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Meta Thread Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 00:29:21 No. 5874
Discuss the state of the board and how to improve.

previous thread:
>>1074 [ https://archive.is/roNB1 ]
Edited last time by loleron on 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:26:52.
How dumb are you, you dumb faggot? You actually think the entirety of 8goon/a/ is just /animu/ now?
Not to mention
<using 8goon
>So is there any real distinction between /a/ and /animu/ now?
Yes, all the newfaggot cancer will go to /a/, and since there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it, it's gonna be a cuckchan tier cancerhole.
ok boomer
ok underage faggot
8glow/8yumyum/8cum/8coon is down again.
I don't see why the board name matters. If someone new comes to the site. The first thing they'll do is search the top boards. If they were specifically looking for /a/ and saw that /animu/ had more people, they they would most likely go to that just because it has more traffic. I don't have a problem with you taking over the board though. At least it's in good hands.

That just means you have more time to dedicate to manga and anime. Assuming 8kun does actually get fixed. I think it'll be a few months before it's actually functional.
But I watched cartoons and read comics all day long yesterday, I want to schmidtpost.
>If someone new comes to the site. The first thing they'll do is search the top boards
Very few people are going to come directly to 8kun, aside from qboomers.
Most actual newfags are gonna come from halfchan, and the first thing they'll do is go to the legacy boards, which means legacy boards get more newfags, which can be both good and bad, depending on if there's enough oldfags around.
And they hated him because he said the truth
>Yes, all the newfaggot cancer will go to /a/, and since there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it, it's gonna be a cuckchan tier cancerhole.
This statement is untrue. Because it implies that hasn't happened already.
(101.27 KB 700x700 1433464287853-1.jpg)
It's the pig farm. And do you know what comes after the pig farm? The slaughterhouse.
>/animu/ should move back here till Ron gets his shit together
>there are no rulecuckery to dissuade them from using it
Normalfags are the greatest rulecucks there are. It's all "waaah I don't like this, ban it" all the time.
(274.50 KB 777x484 ukyku.png)
Where is everyone? The 8kun board is pretty dead, and there aren't many people here either.
Maybe a lot of /animu/ anons have jobs or at least that's what I tell myself because I don't want to consider the possibility I'm surrounded by underageb&s that are still in kiddie school. It usually gets more active on the weekends.
I haven't watched any anime in a while or read much manga lately besides a little Pandora Hearts, so I don't have much to say.
Splitting the userbase between 8glow and here was a stupid idea. BO should've just stayed on the webring and not migrated in the first place. Donno how he can repair the situation at this point.
And then it was split even further between /animu/ and /a/.
I'm still here
>the 8kun board is pretty dead
>give Q/a/ to Q/animu/ BO
>Q/animu/ dies
That fucking racemixing boomer makes everything worse.
I've been very inactive on 8chan because of the shitty state of the site long before judaswheels took it down. Don't think I'm posting now less than I did in early 2019.
Everything boomers and normalfags touch turns to ruin . BO is a retarded faggot
no /pol/ means no party for MANY people, as it was indeed the spine of the whole site, like it or not.
>b-b-but /pnd/!
no /pol/ means no party
(189.62 KB 1000x776 77849840_p0.jpg)
But old /pol/ left after the Trump election flooded the board with morons. Where did they go anyway?
friendly reminder if not for jim, 8chan would still be run by freddit breddit
if not for qoomers jim probably wouldv'e discarded 8chan by now
anarchy is cute but someone eventually has to pay the bills. grow up retard.
Implying that isn't another great reason to hate q boomers.
Hopefully some of them are stockpiling explosives for future use as we speak.
Things were going great on the webring before Jim brought fedkun online, Mark, now you have a mostly dead site with "legal """""free""""" speech" and the webring is devoid of life.
Good job you fucking faggot, and don't preach to anyone else about bills when your cake chomping, halfway house dwelling ass has been carried by masonpig for doing basically nothing.
>keeps lashing out at based mark, who's doing good work
It's the rest of the 8kun admins and the userbase that have failed him.
>as it was indeed the spine of the whole site
>implying it wasnt the (you)'s
All that shit doesn't matter, because some anons would had gotten in the bunkers
>the webring is devoid of life.
its comfy
>Why not just stay on the webring forever
It's only a matter of time before retards start coming after each of the hosts whether that be by legal threat, ddos, deplatforming by mailing the host, posting illegal content and all the other attacks we've seen against 8chan, all if the webring boards are vulnerable in the exact same ways. The notoriety that 8chan has garnished has made it both an excellent target and a shield.
Having 8kun back now is a beacon to anons everywhere rather than a webring which is already hard to find. The webring will slowly bleed users until it is non-existent whether 8kun is up or not.
(3.07 MB 1280x720 BO PC.webm)
(99.68 KB 555x550 1447957976415.jpg)
>people will try to take down websites
>therefore we must all cluster ourselves together into one barely functional, centralized website and hope they don't aim at the big target we've painted on ourselves
>the webring is going to die
>just roll over accept it goy
I can't believe you're so pathetic that you actually thought this would demoralize people.
It has nothing to do with demoralization, it's just a fact that without new people coming, the webring will die as anons leave.
Go ahead, tell me how you get new people on the webring.
8kun at least has some infrastructure to deflect most of those attacks I listed.l, the webring hosts do not.
(74.33 KB 463x293 1450573657583.jpg)
>Go ahead, tell me how you get new people on the webring.
The same way you do on any imageboard, I'm not spoonfeeding you that shit.
>8kun at least has some infrastructure to deflect most of those attacks I listed.l, the webring hosts do not.
Here's your (you).
nice non-answer retard, how long did you spend wracking your brain before you gave up and spit out generic insults?
>shilling for fedkun to people who already decided they're not going to use it
mark pls
Berating someone like an obnoxious faggot until they use your site is only going to make them go there specifically to shit it up even more than it already was. Can you just fuck off and leave the rest of us alone?
>tell me how you get new people on the webring.
You dont.
got it, so when people eventually leave because real life comes knocking they're gone forever and you can't get new people leading to inevitable stagnation

