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(911.99 KB 1835x2560 kengo.jpg)
(206.14 KB 756x420 006_1479741982.png)
(119.21 KB 349x391 009_1551996032.png)
Manga Rec Thread: 'The world has gone to shit, now get in the fucking bunker' Edition Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 22:47:12 No. 205
Recommend some good manga.

>I Am A Hero
Otaku-kun (who is totally not the author's self-insert) is one of the few people in Japanland that owns a gun which should make him into an alpha during the zombie apocalypse but alas our MC is still an otaku at heart. I haven't encountered all that many mangas about the zombie apocalypse that doesn't immediately turn into edgefests, so this one was quite a fun read and something I definitely would recommend. Although it does take some time for it to get going, I'd say that you'd have to read atleast the two first volumes. It's worth mentioning that it's a seinen manga and it's 264 chapters but it was weekly manga so each chapter is about 14-24 pages.

I've also been reading Genshiken but it's not something that should be recommended.
Ah good I was going to make a rec thread but you beat me too it.
>Detective Xeno and the Seven Locked Murder Rooms
Xeno is a young man whose lost his memories but is also a brilliant detective who along with his cute Assassin assistant must solve the Locked murder rooms that may be the key to unlocking his mysterious past.
(438.05 KB 726x1032 v9.png)
(480.26 KB 726x1032 v10.png)
(411.87 KB 726x1032 v12.png)
>The Troubles Of A Fortune Teller
Ara tries her best to resist her lust for shota cock.
(476.04 KB 1200x527 aspe-chan04.png)
(60.54 KB 1032x356 aspe-chan03.png)
(117.30 KB 1033x356 aspe-chan02.png)
(120.63 KB 1032x426 aspe-chan01.png)
Edutainment about assburger.
I wen't into it looking for cringe and funny reactions, and while I did get that, I also feel sorry for Aspe-chan.
It's funny that in trying to shine a good light over people with asperger, she mentions things like fighting games players.
>fighting games is like being a martial artist!
You wish, huefag. Being good at typewriting isn't the same as fighting, where anyone improvising and baiting would demolish an aspie.
So it this just Komori-chan but with (more) assburgers?
(1.62 MB 1063x1600 gachashit_and_loli_v.png)
Less imageboard autism and more crippling autism, yeah.
Nothing in that picture would stand out of place on /v/.
(179.18 KB 719x291 Highly autistic girl.PNG)
(222.47 KB 706x425 highly autistic girl 2.PNG)
(247.93 KB 520x501 flustered autstic girl.PNG)
(376.67 KB 1086x1630 how could this happen.png)
Just discovered Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki Desu ka? today and man is it lewd. If you can answer affirmative to the question that is the title expect lots of sex and nudity. I mean every chapter is like an ero doujinshi. And there's volleyball.
(2.57 MB 1128x1600 B10.png)
(2.54 MB 1128x1600 B11.png)
Do it, you know you want to
It's surprisingly accurate.
Or maybe that's not surprising at all. This kind of test is usually made in a way to make you identify with any type at least a little bit ( suppose)
>he thinks I am a bright and happy loli because I don't bully my kouhai at work
(272.58 KB 1128x1600 She whored it up.jpg)
I don't really have anything to recommend but I started reading I am a hero and I really dig the author's dry sense of humour.
>reading Otoyomegatari
>get culturally enriched
>mfw no terrorist loli wife
>Do it, you know you want to
Oh yes
(132.34 KB 515x439 cumface.png)
Truly the hero we deserve.
are there any alternatives of mangadex that DOESNT lower the quality of the scans?
(2.23 MB 2229x1600 Sayu is a girl who you love.jpg)
Honestly I'd like if us in the 8chan circle made an alt to MangaDex but it'd be a massive undertaking.
(1.35 MB 1503x2632 Dv1HHuLUUAUhCMY.jpg)
>Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
Boy is trolled by Gyrau
>massive undertaking
Not so much in the dev department, unless you have a fetish for filling everything with memory leaking obfuscated JS, as much as an issue of who the fuck will be willing to pay for all the storage and bandwidth.
Personally, I kind of like the homudevil way of hosting shit. Front facing ddl, with the possibility of reading the archives on the fly.
Added the fact that its more or less a sekrit club, so the bandwidth costs are probably reduced to a somewhat reasonable degree when you don't get the likes of reddit and normalfags pounding your servers.
So a panda like thing?
Yeah, as far as the sekrit club goes. But now that you mention it, don't they have that distributed H2H thing going to take a load off their servers?
If zeronet or something like that had a kind of super-seeding mode and then deferring the seeding responsibility to all the peers, you could theoretically have a site where the central server uses only a fraction of the bandwidth since everyone else reading would be hosting shit at the same time.
Which could probably reduce the problem of the first thing on jewgle for your site inevitably being a reddit thread on how to get past the panda/IRC registration/whatever.
Though on the other hand that would be an infinitely larger pain in the ass to do development wise, assuming the tech even is at the point where this is possible to begin with.
I actually wonder if we should go to other boards to talk about making this a possibility since having a manga site free of faggotry is something everyone might be on board with.
Why would you talk to faggots about keeping faggotry out?
Wanted to recommend "The last Saiyuki" but it just got axed. too bad
(378.98 KB 1900x808 x1.jpg)
(508.01 KB 900x1300 Q3.png)
(352.36 KB 894x1300 Y1.png)
(302.78 KB 900x1300 Y32.png)
>Mahou Tsukai no Yome.
I just caught up with it.
It feels a bit like shoujo, the actually good shoujo, the diamonds in the rough. It probably is and I'm too autistic to tell, but it's tagged seinen on mangadex. Lots of cute boys and alpha males doing favours for the protagonist girl, and boyish women in leadership positions, more than one of which have submissive husbands that barely pop up. A few red flags also, I think the "woman leaders" one isn't, it's played well and makes sense. But a literal nigger popped up in a recent chapter, it's a character that has only popped up in one panel and doesn't look like they'll come back much if at all.
A magus is very autistic because he's not actually human, so he buys himself a bride. Like every other anime girl (except Asuka), she has a heart of gold.
It's one of those peculiar mangas written by a woman, if you are like me and think there's something good and different about manga written by still 3DPD authors such as Urusei Yatsura, Dungeon Meshi, Full Metal Alchemist, and Witch Hat Atelier, then you're in for a treat.
It's set in England and there's a lot of european fantasy in it. The art is good, it's one step below amazing.
If you like or dislike it early on, you'll feel exactly that up until the latest chapter. Not that it stagnates, it just doesn't stray far from what it is.
There's an anime adaptation that's very good, it's how I learned of the series. I watched the anime in a day as soon as blu-ray torrents were available and I read what's out of the manga in 3 days just now, so that was separated by almost 2 years, and I can't remember the anime well enough to say with 100% confidence but I'm very sure the anime didn't skip on anything.
well, fuck
I was reading that and it felt kinda ok for a shounen.
I should catch back up with that. I haven't been up to date since around the time the anime ended. Iirc you're right the anime didn't skip much (and didn't have a lot of filler) but had a non-cannon ending which was pretty bad.
in the manga, she gets what seems like a black dress, and then they exchange vows, so it looked like a pre-white wedding marriage to me
I'd say the anime wedding was the same but they gave it more importance and a white dress
Ah I had forgotten about that. I guess that might have played into them trying to hurry things up and come to what was meant to be a final ending, but maybe not.

