were the high point of imageboards, and there are still plenty of anons who think they are stupid.
Generals were only ever introduced to prevent boards from being flooded with one topic. They are meant as a cage for the more autistic and obsessed posters. The better solution would be to give the autistic posters their own board, like how on cuckchan they gave pokemon their own board to stop them from flooding /v/.
The /a/ vs /animu/ war is a disagreement on how boards should be moderated. It's a very important topic as it dictates the culture on the board. If you don't understand this you're either dumb or baiting.
>moderation defines the board culture
No it fucking doesn't. What culture-defining things do people exactly do in either /a/ or /animu/ that you couldn't do in the other? Unless you count typing like a nigger straight from Twitter to be your board culture, then the answer is "nothing". I'm not saying the boards need to be merged or anything, just that having this obsessive endless war over which board is the heaven and which is hell is retarded no matter how you look at it.
some of cuck/a/'s best threads and posts during its peak (07-08) would be considered 'nigger babble' by 8/a/ autistic formatting guidelines. live watch threads couldn't exist nowadays, with how many posts would be shorthand, redtext, and all caps.
if you took a look at a gundam seed or chode gayass thread in archivesif any were preserved, youd probably get a migraine from all the bad spelling and formatting. that was /a/'s peak of "board culture"
(22.79 KB 870x286 _a_ - The Rules - .png)
(20.15 KB 896x716 Automaid guide .png)
>Unless you count typing like a nigger straight from Twitter to be your board culture
That isn't the only thing that /a/ bans you illiterate nigger.
At least there's one topic never fails to bring traffic to /animu/.
Well I'm glad not one but both of you found a reason to ignore the actual argument, good for you.
>I want threads to be focused on one topic but publicly visible, instead of a glorified front-end for IRC chatrooms
>this means I support generals
Kill yourself.

How does it not? Stuff that breaks the rules (political discussion, for instance) is automatically scrubbed and cannot ever gain traction. The general board culture is obviously affected by that.

Sage for off-topic.

I just wish it had happened in the appropriate thread.
>i want dedicated topics to have recurring, general threads
<i don't support generals!
cognitive dissonance
>doesnt sage when announcing a sage
>muh politics used as strawman for draconian autism
broken record
hell, taking a look at /a/'s catalog shows that the most active thread, by a wide margin, is the cade thread. last i checked, cafe threads are actual blogposting/general discussion threads.
so if the most popular topic is 4am with a different coat of paint, then why are you here proselytizing about how they have such higher quality discussions and topics?
wouldn't cafe fall under your definition of "being a front-end for an IRC chatroom?"
>wouldn't cafe fall under your definition of "being a front-end for an IRC chatroom?"
Not him but no they wouldn't. Since they happen on the board. Just like the meta threads on /animu/ or /monster/ for example, which were always full of random boardunrelated stuff too.
(85.56 KB 700x990 EGuxn53UYAA44PF.jpg)
(732.19 KB 2469x3116 EG41vvrW4AAW1-G.jpg)
>No it fucking doesn't.
It definitely does. It determines what is and isn't allowed. A board with no moderation can turn into chaos and one with too much will only allow for a circle jerk. Like how 4/u/ went from yuri to Tumblr 2.0 because a Tumblr poster got control of the board and then proceeded to ban anyone that was sane and constantly invite people from Tumblr. It permanently ruined the board. Another example is SCP on Reddit. It got taken over by people from Tumblr and now people turn their LGBT avatars into SCP entries.
I don't use /a/, I told you I wasn't the other guy.
>should we be obligated to discuss shitty or mediocre shows because "the board must be active (or whatever that means to you)"
>if you are desperate to return to the herd, fuck off to the established ones then. otherwise, grow a pair and learn to be your own master.
You've made several assumptions about me that aren't true it looks like, I don't think I should even bother trying to tell you you're wrong since you've clearly made up your mind and are going to be an extremely hostile just because I pointed out that it probably wasn't the trannies saying all that shit.
What a fucking horrible turn of events this past month was.
I've been banned from /a/ over minor typos, even while shitty waifu threads were active with half the posters posting like retards. Off-topic stuff is also selectively banned, even after a thread was derailed and the topic completely changed, removing some off-topic posts and leaving others. My problem with /a/ wasn't just stricter moderation, but a lack of consistency over what was allowed or not.

