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Pre 2000 anime Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 20:34:48 No. 1278
What pre 2000 anime have you been watching, planned on watching or would recommend?

Recently started to watch Miyuki which is the first pre 2000 anime, let alone shōwa anime, I've watched in a long time.
(261.61 KB 1790x1028 /tmp/god.jpg)
>What pre 2000 anime have you been watching?
I've seen Royal Space Force and I don't know what to think of it but I didn't care about it even though I stuck for its entire 2 hour length. They didn't even go through with the rape scene.

Top tier religious waifu in there though.
it wasnt rape, she wanted it.
Looks super.
It was fun, but goes from 0 to 100 really fast, then goes to 9000 out of nowhere.
(48.07 KB 625x351 irresponsible-625x351.jpg)
I've been watching Irresponsible Space Captain Tylor. Not something you hear about often, but the premise is great and the chicks are all hot in that mature 80s OL kinda way.
Gets a bit stupid as it goes on though, as its more episodic so the Captain never gets credit for his gigantic amount of luck.
The fact that the straight-laced first officer looks like Ciaphas Cain makes it a lot funnier for me too.
>They didn't even go through with the rape scene.
And yet people still got, and still do get, massively butthurt about it.

Was it really just luck, though? Either way, Tylor is one of my favs. I still need to get around to watching the OVA series, though.
(84.77 KB 845x472 1.JPG)
(79.14 KB 846x477 2.JPG)
(65.66 KB 848x475 3.JPG)
(100.26 KB 848x474 4.JPG)
(70.88 KB 849x475 5.JPG)
In the West, the movie was renamed Hells. There's a shit quality version on YT, and the bluray on nyaa.
Is there a specific jap name, for the trope of the 'lazy ace'? People like Tylor, Yang Wen-Li or the many samurai who seem bored and uninterested until they show incredible skill. It seems like something established at some point, by a famous historical (or literary) figure.
You know what I miss? Girls with curly fluffy hair. Or just any amount of detail put into hair in general.
It seems nowadays every anime character has unkempt straight hair that conveniently bends around the ears and avoids covering the eyes by concentrating over the nose. Always the same style.

Just look at any screenshots in this thread, everyone has their own original hair style made specifically for the character.
Bit of a shot in the dark here, but there was a post someone made on 8/animu/ before the diaspora that I didn't properly save. It was in a thread like this, and he was describing an OVA series of two or three episodes.

The main premise was a modern-day science fiction story about combat androids going rogue. Nothing too special, but he shared some webms which showed a fight scene between one of the robots and a group of soldiers, and I still remember them clearly because the robot was animated extremely well. It had an inhuman gait, and would perch on car hoods or soldiers' bodies while scanning for its next target. None of its limbs moved more than was absolutely necessary, so it'd sort of rotate into position whenever it needed to face something.

I think it was wearing a yellow jumpsuit, and the soldiers had black/purple armour if that makes a difference. Does anyone remember the OVA name? I recall it being pretty obscure (and several people in the thread commenting they had never heard of it), but I wanted to watch it for the animation alone.
Black Magic M-66. I don't think it's terribly obscure, since it has Masamune Shirow's name on it.
Just watched the hour-long Yawara special Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kids!
It looks even better than the show although some of the main characters looked a bit different. It has particularly nice-looking background shots as expected from a high-budget anime from this era. The new characters which the special revolves around are fleshed out quite well and I liked how their parents are shown all having their own personality quirks. You can watch this without having seen the TV-series since it doesn't really tie in with its plot and is more of a side-story.
I'm kind of starved on Yawara because the guy uploading HD episodes of the show on Nyaa is taking his time.
>I still need to get around to watching the OVA series, though.
It's a major step down once things left Tatsunoko's hands. Just read the novels if you want more Tylor.
(63.37 KB 565x371 Miyazaki_Rampage.png)
Watched this quirky, obscure 1986 (according to MAL and AniDB, but I have trouble believing the date) OVA manga adaptation called Nayuta which doesn't even have a digital release. It was great.

I don't know what to say, its style was this perfect mixture of 70s anime such as rose of versailles and galaxy express and 80s western cartoons like goddamn he-man and dungeons & dragons. I got a heavy 70s vibe from it, primarily from the art style, the trippy plot and the hippie gang of protagonists, so much I assumed that was the decade it came from until I looked it up.
It has a few scenes with that spiderman cartoon absurdity too.

Very original story, great art style, 70s anime/western 80s animation direction, cute protagonist girl, a bit of absorption fetish, it's just a great anime all around. I found it randomly while sorting anime by date and backlogging what looked interesting, picked this one for the art style at first.