When I read the manga and got to this scene I thought Chise was shaking down the girl and was just being an autist when she asked for cookies because she didn't know what else to ask for. But in the anime they made it seem like she was just being really nice. There were a couple of other times when I thought Chise was just being weird when the anime showed it as superpowered-emotional-intelligence. I guess I was just reading it wrong and maybe had some awkward wording on a translation.
t. Elias Ainsworth.
(190.20 KB 869x1238 36.jpg)
(257.75 KB 869x1238 37.jpg)
>Grand Blue
I don't even need to say anything about this one. Picrelated is enough.
(1.61 MB 540x304 1521929216156.gif)
Autism means not when you can buy a qt at auction.
>gets kidnapped every other arc
What are you more of opaifag?
I want to eat Silky's cooking.
You're supposed to put your meat in her to make her grow.
weird 2hu was best girl in that show at any rate
I need to catch up on that manga, I enjoyed what I read of it a lot.
>lewding mommy silkie
2D gyarus are perfection.
Just imagine the sweet scent of her healthy bush overpowering your senses while you tenderly kiss her baby oven, which you can barely see.
She keeps the dress on too, but she does take of her hood, allowing you to see all of her hair and her neck.
(215.88 KB 1392x2048 D3pDRvAUYAU3Jkh.jpg)
(1.44 MB 1164x1618 momo.jpg)
>MOMO: The Blood Taker
Cop and loli vamp fight evil vamp crimes.
(888.11 KB 936x1326 x15.png)
(647.76 KB 936x1326 x16.png)
(697.46 KB 936x1326 x17.png)
>Maou Desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikon Shita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni Narimashita.
Demon lord Marries Heroine's mum

Toppest recommendation my man.
friendly reminder to read Land of the Lustrous / Houseki no Kuni
it's about esoteric buddhism and finding meaning in existence after separating the mind, soul and flesh.
>demon lord doesnt have a son
>no stepbrother/setpsister romcom
missed opportunity, but its pretty comfy.
It is.
>Hi no Maru Gaisen Otome
An ethno-nationalist manga about how the Koreans and Chinese conspire against the Japanese and control the media.
does he say anything about the jews?
I was going to ask the same.
Is only the first chapter still translated after all this time?
(168.88 KB 833x1200 EDbY9KZU8AExOg1.jpg)
(262.62 KB 848x1200 EDbXXSgUEAIX9uS.jpg)
(sort of) manga related news
Gal and Dinosaur Comedy Manga to Get TV Anime and Live-Action Adaptations in April 2020
and another
Junji Ito's Uzumaki Horror Manga Gets TV Anime by Production IG
>Mushi-Shi's Hiroshi Nagahama directs short series for Toonami
>The Junji Ito panel at Crunchyroll Expo announced on Friday that Ito's Uzumaki horror manga will have an anime adaptation. Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushi-Shi) is directing the mini-series at Production I.G, and Adult Swim's Toonami block will release the anime in the United States before Japan. Colin Stetson (Hereditary) is composing the music.

>The panel showed a teaser for the anime, and Toonami will then stream the teaser on its Facebook page and YouTube account.

>The 1998-1999 manga follows the inhabitants of a town where strange occurrences related to a spiral shape began occurring one after another. Viz originally released the manga in three collected volumes from 2007-2008, and later released an omnibus edition.

>The manga inspired a live-action horror film starring Eriko Hatsune and Fan Fhi in 2000.
I loved Mushi-Shi and thought it had a great atmosphere. Sounds like something to keep an eye on. The last Junji Ito anime was really shit because apart from subpar art it just tried to cover so many different stories. This might really benefit from slowing down a bit.
(473.48 KB 1115x1600 w10.png)
>Go toubun
>Finally, we see a faint gleam of an ending
>Woops! JK! Time to introduce a NEW GIRL
(229.32 KB 337x577 CEASE YOUR FAGGOTRY.png)
(742.05 KB 1055x880 016___1562695299.png)
(463.94 KB 559x1125 003___1562695299.png)
(380.04 KB 1211x581 006.png)
Reminder that Nino is best girl and that Uesugi is a footfag.
(648.44 KB 762x1143 Libidors - Vol.1 Ch.4 - 15.jpg)
It's Parasyte, but with boners.
>Kine-san no 1-ri de Cinema
It's about a girl that loves movies.
Am I the only one that wants to fuck her mother?
(408.81 KB 728x558 life goals.png)
(77.16 KB 314x363 gambatte.png)
I just want to say that if whoever recommended HenJyo in a previous thread is around these parts now, thank you. Shit's hilariously stupid and I'm loving it.

