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Pre 2000 anime Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 20:34:48 No. 1278
What pre 2000 anime have you been watching, planned on watching or would recommend?

Recently started to watch Miyuki which is the first pre 2000 anime, let alone shōwa anime, I've watched in a long time.
>pre 2000's anime
>plagued with series where only the author and maybe 2 of the staff understood
Ranma 1/2 is pretty good. Most of the episodes are well written, save for guest ones (which immediately stick out like a sore thumb since they're SHIT), but there's only a couple of those, fortunately.
I started watching Magic Knight Rayearth.
It has one of the best anime openings I've seen, It's so cute. I'm usually not a cute person, but this anime warms my cold rock of a heart.
Some scenes have that Dragon Half humor about them, I like it.
oh boy, you just dont know what you have gotten yourself into.
Just finished Utena and Neo Ranga
yeah, not a good combo
(7.99 MB 640x480 VRwaifus.webm)
(82.44 KB 500x876 record of lodoss.jpg)
I just watched Midori. I want to say someone here recommended it a while ago. Thanks I guess.
Holee shiiiieeeet, I forgot this even existed! Magical girls meet mechas in a fantasy setting! I loved this shit.
(235.15 KB 616x432 oishinbo.jpg)
Oishinbo is really good. You learn a lot about japanese food and cooking. Also MC doesn't take shit from his female coworker. Lots of episodes too but not many are translated.
I'm on a late 90s binge right now. I'm rewatching Evangelion, again.

I'm also watching a show called Neo Range on the side, I'm disappointed about the short length of the episodes but the art and its concept are good enough for me to go on watching so far.

I'm also planning on watching a show called Shingu, which I think was Madhouse's last show made with cel animation. From what I've read, it's supposed to be a sort of Eva for kids.
I've been wanting to watch it for a long time because there were no subs up on Nyaa and I detest streaming but then I felt like giving in and just streaming anyway. But today I searched Nyaa one last time and found out that a subbed release came out literally a few days ago.
This has been pretty good so far. It has everything you could want in a romcom, misunderstandings,
cute girls, (lots of) pantsu, a tight imouto ass, and even incest also some light non-serious NTR.
It's a shame that older shows go unnoticed and without subs, I suppose I'll add it to my 'watch when
you know Japanese' list.
>Initial D seasons 1 and 2 count as pre-2000 anime
Where the fuck does the time go?
(84.71 KB 704x522 mpv-shot0020.jpg)
(88.93 KB 704x522 mpv-shot0021.jpg)
(72.05 KB 702x522 mpv-shot0024.jpg)
(82.82 KB 702x522 mpv-shot0026.jpg)
(80.51 KB 702x522 mpv-shot0027.jpg)
Dream Hunter Rem is pretty good. The first OVA was a hentai that was successful enough to adapt into a short SFW series. I have everything saved if anyone is having trouble looking for it.
If you like 80s style animu, a cute protag, bikini armor and tentacles it's worth a watch.
(29.80 KB 640x480 VAGINA LASER.jpg)
Watch New Dream Hunter Rem also. It's even better. The DVD master is near perfect quality-wise, which is nice.
If you haven't watched the hentai OVA, you don't really need to, they basically just replaced the "fight" scenes with real fight scenes in the non-hentai version.
But it has vagina lasers
The other anime I'm watching is fairly long so I also picked Legend of Arslan. 6 episodes.
Sadly it's a very poor quality production, however, it has an amazing and well written story to tell, and the best girl was decided on the first episode so I don't have to worry about finding her.

It's fairly unique in that it's largely about a kingdom which seems to be loosely based on zoroastrianistic Persia, which is being invaded by a different kingdom based on what the name hints is Portugal.
The characters so far have all been well written, with proper personalities, goals, and rationale given to them, that is, they actually feel like real people, which is rare nowadays.
It's also well written enough that they can give you scenes not actually related to the plot, it's not perfectly on track. For instance one of the main characters mercy kills a baron being tortured by a priest from the foreign country that just conquered this one with an arrow, so the queen, who's in that city, rewards him. In the palace, a maid complains that he tricked her into sex, he gives some eloquent excuse, but the queen reduces his reward. There's a whole well written subplot of the episode that goes on from that, but since it's short, I don't really want to spoil a large part of a single episode of 6, so watch it if it peaks your interest.

You'll probably be put off by it at the very start, but after a few minutes in on the first episode, the great storytelling of a story that's also very good should have you hooked. I recommend it.
(155.58 KB 1920x1080 1567857489.jpg)
I'm an elf man.
What is there to see with elf girls getting lots of screen time?
Zero no Tsukaima.
(90.45 KB 1024x768 lum-bum.jpg)
That ain't pre-2000 you slack-jawed faggot.

On another note, I tried to pick up the Lodoss novels, but it turns out only one chapter has ever been translated. There's a fan translation and an official translation of the first chapter, the translator says the anime adapts the entire franchise, but skips entire volumes. He also says large parts of the ones it does cover are also skipped.