I got it from a private tracker and torrents for it are scarce, so I'm providing an infohash for a public torrent I made: bd3e5fe55a3f44e14c4923dfe5efd53e42596d8e
Is the uncensored Angel Cop release available yet?
Or was one of the previous sub releases already uncensored?
The Japanese DVDs and Discotek BDs are uncensored.
The Japanese DVDs are uncensored and have the best master, the blu-ray releases are upscales from the japanese DVD-resolution masters with butchered video and PCM audio. Don't touch the Discotek BDs or the American DVDs, the image is completely ruined and worse than Slayers.
The blu-ray subs are uncensored, but that doesn't really make shitty professional subs any better.
There's a release titled Koten_Gars that joins Japanese DVD video with Discotek lossless audio and heavily edited Discotek subs but the tard who made it filtered the image, there's another called Kentai_Films that's a bootlegged Japanese DVD ISO with blu-ray subs added in.
So, go for the KentaiFilms release?
Yeah. https://nyaa.net/view/594169 . Make sure your player can play DVD images, I don't know which can beyond mpv (look up dvd:// in the manual)
(53.01 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0021 (2).jpg)
(43.93 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0009.jpg)
(37.89 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0071.jpg)
Miyuki is actually Shounen. Adachi was popular in shoujo as well, but his shoujo are things like Hiatari Ryouko and Slow Step.
The guy is a master at Shounen romance manga, and people usually know him for his "sports" manga, which are actually more like romance dramas than sports. Miyuki was his only non-"sports" manga, and he often made fun of the fact in the manga, saying things like, "This is hot-blooded shounen action!" as a gag.
t. Adachi Mitsuru expert.
All anime is actually shounen. Even bara material.
And who's behind (((Treasure Connection)))?
I watched a bit of garbage anime. Twinkle Heart and Majuu Senshi Luna Varga.

I think Luna Varga falls into so shit it's good, there's a guy shooting himself off a ballista, giant dinosaurs fighting, a male pantsu shot, the pictured fountain statue, and lots of other details like that.
It's a 4 episode OVA where they waste an entire episode in a chase scene.
That's retarded.
Twinkle Heart is great, don't be a faggot.
Twinkle Heart more like Twink Heart.
(158.37 KB 1440x1080 It even has AIDS.jpg)
(256.60 KB 1440x1080 not a brown girl.jpg)
(14.25 MB 1440x1080 nadiaop.webm)
8kun is still broken garbage, should've stayed here.

I can't believe this nigger gets more hateable every episode, now it NTR'ed the white boy with another nigger and still got angry at another slut for her lack of loyalty.
It's a great series, and the nigger is even cute if you hit your head after she speaks to forget her trash can personality, but seriously screw these NTR episodes.
>now it NTR'ed the white boy with another nigger
webm that part, i want to see how bad it is.
(10.26 MB 960x720 Secret of NTR.webm)
(151.23 KB 1440x1080 When the NERV gets hit.jpg)
(133.75 KB 1440x1080 Gunbuster.jpg)
(2.24 MB 1440x1080 what a woman 2.webm)
(156.23 KB 956x720 Secret of Blue Water.jpg)
Here is the first NTR WEBM, and some random thoughts on the series with some illustrations.

As usual with Japanese media, the actual plot is not particularly good. I'd compare it to rice, nobody hates rice and will eat large quantities of it no problem, but it's just plain and when you have it on its own you're left wishing you had something to make it actually tasty. I think anybody who watches this will find the plot at least very lightly enjoyable. Either way the plot is only present in passing for most of the anime anyway.
Anno worked in it, that means you're going to watch a lot of the same handful of characters and major plot elements Anno has recycled more times than there are digits in pi with a new coat of paint. It's to the point I recognize gunbuster/evangelion equivalents of some scenes. It also means if you like Evangelion this series has some of what you know you like.
There are a few cheesy anti-war, or "why can't people just get along" sort of messages, the kind of stuff they force into WW2 movies. It's exactly like when a politician says "I'm pro-education!" without any attempt at understanding or addressing the core issue and as if anybody at the same basic level doesn't agree or really gives a fuck. To illustrate this point there's a part where Jean says the earth is beautiful and that he doesn't understand why humans fight in such a place, while he fights in such a place.
The series is set in 1889/1890 which sets the series up to do something even cheesier: predicting inventions. "haha in the 20th century X thing will be invented, I know it!".