>Bottom right
Sounds like my mom.
>Tale of a Girl and a Delinquent Who's Bad with Women
A misunderstood delinquent gets a small gf.
(451.12 KB 1125x1600 003___1560217146.png)
(496.35 KB 1125x1600 021___1560217146.png)
(488.69 KB 1125x1600 022___1560217146.png)
(528.83 KB 1125x1600 029___1560217146.png)
>Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

>stop being /fit/
>immediately acquires gf
I guess /fit/ never wins. I'm gonna miss this manga, the girls were plain but cute just the way it should be.
>Tsubaki-sama Hasn't Bloomed Yet!
It's about a girl trying hard to be a perfect cool beauty.
>perfectly shaped ass and tighs
>shiny skin
God bless these artists who know how to capture these important details.
This is the funniest thing I have ever read 10/10 would go diving again
My dick is so hard
(1.83 MB 2248x1600 pumpkin night.jpg)
New chapter never ever.
(256.67 KB 1600x1195 002g (2).jpg)
I finally finished reading Genshiken. After reading Genshiken I'm now aware of how much worse the manga is than I previously expected. The golden era for Genshiken (when the majority of the members were guys) lasted for only 36 chapters, after that focus shifted onto characters that didn't fit the male otaku archetype, like Ohno who was a fujoshi and a cosplayer or Ogiue who wasn't even an anime otaku but more of a BL otaku. After chapter 57 all the guys left and the club was let with four women and a fag, in total more than 55% of Genshiken was wasted of fujoshits.

Spoiler for anyone who wants to know what happened after the anime:
After all the guys graduated the club is left with Ogiue as president. At the start of the semester three fujoshis join, with one of them actually being a crossdressing fudanshi, effectively turning the Genshiken into a BL club and turning it away from it's original purpose which was to study all visual mediums such as anime, manga, games, VNs, or figures.

During the nth Comiket a harem is loosely formed around Madarame, the harem includes Sue, Angela, Hato (the trap), and Sasahara's gal imouto. Most of the chapters in Nidame focuses on the harem situation. Hato gets the most chapters and it's all wasted on talking about his feelings and why he's a fag, turns out he was a fag way back in high school and was NTR'd by his older brother. Whilst it does sound bad he deserves everything since he's an indecisive faggot (which makes sense since he's trying to portray himself as a woman). Hato's feelings for Madarame comes mainly from his BL fantasies going nuclear but also from the fact that he believes that he knows Madarame the best, which makes no logical sense because he's of the characters that has known him for the least amount of time. His feelings are mostly one-sided with there being the occasional 'but he's a guy'-boner.

During the last arc were Madarame is give the opportunity to talk to each of the harem members and finally make a choice he decides to chicken-out and pick no one. In the last chapters the former club members egg him into asking out Sue and the two start dating. There's nothing worth mentioning about the two other fujoshi members.

Looking back on Genshiken, it makes me appreciate this home alot more since the probability of women and fags to butt in, cause drama, and ruin the community is close to nil. But fuck the author for writing a good 36 chapters and then shitting out the remaining 91, I'm glad that the scanlators decided to drop Spotted Flower.
I require recommendations for series with girls with big asses that aren’t Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!.
(260.12 KB 630x1300 35150.jpg)
>Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!
An idol wrestling manga. Has an anime adaptation.

There's a manga called Bishoujo Senshi 04R1 about a big butt combatant girl, but nobody scanlated it.
(312.23 KB 869x1221 00m7.jpg)
(289.72 KB 869x1221 00j8.jpg)
(220.31 KB 870x1237 006_1484617845.jpg)
(227.08 KB 869x1220 009.jpg)
(116.62 KB 869x1237 114.jpg)
Thick JK and her friends do things while remaining silent.

You should read it even if you're not into big asses since it only takes an hour or so to 'read' and the girls are really cute.
Someone told me he ended up cheating on her with Hato though?
(423.59 KB 900x1280 v1.jpg)
>Shiori Experience

A 27-years old high-school teacher that used to be in a music club gets possessed by a guitar ace, Jimi Hendrix as a result of some paranormal bullshit. The catch is that she'll die after a year if she doesn't become a legend. It's so great that I don't even mind the high school setting.
(143.08 KB 1113x630 013___1558672367.jpg)
That happened in Spotted Flower which is kind of a sequel to Genshiken, Spotted Flower started publishing before Genshiken was done and at the time wasn't a sequel which is why some things that happen early on in Spotted Flower doesn't make sense if it were a sequel to Genshiken. References from Genshiken show up here and there, and eventually entire characters make an appearance thus making Spotted Flower into a sequel.

