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Anime Rec Thread Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 17:33:30 No. 3271
A thread to recommend anime.
Recommendations should have the titles in underlined greentext with their synopsis under them.

>Air Gear
A tough punk with a futuristic pair of skates takes on other punks that also have futuristic skates.

>Samurai Champloo
A cute girl wants to find her father and goes on a quest with two samurai that want to kill each other. The entire soundtrack is done by Nujabes, with the intro theme (battlecry) being Nujabes's collaboration with rapper Shing02 and the outro theme (shiki no uta) being Nujabes's collaboration with japanese singer MINMI.

>Rave Master
A guy with a large sword, a gun toting big tittied girl and a carrot nosed dog fight the darkness with the power of raves.

>Michiko & Hatchin
In a country that is an allusion to Brazil, a woman tries to find her ex-lover and takes a girl she finds who happens to be that lover's abandoned daughter with her.

>Cowboy Bebop
You all probably seen this.
But for those that haven't, I recommend if you like a story about future space bounty hunters.

>Outlaw Star
It's about people with dreams looking for a lost treasure in space.

>Tenchi Universe
If you like the Tenchi Muyo OVAs, you may like this iteration.
It's about a half alien kid that discovers his alien heritage and gets a harem of alien girls while having to fight the antagonist from his dead mom's home world.

>Rurouni Kenshin
It's about a samurai known as a manslayer who wants to put his past behind him and gets a reverse bladed sword that doesn't kill.

>Afro Samurai
In a feudal yet futuristic Japan, a kid witnessed his father getting murdered and grows up as a great samurai to avenge his death.

>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
In the distant future where the tyrant spiral king forced humanity to live underground, a boy finds a drill shaped key that will change the destiny of all mankind.
(108.05 KB 1200x675 EE0T4nHUUAA6THF.jpg)
it's the future. memories have been commoditized, bodies are replaceable. can love still exist?

>jitsu wa watashi wa
a guy falls in love with a girl, only to find out she's a vampire. the other problem is the guy can't keep secrets at all. very charming romance anime.