I then tried to go for what else I can grab and there's a manga version that's translated but it's awful.
Guess I should somehow wrangle my peaceless self into learning them runes.
I finished the 1st season of Magic Knight Rayearth.
I didn't expect this. I thought you were talking about how much of the cast they kill off. But there was so much more. Damn it all /animu/, it's not just our world that is a loveless shithole.
Consequences will never be the same.
Man, I gotta watch the anime one of these days. I read the manga and it was great.
(158.01 KB 600x424 you will regret this anon.jpg)
second season is very...meh
andit try to solve some plotholes, but wont deliver
Also the Arabic princesses sister are top tier, they deserved more...everything
at the end you will be wanting more, but theres no more.
>at the end you will be wanting more, but theres no more.
That's the mark of a great series, even if second season falls short.
>lum bum
I started with my Saint Seiya rewatch. First time watching it in Japanese with subs.
It's great for artistic appreciation of the male body, but if you're a deviant, there's a few women in there too.
Every sub, dub and release for this is terrible. The sub/dub translations are bad and the image in all official releases is filtered as fuck and dubiously encoded. As an example, the American dub is so bad, that even filthy dub watchers dropped it and it's not popular in the US to this day.

Otherwise it invented every facet of shounen as we know it and it's also the best shounen. The guys look cool, you learn some good values, there's plenty of violence, they cry a lot and it's extremely original and it has that quality 80s aesthetic with varying animation quality.
The animation fluctuates from above average to very good, the fight scenes get the most attention and are very well animated. The other scenes are well done, but nothing about them stands out.
(8.69 MB 1440x1080 hatred.webm)
And a quick webm.
the only thing i recall of these was the armors turning into things, the "steel knights" being forgotten after couple of episodes, and the other 5 bronze saints also being forever abandones in the mansion.
I've been watching Lord of Lords Ryu Knight a lot lately. It's sort of like a mix between Slayers and GaoGaiGar. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Is the OVA retelling any good?
Yeah, the armors also assemble into the beasts of their constellations.
They've released figures that do the same thing, literally the only figures I have ever bought.
you just reminded me there was a MMO couple of years ago, dunno if its still around.
(218.09 KB 452x670 Death_Mask_cancer.png)
Casual reminder that Deathmask's real name is Deathmask, wtf was his mother thinking?
she had childbirth depression, i guess.
>Alexander Senki
A not-so historic take on the story of Alexander the Great. I'm a real sucker for any anime that has a hint of big battles, politics, and history, and this show has it all, the only thing missing missing would be logistics/economy. It's not faithful in many ways but the setting is one of the more notable ones, magic exists alongside technology that in this time is more or less magic aswell. The animation is ok, it's not to bad but not so good that it's noticeable. What I liked the most was the design of the characters, having it not be so eastern looking was a good fit for the story it portrayed and I, in general, like the more realistic masculine look the show has compared to something over the top like Fist of the North Star. Alexander being born into a fate that would bring him further from humanity and the consequences a godlike human would bring to the world was an interesting take on his conquests and legacy. However instead of seeing gods bickering to Alexander there were philosophers going on about their precious polygons.
Do they portray him as the asshole he was too?
>sentenced a lot of his relatives to be burned alive
>gets drunk and kills the guy who saved his life
>might have been a faggot (hard to tell apart historical revisionism, christian propaganda from antiquity, and elites being degenerate, all of which could be the case, but it is said he had male lovers)

>goes to the oracle at Delphi
>it's closed because it's winter
>breaks in and forces the head priestess to give him some words from the gods
>she says he's invicible
>he actually believes it
>begins a conquest he knew he could never finish nor maintain even if his invicible self was fighting alone and dies young
Okay, Neo Range is pretty boring, I get why I have never seen people mention it online and why it took so long to get a HD release. I wonder how they got the seeiyuus for both Rei and Asuka from Eva to star in such a mediocre show though. Weren't they supposed to be famous in the late 90s?

I'm also watching Yawara right now. I highly recommended it if you're into 80s/vaporwave aesthetics. The bluray release looks better than pretty much every anime from this era that I have seen so far.