I'm still not sure what to make of 8kun, especially considering they don't respond to emails. Supposedly my small board was on the list for migration according to a list Mark posted, but I never received any direct email confirmation from him or Ron despite emailing both of them twice. It's also still not migrated, and with no email responses I have no idea when it would ever be migrated. (I just wanted to save some files and links I lost. I really don't care if it dies otherwise.)
Even if feds are browsing the the site (more than before) I'm pretty sure smaller boards like /kemono/ would be left alone. It seemed like their biggest targets were /pol/ (RIP), and maybe a couple other top boards, but I'm not 100% certain.
I also just don't want to see /kemono/ fractured too much. I can deal with slower posting (not like 8/kemono/ was ever that fast) but I just don't want to risk it getting so slow it completely dies.
>I also just don't want to see /kemono/ fractured too much. I can deal with slower posting (not like 8/kemono/ was ever that fast) but I just don't want to risk it getting so slow it completely dies.
I still don't see why simply having the julay admins make a board for us there isn't an option, or at least see if whoever operates this site is willing to make a separate board.
Regardless everything about 8kun is shady and terrible, not just the fedniggers crawling all over it. It's a slow, buggy piece of shit with captchas that rarely go through properly on the first or sixth attempt, and having to agree to a disclaimer to post on a fucking imageboard is probably the most absurd thing about it to me.
As if anyone watching the site and waiting for an excuse to tear it down again is going to actually give a shit you have that set up whenever the next unstable sperg decides to take his rage out on the gardening section of Lowes and some asshat decides to post his poorly written manifesto there just to point the finger and screech "AWWWWWWWWWWW I'M TELLIN'".
The only redeeming factor is it pisses off the deformed munchkin.
>I still don't see why simply having the julay admins make a board for us there isn't an option, or at least see if whoever operates this site is willing to make a separate board.
Those are both good ideas. You should make a post on julay/meta/ and ask about getting a new board or overtaking one that already exists, and in the meta thread here.

I'd do it myself, but I'm falling for the college meme and I simply won't have the time to manage an image board for the next several months.
I'd do it if I wasn't a spiteful bastard.
I'd make a pretty terrible hotpocket, I'm going to straight up admit I'd go on a banning spree if someone talks the right kind of shit when I'm having a bad day.
I don't think it's a good idea for me to do it despite making this thread. Being a militaryfag, I could be gone from the internet for ages on end. The least I can do is scan doujins.
What branch? Or are you in the glowing division?
(365.90 KB 1000x800 78533272_p0.jpg)
Navy. I've come across a couple of furries and bronies in this division. Ranging from full autism to average Joe that happens to like MLP. I don't know if other divisions are like this. No one knew I was into kemono though.
>He's a sailor
No wonder you like dicks and weird shit, too much time spent in a tin coffin at sea ;^)
Probably started well before joining, right?
inb4 farm boy
If you're stationed in nipland, you've got it pretty comfy then. Just be glad you aren't on any detail in or near the sandbox.
Specialist/Linguist, rubbed shoulders/connections, or just dumb luck that you got stationed there?
I would rather not turn this thread into a blog about myself but I can say some things about the Navy. One thing is that the Navy is full of degenerates. Aircraft Carriers will be turned into whore houses where women would be pimped out for easy cash. There would also be drug rings inside the ship too. Or that one time where there was a group just raping women on the ship (I seriously doubt it was rape but a women not wanting to accept consequences). How willing (or more like apathetic) people are to cheat on their partners also fills me with disgust. Though the Navy loves divorces as it means less money for them to give out. /monster/ was right. No romance exists when it comes to 3D. Then there was that whole crazy time when they actually try to implement trans shit into the navy. Honestly would have loved to see the chaos that would have caused.

I can only imagine how much trouble vidya, manga/anime, and 2D girls have kept me out of.
(568.38 KB 551x816 55022675_p9.png)
While we are on the topic, how come there's so little kemono hyena art? I think that's a real shame.
Unless you're a hyena they're uncomfortably close to futa.
Well I'm not but I sure would like to get close and comfortable with a futa.
(5.26 MB 800x600 I_want_to_fuck_that.webm)
>(Kemoket 04) [GASOKU (Naoki)] Inubokko Heroes 2 (Full Bokko Heroes)
Another Full Bokko Heroes SFW doujin down.
Man, why is it empty on /kemono/?

