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Kemono Thread Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 07:53:47 No. 441
What have you guys been reading? I'm still catching up with Tamamo-chan. Beastars is getting an anime but I'm probably going to read the manga since it's all CG.

RIP /kemono/.
(945.77 KB 680x893 25183301.125_image.png)
(465.96 KB 717x900 75356076_p0.png)
(1.89 MB 1424x1950 79117253_p0.jpg)
(624.22 KB 567x800 78793105_p0.jpg)
(1.46 MB 2442x2805 78634955_p0.png)
(10.96 MB 3840x2160 79123513_p0.png)
The digital version is in a pretty small resolution. It's half the size of the average scan. I'm guessing the branded one is a Patreon or PixivFANBOX exclusive. The other one was only scanned in Chinese and I think I can provide a better looking scan at that.
Uploading both today.
>ywn be a ripped kenshiro knockoff who wanders the wastelands amassing a harem of furry girls
>ywn hoist a 600lb naga girl onto your shoulder and calm her down by grabbing her breasts
(101.41 KB 954x915 a ok.jpg)
I gotta catch up with the new releases of that one. Any of it translated yet?
That brown flat girl is the best. Such perfect flatness, combined with that toned body and brown skin.
I only just found the artist's Pixiv gallery today. As for it being translated, I doubt it; the pages I have are only from larger compilations in Kemokko Lovers and I've never seen it anywhere else.
(916.54 KB 983x810 tits.png)
Who the fuck is that? Why did you photoshop an e-celeb over a manga panel?
(179.31 KB 348x319 image.png)
(86.09 KB 810x810 FB_IMG_1506992301609.jpg)
(484.27 KB 510x510 soy oreos.png)
(898.43 KB 825x810 DT 2.0.png)
He isn't an eceleb, just some soyboy who likes his oreos.
(319.04 KB 599x564 plate.png)
(137.87 KB 1086x1536 Vmii5lLxkOhHYXaX3TBm.jpg)
So it's a normalfag meme you dredged up from social media. Even better.
>normalfag meme
Technically it's a very obscure offshoot of Teagan shitposting, so no.
But why bring it into a kemono thread?
The idea came to me and I had the template on hand.
(1.66 MB 1355x1601 79394722_p0.png)
Sorry for the delay of Kemokko Lovers 10 despite my older claim. Took a break from scanning to play vidya. Now getting back on this train again.
(1.26 MB 1080x1500 78076543_p0.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1080x1500 79326433_p0.jpg)
(1.37 MB 1080x1500 79214059_p0.jpg)
(3.99 MB 2894x4093 77792012_p0.jpg)
(2.56 MB 2894x4093 77792012_p1.jpg)
(3.16 MB 2894x4093 78539066_p0.jpg)
(2.56 MB 2894x4093 76920908_p0.jpg)
(83.58 KB 700x745 14262256_p0.jpg)
(3.34 MB 1756x2479 79115919_p0.png)
(102.71 KB 809x1280 D6FmIV6V4AAVYzf.jpg large.jpg)
800 images so far. Can we reach 1000 before the thread dies?
Damn. Are you still playing video games again?
(552.32 KB 678x960 54247879_p4.jpg)
>Install new AMD graphics card and download new drivers
>Need to remove old graphics card drivers
>Want to reboot in safe mode
>Pressing F8 during restart doesn't work
>Use msconfig to boot into safe mode
>Now I can't get past the welcome screen on windows 7
And so now I'm downloading Windows 7 again to make a recovery CD. Obviously I can't scan shit if I don't have my PC. I have 200 pages scanned and probably 200 more.
(686.63 KB 1404x1473 69265062_p0.jpg)
It's fixed now. Uploading Kemokko Lovers 10 tomorrow.
(87.19 KB 578x818 1412295954110-0.jpeg)
Spammer it seems. They'll probably attack again to stir up shit. I archived the thread when it first started.

>Kemono Thread (08/16/2019)

Is that a cock cage?
(703.91 KB 1404x1473 69267722_p0.jpg)
I hope not, someone on e621 tagged at as crossgender but they're full of fags.
(71.27 KB 850x1344 69331649_p0.jpg)
No, she's from Heroes of the Storm.
(199.86 KB 1232x2048 DrptN7FUwAAsIXE.jpg large.jpg)
(283.70 KB 1451x2048 DwZT5yRU0AA1RoM.jpg large.jpg)
(285.14 KB 1451x2048 DzS5qu9UwAU8_dJ.jpg large.jpg)
(553.72 KB 1451x2048 Dzia9gUVYAI0ucb.jpg large.jpg)
(626.38 KB 1451x2048 D4pR-1rU8AE0PEa.jpg)
>Kemokko Lovers 10

