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WEBM thread Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 16:40:38 No. 138
⌘-F no WEBM thread

Post them. OP/EDs too.
(5.49 MB 1280x720 How Anime Was Saved.mp4)
(9.62 MB 1280x720 Gabriel dropout.webm)
(6.92 MB 640x360 saucepls.webm)
Any guide on converting youtube vids to webm? There's a lot of /jp/ music I wanna dump.
(5.57 MB 640x360 Sounds of Panzerfahren.webm)
(4.93 MB 640x476 OP.webm)
I'm getting errors when trying to upload some files. Max file size seems closer to 12MB than 16?
youtube-dl -f bestaudio https://youtu.be/video
ffmpeg -i video -c:v libvpx-vp9 -b:v 0k -crf 18 -c:a libopus -b:a 128k out.webm

can do it 2pass (-pass 1; -pass 2) if you want but if the point is the audio and the video is static anyways it won't change anything
works on my box™
(12.15 MB 1280x720 Guys_und_Panzer.webm)
hmm i had trouble uploading this one before. Maybe its 16MB per post total?
yeah that's probably it
(11.91 MB 848x480 Tsukimonogatari OP.webm)
(3.83 MB 1280x720 Initial Panzer.webm)
Yep the 16MB limit seems to be post size. So when uploading large webms its only 1 per post.
(15.07 MB 960x720 1519322031.webm)
struggling to comprehend how fast this is compared to 8chan tbh
couldn't figure out exactly what you were trying to advise, but I made an attempt. Original size was 25mb, down to 12.6 by lowering bitrate. Quality turned out kinda shitty but its my first attempt.
(6.55 MB 640x360 Yuri Bears.mp4)
(6.68 MB 1008x720 Serial Experiments Lain OP.webm)
Anon you're triggering my roid rage!!!
Because this needs to be readily available in every webm thread
good thinking!
(6.32 MB 800x450 smug.webm)
more classics
(7.82 MB 640x352 Second_one_of_these.mp4)
(8.69 MB 848x480 Himesounds.webm)
(5.20 MB 1280x720 1515975584.webm)
literally me
(2.47 MB 960x540 ifh29f.webm)
(12.08 MB 640x360 OqcqIFtsM.webm)
(11.92 MB 1280x720 1499628351.webm)
(13.90 MB 1280x720 1521835930.webm)
(15.03 MB 1280x720 Denpa Onna OP.webm)
Only open when you want this song in your head for the next few hours
(840.36 KB 450x720 1563592897.webm)
(13.87 MB 1280x720 1566075829.webm)
(10.68 MB 1280x720 1566076476.webm)
(10.49 MB 1280x720 out.webm)
Fixed the video.
It's curves=m=0/0 0.3/0.5 0.6/1.0 ffmpeg filter if someone wants to fix the other one.
...and the browser says format not supported. If someone wants to remake it with better supported pixfmt or whatever is the problem, go ahead.
(6.14 MB 1280x720 News Report on VR.mp4)
(1.02 MB 1280x720 VR_Dangers.webm)
(9.60 MB 1280x720 out.webm)
Ok, so for some strange reason ffmpeg with two passes, -c:v libvpx-vp9 and -vf curves=... defaulted to gbrp pixfmt. Weird. This should work.
nice, I thought the xform sequences in that show were awkwardly dark
I love this clip and miss this show.
(5.65 MB 1280x720 1566770876.webm)
(3.32 MB 1280x720 1566768521.webm)
(851.44 KB 1280x720 1566770115.webm)
(638.63 KB 1125x1600 x4.png)
westaboo was cute, but too westaboo to be waifu material
I thought I read somewhere that a S2 was going to happen but when I googled it just now I couldn't find anything.
I like Manana.
They've already chewed through most of the content in the manga, so I''m not sure there's even enough material for a 2nd season.
It's not the type of manga they would make another season of anime for.
(6.13 MB 1280x720 1568824073.webm)
(14.56 MB 1280x720 1568985273.webm)
Does somebody have the irl version where they traced this from
What if it was a dude, anon? Careful what you wish for.
In any case, I thought a had a webm of {embed}, but I either deleted it or it's burried in my HD somewhere I can't find.
>/forbidden love/
(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
Syaro is worst GochiUsa.
(2.77 MB 640x360 Alice sings a song.webm)
objectively wrong
I want to drink her pee.