About the cheating, Madarame cheats on Saki with Hato while the former is in the hospital nurturing their newborn baby. Madarame got a bit triggered when Saki's ex-boyfriend came to the hospital to visit (along with other former club members) and returned home to fuck the trap. In his defense his wife was a bit of a slut beforehand and they only got married after Saki got pregnant after a one-night stand. According to some anons in the later chapters (that have been translated to Italian) there are some hints to show that the child isn't actually Madarame's but Saki's ex-boyfriend, I can't confirm it since I don't know Italian but knowing the author it wouldn't surprise me.
>most of the volume 7 is untranslated
>mango from up to volume 13 is already on amazon
>monthly, each chapter is 55 pages long
>scanlation was dropped for a year, resumed month ago with a single chapter
Fucking help, it's the rare case of mango being not shit.
Why do squats turn me on so much?
I'm not a slav god damn it.
Because local squats are too good.
>Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka?
A big girl & small guy romance.
>breasts directly at eye-level
Maybe being a manlet would be so bad after all.
(502.80 KB 1473x2086 9.png)
(736.46 KB 1473x2086 10.png)
>Nukenai Seiken-chan
>NTRing a dragon
You are going down some dangerous paths, manga.
The manga already reads like NTR with the hero's sword. I can't get into it at all.
Is it really NTR if the hero has been dead for hundreds of years?
(796.39 KB 1473x2086 2.png)
It is NTR, but it's probably Excelia who was cheated on and left to rot, because there will inevitably be some shit how Tatara is related to the hero, and the hero had to fuck someone else to have offspring.
Who cares about the sword of promised cuckoldry though.
Carmilla best daggerfu.
So she is. Healing damaged goods is my fetish.
>used goods dagger
>childhood friend
>another imperial blade
>he is going to cuck the dragon and odds are steal the new sword
harem shit always ruin everything.
I actually was expecting her to realize that the hero would never be reborn or that she isnt needed as a weapon anymore and later realize that every body she meets are going to die and she will be alone
To bad about the dragon chapter, i was thinking that the imperial sword chose to live with a dragon because of his long life span
That one is getting stale pretty fast, the guy is still good at drawing flustered lolis though.
Nothing in that picture is incorrect either.
I wouldn't count it, plus it was probably just a one sided affection for the hero which isn't a relationship and he probably kept it professional considering he left her there in the pedistal.
(73.38 KB 1053x607 D5IYsnFWkAALcM7.jpg)
Recommend me a good comedy manga
(263.87 KB 480x1312 5.jpg)
I read "We are Cats" today, worth a few minutes if you're a cat person.
Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband
(282.30 KB 766x454 VEUs4zD.png)
(178.70 KB 685x399 6sdBQHx.png)
(275.97 KB 856x522 c5s1Guq.png)
(353.77 KB 502x911 fJOTWM6.png)
(485.78 KB 960x1378 x18.png)
Today was a good day
(142.64 KB 465x318 wainmisterimente1_465_318_int.jpg)
Would anyone have a good recommendation for horror manga? Fuan no Tane+ left me wanting more.
>The Ultimate Middle-Aged Hunter Travels to Another World ~This Time, He Wants to Live a Slow and Peaceful Life~
It's pretty much a "what if someone from Monster Hunter gets isekai'd to a high fantasy world?"
>Futari Solo Camp
A man just wants to enjoy solo camping, but some random girl tags along whether he wants it or not.
Anything from Junji Ito. That mangaka is called "Japanese Lovecraft" by many and he makes a lot of horror with no happy endings.
Only Rapeman can fix Jiranaide at this point.
no "VIDEOGAMES" elements?
He fights like he does in Monster Hunter despite being in another world and he can go between his MH world and the fantasy world whenever he wants.
>isekai'd from a video game
We've reached isekai levels of isekai.
Sounds cozy
(321.58 KB 920x1305 018.jpg)
Should have mentioned that I also read most of his stuff too. It's great for the most part.
(1.79 MB 2232x1600 g36.png)
The Ride-on King just got really, really weird
What a majestic creature.
Just finished "I Am A Hero" and why does everyone hate the ending so much?
I personally liked it.
It was a fitting end that bookends nicely to the first chapter but it was bleak and I wish the MC got the end that the other mangaka character got. I'm sure that character got the good end because you can imagine the MC getting that end instead but there was already a Stephen Kingesque ending for the MC in place so the author had to go with that.
I just finished Choku. It's by the team that does Watamote. Very short at 21 chapters. It's got the author's sense of humor so if you like Watamote or Number Girls it's a good read.
(828.09 KB 759x1079 f4.png)
>japanese Christmas is tightly associated with fried chicken
A magical place
(303.98 KB 1011x846 005.jpg)
>China Girl
Salaryman falls in love with the Chinese waitress who only came to Japan to find her father. His attempts fall flat as she's only interested in her quest, can't say more than that as it is only 9 chapters.