389 pages. That took much longer than expected due to various reasons. Saying that I won't be scanning anything kemono for a while again. That is unless something that I'm waiting for pops up on Mandarake or Surugaya.
(15.71 KB 331x286 1457296234611.png)
Thanks anon! Looks like there's some good stuff in here.
Did exhentai start blocking VPN/proxy access? I'm getting a white page when trying to connect. (Not even a panda. No content loads at all.) I tried clearing cookies, switching VPN exit nodes, and relogging on the forums. Being logged in or not doesn't make a difference.
I'd connect directly myself to test, but laws here are weird regarding loli. I'd rather not risk it.
e621's autistic level of tagging is great until you realize how autistic/degenerate the community and moderators are, but it's better than gelbooru removing male/female tags entirely
>Please note that Gelbooru does not have a tag for whenever a post features any female characters.
Why the fuck not? It's already bad enough a lot of content there is under-tagged. (I don't need e621's level of autism, but artist, sex, species/monstergirl species should be tagged on most images even if minor stuff like year, clothing, visible objects, etc. aren't.) A lot of them leave the artist blank even if there's a username in a source url (such as twitter) they could put.
What are some good games/TV series/movies about kemono? Pictures like this really make me crave a full world with them.
(167.53 KB 1546x1900 79605707_p0.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1414x2000 79578930_p12.png)
(1.78 MB 1414x2000 79578930_p13.png)
(1.80 MB 1414x2000 79578930_p14.png)
(8.65 MB 3900x5400 79520034_p0.png)
Honestly couldn't tell you. Most kemono content seems to be older stuff as there isn't much new stuff that isn't just fan made. So you would most likely have to learn moon and read material made by doujin artists.
Looks like this small artbook is on sale again. I know some people on /kemono/ liked this stuff.

No idea, but I do have these from halsione/dentyou.
(259.27 KB 465x411 nervous.png)
>tell if I tell you who I'll get bullied even harder that kemono is not furry
>___ bullies me over it
>makes me repeat lines about kemono and me being furry
>fap to the bullying afterwards
You're clearly expecting more bullying so you can fap more and I'm not going to give it to you.
(101.55 KB 775x1523 1455236569213.jpg)
No, that's disgusting fag shit.
(101.55 KB 775x1523 1455236569213.jpg)
No, that's disgusting fag shit.
(15.47 MB 716x480 ringing_bell_red_pill.webm)
You probably know this one.
>>6563 Fugue of the Battlefield / Fuga: Melodies of Steel
Same devs as Solotarobo, slated to release this year.
>Freedom Planet & Freedom Planet 2
Sort of. Made by Westerners, but the art is done by Tyson-tan, so it's at least 50% kemono.
Obscure Japanese dojin game which I only know about because I offered to edit a fan translation before learning all the characters were transvestite men; I'm not sure it's any good, but it's there if you feel like barrel scraping.
>>6567 Anubis game
I still think the game here is close enough to be called kemono, even if it's gay as fuck; it's a solid demo.

TV series/movies
>Sherlock Hound
Old, you may have seen it.
>Squirrel and Hedgehog
Best Korean propaganda; not sure if it quite counts, but you may find it interesting.
Not as cutesy as you might think, but it has worldbuilding in spades the manga is 10/10 worth your time; anime adaptation is mediocre. You may also like Beast Complex, which is an earlier collection of short manga by the same artist.
>Arashi no Yoru Ni / One Stormy Night
Film adaptation of a children's book series (which I didn't know about when I watched it). Not quite kemono, just anime animals; a wolf and a sheep try to be friends after meeting in a dark house during a thunderstorm without realizing each other's identities. There is apparently a TV series, but I know nothing about it.
>Chirin no Suzu / Ringing Bell
Again, just anime animals; a lamb sees his mother killed by a wolf and must become a fearsome ram to avoid the same fate. It's pretty brutal. You can judge for yourself whether or not it counts; vid related. It's one of Sanrio's few dark films, so I think that makes it worth mentioning.

Sadly, there are few conclusively kemono animations of any kind, not counting stuff Sanrio makes for children. I think the closest you'll get is Trigger's upcoming Brand New Animal. If you want more worldbuilding stuff, then there's some great art in the /tg/ setting of CATastrophe, although I don't believe a solid ruleset ever materialized: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Setting:CATastrophe
(2.78 MB 2000x1405 cray_by_dentyou_d4y0ifj.png)
<no red text
I cry.
>Ringing Bell
Not kemono, but still great shit.
(1.07 MB 847x1200 79616948_p2.png)
>Look on Mandarake's kemono section
>90% of the content is gay (not even exaggerating. You can see for yourself)