You sound jealous.
>I wonder how they got the seeiyuus for both Rei and Asuka from Eva to star in such a mediocre show though
They needed the money.
Did they? Like I said, they must have been really famous at that point because of Eva so they probably had the option to only do big titles and then also for a higher income than other seeiyuus.
>Sadly it's a very poor quality production
What are you talking about? The first episode has some very impressive animation sequences.
>which is being invaded by a different kingdom based on what the name hints is Portugal
It was obviously supposed to be the Byzantine Empire you idiot. Do you know nothing about history? Persia and Rome (Byzantium was the 2nd Rome so to speak) had been warring against each other for thousands of years. Portugal probably never had contact with the Persians.
It's not a historical documentary and they take their liberties. They named the kingdom Lusitania, which is actually the name of a Roman province of what today is very roughly Portugal and was named after the Lusitanii tribe which occupied some of the area, and terms based on the "Lusitanii" tribe name are to this day used to refer to Portuguese people and Portuguese speakers as a group (lusitanos, lusófonos).
Couple that with the crusade-like wars the kingdom fought for what appears to be a religion with aesthetics from Christianism and how their soldiers in the kingdom sieges literally wear templar robes (although they do wear early byzantine armor instead of templar armor with it, and in other scenes just straight up byzantine armor with no robes) and I figured they were something akin to the Portuguese.
>It's not a historical documentary and they take their liberties
Considering that the empire in the anime neighbours Indian-esque people, Nomadic Turkic-esque people and a 'heretical' Christian kingdom (possibly Armenia or Georgia), I think it's safe to say that the world it is set in is mostly based on what the actual region surrounding the Persian Empire was like. Which means that the enemies are most likely the Byzantines.
The Wikipedia page of the series also seems to agree with me on this and states that the series is loosely based on the East Roman–Persian Wars of the 6th century. It also states that beside the Byzantium cross, some of the Lusitanians wear Varangian symbols and the Varangians served the Byzantine Empire.
suddenly i am reminded of all those 90s OVAs like Nuku Nuku or Mosquiton being cool, and then getting very meh TV series
Also theres an OVA series of Rayearth, but is not a sequel, more like a "What if" with better animation and redesigns of the Majins
Seiyuu fame doesn't really make them pedowood celebrity tier in that they get to get too picky about the shit they get. At most they might get picked for main characters more often than side characters.
Asuka's seiyuu past 2004 seems to have a stable income from being a side character in detective Conan and being Asuka in vidya.
While Rei seems to be split between Conan again, and being Jessie in nip pokemans.
Any recommendations of old shows with brown girls? I've come to realize that brown cuties look better in cel animation than digital.
Prisma Illya
Besides Nadia?
Maybe El Hazard and Tenchi Muyo (although the brown girls were secondary characters)
Utena? But if we argue i think Movie Anthy was better designed.

Rayearth has brown girls, but none of them get a lot of screen time.
Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw Star is one of the greatest brown girls ever.
One of the 2 main girls from Dirty Pair is relatively brown. They don't seem to be 100% sure on whether they drawn her brown or not though.
Turn A Gundam has a brown boy that looks like a brown girl.
Good stuff. Speaking of 80s hentai, why do they usually have little to no censorship? Did obscenity laws change since then or did they just get more strictly enforced?
I think they were more strictly enforced after a bunch of parents threw a tantrum over a sex scene in Evangelion. That might be bullshit though. I honestly don't remember anymore.
>once again, it's anno's fault
Like I said, that might not be true. I remember hearing that that's what happened a long time ago, but I don't remember who I heard it from and I never bothered to look into seeing if it was actually true.
The sex scenes in Evangelion (the only ones I know of are the ones with Kaji and Misato) don't show nipples nor genitals so I doubt it.
I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but is it just me because it seems like in a lot of pre 2000s anime the character design for many characters seem to have a lot more detail and more modern ones look simplified. There are exceptions of course like Vinland Saga but there's a something going on with the designs I can't find in most modern anime. It seems like what was back then is a rarity now a days.
"character design" nowadays means the same stickman moeblob body and moeblob face for every character, with varying breast size for girls, and adults being a little taller. The main difference between the characters being colors and clothes, and the clothes tend to be the same basic design anyway.
In the days of hand drawn, even low grade anime had unique designs for at least most of the main characters.

Basically, we have this joke scene from Slayers but for all episodes.
Why are Lina's tits so big?
That's not Lina, it's some minor character
Doesn't the fact he asked belie your point?
The 2 have the same hair style and their hair color is within nuance, but otherwise they're completely different.
Really puts into perspective that despite sharing similar features the characters look really different. You don't see that often now a days.
(9.85 MB 956x720 FEELS THREAD.WEBM)
Picked up Gunbuster.

It's a good mecha anime from the 80s.
Crybaby protagonist girl who I just want to hug and tell everything's gonna be alright, fanservice sprinkled all over, the proper anatomy of 80s anime that is mostly missing today and certainly enhances the fanservice. What more can a man ask for?
I think ultimately most animation, not just Japanese, is really bad at the actual animation part. Either there is barely any actual motion, or the motion is extremely jittery movement which they obviously did to maximize the time they can get away with still pictures being panned.
But in Gunbuster, I'm not saying all, but a large portion of the scenes actually portray motion rather well. I've also seen this in Dirty Pair and most recently Kaguya-sama's ending, the one with the catchy song.
If you dig out pre 2000s anime because you want to catch a glimpse of better days in animation, or any other reason, I recommend Gunbuster a lot. I don't even actually like mecha, I watch the genre because there's anime like this in it.
This webm is just a scene I found memorable though.
Okay so, a little detail about this anime.
The last episode is black and white. No reason in particular other than it being an "artistic choice".
There was also an odd battle scene that wasn't animated at all in that last episode, just drawings and blurry drawings being panned across the screen. Google says it's because they ran out of money to pay for all the different shades of ink to animate the episode in black and white.
In looking up this information I also ran into countless reddit and anime forum pages with people praising it like it's the deepest most intricate work of literature ever, fucking normalfags.
It's a simple barebones plot, I'm not saying that's bad, but there isn't even anything to call 2deep4u in there. I don't know what's wrong with these people.
(548.37 KB 640x480 This is a joke.png)
I was actually really disappointed by it.
(750.29 KB 1500x2121 7b4ec0c94b8bd54339ba45127ce25514.jpg)
>leg man
you mean "regular men"?
because whoever doesn't like legs can't be a man, but a fucking faggot
But leg fetishes overlap with footfags a lot though.
I fetishize the entire lower half of the body
>Ass, thighs, legs, calves, kneepits and feet
This is how it should be.
I'm a thigh man. You can keep the feet.
You're that one weird fuck who only eats the fat on the steak.
(177.69 KB 800x996 1461881339245.jpg)
I prefer lean meat. I'd rather eat marrow and bone broth than fatty meats. But yeah definitely strange eating habits.
I picked up Saint Tail. It's really fucking comfy. I feel like this is what Cardcaptor Sakura should have been; no real conflicts or drama for the most part, just a comfy slice of life show with a bit of magic added in.