Recommend me a manga with a storyline that's not just [Self-insert] x [fetish tag]: Hilarity ensues

Who hated it? Was it the western audience or the Japanese, remember that the Japanese actually have shit taste. The manga was publishing for 8 years so people were probably expecting a more extravagant ending, also didn't the MC have almost no screen (page) time in the last arc?
Joshikousei no Mudazukai
Chio-san no Tsuugakuro
These are the only ones that I can think of that I see as mainly comedies rather than the other manga that are more of a SoL with some attempt at comedy, however I think that in general due to the way Japanese comedy works it's rare to find a manga that gets more than a chuckle out of gaijins.
>I think that in general due to the way Japanese comedy works it's rare to find a manga that gets more than a chuckle out of gaijins.
Grand blue had me crying I'm calling that bullshit
>I think that in general due to the way Japanese comedy works it's rare to find a manga that gets more than a chuckle out of gaijins.
Grand blue had me crying I'm calling that bullshit
There was a manga about this demon who unitenonally keeps seducing the Lord of hell who likes to pretend to be best I forgot the title.
(332.14 KB 1023x529 023.png)
(457.61 KB 1114x1600 024.png)
(649.42 KB 1114x1600 030.png)
All of you faggots need to drop what you're reading and pick up Kannou Sensei.
The latest chapters of this are really giving me a Blade Play kind of vibe for some reason.
As in, I get the feeling it's just a matter of time till every chapter is consumed by some eternal orgy. While the plot and pretty much everything else stops making any sense, to the point where you have to wonder if the mangaka was high while writing it.
(2.90 MB 992x1400 E1.png)
>Kimi no Okasan o Boku ni Kudasai!
Single uni fag tries getting into a relationship with a single mother. Shit actually gets real when she points out how he can't feed a family with his lifestyle, looking forward to see if the MC mans up to actually convince her that he can be a good partner and potential Father to her son
(1.72 MB 1506x1080 4.png)
(1.01 MB 836x1200 2-7.png)
(1.09 MB 836x1200 1.png)
(1.10 MB 836x1200 2.png)
>Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai
Adventurer adopts daughteru.
(609.61 KB 569x671 4654546132213879.png)
>mango isnt about the guy with the vanilla taste
(82.91 KB 295x443 6565164898465.png)
>lets have a competition of who can do better maintenance
>instead of MC teaching the dragon how to do proper maintenance
>MC cucks the dragon and keeps the Masochistic blade
>dragon is happy about it
>My First Love Was a Beautiful "Girl"
After getting traumatized that his childhood cruah was a trap, he sees him again ten years later after transfering to his school.
>Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san
This girl wishes she could be a magical girl, but she became a demon lord instead.
>she ends up enjoying it and turns into a sadist
Damn it, and it was a good concept, too.
(403.07 KB 850x1200 R10.png)
(492.96 KB 850x1200 R11.png)
(483.91 KB 850x1200 R12.png)
(547.50 KB 850x1200 R13.png)
(400.68 KB 850x1200 R14.png)
And here
Fujiwara deserves better than being rejectedlike we all know she will be
is there any reason to keep reading this shit?
if you want a pure girl demon lord, there is a mango about the succesor of the demon lord bieng a pure innocent loli that is too good for this world.
>Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?
An old man was in a lot of debt, so he gave his granddaughter to a god as a wife to pay it off.
(871.89 KB 835x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>Giant Tits
I can handle all those, but this is way too lewd...
Did you just paint your pants white?
The world is a canvas that we must paint with our mighty brushes.
The room's basically a swimming pool now.
imagine the smell
(156.03 KB 445x360 progress.png)
(213.10 KB 796x459 formulaic.png)
(239.72 KB 725x444 lowbar.png)
(237.38 KB 656x592 research.png)
Been reading Paranoia Cage. Pretty funny as well as (maybe?) informative about the doujinshi/ero mangaka life, but I fucking swear, is it too much to ask that whoever is doing the translations actually run their shit through a text editor before inserting them into the comic? Though, at some points, I don't even know if that would be enough to fix the English scripts; not when they're leaving whole words out or the sentence flow making it hard to even read.
>"A fellow artist's blog is getting flammed..."
>"Eh? And what did they do? Was a cosplayer and suddenly quitted?"
>"That's sound like a manga..."
Some chapters are more or less fine, but it makes me think either there's multiple translators or editors, or maybe it got dropped and someone less capable picked it up.
anyone knows the name of the mango about a depressed MC that had her mom killed in an accident and him being a cripple so his dad just sends him to a home because he is know useless but at least he bought a qt wife to keep him company? its from the edo era or something like that.
Don't remember anymore if the pseudololi killed her mom, but the richfag with dead arm being given a wife as compensation to fuck off, is probably Taisho wotome otogibanashi.
(40.83 KB 324x291 9df.jpg)
>Taisho wotome otogibanashi.
I am not that anon but my heart-boner is very satisfied
I thank thee
Thanks, anon.
>Saotome Shimai wa Manga no Tame nara!?
A young mangaka has his sisters working as assistants.
Problem is that his onee-chan and gyaru imouto are both brocons.
Doesn't sound like a problem to me.
>Make LN mostly out of meta references to other series and characters obsessed with otaku media
>Get written as a exhibitionist loli in a incest harem mango
Sasuga Nyarukodev.
>see this before on various mango sites
>ignore it because not a footfag
>hot mom
>okay fine
>obvious footfag bait aside the girl is cute as fuck
The gimmick is wearing a tad thin though.
>Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san
A guy has to deal with a big tittied girl telling him facts and trivia about sex.
>Nekogurui Minako-san
It's about a woman obsessed with her cats.
You mean about a cat with a field around her that makes everyone who's in contact with her for more than 5 minutes go insane.
(971.11 KB 3023x4299 20723.jpg)
>Atelier of Witch Hat
Little girls and magic.
Dont wanna explain the story since it would spoil the writing, but I'm amazed by the quality of the story and the quality of drawing this manga has.
10/10 would recommend. Also, fuck the last chapter release ends in a cliffhanger.
>My Junior was My Mom in Her Past Life
As the title says.
Ah, thanks for reminding me this existed, I forgot about it a couple months ago. The art is definitely beautiful, feels like Berserk levels of detail sometimes. I wouldn't doubt it if the mangaka cites Berserk as an inspiration.
(240.90 KB 507x664 4654123897465132.png)
>Still no new chapter for S-Rank Monster no Behemoth Dakedo, Neko to Machigawarete
>look it up
>it got licensed in english
>search it in mangalife
>still 14 chapter
>Shiro Madoushi Syrup-san
A warrior is forced to team up with a white mage.
Problem is that the white mage wants to hug him all the time and be his daddy's girl.
>After Reincarnation, My Party Was Full Of Traps, But I'm Not A Shotacon!
Guy got isekai'd to a village where there only exists girly shotas.
Poor MC feels like he got ripped off and just wants to go back home.
Best site/app to read manga on relatively old tablet?
You could download the chapters beforehand and then view the pages as images.
>problem is
I'll indulge because there isn't even a good manga reading workflow on PC so phonecancer is the only choice.
Get Tachiyomi.
Do you want to deal with a clingy girl that wants your constant affection and attention and hugs you non-stop even in public?
It happens during fights too.
(625.87 KB 1138x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.1 - 8.jpg)
>Puppy Lovers
Ara Ecchi between an older girl and her distant relative.
(643.72 KB 1150x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.6 - 5.jpg)
(646.83 KB 1125x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.6 - 6.jpg)
(685.54 KB 1150x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.6 - 7.jpg)
Artist is also a woman.
(633.69 KB 1140x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.9 - 3.jpg)
(707.03 KB 1130x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.9 - 4.jpg)
(590.46 KB 1140x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.9 - 5.jpg)
(772.50 KB 1132x1600 Puppy Lovers - Vol.1 Ch.9 - 6.jpg)
I remember I dropped this one. I think what broke the camel's back was when the girlfriend of the guy who is good at fighting games ended up burning their shit by accident.

I'll be keeping an eye on this
(272.49 KB 369x525 i288472.png)
on the same note of this artist/author

>Nana to Kaoru
Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin who has an SM fetish. He secretly dreams about an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana. One day Kaoru's mom asks Nana to hide all his SM toys so he'll study for a change. However, Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on, but she accidentally locks it and doesn't have the key! The beginning of their super strange relationship.