and then it dies and hopefully you die too
>check fedkun again because autist is shilling it here again
>/pnd/ and /v/ are still the only relatively active boards
>the rest are either dead or stagnant
Even if the webring is dying the people who are leaving it are obviously not going to fedkun.
(8.98 MB 1280x720 go to bed forever.webm)
Some spend more time offline and get a life, others migrate to social media and become boring internet ex-anons. I have no idea what I'm doing besides obsessively refreshing a couple Twitter feeds as some kind of sad substitute for news making an account would save time but fuck that shit but I guess I lurk here in case I start reading manga again.
I'm gonna go offline and get homeless probably
(165.84 KB 408x511 79411541_p0.jpg)
I've only really visited a few threads on /v/ on 8chan when it was around. I think the quality of the board wasn't that great but it's still leagues better than 4chan. I see no reason to go back there. With the 8kun fiasco, I've found myself playing more games and reading. Realizing that I visit a few threads anyway, I don't mind staying on a slow board and jumping around a few others.

I only frequent a few threads like the Jazz, artist, and kemono thread. It's nice coming here every once in a while to talk with anons on these meta threads too. Also 8chan was directly linked with Reddit for ages on end. I would assume many of them went back there after it died.
I think it's about time we advertise the Webring more to like-minded outsiders. The problem is, where the hell are we getting them other than other imageboards?
If you need news on current events, /k/ on julay has been excellent in keeping up with what /pol/ used to do. I frankly miss /pol/ because of how fast they could aggregate news, certainly not for their superior minds when it comes to genetics and sciences they have zero understanding of.
He's technically right, can't take down a website if it's down for everyone on a weekly basis.
8kun serves only as a decoy imageboard to flock to in times of need and to divert attention from the webring, where actual quality posts happen. If anything, you should stard advertising /qresearch/ more often.
Other imageboarders who should know about us already do, aswell as some who don't. The ones who don't know about us shouldn't know about us.
Don't go shill this place on cuckchan/7chan/whatever shithole-chan nigger.

Let the website grow on its own, only websites that just started need to be advertised.
>I frankly miss /pol/
This is gonna sound crazy, but I've found MLPOL.net to be the best /pol/ substitute. It predates the webring, so the userbase is entrenched and not going anywhere.
/r/ing that picture of the gay nazi furry orgy.
did /pol/ went there or did they stay in 08chan?
I think there are a few /pol/ anons who were referred there and decided to set up shop, however ruefully. It's definitely not for everyone, but the level of discussion (at least for threads not about horse pussy) is generally high. There is also a self-improvement board, which should have something worthwhile.
I've never been there, so I don't know. The only thing I've heard about that place is that /tech/ uses it (obviously), and a few /v/ anons used it too, but now they've all returned to 8glow, julay, or 4chan.
What, those fags that can't even handle /sp/ stealing gets from them?


no cookies?