No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.
Rapeman Beyond. I like it.
(12.18 MB 1280x960 pajama jama da.webm)
(13.60 MB 1280x960 koi mobius.webm)
(16.00 MB 1436x1080 lodoss start sequence.webm)
9 bytes below the filesize limit.
Quality turned up great too
(2.91 MB 1280x720 hee hee.webm)
How can you not recognize I/A?
(15.77 MB 1280x720 Asobi Asobase - NCED.webm)
(2.01 MB 1280x720 hahahaa.webm)
(244.26 KB 1276x720 tehehe.mp4)
(12.49 MB 1920x1080 Upotte!! - ED.webm)
(3.59 MB 1280x960 summer night sky.webm)
(6.24 MB 1280x960 fit propaganda.webm)
(1.79 MB 1280x960 cig.webm)
Fresh webms.
(38.10 KB 313x192 20191106_190359.jpg)
>Clean and press on an unstable surface
YY was ahead of its time, predicting memes decades before they took the internet.
(474.01 KB 700x1007 Sakasagami_no_Yura.jpg)
Such a cute design. A shame she used it again, only to have that character die like a scrub in the first few chapters/episodes.
This is an av1 encode. I wanted to go somewhat near the filesize limit as I usually do but it actually undershot by half the bitrate I gave it. Other than that the quality is pretty good for the filesize.
Fuck I tested a tiny av1 webm the other day and it worked, let me try again.
(2.64 MB 480x360 Potato Suicide.mp4)
(9.10 MB 1790x1028 like real sons.webm)
Great animation, and pretty funny.
Underrated show, then again, if you explained it to me, I'd probably think you were retarded.
Some of Gainax's best work. I have another longer version of this with Shiny Toy Guns somewhere.
(5.75 MB 956x720 counting.webm)
(1.30 MB 956x720 spike on seat.webm)
>first webm
No way that wasn't scripted.
If not, then the man is a genius.
I tprobably was though.
A man of taste.
ViVid Strike. It's in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha universe. It's basically Magical Girl MMA: The Show.

Me or the guy in the first vid?

Oh I'm 100% sure it was. Just look at the way he's dressed. I refuse to believe anyone would choose to dress themselves that way.
(10.51 MB 854x480 nichijou_op2.mp4)
(14.41 MB 432x240 cruel_angels_thesis_live.mp4)
(4.05 MB 640x360 bathofthenorthstar.mp4)
(5.96 MB 480x360 anime girl dance.mp4)
I think I posted the webbum of the 4chan vid yesterday. If you haven't noticed, I've moved on to mp4s.
(201.34 KB 1019x867 yoriko.jpg)
(44.71 KB 400x400 yoriko2.jpg)
(17.77 KB 480x360 yoriko3.jpg)
(26.61 KB 319x241 yoriko4.jpg)
Well. I guess that's all I have for today. Padding the rest of this post out with yoriko pics.
Yoriko reminded me to check and see If I'd posted this. Seems I accidentally skipped it.
(971.02 KB 1024x769 do it for lum.png)
(1.02 MB 1280x960 anger.webm)
(69.23 KB 1280x960 blink.webm)
(715.27 KB 1280x960 are.webm)
(1.67 MB 1280x960 chirp.webm)
Woah! Slow down with the patrician posting.
(383.19 KB 1280x960 test.webm)
(438.14 KB 1280x960 legs.webm)
(547.19 KB 1280x960 nani.webm)
Never. I want to massage Lum's thighs.
(7.13 MB 1280x720 マカロン音頭.webm)
Found another folder. Prepare your anus.

This first webm is one of my favorites of all time. I have no idea what its from, I just know I really like it. I just know I could listen to her sing about macarons all day.
(1.39 MB 640x346 this_scares_the_normalfag.webm)
(3.59 MB 1280x960 summer night sky.webm)
(26.62 KB 236x476 STOP.webm)
(1.53 MB 636x360 stool.webm)
Iz dat sum Lum?
(7.11 MB 640x360 stay down.webm)
(947.15 KB 1436x1076 Shit_for_Brains.webm)
(488.01 KB 200x250 Shantae_smooth_dance.webm)
Request size too large? What does that even mean?