there are also sequels to it.
It got a live action film. Would have preferred an anime.
cute; cut smaller onions to build up your resistance to larger onions
(6.83 MB 1782x2500 joshi kouhei.jpg)
Was checking "Joshi Kouhei" about pilots driving giant meatbots shapped like Highschool girls in an interdimensional war. It was very wtf.
Scanlators abandoned it after vol 3 (it has a total of 7 volumes)
It got an OVA, but it was shit and completely missed the point.
This is pretty rad.
Weird boners from that. Not hard to fap to.
(260.85 KB 758x489 no way fag.png)
(203.78 KB 522x370 new fetish acquired.png)
(552.52 KB 766x777 they love it.png)
(327.60 KB 768x503 demonbane.png)
(183.87 KB 328x572 total fail.png)
Pretty damn enjoyable. Thanks anon.
>last picture
Regret alone separates her from 3DPD right there.
(169.14 KB 701x366 fail.png)
She knows what she is. But she still can't help her imagination and proclivities after years of being a doujin addict. She's just lucky the people she works with tolerate it, though not without berating her at times. And she tries her best to keep Mobuyuki from falling for the damn trap.
Lemon is best girl.
(240.75 KB 267x799 everybody knows that.png)
His sisters are certainly enjoyable, but Lemon seems to have taken the spotlight for valid reason.
Lemon looks far too much like Arcueid with her hair straightened out. It doesn't help that both act clueless most of the time.
>A Story About Wanting To Commit Suicide, But It's Scary So I Find A Yandere Girl To Kill Me, But It Doesn't Work
He wants to die, so he gets yandere girlfriend. But it's not going out as he had planned.
>Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen
It's like an all girl school, except it's all traps.
But I guess you can't call these guys traps because they still look comically macho while wearing skirts.
This is a goofy comedy about manly men in drag going to school.
(522.89 KB 1125x1600 asuperu1.png)
(1.25 MB 1125x1600 asuperu2.png)
(737.25 KB 1125x1600 asuperu3.png)
(573.91 KB 600x855 asuperu4.png)
>Asuperu Kanojo
A girl with severe assburgers shows up on a guy's doorstep and stares at him a lot. Also she kicks a dog. It's serious in tone, but also kind of nice at times.
>the guy with the dreads on the 3rdpicture
anon, this is gonna be one of those wildride mangos
>ywn have an autism gf
Well, one out of two aint so bad
(965.38 KB 1125x1599 z9.png)
Yeah. The manga is a comedic parody on how girls typically act in manga/anime, except they drew the characters as muscle men.
I can't believe they even drew a male gyaru.
(858.90 KB 1125x1600 X3.png)
(846.73 KB 1125x1600 X9.png)
(1.40 MB 1487x1557 3D.jpg)
>I can't believe they even drew a male gyaru.
Galos exist, you know.
nani da fuck?
>Love After World Domination
Forbidden love between a hero and a leader of an evil organization.
(1.48 MB 1268x1800 x9.png)
(2.34 MB 1268x1800 x7.png)
(1.84 MB 1268x1800 x5.png)
(2.55 MB 1268x1800 x1.png)
(2.16 MB 1268x1800 x2.png)
>catching up with New Game
>it's fun and cute as fuck
>I like alll the girls, even the bitches
>remember that new season of New Game never ever
At least we have teh manga. But I wanted more of anime Aoba and Nenechi.
(690.29 KB 828x868 you dropped this.png)
(478.43 KB 741x626 onahole testing.png)
(188.60 KB 368x505 nickname.png)
(215.87 KB 383x464 crotch loose slut code.png)
Comedy about a college graduate that winds working as a system engineer at a small company he discovers to be presided over by a sixteen year old girl, who is a brilliant programmer despite her age. The company goal: perfect and release the "Smarthole", a self cleaning onahole with an adaptive AI. Does have some admitted mood dissonance at times though, and I'd say HenJou is the better Konogi work of the two, but still pretty enjoyable. Pretty short and complete too at only 37 chapters. Make sure to find proper scans though: at least one set of translations for volume 2 are pretty fucking awful.

Nano a skank.
(197.18 KB 723x241 what the hell do you want.png)
Correction: more of a drama I suppose, but one that's still pretty damn funny when it wants to be.
>2011 was 8 years ago
So recently, I started the Gunslinger Girl anime and now I am on the last three episodes.
Enjoying it so far, wish I had watched it years ago when I first noticed it, but anyways, I heard that the next season sucked, so now I am going to read the manga. Is it good? Did you guys enjoy it?
(7.51 MB 640x480 Sonic X Ending 3 - T.O.P.mp4)
Why does the singer sound like Sonic the Hedgehog's voice actor? No wait, more like the guy who sung one of the endings to Sonic X.
(547.59 KB 1801x2560 apocalypse shiba.jpg)
(172.73 KB 852x1200 Sadako at the world's end.jpg)
i predict Isekais reign coming to an end soon.
The next big thing will be "Roaming the apocalypse with X"
Yeah, you're probably right - I've been seeing quite a few of those apocalypse manga around these days. I can't wait for isekai to go and stay go.
(4.55 KB 224x225 Harada Ron.jpg)
Hello, this is mangaka Ron Harada.
I am proud to announce a collaboration with Bethesda to make a Fallout Manga, the premise being that the vault dweller is a teenage boy that teams up with a loli android to roam through the post apocalyptic wasteland and befriends a big tiddied female ghoul.
(337.04 KB 1100x1147 disgust but also an erection.png)
>big tiddied female ghoul.
I would totally love to read a nuclear post apocalyptic manga.
Fund it!!
Save the manga industry, Hanada-sama!
(1.05 MB 853x707 7846589465132615351651.png)
(548.58 KB 2315x4096 Nuka Cola Samus.jpg)
>When a Todd post joke makes a far more interesting manga synopsis than most isekai shit out there
(548.12 KB 757x721 a humble improvement.png)
>comfy apocalypse goodness
Is anime going to finally bounce back up?
I want another post-nuke apocalypse like Fist of the North Star.
>I, a highschool kid, got reincarnated reanimated with cheat mutations, in this toxic wasteland, and have laid parasitic mind control eggs in the student council president's brain and now she is my slave!?!?!
>repeat with minor modifications the next 4 years
You guys know damn well this is exactly how things are going to play out.
Why are the nips content with endless rehashes of the same basic idea? Why do they have such shit taste?
I'm going to guess nobody really gives a shit about the setting anymore.
Readers just want the girls to be cute and character interactions to be semi-decent.
The authors either just use it as an excuse to add monster girls and elves, or appease editor-kun and prevent him from training his axe skill on their income.
Its pretty much just boilerplate as far as anyone involved is concerned.
I damn well hope so. Though, reincarnation in a different world is still better since it means leaving this shit one behind, though seeing this one ruined has its own attraction.
Stop wanting western cancer plots in proper Japanese media.
I just want to fap to a guy getting raped by zombie milfs, android lolis and mutant girls in a nuclear post apocalyptic wasteland.
>wanting western cancer plots in proper Japanese media
What would that be, anyway?
Unlikable faggot MC even by endless haremshit standards or no real protag and everyone can die story, with gorilla faced shrill harpies, who don't need no man?
(650.28 KB 1055x1500 7950.jpg)
Yakuza comedy done right.
(282.87 KB 963x1400 x18.png)
(296.75 KB 963x1400 x19.png)
(251.59 KB 963x1400 x20 (1).png)
>Bousou Shojo
Girl is hellbent on keeping her virginity, but she keeps getting into lewd situations (her own fault for missunderstanding everything, actually) and has to perform other lewd acts in order to save her virginity.