We have 8kun now, yet it's oddly quiet.
(48.93 KB 500x281 rab0398.jpg)
We had a whole discussion as to why 8kun is terrible. I'm sure the board would see more activity if it moved to a website that wasn't crawling with feds.
8ch was crawling with feds too though.
(73.81 KB 400x400 bbs0290.JPG)
Yeah, but it had momentum, for lack of a better term (and niche boards like /kemono/ were left alone by feds). There are just better alternatives now, and we've been forced to use them for a long time.
8kun is also less functional in general than 8chan was, doesn't have board creation, pigma won't allow /pol/ or other boards that make the qniggers uncomfortable to be created so they can "speak freely legally", you have to agree to a fucking disclaimer just to post, the captcha is godawful and unreadable most of the time, and last I checked the only boards that had any noteworthy activity were also full of cuckchanners and other mindless shitstirring autists that just post terrible stale one line posts for (you)s. Not to mention hapamonkey is apparently outright refusing to migrate certain boards now.
Everything that was appealing about using 8chan is gone now.
(460.66 KB 1260x1350 78759124_p0.jpg)
(489.14 KB 752x792 78724981_p1.jpg)
You really hit the nail on the head. It's a slightly better Cuckchan at this point. Post quality went down and captcha is annoying as hell. One outcome from this that I am glad about is how much shit Cloudflare is catching now. Before they could claim that they had nothing to do with the content their clients posted. But after the Daily Stormer and 8chan incidents, they're being rammed in the ass all over the place because they've now proven that they do care and will act based on the content of their clients.
Kemokko Lover 10 is finally available to buy. I plan on scanning it myself, though it won't come any time soon. Probably next month due to scanning so much C97 stuff doujins.
Part of me wishes I hadn't requested /hypno/'s migration. The /julay/ bunker was far better and now that 8kun is online /hypno/ is back to the same old cycle of shitters uploading lame files to volafile and other shitters whining when said uploads expire.
(57.20 KB 323x296 61434099b.png)
>make a script to filter western furshittery and other 700% degeneracy from pixiv searches
>90% of the feed is gone
>still find something new to filter on every page
That's why threads like these are nice. You can find some decent stuff without swimming through a ton of garbage.
(351.53 KB 600x848 78784130_p1.png)
I just wish there was some kind of bigger community around this kind of stuff somewhere in the internet without it devolving into degeneracy. I don't even mind if most of the content is porn, but there's a point where disgusting fetishes go too far and people are way too quick to cross that line every single time.
These threads are nice but it's very small.
(2.03 MB 1450x1930 78188796_p0.jpg)
(2.01 MB 1450x1930 78188796_p1.jpg)
(530.60 KB 1183x1332 78149447_p0.jpg)
(495.57 KB 1183x1332 78149447_p1.jpg)
(564.13 KB 1183x1332 78114037_p0.jpg)
Understandable but kemono is already degenerate. So it's expected that it's going to be lumped in with a bunch of other bizarre fetishes.

>These threads are nice but it's very small.
The amount of good kemono art that's straight and well drawn is already small so it's not like you're going to be getting tons of great material if we had more people. Unless we became the artists and became talented in drawing kemono girls.
(685.85 KB 2240x1884 64859091_p4.jpg)
How does /monster/ keep relatively degeneracy free? They're pretty sizeable compared to these threads and /kemono/ combined and I think even if you throw /fur/ in the mix, they're much bigger than what I'd be happy with. But with the exception of demons and vampires and the like, I don't think monstergirls themselves have nearly as big and solid of a community around them as kemono does, let alone furry and pokemon which are closely related. You'd think there was a niche for less gay kemono that wasn't intermixed with said gay.