The MC goes to a Christian school and gets her powers by praying to God so highly recommended to christcucks.
(212.46 KB 1448x1080 my source of masculinity.jpg)
Started up Onii-sama e...
If you guys don't understand why shoujo is the manliest shit ever then all I have to say is God has nuked your kind twice already and I bet he's aiming for a third.
(130.34 KB 432x411 6546531248964.png)
>If you guys don't understand why shoujo is the manliest shit ever
The drama and backstabbing are pretty entertaining if done right.
Thread still alive? After Gundam: The Origin I compulsively torrented a chunk of the UC anime and noticed that some of them have both dub and sub tracks. At the risk of getting flamed, what's the quality of the dub (only reason I'm considering it is due to consistency's sake; I watched The Origin dubbed)?
I'd like an old animu stream on the days the legit one is offduty. It's a pity that anons miss out on Nadia, Conan and others.

They might be simpler and childish, but looking at the original models for today's post-meta generationnis enlightement.
I started watching Kidou Senkan Nadesico a few days ago, it's pretty entertaining so far. I'm probably missing a lot of jokes since I haven't watched Gundam yet but even without getting the references it's funny.
Ow man I loved it back then! I was in a similar situation when I first watched it, I also wasn't into mecha anime then, but still had a very good time. Enjoy
Just a small reminder, there is no movie.
The guy that voices Char is pretty good but everyone else is sub par by modern standards. It sounds like a typical 90s dub. Also ZZ Gundam doesn't have an English dub, as far as I know, and you need to watch that if you want to see the end of a lot of the character's arcs so you might as well go with the sub.
>decide to watch the first few episodes of Pokemon again because nostalgia
>realize the first episode is actually good
It's a shame the show pretty much plummeted early on, but it set itself up nicely even if the potential went to waste. Did any other shows start off well and then quickly degrade?
Watched the first 5 minutes of "Prefecture Earth Defense Force" of which about half is the OP. It's a re-encode with watermark that I got from some streaming website so I stopped, but I laughed a bunch.

I hope I find a good download somewhere. And not youtube that also have it.
I'm impressed by the obscurity of the anime you found.
It's on a private tracker so I downloaded it and made a public torrent. I have a shitty connection and turn the computer off when I go to bed though.
(2.73 MB 628x480 AWWSHIT.mp4)
I took the liberty of rewatching Golden Boy yesterday, I got a dual audio torrent as I'd heard the English dub was alright, and in some ways, it was almost as good as the original nip dub. There were a couple of parts like mp4 related that were a lot funnier for me in English than in Japanese due to how the VAs voiced and enunciated, Kintaro's VA was probably the best out of all of them. There were moments where the other VAs went too hammy and tried to outdo the emotion of the original Japanese dub and it really felt overdone, but other than that it was decent.

Please excuse the quality of the mp4, I haven't sat down to really learn and practice using ffmpeg
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 g-ffmpeg.png)
here's a guide
(1.89 MB 640x360 mike rowe on waifus.webm)
Try this https://github.com/deterenkelt/Nadeshiko (unix systems only) which was made by a cuckchan normalfag but it's the closest to brainless encoding you can get. It sacrifices quality in trying its hardest to just work though.
Or try my preset which sets some good vp9 options and then worry about bitrates/resolution/scaling/filesize/passes/audio/etc with no compromises yourself. Check the manual page for how to use presets. http://0x0.st/zx6P.zip
And then to truly become a webm wizard dig into ffmpeg's and libvpx's source code to find out what and what options (all of them) are horribly broken and why, how and what you can do to get around some of it
Cheers, I'll probably watch it friday night with beer.
Unless I forget the beer and the video and continue working on stuff.
Or you can try Xmedia Recode if you want a GUI.
>downloading at 5-15 KB/s
>ETA varies between 24-48 hours
Looks like I'm leaving my computer on for a while. If that's your upload speed, what's your download speed?
>They might be simpler and childish
Nadia was far more complex and better written than pretty much everything coming out right now.
The story makes no sense but it looks great so I'd say it's worth watching.
(13.89 KB 658x96 fast.png)
Funny that you ask.
the picture is a bug, I have 15megabits down 1megabit up and my ISP doesn't deliver either
Interesting. I get 60/6, but usually get slightly above, closer to 75/7.5 during off-hours. I'd be happier with 50/10 if that were available, or anything with more upload speed. The more filesharing I do the more upload I wish I had.
Guess I'm posting about the same anime again but it really deserves it.