count of monte cristo: the anime

>dai mahou touge
parody of several 90's-early 2000's anime

>psycho pass (s1)
it's the future, society is mostly managed by computers to maintain harmony and decrease crime; yet a string of heinous crimes so shocking that people can't even understand what is being done is criminal continues to occur. the police force has to investigate to catch the mastermind.
>psycho pass (s1)
I always see people recommend psycho pass, I tried watching it on like 3 separate occasions and I've always found it to be irredeemable shit. Why do you like it?
it's nice to see scifi taking things to their logical ends rather than shying away when things get uncomfortable
the people of psycho pass have abandoned most of their societal duties and common sense due to everything being managed by the sibyl system. as such when confronted with heinous crimes such as murder or rape they don't even know how it's wrong. anyways, it has kind of a slow start but it's worth the ride.
It's mainly from watching it with /a/ years ago. The memes for hyper oats and Cause I Feeeeeel were what redeemed the show. It's not garbage on its own but it's not great either. Season 2 is worse because they don't even have the butcher to write that.
(57.82 KB 800x800 1422164547025.jpg)
How long of a slow start because I gave it the old 3 episode try and really found it to be stupid and overly edgy to the point where it was just absurd and more comical than impactful, almost like Tokyo Ghoul. So maybe it gets better afterwards?
I see, that makes more sense. Although I hate to say it because it's a cop out when watching it I imagined redditors liking it. Not that redditors can't like something anons would like as well but I guess it just came off as pseudo deep and as I said in response to the other anon, overly edgy and dumb.
I keep wanting to revist it because so many people say it's good but every time I have I haven't liked it. Maybe I just have shit taste, I don't know
I can see your point. The pseudo deep was mocked relentlessly. I don't want to spoil you if you do plan on watching it but back in the day we watched it less like Citizen Cane like reddit would and more like The Room. It was a so bad it's good anime. Without the audience though you might just find it to be so bad it's just bad anime.
if you don't engage with the content you won't enjoy it. the edginess has a point because their society hasn't encountered such brutality and thus can't react to it properly.
What do you mean "engage" beyond attempting to watch it?
think about what the characters are seeing, feeling, thinking, their motivations for action
(12.66 KB 240x231 1422663441967.jpg)
In that case I have engaged with it and that's what upsets me about it, most of the characters motivations made no real sense and they all seemed retarded. Maybe it gets better beyond the first few episodes and all of that becomes clear?
The actual plot doesn't become prevalent until almost halfway through. Without going into great detail, MC ends up "behind the curtain," and encounters the "little man working the levers and pulleys." The series ends on a pseudo cliffhanger that gets answered somewhat by the movie. S2 isn't canon for most intents and purposes
(187.33 KB 457x493 8794657894651.png)
any high fantasy cartoon with vanilla sex content and doesn't have rape and ntr?
Oh I just started reading that manga yesterday. Nice.
I sure hope you aren't using Nonbiri Nouka as an example of something that doesn't have rape and NTR. Unless you are completely obtuse when he finds Loo injured from her battle with Tier he literally drags her to his hovel and rapes her. Then after a while when Loo convinces him to let her go she brings Tier to him so she can get her revenge on Tier and to give her hips a rest. As for NTR Hikaru made Rasuti and Hakuren his wives. The thing is dragons have a destined mated that they are bound to before they are born and dragons will only ever takeone mate in their lives. When the egg of a male dragon is born or a female dragon comes of age the female dragon will instantly know of the location of their their fated mate and rush to wherever they are in the world. Since Lasti and Hakuren had no mates their male coutnerparts haven't been born. When their are born they will have to face up to the fact they will be incels for their entire lives because they got cucked by fat farmer dick. That's not even getting into Hikaru's first son by Hakuren. He was born in a human form but Guararu, the daughter of the Black Dragon Emperor, already acknowledged him as her fated mate. However the reincanated Golden Brave Ursa is trying to cuckquean her by claiming the infant Hiichirou as hers.

If you don't think too hard about shit it is a pretty enjoyable read.
(76.93 KB 439x143 65465448694789.png)
you must be fucking kidding me, i manage to survive the whole retarded shit about the MC getting raped by ALL the girls in the village, but this is something else, i havent gotten to the part, should i just drop this shit?
All I keep reading are people bitching and moaning about how it's just another harem story. Unless you are one of those faggots that thinks harems are NTR.
(126.75 KB 1480x942 me_on_right.jpg)
I like it, I check for the ever increasingly infrequent updates of the web novel every day. That said when Hiichirou is born(or right beforehand I can't exactly remember since it was over half a year ago), the entire dragon clan becomes really prominent in the story for a bunch of chapters and they explained that the reason for Hakuren and Rasuti being known as mad dragons is because female dragons are super bitchy before they meet their mate. With the issue getting worse the older they get. Then it went off about the peculiarities of the reproduction and how they will only ever have one mate. Then after Hiichirou is born the Black Dragon Emperor, who is like the cousin of Hakuren's dad and Rasti's grandfather, comes to visit big tree village along with his granddaughter who is set to inherent his title. Evidently she had sensed Hiichirou's birth and had come to lay claim. That is where they explained about the sensing their mate's birth. It is part of the dragon reproductive strategy because it the egg of a mate is laid then the fated partner will come and take it from the mother. The mother's have no problem with this because it frees them from having to care for the egg. Hikaru makes a special point in one of his many interior monologues of wondering what is going to happen when the eggs that were going to be Hakuren and Rasuti's husbands are laid. There is no clear answer so it is kind of up in the air.

character limit
(79.31 KB 329x185 mayonegg.png)
character limit cont.