(7.88 MB 1280x720 Rulesofhair.webm)
(8.94 MB 854x480 rocky.webm)
(5.79 MB 854x480 RECKONING.webm)
(1.75 MB 640x360 MULTI-DIRECTION_DRIFTING!.webm)
(15.91 MB 853x480 Message_of_a_Rainbow.webm)
This one was one of virtual idol anon's uploads. I really like it.
(1.97 MB 1280x720 Maou_of_tiddies.webm)
(15.35 MB 1280x720 lolocaust.webm)
(3.19 MB 960x540 loading.webm)
(3.97 MB 640x360 like_a_fighter_jet.webm)
(924.11 KB 1280x1892 lewd_waterfall.webm)
(201.90 KB 1280x720 leave_this_on_loop.webm)
(4.19 MB 640x480 I_OUGHTA_KICK_YOUR_ASS.webm)
(17.57 KB 236x476 I_MEAN_IT.webm)
(2.31 MB 640x360 GOD_HAND_STAGE_4-3_DIE.webm)
(4.03 MB 560x360 geddan.webm)
(364.03 KB 1280x720 GANBARE_BIIIIIMU.webm)
(8.14 MB 478x360 fuck_you_america.webm)
(8.64 MB 1920x1080 Fran_mist.webm)
(13.17 MB 854x480 DOKIDOKIリズム.webm)
More from virtual idol anon.
(2.94 MB 700x700 dehmon.webm)
(1.83 MB 600x720 DANCE_MY_SHIT_UP.webm)
(178.00 KB 960x540 catolaugh.webm)
(325.56 KB 960x540 catolaugh_l.webm)
Ran out of webbums. Time for bed anyway. I'll post some mp4's tomorrow
>first webm
I know what I'm going to wank to tonight.
(10.51 MB 854x480 nichijou op2.mp4)
(6.14 MB 1280x720 News Report on VR.mp4)
(433.87 KB 360x360 my-saturdays.mp4)
(12.16 MB 640x360 Ai_like_hambagah.mp4)
More virtual idol goodness
(1.31 MB 640x480 elf.webm)
Post the sub version then, faget.
I'll post you to North Korea you friggin elf.
You know what would be cool? A playlist with all the MMD and OST that gets played, before and after bunker streams.
(5.09 MB 768x576 just like a tax auditor.webm)
(5.09 MB 768x576 just like a tax auditor.webm)
Half satan confirms, that kid is a deviling
(1.69 MB 1280x720 1574217300.webm)
>>6333 (checked)
(15.44 MB 853x480 stranger alien.webm)
Is this what it means to become an idolfag?
Shows like Aikatsu are made by seasoned directors who are good enough to compete in the crowded kids' market. If that sounds easy, remember: every developed country in the world has to compete with Disney, and Japan is a big market for Disney. Aikatsu has been running almost every week for seven years now; it may not be high drama or perfect action, but it does a pretty good job.
I have literally never watched/played any Aikatsu stuff before now aside from a few webms I've seen floating around, but this one has almost convinced me to get into it.
There's some sort of weird awkward cuteness that elevates it to a level I haven't seen in any of the other aikatsu/idoru vids in a long time.
(723.83 KB 1024x701 1402572876397.jpg)
(179.02 KB 728x2048 1386633460869.jpg)
Idol dances can sometimes look silly, but it's like they're willing to be dorky or awkward if it's cute. To some degree that amateur feeling is part of the charm.
If you do decide to check out Aikatsu, the early episodes have pretty bad dance CG quality but it improves quickly.
(((somehow))) modern society has convinced people that peak femininity is waggling their butt in your face
shiggydiggy, 2d idols for life
(12.04 MB 1920x1080 fight scene.webm)
(2.70 MB 1920x1080 wah.webm)
Genmu Senki Leda.
The plot is largely generic, but other than that it's a great movie.
3rd webm in a separate post incoming.
(1.91 MB 1920x1080 leg man ambrosia.webm)
Fucking hell I kept the black bars in like an idiot, don't care enough to redo it now.
Damn I think I might get an epileptic attack because of all those flashes.
>The plot is largely generic
I don't entirely disagree, but keep in mind it happened around the very start of the fantasy boom in Japan and way, way before "sent to another world and gifted with the special power to stop the evil overlord" became completely overdone. It takes a pretty interesting approach and resolution to the setting, and it's way more stylish and 'fantastical' in its presentation while doing it than most of what you see now with a superficially similar premise. I especially like that you see a lot of mixed SF elements/aesthetic with the fantasy. Example, the Leda's Wings mecha was clearly inspired by Macross, and the music theme to the whole movie feels reminiscent of that too.