I've just watched it and they really up the aesthetics on episode 113 of UY aswell as the episodes leading up to it (the numbers on the filenames are off by 23 episodes). It really is true that the series improves every episode in pretty much every aspect.
The colors are much more beautiful and the art style is changing for the better.
These days I was thinking to myself about how much greater the series would be if it was more about the girls and less about Ataru and it's exactly what's happening too.
(3.17 MB 1920x1080 YzXaBWDDeQz.png)
(3.42 MB 1920x1080 ToY0s5Jq06O.png)
(3.54 MB 1920x1080 dzWHKFngpEV.png)
It flew under my radar entirely but it seems like Discotek licensed KOR and released blu-rays March this year.
The video stream in the blu-rays contains x264 metadata, and no metadata frontends such as handbrake and the like usually leave, which means most likely whoever encoded it used x264 from the commandline and obviously knew what they were doing.
Usually the people behind BDs have absolutely no idea what they're doing and use some random proprietary encoder from 2006 with fast settings to make the encode go fast and ruin the image.
The picture is also completely unfiltered, unlike all the previous digital releases. I only can't speak for the mastering of the film, because I know nothing about film, but I don't see anything obviously wrong.

These 3 pictures come straight from the BDs.
Absolutely amazing news that this series is now available in such high quality, the only thing lacking is good subs, but that's every anime that's not only 13 episodes long and released between the late 90s and 2007.
>but that's every anime that's not only 13 episodes long
To be honest I think KOR should have only been about that long. After episode 15 the series comes to a screeching halt and turns into a rather shallow comedy. Also the movie is a much better ending to the story than the last few episodes of the tv series.
(143.41 KB 1282x720 hells angels madhouse 1.jpg)
(192.39 KB 1280x720 hells angels madhouse 2.jpg)
I stumbled on this Madhouse movie. Never heard before, but it looks interesting.
(261.61 KB 1790x1028 /tmp/god.jpg)
>What pre 2000 anime have you been watching?
I've seen Royal Space Force and I don't know what to think of it but I didn't care about it even though I stuck for its entire 2 hour length. They didn't even go through with the rape scene.

Top tier religious waifu in there though.
it wasnt rape, she wanted it.
Looks super.
It was fun, but goes from 0 to 100 really fast, then goes to 9000 out of nowhere.
(48.07 KB 625x351 irresponsible-625x351.jpg)
I've been watching Irresponsible Space Captain Tylor. Not something you hear about often, but the premise is great and the chicks are all hot in that mature 80s OL kinda way.
Gets a bit stupid as it goes on though, as its more episodic so the Captain never gets credit for his gigantic amount of luck.
The fact that the straight-laced first officer looks like Ciaphas Cain makes it a lot funnier for me too.
>They didn't even go through with the rape scene.
And yet people still got, and still do get, massively butthurt about it.

Was it really just luck, though? Either way, Tylor is one of my favs. I still need to get around to watching the OVA series, though.
(84.77 KB 845x472 1.JPG)
(79.14 KB 846x477 2.JPG)
(65.66 KB 848x475 3.JPG)
(100.26 KB 848x474 4.JPG)
(70.88 KB 849x475 5.JPG)
In the West, the movie was renamed Hells. There's a shit quality version on YT, and the bluray on nyaa.
Is there a specific jap name, for the trope of the 'lazy ace'? People like Tylor, Yang Wen-Li or the many samurai who seem bored and uninterested until they show incredible skill. It seems like something established at some point, by a famous historical (or literary) figure.
You know what I miss? Girls with curly fluffy hair. Or just any amount of detail put into hair in general.
It seems nowadays every anime character has unkempt straight hair that conveniently bends around the ears and avoids covering the eyes by concentrating over the nose. Always the same style.

Just look at any screenshots in this thread, everyone has their own original hair style made specifically for the character.
Bit of a shot in the dark here, but there was a post someone made on 8/animu/ before the diaspora that I didn't properly save. It was in a thread like this, and he was describing an OVA series of two or three episodes.

The main premise was a modern-day science fiction story about combat androids going rogue. Nothing too special, but he shared some webms which showed a fight scene between one of the robots and a group of soldiers, and I still remember them clearly because the robot was animated extremely well. It had an inhuman gait, and would perch on car hoods or soldiers' bodies while scanning for its next target. None of its limbs moved more than was absolutely necessary, so it'd sort of rotate into position whenever it needed to face something.