Oh and he wasn't raped by all the girls in the village. The web novel gets way more into his internal monologue and for the most part he is trying to not take advantage of any girls in the village. He couldn't control himself with Loo and when Tier was brought to him. However for whatever reasons they decided to stay with him despite it later being revealed that their lives prior to meeting him were much better until he gets the village proper established. Once the village is up and running he only plans on sleeping with a few of the elves to help them get their respective tribes restarted. Everything that comes after is all him making mistakes. Several times he makes a special point of going, "Oh I am not going to touch this girl," and then does anyway. Thing is he is basically a walking hardon because of his blessings or creation and growth give him endless stamina and this almost obsessive need to create, procreate or cultivate. So anyways he usually fucks up after having a few drinks and grabs whatever girl he wants and drags her off for the night. If you are paying attention you will notice that this happens more freqently the more dwarves move to the village. It reaches a point where he has to limit the entire village's alcohol consumption. Anyways that was how it was with Hakuren. He got drunk, was pissed at her attitude, then dragged her off to fuck some respect into her. Then you have Anne who immediately sees what Hikaru is like and makes plans to tempt him into knocking her up because the Oni have some sort of weird plan to get out of whatever obligation they have to Loo's family by, near as I can tell, making Anne's son Torain into the head of a branch family since Loo's son Alfred is going to be the head of Big Tree village and Village One, Village Two, and Village Three. Either right before or right after Hikaru sealed the Dark God and then made it his pet he had a prophetic vision gifted to him by the God of Creation in which he saw the Sannin (his three eldest half-elven children who were all born on the same day following Torain) running through the forest on some secret mission and discussing among themselves how those outside the village viewed them as legendary ninja but compared to Torain they weren't much at all. It sort of implied that Torain was important in village power structure not just because of his strength but also because his position in the family. For what it is worth every hint we get about Hikaru's sons and daughters pretty much flat out says that they will all be superior to their mothers who in general are usually pretty superior examples of their race/species.
On second thought I believe it was the God of Light and not the God of Creation.
(3.34 MB 480x360 Lupin III - Nice Guy.mp4)
Please, recommend me more good anime. Im watching now the Little Witch Academia, and the animation is amazing. As long it isnt pozzed, and its not dumb moe shit, im fine or at least open for it.
>>Samurai Champloo
Gets less and less interesting as the series progresses. Until paradoxically the finale is a snorefest, despite containing the biggest action sequences. They played their best cards too soon. Watch Shigurui after this and the gripping progression will blow you away.

>Tenchi Universe
Budget version of the OVAs. Fleshes out the lore a bit better, but still unnecessary. Still, it was the last time they did Tenchi Muyo right - all the subsequent spinoffs and reimaginings are ass.

>gankutsuou: the count of monte cristo
Thrilling from start to end, don't ignore it because of the literary heritage. The count is a larger than life, seductive villain of such a caliber you'll wish there were more like him.

>ergo proxy
A handful inspired episodes early on, that lead absolutely fucking nowhere. You will regret trusting this shit to bring about some blade runner feel.

>psycho pass
Gets stronger as the show progresses, when the episodic crimes coagulate into a single main storyline. But the final twist is executed poorly and lacks punch, most likely because they had to dilute it in order to make room for the sequels.

Straight out of the silent movie age, and nothing fucking ever happens. The fine camerawork is supposed to make you feel enriched, but this isn't Lain.
(151.34 KB 1920x1080 chevalier1.jpg)
(188.36 KB 1920x1080 chevalier2.jpg)
(176.14 KB 1920x1080 chevalier3.jpg)
Well, I just finished Le Chevalier D'Eon and can strongly recommend it.
The plot revolves around 4 spies who try to retrieve an important item and uncover a plot against the king.
While the faces often have dubious quality (it looks like an older western cartoon with JP voices), the story and the characters are excellent.