>Unless we became the artists and became talented in drawing kemono girls
That's actually one of the reasons I want a bigger community, I want it to be big enough to be able to have a draw thread, with requests that aren't just gay shit and awful fetishes. /kemono/ has/had one, but it had barely any activity from what I remember, not too dissimilar from the board itself.
It's simple: they realized gays and furries (usually one and the same) ruin everything and flat out didn't allow monster boys, futa, or furries besides honorary monster girl Polt. Leaving out vanilla kemonofags was the sacrifice they had to make to keep the degenerates from overrunning their community, and looking back it worked. It worked so well that they shaped everyone else's view of monster girls and supposedly /monster/'s anti-furfag banter and lingo has made it overseas and kemono artists are using it against western furfags.
Our problem is that we can't just pull /monster/ again. If we go pure kemono only and ban any western anthro, we deprive ourselves of OC. Shunning kemono boys to remove fags is also harder unless we imitate MGE's worldbuilding or keep kemono boy and kemono girl art and stories segregated into separate communities. It's a very difficult situation, but if we somehow solve it we could save anthro from the furjuden and their gay retard cult.
That isn't quite true, but now that I think about it, it ties into another problem.
Most monster girl fans would marry a monster girl if they existed IRL with no qualms about it, while I imagine kemono fans are less united on this. Like, there are definitely lots of anons who find kemono girls cute but wouldn't fuck them, and there are also anons like me who find fluffy kemono cutest but also less fuckable than the "supposedly fluffy but the fluff is drawn like weirdly coloured skin" kind. Distinguishing the kemono style from furshit is also a lot harder than distinguishing monster girls from them: monster girls have the easy snout rule while kemono is more about subtle japanese art qualities and a more humanoid skull shape/forehead than western furfaggotry. This gives (((the furry community))) much more wiggle room to infiltrate and fuck shit up, while /monster/ has some room for autistic fetishfags while also keeping out fags and furry degenerates.
So basically, kemonofags are more divided than monster girl fans and have a harder time expressing what separates us/them/whatever from the furry community. The second one is the biggest problem and the reason "kemono is not furry" arguments have become a meme. We need to express this difference clearly, so clearly that it'll stick and help the average anon distinguish kemono from furshit at a glance the way /monster/'s snout rule freed them.
(671.88 KB 938x1200 Dy1W9yzUYAAA0h6.png)
(111.49 KB 852x1200 Ds8QZ1OVAAEFxxM.jpg)
(17.32 KB 305x489 70606861_p0.jpg)
(186.10 KB 734x1199 DfbFDc4U0AE642I.jpg)
(151.45 KB 756x1024 DE82CHYU0AAjSMN.jpg large.jpg)
>How does /monster/ keep relatively degeneracy free?
Gatekeeping. All monster boy material or gay material would go to /Chaos/. No futanari either. Despite having MGQ threads, they avoid fetishes like vore too. MGs has a large enough appeal that many people can come in and still have a lively community even after they gatekeep anyone that doesn't really fit into the community. It turned out pretty well for them.

>they realized gays and furries (usually one and the same) ruin everything
Reminds me how I went on /fur/ once years ago and never went back. It was full of pointless drama and trying to find any good art was suffering. Glad I found /kemono/ later. As for gay material on /kemono/, it didn't seem like much of a problem. People just stuck to their own threads. Maybe it just wasn't active enough to have drama.
/fur/ rarely acted or talked like 8chan anons. They were more like a slightly less leftist furry colony.
>As for gay material on /kemono/, it didn't seem like much of a problem. People just stuck to their own threads. Maybe it just wasn't active enough to have drama.
It's probably the latter, sadly. Kemono isn't viewed as a significant threat to the furfag community's anthro monopoly the way monster girls were, but if it becomes significant I can assure you they'll do everything in their power to absorb it, and since furries are overwhelmingly some degree of fag, fag shit will be their main entry point. Xenofags and fans of more /tg/-ish anthro like guoh posters have similar problems, problems which ensure they can't grow too big or influential without the furfag hivemind sensing them and voring them.
Frankly, I believe the western furry community was disgusting and aesthetically degenerate from the beginning, but a lot of their cancer comes from their acceptance of fags and the free reign said fags were given. Kemono has better aesthetics but that isn't enough to stop fags from being fags either, as the Japanese community has shown. Why should we assume our fags won't be fags too?
>supposedly /monster/'s anti-furfag banter and lingo has made it overseas and kemono artists are using it against western furfags
That's something I'd like to see.
(179.54 KB 707x900 44606453.jpg)
>Shunning kemono boys
I think banning them outright would be a big detriment, seeing that most Japanese kemono stories with worldbuilding or story (including actual franchises like Solatorobo) seem to have them, I've seen many almost /tg/-like kemono worlds/concepts and it would be a shame to forbid them just because of faggots. Ironically it's usually porn doujins where you can find the female kemono/male human thing, but even within those some of the big ones like Foxy Rena has mainly kemono males.