I think it was wearing a yellow jumpsuit, and the soldiers had black/purple armour if that makes a difference. Does anyone remember the OVA name? I recall it being pretty obscure (and several people in the thread commenting they had never heard of it), but I wanted to watch it for the animation alone.
Black Magic M-66. I don't think it's terribly obscure, since it has Masamune Shirow's name on it.
Just watched the hour-long Yawara special Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kids!
It looks even better than the show although some of the main characters looked a bit different. It has particularly nice-looking background shots as expected from a high-budget anime from this era. The new characters which the special revolves around are fleshed out quite well and I liked how their parents are shown all having their own personality quirks. You can watch this without having seen the TV-series since it doesn't really tie in with its plot and is more of a side-story.
I'm kind of starved on Yawara because the guy uploading HD episodes of the show on Nyaa is taking his time.
>I still need to get around to watching the OVA series, though.
It's a major step down once things left Tatsunoko's hands. Just read the novels if you want more Tylor.
(63.37 KB 565x371 Miyazaki_Rampage.png)
Watched this quirky, obscure 1986 (according to MAL and AniDB, but I have trouble believing the date) OVA manga adaptation called Nayuta which doesn't even have a digital release. It was great.

I don't know what to say, its style was this perfect mixture of 70s anime such as rose of versailles and galaxy express and 80s western cartoons like goddamn he-man and dungeons & dragons. I got a heavy 70s vibe from it, primarily from the art style, the trippy plot and the hippie gang of protagonists, so much I assumed that was the decade it came from until I looked it up.
It has a few scenes with that spiderman cartoon absurdity too.

Very original story, great art style, 70s anime/western 80s animation direction, cute protagonist girl, a bit of absorption fetish, it's just a great anime all around. I found it randomly while sorting anime by date and backlogging what looked interesting, picked this one for the art style at first.

I got it from a private tracker and torrents for it are scarce, so I'm providing an infohash for a public torrent I made: bd3e5fe55a3f44e14c4923dfe5efd53e42596d8e
Is the uncensored Angel Cop release available yet?
Or was one of the previous sub releases already uncensored?
The Japanese DVDs and Discotek BDs are uncensored.
The Japanese DVDs are uncensored and have the best master, the blu-ray releases are upscales from the japanese DVD-resolution masters with butchered video and PCM audio. Don't touch the Discotek BDs or the American DVDs, the image is completely ruined and worse than Slayers.
The blu-ray subs are uncensored, but that doesn't really make shitty professional subs any better.
There's a release titled Koten_Gars that joins Japanese DVD video with Discotek lossless audio and heavily edited Discotek subs but the tard who made it filtered the image, there's another called Kentai_Films that's a bootlegged Japanese DVD ISO with blu-ray subs added in.
So, go for the KentaiFilms release?
Yeah. https://nyaa.net/view/594169 . Make sure your player can play DVD images, I don't know which can beyond mpv (look up dvd:// in the manual)
(53.01 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0021 (2).jpg)
(43.93 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0009.jpg)
(37.89 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0071.jpg)
Miyuki is actually Shounen. Adachi was popular in shoujo as well, but his shoujo are things like Hiatari Ryouko and Slow Step.
The guy is a master at Shounen romance manga, and people usually know him for his "sports" manga, which are actually more like romance dramas than sports. Miyuki was his only non-"sports" manga, and he often made fun of the fact in the manga, saying things like, "This is hot-blooded shounen action!" as a gag.
t. Adachi Mitsuru expert.
All anime is actually shounen. Even bara material.
And who's behind (((Treasure Connection)))?
I watched a bit of garbage anime. Twinkle Heart and Majuu Senshi Luna Varga.

I think Luna Varga falls into so shit it's good, there's a guy shooting himself off a ballista, giant dinosaurs fighting, a male pantsu shot, the pictured fountain statue, and lots of other details like that.
It's a 4 episode OVA where they waste an entire episode in a chase scene.
That's retarded.
Twinkle Heart is great, don't be a faggot.
Twinkle Heart more like Twink Heart.
(158.37 KB 1440x1080 It even has AIDS.jpg)
(256.60 KB 1440x1080 not a brown girl.jpg)
(14.25 MB 1440x1080 nadiaop.webm)
8kun is still broken garbage, should've stayed here.

I can't believe this nigger gets more hateable every episode, now it NTR'ed the white boy with another nigger and still got angry at another slut for her lack of loyalty.
It's a great series, and the nigger is even cute if you hit your head after she speaks to forget her trash can personality, but seriously screw these NTR episodes.
>now it NTR'ed the white boy with another nigger
webm that part, i want to see how bad it is.
(10.26 MB 960x720 Secret of NTR.webm)
(151.23 KB 1440x1080 When the NERV gets hit.jpg)
(133.75 KB 1440x1080 Gunbuster.jpg)
(2.24 MB 1440x1080 what a woman 2.webm)
(156.23 KB 956x720 Secret of Blue Water.jpg)
Here is the first NTR WEBM, and some random thoughts on the series with some illustrations.

As usual with Japanese media, the actual plot is not particularly good. I'd compare it to rice, nobody hates rice and will eat large quantities of it no problem, but it's just plain and when you have it on its own you're left wishing you had something to make it actually tasty. I think anybody who watches this will find the plot at least very lightly enjoyable. Either way the plot is only present in passing for most of the anime anyway.
Anno worked in it, that means you're going to watch a lot of the same handful of characters and major plot elements Anno has recycled more times than there are digits in pi with a new coat of paint. It's to the point I recognize gunbuster/evangelion equivalents of some scenes. It also means if you like Evangelion this series has some of what you know you like.
There are a few cheesy anti-war, or "why can't people just get along" sort of messages, the kind of stuff they force into WW2 movies. It's exactly like when a politician says "I'm pro-education!" without any attempt at understanding or addressing the core issue and as if anybody at the same basic level doesn't agree or really gives a fuck. To illustrate this point there's a part where Jean says the earth is beautiful and that he doesn't understand why humans fight in such a place, while he fights in such a place.
The series is set in 1889/1890 which sets the series up to do something even cheesier: predicting inventions. "haha in the 20th century X thing will be invented, I know it!".