What's the link between kemono/furry and gays? Even when the furry art community was a small group in the US, it wasn't something dedicated to homosexuals until later down the line. I doubt it was the same for Japan. Or did the US have and influence on the JP kemono community?
(6.22 MB 1280x720 furfag cafe.mp4)
(279.44 KB 597x452 fat wife.png)
(264.47 KB 601x460 fat husband.png)
(783.56 KB 1093x1008 fat furfag store.png)
>Or did the US have an influence on the JP kemono community?
Not as influence much as western furfags wish they had, but yes. They probably got fursonas and fursuits from the west and it wouldn't surprise me if they picked up the fag shit that way too.
Vid related is some cancer I found through a Twitter recommendation on TysonTan's page. Some Twitter landwhale and her fat husband (who calls her his fucking KFC wife) tried setting up a fursuit cafe in Japan and got on national television I don't think it did very well because it closed in 2018. I'm not sure what I'm most disgusted by: furries, furries shitting up Japan, some fag calling his wife KFC, the same fag being okay with his wife selling dakimakuras of her fat dragon scalesona, or making a fuzzy dragon fursuit at all like a complete fucking heretic.
>check again
>she's still living there
I don't know why this fills me with so much rage. I didn't even think whales could survive that long in Japan.
(3.88 MB 360x640 fursuit_kemono_christmas.mp4)
I've seen an image that describes the effect furry art (and probably kemono, although hopefully to a lesser extent) has on the viewers' perceptions of faggotry. The progression was something like:
>I like women
>I like furry women
>I like furry characters, mostly women
>Some of these men characters are pretty cute, huh
>I like furry characters, including men
>I like furry men characters
>I like men

It sounds kind of dumb, but given how widespread the sparkledog faggot template is in Western furry circles, I think there's some merit to it. I've personally seen at least a couple artists go from drawing sexy furry women to drawing both men and women, to total "owo this boy is pretty cute huh :3 mrauf" faggotry. It's similar to how anime faggots will draw Astolfo with a woman's body/hips, androgynous features and then say "oh he's a boy tee hee looks like ur confused huh straight boy eyes emoji eyes emoji."

I like to believe the opposite can happen, because Amakuchi used to be a total bara faggot, but drawing Foxy Rena for years seems to have turned him straight again and made him stop drawing faggot shit. All his men are still baras, but at least they're fucking women instead of each other.

I was able to watch about 14 seconds of that webm before being overcome with disgust and having to power through the rest. It's a perfect microcosm of everything I hate.
>maid cafes
>maid cafes which are so trash they try to survive on market gimmicks and trends like monstergirls
>"cafes" that serve enormous, impractical ice cream dishes worth 3,000 calories that you can't fucking eat because the entire thing is the barista's arts and crafts project
>some uncomfortable-looking media personalities who are obliged to be cutesy and "friendly"
>one of them takes a tiny bite of an inedible ice cream monstrosity and says "oh, it's sweet!" as though any viewer couldn't fucking tell that already
>fursuiter pretending to be a "dragon"
>fursuiter is just some fat attention whore who can't function in real life
>fursuiter just stands around and gets people to look at her because she can't interact with them

The last point is the most damning. A couple years ago when the KeroTheWolf situation was making people realize just how depraved furfags really are, I watched a couple videos from people discussing their experiences in the "community." Unanimously, what they noticed was a deep, wide streak of narcissism in almost every furry, and especially in fursuiters. Many of them will just stand in the entrances of hotels and convention centres during furry conventions and wave to people coming and going - they don't do anything except take up space and have people look at them. It's terminal attention whoring, and I'm sure they're all social media addicts, too.

Thank goodness kemono is not furry, right?
This kind of logic still seems dumb to me. why not just cut the middle steps:
>I like women
>I like men
Makes about as much sense. I think it has more to do with the community. Everyone likes positive feedback and even non-profit artist sometimes draw stuff they aren't interested in themselves just to get more views/likes/favorites or whatever other system the website has.
(1.94 MB 360x640 fursuit_hopscotch.mp4)
>five jumps of one step each are equal to one jump of five steps
Come on, seriously?

It's the same idea as people developing degenerate fetishes - repugnant behaviour (say, homsexuality or fart fetishism) is easier to tolerate if it's adjacent to something you find sexually arousing (say, group sex or furry women with big butts).
Speaking personally, I was fucked up from a pretty young age by internet porn, and I did become homosexual for a few weeks in my teenage years thanks to furry porn and this exact phenomenon, so perhaps I'm just personally biased. The idea had never occurred to me before I browsed the backlog of an artist I liked and saw his male/male drawings had the same cutesy aesthetic as his male/female drawings; it also helped that he drew furry men almost identically to furry women.
I genuinely thank God for growing out of that and realizing it wasn't natural. If I'd breathed a word of it to my parents or schoolteachers, I'm sure they would have (((encouraged))) me into an early grave thanks to AIDS and sex addiction.
>Come on, seriously?
Yeah seriously. The major jump in either case is still from liking men to liking women.
Or perhaps I'm biased since I've always been a faggot for 2D cock but never for male kemono.
>I didn't even think whales could survive that long in Japan.
I think they banned hunting them a while ago.
Finally got my hands on the Jojo Beast Trail doujin. The first volume at least. The second one sold out before I could get to it. But getting one in general at least is a big victory. I'll see if I can have it scanned this week.

Have to agree with >>35491. I think it's something that is fetishized by a community and others are dragged into liking it. Like how ankles were fetishized in the Victorian era because how women concealed them. I sure as hell didn't have a thing for thick thighs until I started watching hentai.
Good news. I uploaded part 1 of this series.
>[Beast Trail (Hibakichi)] メスケモにされた僕が親友の雌に堕ちるまで (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Bad news? The third part was released yesterday and it sold out before I even noticed. One step forward, one step back. But getting at least one done is a sign of progress.


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