>gay material on /kemono/
If the community grew, it would almost definitely become a problem if let be. The draw thread had already started to catch the gay. Gay content should unquestionably be banned if you want to have a good community long term with potential for growth and not have it degenerate into cancer, I've watched too many things be consumed by it and everything it brings along. You could probably just flat out ban male characters unless they have some relation or pairing with female characters.
>Banning the gays
Does lesbian counts?
I think gay content itself isn't that much of a problem. It's allowed on both /a/ and /animu/ without turning either into a bar colony.
It's a problem when when paired with the main cancer that makes furfaggot communities into the dumpster fire they are: ego wank.
Ego wank about their shitty OCs, ego wank about e-fame and the usual drama that comes with it.
> bar colony
*Bara colony, but I guess gay bar colony works too.
You can't really compare them, the problem is that furries are overwhelmingly gay compared to something like the audience of /a/ and /animu/. You basically never see anything in the drawthreads that's gay and you'll get called out for it if you requested it, you don't really see yaoi or anything like that being discussed either, even shit like traps and futa content rarely have their own threads. Furries however are a completely different beast and one step in either /fur/ or /furry/ or their draw threads will show you that. It's basically the majority.
>Furries however are a completely different beast and one step in either /fur/ or /furry/ or their draw threads will show you that. It's basically the majority.
I'm guessing that it will be related to wither OC or westernshit, right?
>You can't really compare them
The same goes for /monster/ and any possible kemono board. /monster/ has developed a very specific mindset, based mainly on one source of fiction and it has become more puritan over time. I just don't think it will be easy to set up a kemono board the same way. at least not without ending up like that other failure of a kemono board on 8chan. I forgot the board title but it was for "female kemono x human man" art only. It had about 10post/year and even that was just a meta-circlejerk of some /monster/ anons that are secretly into kemono and who all hang out in the same IRC/discord or something.
I'm not sure if I should go into more detail as for why it works for monstergirls but not for kemono. I might just be repeating what I already know to you.
>I'm not sure if I should go into more detail as for why it works for monstergirls but not for kemono
I'm curious to know why it won't work despite there clearly being demand for something like it. I never advocated for a strong "identity" like /monster/ has, just a kemono board that's active but without the gayness and furcancer. /kemono/ is already very close to that exact thing, but I'm very cynical about the prospects of it growing without also degenerating it since it doesn't have any particular rules and because the draw threads were already somewhat saturated with it at some points in time.

Maybe the board you're referring to is /fukemo/, a board that nobody knew about, changed it's ruleset on several occasions, had a bunch of fetishfags that made me wonder what exactly differentiates the board from /fur/, wiped the entire board of all it's contents at least once, and migrated to a barely working imageboard that closed some weeks later. It was certainly a step up from the likes of /fur/ in terms of content but I wouldn't call it a very great example of the concept. I also don't recall it actually being about kemono despite the name.
I just think it's a ruling that might turn people away. Most anons hate rules that are too strict and will spend a lot of time arguing about them. Maybe I'm just overthinking it though.
Banning "gayshit" and monsterboys works on /monster/ since board is about monstergirls. When in doubt, one can always refer to this base fact.
How would you rule it on the new kemono board? As others stated before, male kemono are common in the genre, including classic series as Foxy Rena and just about any kemono game I can think off, so you can't just forbid them in general. This already leaves the backdoor open for posting solo lewds of them since they are technically allowed. If you really go the hard way and forbid them then you'd be left with barely any content.
I think it's be easier to put down rules like:
>this board is about Japanese content. Exceptions can be made for drawfaggotry and other high quality art.
>Remember the 2D barrier. No fursuit shit. Even if it is content from Japan
>Don't be a furfaggot. Discussion about e-drama and fursonas should be taken somewhere else.
Or something like that? Seems less likely to turn away potential posters.