After all that, you're left with an original adventure anime with plenty of unique well done qualities. That's really what will be happening most of the time, the adventure.
They go on a real adventure. It's not like the average story with adventure elements where the "adventure" is more about the fact that the normal lives of the characters is interrupted for the duration of the plot. No, they have a real adventure. They explore places unknown, learn history, experience things, find exotic places, anything that qualifies as an actual adventure, they do it. And a lot of it is very original or at least not done a million times over before
I think the consensus will be that the plot "moves slowly" on this one. I see that as a plus. I find it simply unbelievable and don't see the enjoyment in a story that moves like a train that makes no stops. In this anime, there are plenty of moments where the characters are forced by situation to leave their goals for later.
A random search for information on the series says it has references to other anime, some of which I did watch. I never knew, I didn't spot a single reference.
There's some naval combat and I found it very fun. Feels a bit like real naval combat, except every instance of what would be a multiple hour long maneuver in real life has been condensed into someone spouting some technobabble, Nemo giving an order, and the effects of it being witnessed instantly. Very good way of doing it, although it doesn't show unless you look into it. In other words, it takes someone with a very high IQ such as myself to understand the true depth of Secret of Blue Water naval warfare.
There's plenty of filler. Some of it is bad, like the fucking NTR episodes or a few episodes around episode 25 which are animated in Korea in terrible quality still better than modern animation. Most of it is good.
Also typical of Japanese media, most of the character interactions are very enjoyable, and while I'm a fan service fag who really just wants a KonoSuba situation where every single scene has fan service and the anime just pretends it's not there, this anime also has plenty, and plenty of scenes dedicated to it.
(10.48 MB 1440x1080 Secret of NTR 2.webm)
And the second NTR WEBM.
>It also means if you like Evangelion this series has some of what you know you like.
Giant robot fights with incredible music?
>Here is the first NTR WEBM
>And the second NTR WEBM.
Anon, please understand she is using her womanly charms to keep everyone safe, she is playing him like a damn fiddle.
That's another word that has lost all meaning through overuse.
(331.32 KB 700x875 78488423_p0.png)
You say that as if the MC and her are already lovers and in a well established, deep relationship. Her having a crush on a fit guy that has a similar nationality to her isn't bizarre.

>Womanly charms
I don't think she was acting. The heart pupils don't lie.
(157.37 KB 1440x1080 5th base.jpg)
>a few episodes before
AYMLAO, why was she lusting for nigger dick then?
Outsourced. Nadia was originally such a hit that more episodes were ordered. Gainax outsourced to other Japanese and Korean studios in order to full-fill the order. It is why everyone acts extremely out of character and the animation looks like shit in the island/African arcs. At least they are mostly non-cannon. (Completely non-canon for the NTR episodes)
Yeah it's one of the rare cases in which the creator, Anno himself, actually stated that it is non-canon bullshit.
>Canon episodes Jean: "Oh, so you are vegetarian and hate the thought of eating meat? I can respect that."
>Chink episodes Jean: "Let's break her trust and sneak some meat into her food because it's funny."
And while we're at it, the movie should be avoided at all costs.
(1.72 MB 1440x1080 sieg heil.webm)
But is the sieg heil canon?
(3.03 MB 1261x949 Deedlit angry.PNG)
(2.78 MB 1263x949 Parn doesn't give a fuck.PNG)
Last year, I watched the original Record of Lodoss War series (1990) and was very satisfied with it. I liked the old school feeling of it, and my experience in tabletop RPGs meant I recognized a lot of TTRPG tropes/archetypes underneath a Japanese coat of paint. The animation was generally pretty stiff, as was most anime of that time, but when important battles and character actions happened the sakuga usually picked up the slack.

Perhaps the most refreshing factor was the lack of preconceptions, for want of a better term, about how the world should operate and how each of the races should behave. The series shows humans (both not!Europeans and not!Arabians), elves, dark elves, dwarves, and a handful of evil races like goblins, dragons, and dog!kobolds. Spread across these characters are various archetypes like warrior, cleric, wizard, thief, etc. In a more modern series, or just a worse one, there'd be absolutely no surprises about how the characters acted. The warrior would be the strong, supportive type and the wizard would adjust his glasses while berating the thief for being so impulsive and greedy.

Record of Lodoss War doesn't quite behave like that, because there was much less baggage at the time of its creation and the origin of its source material. The elf Deedlit is an immortal, eternally youthful woman of otherworldly beauty, and skilled in magic: but the only reason she can perform magic is by summoning forest and wind spirits, which takes a lot of time and isn't useful in all situations. She also cares for the human warrior Parn very deeply to the point she acts jealous when he looks at other women. The dark elf Pirotess is just as beautiful and immortal, but she is a much more professional character, being the antagonist Lord Ashram's right-hand-woman. She is also overcome with love for him, but it manifests totally differently.