Also, it has the funniest metaphor for an erection I've ever seen. I burst out laughing when I saw the baby horse getting up on his legs.
>lewd situations
with the same guy, right?
He's the "innocent delinquent" type too. This shit is hilarious.
time to add another comic into the list.
(367.47 KB 1766x2510 31792v1.jpg)
(722.05 KB 975x1400 n4.png)
It's about a High School girl who keeps seeing ghosts straight from Junji Ito manga, she pretends to not see the ghosts while the ghosts keeps bugging her around.
wanna warn anyone thats going to read this.
This shit can get heavy on the feels side.
Sure can be, and I'm glad to see it getting updates too. Hope the chink gets what's coming to him
What's this chink business about?
(406.96 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 4.png)
(394.49 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 5.png)
(447.29 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 6.png)
(350.15 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 7.png)
A manga about a cute super heroine trying to do her best.
(479.48 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 26.png)
(404.16 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 27.png)
(396.13 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 28.png)
(470.73 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 29.png)
(391.37 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.1 - I am SHY - 30.png)
Drunk slav heroine is best girl.
(337.90 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.5 - Respect - 15.png)
(312.98 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.5 - Respect - 16.png)
(405.99 KB 835x1200 SHY - Ch.5 - Respect - 19.png)
>David Bowie is a superhero
You would figure that out at chapter 4.
anyone got the raws? because this scene looks like censorship to me.
anyone know who that semen demon is?
Looks a bit like Hotaru but doesn't have Hotaru's eyes. Wish I knew.
(1.85 MB 1427x2048 x1.png)
Ane Naru Mono
The Case Records of Professor Munkata
It's about a bald mustached professor who studies various folklore and myths. The events and subjects of various tales told throughout history is fun to read about, and it's interesting to see how even European tales pop up and are somehow tied to Japan's stories like Little Red Riding Hood or the Minotaur in Crete. I would recommend reading it on Mangadex though, as I tried to read it on other sites but they're missing several pages and had repeated lines twice.
the girl inside the red cicle.
Silly anon, there's only one semen demon in that picture.
you cheeki cunt.
can anyone rec some good romance mangas? preferably seinen, romance, psychological. i enjoyed
>asper girl
>cigarrete & cherry
>fujiyama's adolescence
>jumyou wo kaitotte moratta. ichinen ni tsuki, ichimanen de
>koe no katachi
>yakedo shoujo
to name a few
For bad art but cute stories: Love Roma, and Onidere.
>Today Once Again, the Assassin Cannot Win Against the Girl He Picked Up!
An assassin rescues a loli slave and takes her home to raise her.
>A Story About A Droid.
A droid girl adopts an abandoned baby.
The translation is bad but I can't help but laugh at the ultra seriousness of "Puberty has come for this child."
>getting cowtits
How can an advanced AI make such a bad decision?
If you're looking for seinen and romance then I'd recommend Spotted Flower, it's about a newlywed couple that's pregnant and about the difficulties married life has.
LEWD! spoiler that, anon!
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
One of my favorite gal comics about cosplayers, i hope they dont ride to hard on the love triangle.
(1.10 MB 1350x1920 001.png)
(1.16 MB 1350x1920 001.png)
(1.25 MB 1350x1920 001.png)
(1.03 MB 1350x1920 001.png)
(1.13 MB 1350x1920 001.png)
>mfw last pic
da fuck is the writer doing?
(908.77 KB 1022x960 789465121645123.png)
this shit is pissing me off, i hope its the last time he appears in the comic
(148.90 KB 540x314 2131564879465146.png)
(645.23 KB 639x780 78465121321321321.png)
(259.10 KB 691x432 45689746548961651648414.png)
>Happy Negative Marriage finally has a new update
What mango?
25-ji no Ghost Writer
I was curious to see how bad it was and honestly I don't see what you're mad at. The joke is that he looks like that, and forces Tsugumi to call him "Nee-chan" and "she" and "her" and his appearance is comically bad. It's a classic gag character anon.
It's definitely the markings of a gag character. It reminds me of a really old anime that has the same kind of faggot like him who is played as a gag character.
Imagine failing at dodging isekai.
Dont tell me, is it a love triangle?
(378.32 KB 950x1351 C11.jpg)
Did someone said Isekai mango?!
Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku
I have a weak spot for goodie two shoes MC's.
Loner helps his idiotic classmates not to get fucked in the forest.
(736.73 KB 1364x767 perfect.png)
>The Lunchlady is a Saintess! ~Warm Recipies from the Girl from Another World~
Its in the bloody file name, anon!
I'm not sure if admitting I was on mobile, where filenames don't show right away, would make my situation better or worse.
(3.46 MB 640x360 El Bully.gif)
>Welcome to religion in another world
An isekai where the MC is a god.
(3.09 MB 1800x2560 q12.png)
Don't recommend manga that only has one chapter translated so I have to wait.
>Don't recommend manga that only has one chapter translated so I have to wait.
Then don't come to the latest mangadex uploads thread.
Good point, sometimes I forget what this thread is.
(126.04 KB 657x274 x14.jpg)
>Chikan Otoko
Guy gets mistaken for a molester, gets involved with the accuser and tries to romance her friends and proceeds to post on 2ch for advice on what to do.

It was a fun read, and nice to have an MC not as autistic as Densha but alas since this is supposedly a true story it means that the girls are all actually 3DPD and it's noticeable near the end. It's only 21 chapters so I'd recommend people to at least read the first chapters. To add, I didn't know that the heroin being a virgin was so important to me, when i found out that the main girl wasn't a virgin I lost all interest in the manga and only finished it because I had about 2 chapters left.

>A Girl on the Shore
A JC gives her crush a blowjob, he dumps her and the girl then starts to fuck her classmate as 'revenge'. It's a short story about her relationship with her classmate. I don't recommend this at all, it's filled with degenerate shit. The epilogue is nightmare fuel and the reason why you should stay away from 3DPD.
The 2chan story was a good one. Too bad about the 3DPD though. I hope eventually a manga with that setup gets made, except with 2DQTs instead. The concept deserves it.
ouch, I only expect that kind of thing if they are office ladies or something older.
I am looking for the name of a manga.
I recall it was a bout a one legged7one eyed girl who played guitar and lived with her highschool sister.
I recall 2ch, back in the day, went to search for teh author cause he didnt do more of it.
Went to /a/ (the smug bunker) but it seems like the spam was taken care off. Either way hope that we get migrated so that i can slap myself after seeing my post three months back.
I think i remember some anon asking for her in the drawthreads way way back but funnily enough, nobody has a pic of her.
A very fairy apartment.
Human who wants to study Fairies move into an apartment filled with fairies.
However, these fairies are not exactly like the old stories described them.
Brownies is best girl
>An isekai where the MC is a god.
So most shitty isekai?
Oneshots are the worst. They always tease neat ideas and never get serialized so they never get fully explored.
(243.07 KB 728x1061 00.jpg)
Well that's what one-shots are, a pilot episode for publishers to pick up. It's kinda sad really since from my point of view, a pilot is a window to the collectively-growing 'What Could have Been' universe.
(234.17 KB 369x495 disaster.png)
>this guy just fucking DIED
Too bad the latest chapters in both the ecchi and porn stuff go gay
>she makes the shota dress as a girl and tongues his bum not that rimming is bad, I just don't want to see other dudes getting rimmed
(229.72 KB 663x1035 x13.jpg)
Anyone here read Hamelin no Violin at some point? It's a forgotten 90s manga.
I can't help but think it's shit and rightfully forgotten, and objectively speaking it is, however, I read it while looking up the classical music it references and then listening to it, and the girl is very cute.