>Maybe the board you're referring to is /fukemo/
Could be, I don't really remember. I didn't even know about this massive clusterfuck. I just went there once, saw the absolute mess the board was in and left.
>I think banning them outright would be a big detriment, seeing that most Japanese kemono stories with worldbuilding or story (including actual franchises like Solatorobo) seem to have them
Oh, absolutely. It's part of why /monster/'s solution doesn't map 1:1 to kemono.
>Does lesbian counts?
/monster/ doesn't count them.
Pretty much, although ego wank is a big part of that. A huge chunk of western furfaggotry is based around wanting to be the furry, and ego wank plus loads of fags is a dangerous combination. There's a reason the term "attention-seeking faggot" exists.
He's probably talking about /fukemo/, yeah.
>I never advocated for a strong "identity" like /monster/ has
We should distinguish between board identity and personal identity. The closest monster girl faggotry comes to a personal identity is the simple desire to fuck a monster girl, something anyone can do on their own without browsing a particular website or board or sucking up to community figures. Furfaggotry, on the other hand, is intensely focused on identityfaggotry and pushes the idea that liking anthro makes you part of their shallow culture. This forced meme is so successful that even non-furfags have fallen for it and push anyone who shows even a hint of liking anthro into (((the furry community))).
The most devastating thing that can happen to furfag culture is not people hating it, that happens all the time and strengthens their persecution complex. No, it's people realizing you can like anthro or anything related without making it your personal identity and becoming part of their cult. This idea does not conflict with a kemono board (straight or not, even the kemono /chaos/ to the straight kemono /monster/ can recognize this), it just means we recognize it's just something we like and not a big identity thing or being part of some wider kemono culture that substitutes for an actual personality and social skills.
>I just think it's a ruling that might turn people away
That's the entire point of gatekeeping: turning away people who will probably fuck over your board or group later. These discussions start because anons want to avoid a repeat of the cancer that ruined western furfaggotry and infests kemono too. It's only natural that anons will discuss keeping out certain people who fucked both of them over.
As for male kemono existing, you know what? Male humans exist too and if someone whines about solo male pinups not being allowed on a board for straight lewds, they'll rightfully be recognized as a fag or a woman and pushed to wherever solo male nudes go. A straight kemono board shouldn't be any different, yet somehow we have to consider this "loophole" and so did anthro-related board /monster/. It's almost as if a crucial part of (((the furry community)))'s subversive cancer is fags and anons are worried about this.
>want to edit the kemono is not furry image
>realize I don't have it
>somehow can't find it
>haven't read the manga yet so I don't know what page it's from
(512.81 KB 1041x799 1412654308178.png)
Rules are a double edged sword, and people are self contradictory about them. It's actually incredibly annoying. People really hate to feel like there's things they can't do, but as soon as someone starts making trouble they want someone to put that troublemaker down, and/or then complain how the community has gone to shit. It's the same in real life. Absence of rules only works if you manage to align enough stars to attract only the right people and none of the wrong people, it's basically rolling the dice and hoping it lands on a good community. That said, the same works the other way round. If you give very specific rules, it becomes much harder to attract any community at all, even if those rules align with the kind of place people want.

>How would you rule it on the new kemono board?
I don't think you'd want me to be a BO of any board. I'm pretty extremist when it comes to this stuff so I'd just become the Hitler that tells faggots to fuck off outright, and people with extreme/disgusting fetishes to fuck off as well. There's a word missing for what I despise and I can only refer to it as "degenerate", it's fine to have fetishes up to a point, but as soon as you start fetishizing shit and piss and 500lb fatasses and anuses the size of lifesavers and black wrinkly droopy protruding zoo pussies and swollen 8 foot cocks, then you're getting a fist class ticket into the fucking gas chamber even if you're the least homosexual person on the planet.

I'd at the very least advocate for a rule along the lines of "no sexualization of male characters unless combined with female ones". That'll basically allow you to still do/post cool worldbuilding and characters (pic related often comes to mind) and post lewds without having to walk on eggshells, but it'll be a big roadblock to pushing gay shit.
Your proposed rules sound fine, except I would probably use a definition for kemono that's more like /kemono/'s (it being a Japanese art style rather than art from Japan).