After all that, you're left with an original adventure anime with plenty of unique well done qualities. That's really what will be happening most of the time, the adventure.
They go on a real adventure. It's not like the average story with adventure elements where the "adventure" is more about the fact that the normal lives of the characters is interrupted for the duration of the plot. No, they have a real adventure. They explore places unknown, learn history, experience things, find exotic places, anything that qualifies as an actual adventure, they do it. And a lot of it is very original or at least not done a million times over before
I think the consensus will be that the plot "moves slowly" on this one. I see that as a plus. I find it simply unbelievable and don't see the enjoyment in a story that moves like a train that makes no stops. In this anime, there are plenty of moments where the characters are forced by situation to leave their goals for later.
A random search for information on the series says it has references to other anime, some of which I did watch. I never knew, I didn't spot a single reference.
There's some naval combat and I found it very fun. Feels a bit like real naval combat, except every instance of what would be a multiple hour long maneuver in real life has been condensed into someone spouting some technobabble, Nemo giving an order, and the effects of it being witnessed instantly. Very good way of doing it, although it doesn't show unless you look into it. In other words, it takes someone with a very high IQ such as myself to understand the true depth of Secret of Blue Water naval warfare.
There's plenty of filler. Some of it is bad, like the fucking NTR episodes or a few episodes around episode 25 which are animated in Korea in terrible quality still better than modern animation. Most of it is good.
Also typical of Japanese media, most of the character interactions are very enjoyable, and while I'm a fan service fag who really just wants a KonoSuba situation where every single scene has fan service and the anime just pretends it's not there, this anime also has plenty, and plenty of scenes dedicated to it.
(10.48 MB 1440x1080 Secret of NTR 2.webm)
And the second NTR WEBM.
>It also means if you like Evangelion this series has some of what you know you like.
Giant robot fights with incredible music?
>Here is the first NTR WEBM
>And the second NTR WEBM.
Anon, please understand she is using her womanly charms to keep everyone safe, she is playing him like a damn fiddle.
That's another word that has lost all meaning through overuse.
(331.32 KB 700x875 78488423_p0.png)
You say that as if the MC and her are already lovers and in a well established, deep relationship. Her having a crush on a fit guy that has a similar nationality to her isn't bizarre.

>Womanly charms
I don't think she was acting. The heart pupils don't lie.
(157.37 KB 1440x1080 5th base.jpg)
>a few episodes before
AYMLAO, why was she lusting for nigger dick then?
Outsourced. Nadia was originally such a hit that more episodes were ordered. Gainax outsourced to other Japanese and Korean studios in order to full-fill the order. It is why everyone acts extremely out of character and the animation looks like shit in the island/African arcs. At least they are mostly non-cannon. (Completely non-canon for the NTR episodes)
Yeah it's one of the rare cases in which the creator, Anno himself, actually stated that it is non-canon bullshit.
>Canon episodes Jean: "Oh, so you are vegetarian and hate the thought of eating meat? I can respect that."
>Chink episodes Jean: "Let's break her trust and sneak some meat into her food because it's funny."
And while we're at it, the movie should be avoided at all costs.
(1.72 MB 1440x1080 sieg heil.webm)
But is the sieg heil canon?
(3.03 MB 1261x949 Deedlit angry.PNG)
(2.78 MB 1263x949 Parn doesn't give a fuck.PNG)
Last year, I watched the original Record of Lodoss War series (1990) and was very satisfied with it. I liked the old school feeling of it, and my experience in tabletop RPGs meant I recognized a lot of TTRPG tropes/archetypes underneath a Japanese coat of paint. The animation was generally pretty stiff, as was most anime of that time, but when important battles and character actions happened the sakuga usually picked up the slack.

Perhaps the most refreshing factor was the lack of preconceptions, for want of a better term, about how the world should operate and how each of the races should behave. The series shows humans (both not!Europeans and not!Arabians), elves, dark elves, dwarves, and a handful of evil races like goblins, dragons, and dog!kobolds. Spread across these characters are various archetypes like warrior, cleric, wizard, thief, etc. In a more modern series, or just a worse one, there'd be absolutely no surprises about how the characters acted. The warrior would be the strong, supportive type and the wizard would adjust his glasses while berating the thief for being so impulsive and greedy.

Record of Lodoss War doesn't quite behave like that, because there was much less baggage at the time of its creation and the origin of its source material. The elf Deedlit is an immortal, eternally youthful woman of otherworldly beauty, and skilled in magic: but the only reason she can perform magic is by summoning forest and wind spirits, which takes a lot of time and isn't useful in all situations. She also cares for the human warrior Parn very deeply to the point she acts jealous when he looks at other women. The dark elf Pirotess is just as beautiful and immortal, but she is a much more professional character, being the antagonist Lord Ashram's right-hand-woman. She is also overcome with love for him, but it manifests totally differently.

You can compare these characters to the oppai elf in Overlord or the fanservice elves in Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai (bit of a cheap comparison, perhaps) and see the depth in the Lodoss pair. They aren't just reflections of one another, they're different ways of life who share uniting traits like beauty, magic, and eternal youth. I really liked seeing that, because it made the world seem larger than it actually was; the characters felt like they came from different lands with different customs.