(12.05 MB 1440x1080 korop1.webm)
(194.53 KB 640x480 ba dum tss.webm)
(10.76 MB 1280x960 U.S.A: The Animation.webm)
(545.98 KB 1280x960 lumbored2.webm)
(475.15 KB 1280x960 lumbored.webm)
God this anime makes me want to copulate with xenos.
(15.69 MB 1448x1080 oniisama e op 1.webm)
And an OP I liked for its beautiful drawings.
(112.79 KB 956x536 cream lemon encode.png)
I encoded a 30 second clip of Cream Lemon to 600kbps 10 bit vp9 and it doesn't look too bad, that's about the bitrate you need to fit each episode into 16MBs.
Should I post the entire TV series one episode per day? I'm horrible at keeping my word. Or maybe all at once?
I've whipped up a quick script to webm every episode in the meantime, at the very least episode 1 should be done by tomorrow.
16mb_anime_episode.webm used to be one of /animu/'s memes, so yes by all means.
Might as well. There ar eprobably a few people out there that don't have it already.
(1.86 MB 1920x1080 saitama.webm)
(127.35 KB 400x420 prease.webm)
(3.73 MB 320x180 not_hentai.webm)
This is the chick from Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger.
(5.42 MB 856x480 meimei.webm)
(2.52 MB 640x360 mushi_mushi_cataru.webm)
(758.27 KB 1280x720 makes_me_vomit.webm)
(6.99 MB 960x540 internet exploder.webm)
>Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger
Now there's something I loved watching clips of, but never got down to watching the whole series.
I loved the first season. I kinda had trouble getting into season 2 and dropped it. I don't know if it was the retcon or what. That Malshina, tho.
>first webm
(13.75 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 01.webm)
(74.06 KB 260x218 heheheh.png)
>ronri ronri ronri rori
(301.10 KB 404x352 Capture.PNG)
>pic 1
>set in america
>calarts grinning potato head
They knew.
(14.45 MB 696x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 02.webm)
(11.51 MB 696x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 03.webm)
(14.72 MB 692x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 04.webm)
(13.80 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 05.webm)
(15.44 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 06.webm)
(14.31 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 07.webm)
>tfw all alone
Now I'm a Lemon Angel too.
(12.05 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 08.webm)
(15.29 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 09.webm)
(13.89 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 10.webm)
(13.27 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 11.webm)
(15.32 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 12.webm)
(13.85 MB 702x480 hot dance in cherry moon.webm)
That's some quality nonsensical English.
(14.60 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 13.webm)
(14.43 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 14.webm)
(14.50 MB 640x480 Lemon Angel S1 - 15.webm)
(14.28 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 16.webm)
youtube-dl --max-filesize SIZE --recode-video webm youtubelink
(11.28 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 17.webm)
(12.25 MB 704x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 18.webm)
(14.64 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 19.webm)
(14.60 MB 696x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 20.webm)
(12.72 MB 696x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 21.webm)
(11.86 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 22.webm)
(11.52 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 23.webm)
(12.86 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 24.webm)
(13.12 MB 700x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 25.webm)
(14.80 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 26.webm)
I didn't notice it was almost christmas at all. I didn't notice the year is just about over either.
(12.90 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 27.webm)
It's scripted, there's a series of them where he plays different autistic characters
(13.09 MB 704x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 28.webm)
(14.87 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 29.webm)
(14.80 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 30.webm)
(15.26 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 31.webm)
(14.35 MB 702x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 32.webm)
(6.89 MB 640x480 Dragon Quest.webm)
(10.79 MB 704x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 33.webm)
(12.16 MB 704x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 34.webm)
(14.61 MB 704x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 35.webm)
The last episode is episode 37 by the way.
(14.48 MB 640x480 Lemon Angel S1 - 36.webm)
(2.71 MB 698x478 Lemon Angel S1 - 37.webm)
And this is the last episode.
5/10 show, 9/10 betrayal, 10/10 example of how an onee-san should NOT behave...
(917.74 KB 768x576 sailorbody.mp4)
I wish I could chew her shoes.
>chewing on shoes instead of licking them
To properly extract the sweat hidden in the fabric of course.


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