>Furfaggotry, on the other hand, is intensely focused on identityfaggotry and pushes the idea that liking anthro makes you part of their shallow culture
That's a pretty interesting way of looking at it. Anything to do with animal characters is always thought of as being part of the "furry community", it's so deeply rooted that I wonder if declaring the board as "not a furry board" would have an effect. Furries and their "community" have a huge amount of baggage and people will automatically associate it with any community they deem "furry". If you could somehow break that connection, it might help people re-evaluate and accept what exactly the place is for.
This one?
(105.39 KB 981x383 kemono is not furry.png)
Yes, thank you.
>I wonder if declaring the board as "not a furry board" would have an effect
That's a really interesting idea.
(105.53 KB 981x383 kemono is not furry.png)
Forgot the exclamation mark.
there is another one "Its ok when the nips do it" edit.
(18.12 KB 406x400 d9e.jpg)
So you guys are okay with banning m/m gay love, but maybe not f/f?
(401.78 KB 1480x2048 70242482_p3.jpg)
(373.69 KB 1126x2048 D8iYxkQUcAIPrTp.jpg)
(72.33 KB 679x900 56745206_p0.jpg)
(258.73 KB 1628x2048 EIljLR_U0AAaB0O.jpeg)
(291.56 KB 1542x2048 EMIO-XpUwAAXqWK.jpg)
I can deal with M/M if they don't shit up threads where it's not wanted. F/F is superior anyway.
Yeah if the homos keep segregated to their own threads and don't actively go around stirring up petty drama then there won't be a problem.
Too bad they usually can't help themselves because they have roastie tier brains that crave autistic drama
(8.06 KB 220x229 images.jpeg)
Bruh. I disagree, okay? #SueMe
My lawyer is in the mail, you'll have to sign for him ok?
The manga sucks anyway except for the qt tall weasel girl
You're probably thinking of /hmofa/, which stood for Human Male On Female Anthro. I don't think anyone ever used it.

>A straight kemono board
Would it really be as simple as saying "this is a board for straight kemono, fags be gone?" It's a catch-all solution, but I don't know how it would stand up to scrutiny and subversion. You might honestly be correct; I have no idea.

I think the main reason people dislike having big content rules in front of the board is that it's a niche interest, and having strict rules plus a niche is often a surefire way to kill it or interest in it.

> "no sexualization of male characters unless combined with female ones"
This also seems like a good way to phrase it.

Go back to whatever social media website you took those images from.

>don't shit up threads where it's not wanted
That's the problem: faggots live to infect other people with faggotry. It's the only way they reproduce. Even if you don't use real-life faggots as an example, the story of /hypno/ and /wx/ are clear examples that part of being a degenerate is trying to push your degeneracy on other people.

It certainly has manga problems: there's so much exposition in the margins that I find it difficult to pay attention to the art, and much of the panel composition is the same shot/reverse shot stuff you'd see in any contemporary manga. Tamamo's older sister is better, but weasel is respectable.
Why the fuck are fluffy girl armpits so intriguing to me?
What mental illness is this?
(712.59 KB 1024x1024 armpit faggotry.png)
(626.87 KB 1200x880 armpit faggotry 2.png)
You're already a complete slut for hairy, sweaty anime girl armpits. It's only natural that you would move on to the next step.
I didn't write this gay shit.
(282.16 KB 750x500 Laughing vulpix.gif)
I know this is an extremely old post, but is there any chance you could update/move your collection to a file host other than anonfile? Their download speed/my internet connection is so slow that I time-out before downloading the full thing.

Armpit fetishism is probably one of the worst fetishes that hasn't moved on from the woman's form completely. I have more respect for foot fetishists than armpit fetishists.
>those pictures
Woah holy shit I'm not that far gone, I just like how they look, something about how they connect to the boobs and I pray to god it never gets worse than that
I can upload a new version of that. Just need to remove duplicates first. Do you have a preferred site I should uploading it on?
Honestly, GDrive and Dropbox are good ones. I like Catbox, but your filesize is way too large for it.
Can you not just split it into parts if the filesize is too large for a single upload?
>That's the problem: faggots live to infect other people with faggotry.
I don't think everyone who likes 2D faggotry acts like that. I like it but I don't have to shit up everything with it.
>yeah but [exception to rule]
(2.15 MB 1800x2700 78359868_p3.png)
>Kemono collection

A collection of kemono girl images separated by ecchi, hentai, and animations. Most of what you see posted in the thread is in here and more. Around 3.8k images.
Thanks man
The 'ke' of 'kemono' literally means 'fur'.
>missing the point
(521.38 KB 1200x1694 04004256970.jpg)
(193.47 KB 867x1230 04300715910.jpg)
(322.09 KB 2087x3007 04011619640.jpg)
(538.51 KB