I'm currently working my way through Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (1998), which takes place a short time after the first series. It's been a mixed bag so far, although I do like the focus on Orson and the characters close to him. It feels natural for Parn to shift from a primary character to a secondary one because his entire story arc reached its natural conclusion - now the only conflict comes from his being too dense to notice Deedlit lusting after him.

Overall I'd definitely recommend the first series (and it's only 13 episodes anyway), especially if you enjoy TTRPGs. I will return to cover Chronicles of the Heroic Knight once I finish it.
Don't know if you already know, but the Lodoss War novels were just a written version of a DND game between some friends, hence why it has a lot of common tropes. I will never forget how they handled Woodchuck too, what the fuck were they thinking? He gets possessed by Karla but the entire party doesn't seem to care and by the time the second series rolls round he's died offscreen. Even the novels didn't acknowledge this. He's definitely my favourite of the group and criminally underrated
>Lodoss War novels were just a written version of a DND game between some friends
Yeah, I knew.
I didn't realize he died offscreen. I like him a lot, too; Norio Wakamoto doesn't normally voice trickster characters like him.
I was kind of disappointed with it to be honest. It's mostly a whole lot of nothing happening.
It's definitely very slow, and an acquired taste like I described. I almost prefer it as a time capsule rather than a series on its own merits.
Sorry guys but Bubblegum Crisis isn't that good.
If only they had an actual plot and the fight scenes had some sort of internal reasoning beyond "bang bang bang knight sabers win". I'm not expecting everything to hold up to Gulliver's Travels or whatever was the right title for the book, but there isn't much beyond pretty pictures to stay around for in here.

At least the series has as very fitting episode count even if they're 30-40 minutes each, this certainly wouldn't be appreciable if it went on for 30 episodes or something. Definitely worth a watch and very enjoyable as an one off thing.
Sort of like how Charles Chaplin's unique brand of visual gag is only really appreciable because not everyone does it. I would be very annoyed if I saw a factory worker who can' t stop doing the hand movements he does at the factory after he leaves for the 300th time, and I would be very annoyed if there was much anime like this. As that's not the case they're very much worth it.
Sure it's jank, but I still wish it got some closure.
(249.81 KB 1440x1080 smart Nene.jpg)
Actually, just finished Bubblegum Crisis. The writing gets much better later on.
Simple stuff like how in the last episode the girls trained to upgrade their suits, and then that pays off in battle. That's all that's needed to give the action the minimum necessary worth and what only an extreme minority of any media featuring action does.
It's a nice series overall.

I did some math.
19933.2 seconds of footage total from all 8 episodes, or 332 minutes. If we assume a television anime has 22 minutes of footage, which is about right I think, then 332 minutes of footage divided by 22 minutes per television anime episode, this means Bubblegum Crisis has around 15 episodes worth of footage. So I suppose just the OVA series by itself is a little longer than your average 13 episode single season anime.
Fair enough. The series are pretty and somewhat interesting but not really deep.
Nene cutie
There's another series in the franchise called Legend of Crystania, it's a movie and some OVAs. I haven't watched it.
It's not about the main cast, it's about the black dude apparently. Might be worth a try.
>black dude
Orson? He's not black, just tan. But I like him a lot so I'll be interested to see more stuff with him in it.

Speaking of Lodoss, there's apparently an official Record of Lodoss War game being developed by the guys who made Pharaoh Rebirth+, Touhou Luna Nights, and a couple other good games. It's releasing into early access on Steam in March: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdmKbXx6gtU

I was initially skeptical, but Pharaoh Rebirth+ is one of my favourite platformers, so I imagine it'll be pretty good once it escapes early access.
>He's not black, just tan
K A N G !
I mean Ashiram, the guy who's perpetually mourning something with his all black edgelord outfit and """""tan""""" elf gf. I bet his poop is that dark too. Heck I bet he drinks soy sauce and from what I gather his waking hours are in the night time because it's DARK.
(237.82 KB 1448x1080 fun.jpg)
(2.81 MB 02. M-5.ogg)
The busy life of a NEET had me pause my watch of this, but now I'm back with it. One of the best shoujos I've ever watched and I'm not even halfway done with it.
Just a bunch of backstabbing women going all-out and then comes our cute protagonist good girl who gets headpats from her dad-in-law accidentally falling right in the middle of it.
The girl in my pic already attempted sudoku and then nearly starved herself to death and the next episode is titled "A Tale of Double Suicide". That's how shoujo it is.
Very recommended. It's called "Onii-sama e..."


no cookies?