You can compare these characters to the oppai elf in Overlord or the fanservice elves in Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai (bit of a cheap comparison, perhaps) and see the depth in the Lodoss pair. They aren't just reflections of one another, they're different ways of life who share uniting traits like beauty, magic, and eternal youth. I really liked seeing that, because it made the world seem larger than it actually was; the characters felt like they came from different lands with different customs.

I'm currently working my way through Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (1998), which takes place a short time after the first series. It's been a mixed bag so far, although I do like the focus on Orson and the characters close to him. It feels natural for Parn to shift from a primary character to a secondary one because his entire story arc reached its natural conclusion - now the only conflict comes from his being too dense to notice Deedlit lusting after him.

Overall I'd definitely recommend the first series (and it's only 13 episodes anyway), especially if you enjoy TTRPGs. I will return to cover Chronicles of the Heroic Knight once I finish it.
Don't know if you already know, but the Lodoss War novels were just a written version of a DND game between some friends, hence why it has a lot of common tropes. I will never forget how they handled Woodchuck too, what the fuck were they thinking? He gets possessed by Karla but the entire party doesn't seem to care and by the time the second series rolls round he's died offscreen. Even the novels didn't acknowledge this. He's definitely my favourite of the group and criminally underrated
>Lodoss War novels were just a written version of a DND game between some friends
Yeah, I knew.
I didn't realize he died offscreen. I like him a lot, too; Norio Wakamoto doesn't normally voice trickster characters like him.
I was kind of disappointed with it to be honest. It's mostly a whole lot of nothing happening.
It's definitely very slow, and an acquired taste like I described. I almost prefer it as a time capsule rather than a series on its own merits.
Sorry guys but Bubblegum Crisis isn't that good.
If only they had an actual plot and the fight scenes had some sort of internal reasoning beyond "bang bang bang knight sabers win". I'm not expecting everything to hold up to Gulliver's Travels or whatever was the right title for the book, but there isn't much beyond pretty pictures to stay around for in here.

At least the series has as very fitting episode count even if they're 30-40 minutes each, this certainly wouldn't be appreciable if it went on for 30 episodes or something. Definitely worth a watch and very enjoyable as an one off thing.
Sort of like how Charles Chaplin's unique brand of visual gag is only really appreciable because not everyone does it. I would be very annoyed if I saw a factory worker who can' t stop doing the hand movements he does at the factory after he leaves for the 300th time, and I would be very annoyed if there was much anime like this. As that's not the case they're very much worth it.
Sure it's jank, but I still wish it got some closure.
(249.81 KB 1440x1080 smart Nene.jpg)
Actually, just finished Bubblegum Crisis. The writing gets much better later on.
Simple stuff like how in the last episode the girls trained to upgrade their suits, and then that pays off in battle. That's all that's needed to give the action the minimum necessary worth and what only an extreme minority of any media featuring action does.
It's a nice series overall.

I did some math.
19933.2 seconds of footage total from all 8 episodes, or 332 minutes. If we assume a television anime has 22 minutes of footage, which is about right I think, then 332 minutes of footage divided by 22 minutes per television anime episode, this means Bubblegum Crisis has around 15 episodes worth of footage. So I suppose just the OVA series by itself is a little longer than your average 13 episode single season anime.
Fair enough. The series are pretty and somewhat interesting but not really deep.
Nene cutie
There's another series in the franchise called Legend of Crystania, it's a movie and some OVAs. I haven't watched it.
It's not about the main cast, it's about the black dude apparently. Might be worth a try.
>black dude
Orson? He's not black, just tan. But I like him a lot so I'll be interested to see more stuff with him in it.

Speaking of Lodoss, there's apparently an official Record of Lodoss War game being developed by the guys who made Pharaoh Rebirth+, Touhou Luna Nights, and a couple other good games. It's releasing into early access on Steam in March: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdmKbXx6gtU

I was initially skeptical, but Pharaoh Rebirth+ is one of my favourite platformers, so I imagine it'll be pretty good once it escapes early access.
>He's not black, just tan
K A N G !
I mean Ashiram, the guy who's perpetually mourning something with his all black edgelord outfit and """""tan""""" elf gf. I bet his poop is that dark too. Heck I bet he drinks soy sauce and from what I gather his waking hours are in the night time because it's DARK.
(237.82 KB 1448x1080 fun.jpg)
(2.81 MB 02. M-5.ogg)
The busy life of a NEET had me pause my watch of this, but now I'm back with it. One of the best shoujos I've ever watched and I'm not even halfway done with it.
Just a bunch of backstabbing women going all-out and then comes our cute protagonist good girl who gets headpats from her dad-in-law accidentally falling right in the middle of it.
The girl in my pic already attempted sudoku and then nearly starved herself to death and the next episode is titled "A Tale of Double Suicide". That's how shoujo it is.
Very recommended. It's called "Onii-sama e..."


no cookies?