Anyway, does anyone know something that takes places in a similar time period (18th century)?
Preferably with as little magic and supernatural as possible.
>If you like the Tenchi Muyo OVAs, you may like this iteration.
Pretty sure I fucking hated Tenchi Universe.
I thought Universe was good. Anything after Universe was shit.
Actually, I got it confused with Tenchi in Tokyo. Universe was merely a "dislike" for me. Not as cool and creative as OG Tenchi, but not pure garbage like Tenchi in Tokyo.
Dominion Tank Police. A manga adaptation.
Walks the line between cheesy and not cheesy, but I don't think it crosses it. Dangerously cheesy.
Just ignore the fact that main characters will get shot in the face and casually shrug it off and the plot can be called original and maybe even well written.

It's about this cyberpunk future where there's a lot of crime and so there exists an elite unit of the police called "tank police" , they wage war on crime with tanks.

Linking this webm externally because the video codec is AV1 and doesn't work here: https://x0.at/daA.webm
I watched this and never noticed that the girl from Patlabor is in it. Neat!
Should I watch the 5th part of Jojo? I read a bit of the manga but it seemed kind of boring. In general should I even continue with the series? I've heard bad things about the rest.
Part 5 is mostly boring with a handful of tremendously entertaining bits, part 6 is so-so most of the way through and then gets really crazy at the end. The very end of part 6 might disappoint you though.
Part 7 is a very fun read in general I think. I'd put it right behind 4 if I was to rank them.
Part 8 though, man I was keeping up with it for the first dozen chapters and something about it put me off. I might take another stab at it but not even the worst parts of 5 made me drop the series like that.
As far as the anime goes part 5 easily got the worst treatment so far and is just overall fucking garbage, I hope they do better than that with 6, but I'm not holding my breath since nips keep shoving ugly 3D shit in every adaptation they can these past few years.
>making anti-homolust medicine to cure elf gayness
Guess which manga is never going to be officially released in the west.
Cool anime, bro.
now that is a good sister.
Mistook this for the manga rec thread.
(6.77 MB 960x540 HeroAcaMina1b.gif)
Is psycho-pass season three any good? I enjoyed season 1 and the OVA but I hear that season 2 was pretty bad.
(6.77 MB 960x540 HeroAcaMina1b.gif)
Is psycho-pass season three any good? I enjoyed season 1 and the OVA but I hear that season 2 was pretty bad.
nice doublepost
I watched the first ep and decided to wait for a batch to watch it all in one sitting. I will let you know how it is when I finish.
But, I did watch s2 when it aired. Holy shit was it bad. You can tell Urobutcher only did top line stuff with it (he was busy making the movie during s2 production), because the characters are poorly written and the plot is schizoid in its pacing. For all intents and purposes, s2 never happened.
I just finished S3, it was decent. There is some good character building this time. At least, compared to s2. Hologram idoru and her 3dpd counterpart becoming the love interest is neat, but almost cliche in certain ways.
MC's "power" is interesting, but underutilized. Glad to see Takane alive and well. I worry that she might get dragged out as a sacrificial lamb near or at the end.
This one shouldn't surprise anyone going into psycho-pass, but cliffhanger ending, who could have seen it coming?
shit, i can't stop staring at that pic
(1.06 MB 1920x2496 mankoland.jpg)
I rec watching Ishuzoku Reviewers. The manga is written by Amahara, the author of Orld of moral reversal.
It’s garbage made for people who like 2DPD, trannies, and NTR. Whores are terrible creatures that ruin societies and must be burned alive.
No thanks.
Shit taste detected.
Please understand. They hate any series that reminds them of their home.
Bet you cunts like 3DPD too. Sorry about your terminally shit taste.
>Shit taste detected.
Not even going to give you a (you).
(101.63 KB 1280x720 bd.jpg)
I understand that monsters are scary, but to be afraid of tits and ass sure is pathetic.

>Birdy Decode
Cocky alien cop is tasked with arresting criminals hiding out on Earth while sharing her body with a teenage boy she nearly murdered. The studio was given a lot of freedom to animate the action scenes. Give the OVA and Birdy's manga a chance, too!
Shut the fuck up, kike. Tits and ass are fine. Prostitution is not.
>Birdy Decode
Had fun watching the OVA looks like you do have a little good taste after all.


no cookies?