It's a janky manga with a jankier anime adaptation about fantasy Europe being threatened by demons, and there's this guy named Hamelin who can save it. He plays classical music and the music has some power related to the music.
But he's an asshole and after saving something the person/village usually finds he's not much better than the demons. As far as I've read it he gives everyone he helps a bill and when they can't pay he makes them do something nasty like making all of the girls in the village dress as playboy bunnies and feed him sake.
Early on he takes the pictured cute girl as a reward from a village, then he tries to sell her in a big town. I've looked at some later panels and she's actually a main character so I imagine he's keeping her, that's really the major reason I'm here. The extremely cute girl cursed to stay in a low quality series.
>not self inserting as the shota
(269.19 KB 700x1100 x23.jpg)
A little note that just popped up in my head:
I Ctrl+F 'd "isekai" in this thread and I'm going to assume the only difference between this and isekai is that there are no game references (and that's a plus) so I'm going to say Hamelin no Violin is at least better than the isekai mentioned here since it's somewhat original and not necessarily yet another flavor of massively overpowered MC.

Anon if I want to look at shota bum pictures when I was a retarded ~9yo I took pictures of my asshole and I still have them. Self inserting doesn't make it less gay either.
Are there people still reading Watamote?
If so...why?
Read that shit years ago and while I liked it, it really was a clusterfuck looking back.
If you are getting mad at it now, you better quit before the plot goes fully insane, and you have one minute people dying in a relatively tragic atmosphere and the other one is back to the usual
>lol I dress up heroine in cat suit, she hiss at violin

>yet another flavor of massively overpowered MC
Get ready to flip your shit when you get to the part where the MC is an angeldemon who has to fight his evil demon dad.
(6.48 MB 960x720 Rage robot.webm)
I guess that explains his behavior.
>it's crash retold tier
I just wanted bearable wacky adventures with a nice villager girl man.
(242.69 KB 969x1377 16488.jpg)
(391.10 KB 1125x1600 36602.jpg)
>Kyochuu Rettou
A girl that looks like Hong Meiling fights giant bugs.

>Dai Kyochuu Rettou
A sequel where Meiling fights giant bugs again.
her size is not consistent, but the second pic looks cute as fuck.
>Is This What A God-Tier Game Means ?
It's like New Game, but with goddesses.
>Harukawa-san is Hungry Today Too.
An official lady that loves to eat.
>An official lady
what does an unofficial lady looks like?
That's a typo. I meant office lady.
Too late official, now we already know you're a fed.
>Maou no Musume wa Yasashi Sugiru!

Maous dautherfu singlehandedly halts her fathers world conquest by giving everyone around her including reader diabetes. Expect lots of soul healing and sudden need to acquire daugherfu.
I'd advise to avoid credits unless you like naked faggot dancing meme. Also, it's a great react pic farm.
(2.35 MB 1362x764 stopscreen.png)
Does anyone know of any goth or goth-esque manga (or anime). I've read/watched Mysterious Girlfriend X which was a disappointment, Another, Goth and Angel's Egg and I crave more.
Teen Titans.
Black butler and helsing
Hellsing Ultimate.
What's this from? This guy looks like he's about 30.
off topic a bit, but what do you iphone fags use for manga? im using manga reader, but it doesnt offer 4 of my mangas (kimetsu no yaiba, house husband, beastars, and somehting else)
First grade healing mango.
A noose.
simply epic my friend
Is this a Hunter X Hunter reference?
Firstly, daughterfu*, secondly, daughterfu is daughter waifu x father incest. You mean daughteru.
(93.26 KB 474x472 IMG_20170828_131327.jpg)
How the hell does that work? Wouldn't the family line be in a new world each generation, and each generation be a hero? How are they in a normal boring world with normal boring parents in the first place if this is hereditary?
(769.79 KB 1377x1994 ALLSTAR.jpg)
They get sent back, dingus
That's cheating.
is it really cheating if they manage to get back to their planet?
Thanks, noted. Should've doublechecked before posting.
what sites offer rss feeds besides mangadex?
Most websights and probably every translation team have one, even if they aren't listed. aside from imageboards running lynxchan ofc
you can very often access it by typing rss or feed after the address

I don't really use rss for manga but here's the links I have in my client
so where can i pirate my japanese comics?
fuk, i was reading Murcielago and Dead mount death play over there
Oh nice, did it finally update?
>it didn't
Ah man. Good taste anyways, be sure to check out the lesbian sniper spin-off too.
still broken though
fuck i am an idiot, i meant i read those 2 at mangarock, Murcielago was up to ch 91 or something like that.
But now mangarock also nuked their shit, sorry anon, if you can find em elsewhere pls let me know.
(1.27 MB 1325x2048 F6.jpg)
==The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs
Started reading this comic, I thought it was not possible to make a society worst than CY+5, but the author did it.
Its a fun read, even if is isekaishit, because of all the MC shenanigans.
(165.47 KB 849x622 9.png)
>read up on the chapters I have downloaded
>try to download more from mangadex
>mangadex is down
>still no good manga reading workflow on PC, it's quite literally the only reason I have a goddamn phone. Reading shit on Tachiyomi.
FUGGGGGGGGGG what will I do with life now?
(240.38 KB 829x721 79980256_p0.jpg)
Have you tried Haku Neko S?
>javascript and HTML
I'd still a million times rather go with the shitty workflow of downloading torrents of complete series and reading them on Zathura than touch that shit.
(350.07 KB 960x1400 006.png)
(416.72 KB 960x1400 007.png)
Finished reading Taishou Otome Otogibanashi, pretty good shit.
Almost cried like a faggot in the earthquake arc.


no cookies?